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This promotion is not intended as investment advice. Your capital is at risk when you invest in cryptocurrencies – you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose. Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results. Always seek personal advice if you are unsure about the suitability of any investment.

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Sam Volkering

Hi, I’m Sam Volkering.

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how I believe the most important moment in cryptocurrency history has just begun.

Once again, the mainstream financial media has failed to properly report on it .

But that’s no surprise.

The mainstream media aren’t just slow on the uptake when it comes to pioneering technology…

They’re cynical about it.

Over the last decade, media sources have pronounced bitcoin dead no less than 400 times.

That’s more than 400 separate occasion they have steered someone like you AWAY from this high-risk erupting market.

(The Times)

(1 July 2019)

(New York Post)

(The Express - 6 June 2019)

(The Express - 17 Dec 2018)

A market that has offered you scores of opportunities to double, triple, even quintuple your stake – many times over.

(Source: Koyfin)
5 year performance of Bitcoin: 2016 +123.27% / 2017 +2,371.91% / 2018 -73.60% / 2019 +92.65% / 2020 +303.09%
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Yet again… right now… I think they’re doing you and all the other everyday investors out there a huge disservice.

So, I’m going to share everything I’ve uncovered about what could be the next catalyst for another big price run in this high-risk, high-stakes market.

I’ll also show you my favourite crypto play to take advantage of this erupting situation – without asking for a penny in return.

And share with you details on how to get the names of two more cryptos that could turn a £200 into as much as £50k.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

To understand what’s going on, I need to explain something powerful, that happened over 100 years ago.

A pivotal moment in financial history that I see as having important parallels with what’s happening today…

You need to hear what happened on Jekyll Island on November 19th, 1910.

(Source: commons wikimedia)

Seven of the world’s most powerful businessmen sit around a roaring fireplace.

Attendees include a close relative of John D. Rockefeller, a representative of the Rothschild dynasty, the Acting Head of JP Morgan and Co and the Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.

They travelled to this private island – owned by one John Pierpoint Morgan, one of history’s most powerful and wealthy individuals – under the cover of darkness. Forbidden from addressing each other with second names. And dressed in hunting attire.

But the purpose of this meeting isn’t a hunting expedition. They’re planning something that will alter the course of financial history.

(Source: commons wikimedia)

Picture it, the United States is reeling off the Panic of 1907.

Runs on banks are happening across the country.

And the Dow Jones has lost more than half its value.

Dealing with an unprecedented crisis…these men are gathered on Jekyll Island to determine the fate of the US monetary system.

Out of that meeting, the most powerful banking institution on the planet – The Federal Reserve – was born.

It marks the dawn of the modern economy as we know it.

But why am I bringing it to your attention?

What has this got to do with what’s happening with cryptocurrencies right now?

The fact is, this is how major changes in financial markets happen. A group of rich and powerful people get in a room and decide how the world is going to work.

These moments are seminal moments – not in just financial markets – but in all of human civilization.

34 years later, at the end of World War II, it happened again.

The nature of the financial system was overhauled, coming out of a crisis. The Second World War had ravaged the global economy.

So, 730 delegates from the 44 allied nations, gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA.

(Source: commons wikimedia)

Their goal? To lay out the post-war monetary system.

The Bretton Woods agreement was born. It made the US-dollar the world’s reserve currency – pegging every major currency to the dollar.

Then in 1985, it happened again.

Finance ministers and central bankers from the USA, Britain, West Germany, France and Japan met at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. There, they initiated ‘The Plaza Accord’. This time their aim was to increase the fortunes of US exporters.

And so they did.

Mass market manipulation ensued. Governments agreed to sell their US-dollars en masse. Weakening the dollar by about 50%. And triggering a wave of demand for US goods.

As you can see, these moments don’t happen often. But when they do, when the richest and most influential men in the world get together and change the rules, they impact everything… for everyone. Because they rewire how people save, spend and generate their money.

And what most people will have missed, is that one of these historic moments may have occurred just WEEKS ago.

What transpired in this meeting – attended by some of the most powerful and richest men in the world today…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Could send a handful of cryptocurrencies soaring in value. For one on my list, as much as 250 times higher than where it sits today….

I call this meeting…

“The Bitcoin Accord”

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that Elon Musk’s Tesla bought $1.5 billion  worth of Bitcoin in February…

(8 Feb 2021)

Afterwards, Bitcoin recorded its (at the time) biggest one-day surge in a year.

But the thing is…

Tesla’s purchase of bitcoin is just one piece of a larger puzzle.

Days before the story broke, some of the most powerful businessmen in the world convened in a little-known meeting.

Similar to the meeting at Jekyll Island in 1910…. Just like the Bretton Woods summit in 1944… this event was called to lay out the future of the monetary system coming out of a global crisis… the Covid-19 pandemic.

Attendees included:

  • Representatives from Elon Musk’s empire…
  • A statistics and finance PhD from Wharton Business School…
  • Partners from the ‘Big Four’ financial advisory Deloitte.
  • A billionaire ex-hedge fund manager
  • Representatives from Amazon, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs
  • And a host of other high-profile business leaders. Many whose identities have not been confirmed.

What was the purpose of this meeting?

To attempt to orchestrate the mass transfer of large corporations’ cash reserves INTO bitcoin .

Now, it’s important to point out…

This is NOT speculation.

This is FACT.

The event was held by perhaps the most influential man in crypto markets today…

Michael Saylor, the CEO of a data analytics firm called MicroStrategy.

As a hedge against government money printing, Saylor transferred a significant portion of his company’s $425 million cash pile – and then some – into Bitcoin. Eventually amassing a $4.45 billion position in the asset.

It was the first example of a publicly listed company buying bitcoin as a hedge against governments devaluing of the money supply.

And many credit his initial purchase for lighting the spark that kicked off the bull run we are seeing now.

So Saylor was the perfect man show the corporate world how to pile into crypto with full force.

I have a copy of the document given out at this meeting. An excerpt from one of the documents provided during the event is on your s creen right now:

As you can see, it clearly states:

“This document is designed to serve as a resource to help you navigate a corporate bitcoin strategy”

The meeting proved an inflection point for Bitcoin and crypto.

Saylor himself called it “mainstream day”…

(Source: https://saifedean.com/podcast/)

This is the point at which the narrative for bitcoin changed.

From being seen by large corporations as merely a speculative asset…

To being seen by some as a store of value. And a hedge against government money printing devaluing their cash reserves.

An epochal move – from the margins, to the mainstream.

Because in the days that followed, corporations bought… and they bought… and they bought.

Not just Tesla, but a SLEW of companies transferred a portion of their cash reserves into bitcoin.

  • Square – the payment company owned by Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey – announced a $170 million purchase of bitcoin.
  • BNY Mellon – America’s oldest and most ‘traditional’ bank – announced its plans to hold Bitcoin.
  • Caruso Properties, one of the largest real estate owners in the USA transferred a small portion of its cash reserves to bitcoin.

Investment share advisory – Motley Fool – bought $5 million for its balance sheet.

  • Photo Editing App Meitu bought $100 million worth of bitcoin and crypto
  • The City of Miami is exploring the idea of buying bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. And paying city workers in bitcoin.
  • Norwegian Conglomerate Aker ASA has set up a new investment unit – holding 100% of its cash reserves in bitcoin.

And since then, development in the crypto market has moved into overdrive:

  • Morgan Stanley announced it was part of a team launching a Bitcoin ETF.
  • The first publicly listed ETF launched in Canada – transferring $420 million worth of capital into Bitcoin in just two days. (Making it the most successful ETF launch IN HISTORY).
  • And JP Morgan started advising clients to allocate 1% of their assets to Bitcoin.

Connect the dots… follow the smart money…

I believe we are right at the very ground floor of an avalanche of publicly traded companies getting into Bitcoin and crypto.

The first order effects of this are already clear to see.

Bitcoin has been on a tear since the start of the year…

And if you’ve had a closer eye on the market you’ve seen some lesser known “alt-coins” surge multiples higher.

Crypto like…

Ethereum – UP 1,313%

Cardano – UP 3,664%

Celsius – UP 5,363%

DOGE – UP 3,031%

(Figures taken from March 14th 2020 – March 13th 2021)

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

I’m here to show you that YOUR moment to have a stake in the next crypto to potentially surge has arrived.

And you have a window of opportunity to make your move.

A window that may not be open long before the next wave of mainstream adoption sends a quake through the financial world.

  • According to the Royal Bank of Canada, Apple could be the next company to buy bitcoin.
  • Twitter’s Finance Director recently went on record stating it is considering adding bitcoin to its cash reserves.
  • Tesla has announced it is INCREASING its bitcoin holdings.
  • Deutsche Bank are now saying bitcoin is “too important to ignore”.

Make no mistake…

What transpired at this little-known meeting… explains the REAL reason the crypto market has ballooned in size by 1,035% over the past year.

But more importantly, it explains why we’re standing on the precipice of what could be a crypto boom FAR bigger than anything ever witnessed.

It is in my view, only a matter of time until even more heavy hitters pile into bitcoin with full-force.

Why do I think this?

They have no choice.

They see the writing on the wall.

Governments around the world are debasing the cash on their balance sheets at a whole new level.

In fact, since 2012 there are now more than DOUBLE the number of US dollars in circulation chasing the same amount of goods.

And since March last year it’s estimated that the Federal Reserve increased the US money supply by 22% alone.

It’s caused assets of all shapes and sizes to inflate like balloons at a kid’s birthday party.



(30 March 2021)


Classic cars…

(25 March 2021)

Fine art…

(25 March 2021)

You name it.

And in response, corporations have decided they can’t take it anymore.

Now, with wide consensus that high inflation is on the horizon across the global economy… it’s a perfect storm for the rules of the financial system to change once again.

Just like in 1910, on Jekyll Island…

Just like in 1945, after World War 2…

A financial system, coming out of a major crisis, is being re-wired.

These enormously wealthy and influential corporations and institutions have realised whilst their cash is eroding in value…. being manipulated… and printed at will…

Bitcoin is its complete opposite. In every measurable way.

It can’t be manipulated. It can’t be printed – there will only EVER be 21 million in existence.

And over the years, it is actually RISING in value – breaking all-time highs.

In 2013, Bitcoin broke $1,000.

In 2017, it broke $17,000.

In 2021, it broke $50,000.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Whilst mainstream media entities like the FT or BBC will warn you away from crypto… the cold, hard truth is:

It’s the best performing financial asset of the decade:

(Source: twitter)

Corporations around the world are simply betting on that recurring pattern happening once again.

And they’d rather get in now, when the price is around $50,000…

Than wait for it to reach $100k, $300k or $1m… and watch on as OTHER investors, companies and institutions make bank.

It is a simple business decision.

They can’t risk being left behind.

If you can’t see the paradigm shift that’s taken place here, I don’t know what you’re looking at.

Frankly, it is slapping us all in the face.

The catalysing moment to send crypto from the margin to the mainstream has just occurred…

The transition is happening RIGHT NOW.

And I believe everything is pointing toward another potentially outrageous price surge.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

But there’s something else you should be thinking…

That, for you, this is the wealth-creation opportunity of a lifetime. And you’re wondering: How can you make money from it?

Which cryptos could soar in price?

That’s precisely what I’m about to show you.

But it may surprise you… the answer is NOT “buying Bitcoin.”

Yes, I think you can buy into Bitcoin today and do enormously well. But I don’t think you need me to tell you that.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I’d like to show you some smaller crypto that could move higher and faster than BTC.

Some of my 1,539 followers I’ve already shown how are thanking their lucky stars.

In the last month few months alone I’ve helped them cash out on gains some of our biggest gains yet. Including one for 970%.

And today you’ve got a shot at tapping into what could be the biggest wealth creation opportunity that’s ever existed.

It’s time to either grab it – or watch on from the side-lines.

In just a moment I’m going to show how you how I believe you can potentially profit from what’s going on here.

Starting with my #1 crypto play to take advantage of this situation – completely free of charge.

And a crypto that could turn a grub-stake of just £2,000 into as much as half a million pounds (before costs and tax).

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Hopefully, you’ll be counting a chart-breaking profit before we even catch our breath!

It’s not for everyone. I realise that.

The truth is, investing in cryptocurrencies will always be…

Too risky for some

That’s not a problem.

And I won’t be telling you how to buy, sell, store or transfer your cryptos.

You need to know how to do that already if you want to get on board. I won’t be helping you with basics, this is for people who know what they’re doing.

This is a volatile new market. It’s the wild frontier of the investment world. You need a stomach for the high risks involved.

So if you can’t step out of your comfort zone… if you’re not able to risk losing all of your small stake, or you can’t keep a clear head and avoid rushing in without understanding the risks involved … jump off the ride now. Because it could go too fast for your liking. This won’t be for you.

Those are the stakes.

Some of the largest corporations in the world are comfortable with them.

And I will share all my best practises with you and guide you through what you need to do step by step to take advantage of this market.

But ultimately, you have to have the mettle and the initial knowhow for this market, to enjoy it.

It’s unregulated. Meaning you can’t complain to the Financial Ombudsmen if things go pear shaped. And you’re not covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme.

Are you still with me?


If you are comfortable with the risks and the stakes and want to potentially turn £200 into as much as £50,000…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

You are going to love the crypto I’ve got for you today.

One of them is vying to be the lynchpin of a sector Bank of America recently stated is “potentially more disruptive than bitcoin” itself.

In fact, the sector in question is the fastest growing sub sector of the crypto market right now.

And the crypto I’ve identified has just received backing from one of the most influential investors in the crypto world.

They’re investing because – if all goes to plan – the entire financial services industry won’t be able to live without i t.

I’ve prepared a special report that tells you about this crypto play. Which I’m going to tell you how to get access to with no obligationin just a second.

For every dollar bitcoin ticks up – I believe this crypto could shoot FAR higher.

And all in all, potentially bank you a 250X return.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

That’s a huge number – but don’t let it wash over you. Because the potential here is REAL.

What it would mean for you is staking £500 and, in the long run, having the chance to cash out with more than £125k before any costs and tax.

But realistically, how high could bitcoin go in this new megacycle?

Especially now that some of the largest corporation and institutions in the world are piling into it?

Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg believes Bitcoin can reach $400k in 2021.

And frankly… up until recently, I’d have been inclined to agree with him.

But I believe Elon Musk’s actions through Tesla have changed the crypto market forever.

Because I think we are about to see the return of a very powerful force, in a very big way. Namely…

The FOMO Factor

The “Bitcoin Accord” has injected another dose of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) into the market.

In 2017 we saw that Fear of Missing Out amongst everyday investors – and it sent the market into a frenzy.

This time, it’s happening to corporations with trillions of dollars of capital.

As apiece by Bloomberg reported: “Fear Of Missing Out is rippling through business and finance.”

This changes the game.

For the market, and for investors like you willing to stake a small sum, money they can afford to lose, on a potentially enormous pay off.

But when you dig a little deeper… And look at the maths, Bitcoin could shoot FAR higher than most people think.

So, let’s take a look at how Bitcoin gets to $1m per coin. According to investment management firm Ark Invest, if all the companies in the S&P500 moved 10% of their cash into bitcoin, it would add $400,000 to the bitcoin price.

(As of 12 April 2021)

But remember, the S&P500, by and large only includes companies within the USA.

If the 379 largest companies outside of the US in Fortunes Global 500 were to put just 10% of their assets into bitcoin…

It would add another $575k to the bitcoin price.

So, there’s your million, right there.

But here’s the crazy thing.

That figure only takes into account 879 of the 41,000 publicly listed companies in the world.

Nor does it include the millions of private companies in the world, either.

And to add to that, it doesn’t include the wave of everyday investors that stampede into bitcoin as they see the price march higher.

That’s where the numbers could get really eye-watering.

According to Forbes, as of 2019 the average net worth globally is $70,845.

Let’s say just HALF of the people in the world put just 10% of their wealth into bitcoin.

Well, that would add another $1,315,692 to the bitcoin price!

This shows to me that the bitcoin boom – for now – is still at the ground floor.

Early days – and I believe the perfect time to grab a stake in its unstoppable rise for someone like you to potentially mint a fortune.

But do you know what?

Most people won’t do anything about it. That’s the sad reality.

They’ll wait. And they’ll watch as the biggest possible gains are eroded.

And they’ll miss out on turning a small stake into a potential fortune…

Today, I’m going to make it easy for you NOT to miss out.

With three crypto plays.

All you need to do is act swiftly. And decisively.

Because if the “Bitcoin Accord” was the spark that lit the fuse…

What I see coming could be the Big Bang that sends crypto skyward…

In fact, I sense that the flood gates could burst at any time. If you think Bitcoin’s bull run so far has been exhilarating – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Because what I see coming down the pike could thrust crypto into the public eye like nothing ever before…

And inject a new level of hype – and Fear of Missing Out – into the crypto market.

In 2018 JP Morgan called it ‘a holy grail’ for bitcoin.

Asset Manager, Matt Hougan says it is simply ‘a watershed moment’

And Chief Technology Analyst at InvestorPlace, Matt McCall, says it is a ‘huge catalyst’…

One that would be ‘hard to overstate the importance of’

So what is this event?

If you were an investor in the 90s, you’ll no doubt remember the Netscape IPO.

It’s universally regarded as the starter gun that kicked off the greatest stock boom of all time: The Dot Com Boom.

Netscape IPO’d on 9th August, 1995.

Its entry price was $28 a share…

But buyer demanded was so great that the first order was processed for $71. Almost triple the original price!

It proved that investors were willing to buy into the game-changing technology that is the internet.

And in doing so, ignited one of the greatest wealth creation events in history.

This single moment ignited a bull run that saw internet firms hit outrageous price runs:

• Cisco – 1,475%

• Microsoft – 857%

• Qualcomm – 2,680%

(Aug 10 1995 – Jan 4 – 2000)

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

At least for those who had the nous to act swiftly and decisively.

And for over a quarter of a century since, it has driven the returns of the stock market. Minting millions of millionaires in the process. With no signs of letting up.

Well, I believe crypto’s “Netscape Moment” is fast approaching.

But I’m not talking about the listing of any cryptocurrency company.

I’m talking about the launch of the first bitcoin ETF in the USA.

Why is that even remotely important?

Because it will eliminate ALL of the red-tape around buying bitcoin.

See, for the largest institutions in the world – like a pension fund or asset manager – there’s a host of regulatory hoops to jump through to actually buy bitcoin.

But a bitcoin ETF would eliminate that red-tape.

As soon as one it launched – they can buy it with the click of a button.

They can put theirs – and their client’s money – in bitcoin, at will.

What’s more, it would make Bitcoin available for purchase by swathes of brokerage accounts in the US.

That is a colossal pile of money.

Consider, according to InvestorPlace, HALF of all equities in the world are traded in the USA.

Heck, the total size of assets in pension funds alone in the US is $32 TRILLION.

So WHEN exactly will the bitcoin ETF happen?

Frankly, I wouldn’t like to hang my hat on a specific date.

This, in my view, is not something you can wait around to see how it plays out.

Any type of announcement could send the market skyward.

And it could happen any day.

Since the start of the year SIX separate companies have begun the application process.

And some of these companies are seriously heavy hitters…

  • Fidelity, the $4.9 trillion asset manager…
  • WisdomTree Investments…
  • VanEck Associates…
  • Valkyrie Digital Assets…
  • SkyBridge…
  • And Morgan Stanley-backed NYDIG Asset Management…

As you can see, they aren’t minnows. These are companies with clout. Companies more likely for the SEC – the US regulatory body that will approve these kinds of ETFs, to take notice of.

What’s more, the new SEC chief, Gary Gensler, is a crypto sympathiser.

He is an MIT Professor, who teaches on blockchain and cryptocurrencies!

In my view, the pressure building for a Bitcoin ETF is reaching a tipping point.

Gensler could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

And I’m not the only one who thinks a Bitcoin ETF is imminent.

Decrypt.co says ‘Fidelity’s ETF stands a great chance of being approved’…

And another prominent crypto journalist says it will happen ‘sooner rather than later’.

With each day that passes… anticipation and excitement is building.

As soon as an announcement IS made… like a coiled spring, all that pressure will be released.

And I believe it could see the crypto market move into a boom MAGNITUDES larger than what we’re already seeing.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Right now you have a small window of opportunity to take advantage.

Put simply: If you were around to see the .Com boom… I believe this is going to make the hype and hysteria look like a drop in the ocean.

And now is your chance to FILL YOUR BOOTS!

Not next month. Not next week. NOW.

Maybe you’re thinking the play here is buying bitcoin… or a bitcoin ETF. Maybe you’re thinking of doubling your money. Or better – even 10Xing your money.

If that’s the case, let me tell you – you are thinking TOO SMALL.

I believe this opportunity is much bigger than that.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

And right here, right now, I’m going to show you how.

Because, when Bitcoin ticks up – these crypto shoot even higher.

And some of my followers will attest to that statement wholeheartedly.

People like MB who said:

 And RP wrote me this kind note about staking to say:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

The fact is, when Bitcoin surges in price… smaller – almost unknown – alt coins tend to shoot FAR higher.

You only have to look Bitcoin’s booms in 2013 and 2017 to see that.


• Bitcoin - 300%

• Namecoin - 2,506%

• Peercoin - 2,054%

In 2017, gains months after the 2016 halving...


• Bitcoin - 1,318%

• Ripple - 36,018%

• NEM - 29,842%

• Ardor - 16,809%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

In 2013 Bitcoin shot up 300%.

But at the same time, crypto like Namecoin and Peercoin surged 2,506% and 2,054%!

And in 2017, Bitcoin returned 1,318%...

But at the same time, Ardor returned 16,809%...

NEM – 29,842%...

And Ripple 36,018%!

£1,000 put into each of those recommendations turns into £826,690 (before costs and tax)!

Just take that in for a second.

And think about what it feels like to make that type of money from an investment.

As you know, I personally made a 20,000% gain on Ripple.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

And I can tell you from personal experience, it is one of the most exhilarating feelings a person can have.

When you make such a large sum of money from such a small investment…

You’ll be walking around with an extra kick in your step…

And it’ll be impossible to hide that big, fat grin on your face.

Not every coin did this of course, these are some of the most exceptional examples.

Many will have come to nothing in this high risk market which is why this opportunity is only for money you can afford to lose.

Seriously, if you can’t stand the thought of losing some or all of your investment – if seeing the value of your crypto fall sharply for a time before recovering makes you feel sick – this won’t be for you.

Now, if you’re ready to take the next step…

Then let me tell you the best part.

To my mind…

It’s obvious which pocket of crypto
are about to lift off.

And for those with the stomach to lay down a little money on these tiny digital currencies — the payoff could be enormous.

This pocket of the market with $22 TRILLION potential is in a state of eruption.

By transferring their money into bitcoin, corporations are giving it a huge seal of approval.

And in doing so, it has triggered huge demand for another sector within the crypto market.

Benzinga.com recently came out and said this sector is taking over crypto

The Bank of America just released a report saying it is potentially ‘more disruptive’ than bitcoin.

And InternationalBanker.com calls it: “a major breakthrough in the world of financial services”.

You see, as corporations transfer some of their cash into bitcoin…

It has created an urgent need for a surrounding financial system to support it.

The fact is, the financial system doesn’t totally work for ordinary people. And it doesn’t work for these corporations either.

And that’s the build out that’s taking place right now… An alternative crypto-led financial system.

One that offers all of the same virtues as bitcoin. And can’t be tainted by unscrupulous money printing… or government abuse.

It’s a place to borrow and lend your money…

Invest in stocks, bonds and other assets…

Take out an insurance policy…

Or simply to place your cash into a savings account and start earning real interest.

All without the fees, inefficiencies and middlemen that comes along with the legacy financial system.

In the crypto world this sector is known as Decentralised Finance. Or DeFi for short.

And use in it is sky-rocketing.

Over the last year the total value locked inside this system has increased from just $740 million… to over $50 BILLION.

The number of investors using it has exploded.

(Source: Dune Analytics)

Take that in…

That’s what “hockey stick” growth looks like.

The size and scope of this opportunity is just so large – that I think it could eventually be worth more than bitcoin itself.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

And since the start of the year, some of these crypto have gone through the roof.

Crypto like…

Pancake Swap (CAKE) – UP 3,008%

TERRA – UP 2,790%

Cover Protocol COVER – UP 6,533%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Back in September, Coindesk released an article stating, ‘Normies are Getting Crypto Rich with De-FI’.

Make no mistake. Decentralised Finance, or “DeFi” is where some of the true mind-bending gains of the new crypto mega-cycle are taking place.

And as corporations drive Bitcoin higher – I believe it’s only going to create more insatiable demand for this exciting sector.

So the question is – where should you put your money?

Let’s start with my first pick…

“Beat the Banks with DeFi: My #1 way to use DeFi to beat the traditional financial system”

‘[It] is the eighth wonder of the world… he who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.’

Those famous words of Albert Einstein are referring to the phenomenon called compound interest.

Unfortunately, here in the UK, we are unable to benefit from compound interest in our savings accounts. And we haven’t been able to for quite some time now.

It’s not that it doesn’t exist.

It’s just that there is no interest to compound.

Since the 1980’s the interest rate offered by banks has gradually dwindled.

And since 2008, the interest offered on most savings account has been practically nothing at all!

In the legacy financial system, that is.

But did you know that there is a way to get as much as 12% interest on your crypto savings?

There is.

And it is a perfect example of the crypto financial system in action. And exploiting the weaknesses of the legacy financial system.

This platform is called YouHodler. And I think it’s worth considering trying out. And holding some funds in it.

There’s no restrictions on taking your money out when you want.

And your money is protected by a $150 million crime insurance crypto-asset programme led by Arch UK Lloyds of London.

According to YouHodler’s customer service department, you’re covered if the platform goes bust.

And against risk of employee and third-party theft.

Though you’re not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. As that only applies to regulated financial businesses, nor will you be able to use the services of the Financial Ombudsman if something goes wrong.

I’ve taken the liberty of packaging up all my findings on YouHodler into a special dossier. It’ll be on its way to your email inbox at the end of this presentation.

In it, you’ll find all the details you need to make a decision about using a small portion of your own crypto savings in YouHodler.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a great way to use the explosion of decentralised finance (DeFI) to get your money working for you in the crypto economy.

And I believe it should form part of every serious crypto investor’s wealth-generating strategy.

But that is just one opportunity, one you can have for free today. It’s also just the very beginning of what I would like to offer you today.

You see, it’s time to raid the DeFi sector for true ‘millionaire’ returns.

And I believe I’ve found the perfect crypto projects to do it.

I have selected TWO DeFI cryptos I believe are heading for a phase of HYPER-GROWTH.

Of course, it’s important to remember that crypto is high risk. And volatile – capable of experiencing huge swings in price by the day.

The market for certain crypto may be less liquid, making it harder to sell your crypto if you need to exit a position quickly.

Like any investment it could go to zero. So only invest your ‘play money’ here, that is money you can afford to lose.

I’ve spent over a decade analysing this market… watching it mature from the Wild West of the investment world to a prosperous boom town. Yes, we’re still on the bold frontier here… but what an exciting place to be! But you need to be aware of the risks when you get involved.

I call these crypto: The Gatekeepers. Because they hold all the keys. These are the projects that could enable trillions of dollars of investor capital to flood into the DeFi sector.

They make up a future in which, without them, the DeFi space would come to a halt.

The first project I’ve got for you is a real doozy.

I forecast it could turn a £5,000 stake into £1.25 MILLION.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

The “Microsoft Windows of DeFi”

Every industry has a lynchpin.

A platform technology that forms the very basis for everything to be built on, expand from and follow their lead.

The personal computing revolution had Microsoft Windows.

The smartphone revolution had Apple’s App Store.

And the companies behind these breakthroughs created tens of thousands of millionaires.

I don’t think that Decentralised Finance will be any different.

The company I’d like to tell you about is positioning itself to grab the crown of the DeFi revolution’s lynchpin technology.

It is building out the “financial operating system” for which all bitcoin related DeFi applications and services can operate from.

This is the platform that will allow visionary entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. That applications generating billions of dollars’ worth of revenue will be built on. And the bridge which connects millions of users to those applications.

That’s why Nasdaq.com call this platform “a new chapter for crypto investing.”

I’m reluctant to give too much more away in an open-access broadcast such as this. For fear of blowing up this crypto and letting the cat out of the bag. But I will say this:

One of the most influential investors in the crypto world is piling in with full force.

This investor is a former exec at Facebook and Snapchat. And has invested over $100 million in early stage tech companies.

Two of his biggest scalps are Coinbase and the popular share trading service eToro.

And now he’s planning to stump up $10 million to pump into “The Windows of DeFi.”

Make no mistake: this legendary investor thinks crypto is going to be HUGELY valuable in the years ahead.

And right now, you have a chance to invest alongside him.

Remember, the current market size of financial services is $22 TRILLION .

If the “Windows of Defi” wins just a portion of that – in my view it WILL be a millionaire maker.

No ifs. No buts.

I think it could turn $2,000 into $500,000 (before costs and tax).

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

There are risks of course, this is still crypto. This is about as early stage as it gets for this kind of breakthrough technology. There’s a long road ahead and there will be (and is) a lot of volatility.

But if you can stake money on this you can afford to lose, then there could be some great rewards.

My advice: put a few quid into this crypto today and hang on to it.

Have I been clear enough? If not – let me say it again:

If it’s money you can afford to risk losing, buy some of this crypto (even as little as £500) and don’t let go.

Like I said, there’s a possibility of course that you could lose that £500. That’s true of any investment you make.

Risk is a choice rather than a fate. And that’s the way I see it when you take a punt on a play like this… or any cryptocurrency. If it comes off, you could stand to make a tremendous amount of money.

And if it doesn’t, you won’t have bet the farm.

During 2017, crypto like Ripple, Ethereum and Dash all hit the headlines for their meteoric price rises.

I think ‘The Windows of Defi’ could be one of the headline hitters of the next crypto boom.

Just take a second to imagine how satisfying it will feel to be able to say you got in on this crypto right at the very bottom.

I can tell you, from my own ground-floor investments into Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple that it’s an unmatchable feeling.

My take is: get in now before the mad rush of money has been made.

All of my analysis on this crypto king is in a detailed and urgent report I have put together for you.

It’s called: “Two smart ways to make a killing in the Race to Bitcoin $1,000,000 ”.

I want to get this report in your hands right away.

You’ll get all my thorough research – including a full run-down of all the risks and potential rewards when buying cryptocurrencies.

And I’ll go into further detail about why I believe this opportunity is unmissable for anyone who wants to gun for a life-changing profit.

But as you can see from the name of the report, there’s more…so let me tell you about my second crypto star… a new type of crypto that could be set to climb even higher than bitcoin:

“The Schumpeter Crypto”

In 1942, the economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term ‘creative destruction’.

It describes how a new system necessarily destroys the one it replaces.

That’s why I call this crypto “The Schumpeter Coin”. I believe it could permanently and irreversibly disrupt the status quo.

Giving rise to a titanic redistribution of wealth.

This crypto will put you in a position to get on the receiving end of that redistribution.

I believe “The Shumpeter Coin” could eventually replace the stock-market itself.

Every year $60 trillion worth of shares are traded. And this is a chance to put some of that money in YOUR pocket.

So just how could “The Shumpeter Coin” creatively destroy current stock exchanges?

As an investor you no doubt know buying stocks isn’t as easy as it’s cracked up to be.

Sure, it can be straightforward if you’re buying blue-chip shares in the country you live in.

But buying overseas shares can be a nightmare.

The first problem is finding a broker that will trade your country of choice.

Then, there’s time differences.

In most jurisdictions, you can only trade stocks between around 10am and 4pm.

By the time your order is placed – there’s a chance the stock will have moved. Which makes getting your order fulfilled at the price you want a bloody lottery!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As you’re well aware, buying and selling or trading crypto can be done anywhere, anytime without restriction.

You could be in Australia, the US, Japan or here in the UK and have access to any crypto market you want. That is how it should be.

Put simply: The “Schumpeter Coin” fills that need – for stocks.

It is building out a platform that allows you right now to get exposure to stocks and other assets 24/7, 365 days a year. And from anywhere on the planet.

You can already trade stock-like synthetic assets such as Tesla, gold, silver , and an S&P500 index.

And the platform claims to soon be adding hundreds of newly tradeable stock-like assets.

And as even more get added in the coming months and weeks…

I can see this crypto catching the eye of the wider investing crowd – and longer term being the very foundation of a new stock market, hence, potentially going VERTICAL as a result.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

This crypto is about as ground floor as you can possibly get.

With a market cap of just $23 million – it has a hair-trigger like sensitivity to influxes of capital.

Token sales are not without their risks. But not without its rewards either.

These are some of the riskiest investments in the world. For every winner, you'll probably find a number that will amount to nothing. And they can be very thinly traded, with "market caps" of a few million dollars.

That means they're capable of moving 1,000% UP or 90% DOWN in a matter of days (or even going to zero if things go wrong).

That creates opportunity. But only if you're smart and go in with your eyes open, with cash you can afford to lose and someone like me on your side to guide you through it.

Sometimes they’re simply small, micro-cap cryptos that the vast majority of investors have never heard of.

If you want to level up your crypto game to invest in cryptocurrencies… and you want expert help about exactly what to buy… how to buy it… and where to buy it…

Then Crypto Profits Extreme is for you.

Crypto Profits Extreme is not for crypto beginners however.

You need to know what you’re doing in dealing with cryptos in this space. You need to know how to move crypto between wallets and dealing with them, I won’t go through this information here.

In Crypto Profits Extreme I only look to hunt down the projects that can deliver a potentially life-changing return on your money.

To do that, I travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to talk to the people in this industry who matter. The developers. The leaders. The people really making this industry explode.

I spend my days scanning the pages of every crypto website…

I read every whitepaper and technical paper I can get my hands on.

And I’ve been doing it for over a decade now.

Right now, I believe the two hyper-growth crypto I have described for you today are the best crypto opportunities outside of Bitcoin I’ve ever seen.

If things play out as I hope, both could turn £500 or £1000 into a life-changing amount of money.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

In truth, there’s no ceiling to the money you could make here.

If my research proves correct, and Bitcoin marches to $1 million, these two cryptos could catch fire in ways that never been seen before. 

They’re my TWO best picks right now.

I want to put their millionaire making capacity in your hands today.

But there’s more.

I want to send a third blockbuster crypto opportunity your way…

My #1 “Network Effect” Crypto

Facebook, Apple, Google, Uber…

There’s one unifying factor that lies behind their success.

It creates competitive advantage, barriers to entry and durability for the busines in question.

And it has attracted trillions of dollars in investment capital for the companies that harness it.

Billionaire director at eBay, Scott Cook calls it, “the giant in the room” when it comes to a start up’s success.

I am talking about a phenomenon called the Network Effect.

Perhaps the best example of network effects is the telephone.

When just one telephone existed, it was completely useless. You couldn’t use it to contact anyone.

When two people possessed telephones, the network becomes slightly more valuable.

But as more users started using the telephone, it increased the number of connections in the network exponentially. Each user could use it to call more people. And the network became exponentially more valuable.

What’s more, at some point, it gained a critical mass of users. In the early days, there was almost no incentive for users outside the network to join it. But as users increased, it became a necessity for everyday people to start using the telephone.

This crypto I’d like to tell you about has a network effect growing fastest out of every company in its sector.

Since December, the total value locked into this crypto’s decentralised financial services has increased from $283 million to over $2 billion. That’s a 700% increase!

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

And I believe this positions it perfectly to become a behemoth of the DeFi space.

Again, I have to be scant with the details in this public, online briefing.

The crypto in question is tiny.

We have to keep this between you – and just a relative handful of others – to be in the running for the maximum possible pay-out.

It’s fair to say this opportunity comes with huge risk. Volatility is rife, and the market could become less liquid. My view on this is a long one, not an in-and-out trade.  

A full run down on this stock can be found in your bonus report – “Sam Volkering’s #1 Network Effect Crypto”.

And it’s yours for FREE!

Try out

under no financial obligation

Some people will get flat-out rich as institutional money piles into the crypto space.

If you learn just one thing today, make it this:

You can be one of them.

I wouldn’t have started this service otherwise.

My mission in Crypto Profits Extreme is to root out the biggest – and most potentially lucrative crypto opportunities…

For YOU to hopefully profit.

As my readers will attest:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

There is no trend in the tech world right now as big or as pivotal as crypto.

Get your report – “Two Smart Ways To Make a Killing in the Race to Bitcoin $1,000,000” – and seize this opportunity for a chance, using money you can afford to lose, to make as much as 250X your money on your tiny stake.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

In return, all I ask is that you try out my service for 30-days.

That’s it.

Take it for a spin and see if it’s for you – if not, you are free to walk away with a full refund in the first 30 days.

If that sounds good to you….

First off…

Sign up for a 30-day, no-obligation trial run of Crypto Profits Extreme by clicking on this link right now.

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The moment you come on board, you’ll also have access to a host of special reports I’ve prepared for new members – to get you up to speed with all my latest opportunities in the world of crypto.

This includes exclusive interviews with the likes of Joe Lubin – co-founder of Ethereum.

And a special crypto summit I organised last year. Interviewing some of the most respected experts in the world of cryptocurrency.

Then, you’ll begin to receive your Crypto Profits Extreme buy and sell alerts via email.

Please understand: these issues will not be your typical investment research briefings, offering only a cursory overview of the market and comments on held positions and how they’re trading.

Each confidential briefing provides you with in-depth analysis of new technologies and recommended crypto that could be poised for huge growth.

In most cases, these are crypto projects not yet acknowledged, much less discussed, by mainstream media or investment websites.

This is thanks to my unique and extensive network of crypto industry connections and insights built over almost a decade of immersion in the crypto space.

In short, you get an ‘early-bird advantage’ each and every time a crypto alert triggers.

You’ll also get a weekly update – usually on a Wednesday

I’ll update you on the latest goings-on in the crypto market… as well as the breakthrough trends and developments I’m looking into.

I’m here to help you as much as I can.

As soon as you accept my invitation to receive Crypto Profits Extreme, I’ll also send you an email address to contact me.

If you have any questions about my service at all, just drop me a line. I personally respond to emails sent to this inbox. Because I want you to have access to me.

Write to me as often as you like – I want you to get as much out of this research as possible.

The good news is that you can try Crypto Profits Extreme without any obligation to stay on after 30 days.

If my Crypto Profits Extreme service doesn’t meet your expectations, or you find this kind of investing is not for you, I’ll give you a full refund at any time during the first 30 days.

You can rest assured that this money-back offer is guaranteed by my publisher at Southbank Investment Research.

This really is an obligation-free trial.

I’ve put you in the driver’s seat here because I want to get this information over to you quickly, discretely and in a way that works for you.

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£610 off the full price – if you take up my offer today

The full price of membership to my premium service is £3,109 a year.

If that sounds expensive… I make no apologies...

It is a niche service not for beginners, it’s advanced and for clued-up crypto investors, happy with the risks... and who want the chance to make serious money on each play.

This exciting new project makes full use of my decade in the market... and my personal crypto investing analysis.

The fact is, as far as I know, this is research NO ONE else in the world is doing – let alone for UK investors.

Remember, I’m scouring the crypto market working solely for you, hunting down these ideas, week in, week out…

Each crypto I bring you has the potential to deliver incredible returns.

This kind of expertise and work does not come cheap.

So, if £3,109 for one year sounds like too much money, I can tell you right now, this research is probably not right for you.

But I do want to leave you free to invest as much or as little ‘play money’ as you want in these opportunities.

So you can reap as high a return as possible.

So, for the first year of membership, I’m bringing the price down by £610.

That means you can become a brand new member of  Crypto Profits Extreme for 12 months at just £2,499.

This is a generous offer, I’m sure you will agree.

And remember, you have 30 days just to see if this is right for you.

But I must warn you – it is not on the table for very long at all.

So if you want in at the best price…

Hurry. Start your trial – get your report . Accept this invitation by clicking here now!

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The most important thing, though, is that you don’t sit too long on this decision…

The crypto resurgence has only just begun...

In case you need more convincing…

There’s another powerful – and I believe unstoppable – force that is destined to drive Bitcoin to $1 million. And send the crypto market soaring.

Not only are the most powerful corporations and institutions in the world driving bitcoin higher.

But so is a piece of code embedded within bitcoin. This piece of code has driven every crypto “megacycle” that has come before it.

You see, every four years, the additional supply of bitcoin is cut in half – making bitcoin twice as hard to get a hold of.

This event – known as the “Halvening” –  is pre-programmed into bitcoin’s code. Making it inevitable and guaranteed.

And every time “the Halvening” has happened, it has triggered a great crypto bull market.

The chart on your screen maps these cycles out.

(Souce: twitter)

As you can see, we are currently just 11 months into the four-year mega-cycle.

We’re still at the very ground floor!

Case in point, since its inception, bitcoin has doubled an unprecedented 19 times.

In the mega-cycle of 2013, it doubled six times…

In the mega-cycle of 2017, it doubled four times…

Yet, in 2021’s bull market, bitcoin has only doubled ONCE.

As you know, past performance is not an indicator of future results.

If we’re simply willing to accept history as our guide, the potential here is salivating.

There is no way of knowing with total certainty if this bull run will be even bigger. I am simply looking at the weight of history and I’m not prepared to bet against it.

I think this quote sums it up perfectly, from historian Robert Scowscroft:

“While two situations may not be perfectly alike, nevertheless we divine patterns that can make us better choices.”

And the world’s largest and most influential corporations are siding with the weight of history, too.

They’re expecting – just like I am – that bitcoin will double for the 20th time… and a 21st.

When you break it down, I’m really not saying anything ground-breaking here am I?

Bitcoin has doubled 19 times over the last 12 years.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

I’m simply speculating it could do so again.

And I’m looking for the smaller crypto that could shoot up in price in its wake.

I’m pegging the three crypto I’ve introduced to you today to do just that.

I don’t mind telling you that I’ve got money in crypto.

As an investor, I’m not going to sit by and watch on as some of these potentially double, triple and quintuple right before my eyes.

And nor should you.

This is a speculators’ paradise and an opportunity for small-time investors to make big-time profits... the kinds of gains that are only normally available to City insiders or flat-out lucky traders.

I think the gains made by investors with a sense of adventure are going to be life changing. I equate it to buying gold in the 1970s... this is legacy-making stuff.

That way I see it, you’re standing at a cross-roads.

Option #1: If you have no interest in making money from crypto whatsoever…

Then maybe you don’t need to find out the names of the crypto I’m pegging for the biggest fastest gains in this new crypto bull-market.

But if you do want to raid this exciting market for the potential to make serious returns.

Option #2: Do it yourself.

Scour the crypto market 24/7… build the network of insiders required to truly understand the dynamics driving this market.

If you’re willing to work hard… and spend every waking hour immersed in this market…you may be able to find some big winners.

But what if you could have it all handed to you on a silver platter?

That’s where Option #3 comes in:

You let me do the work for you.

I’ll send you the details of the crypto kings I think you should buy now.

Do not let this moment pass you by.

Act now, and grab this opportunity.

Click the button below now to start your trial…

Secure your £610 discount, while you still can.

Many thanks for taking the time to read today.


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General - Your capital is at risk when you invest in cryptocurrency - you can lose some or all of your money, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Commissions, fees and other charges can reduce returns from investments.

Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrency investing and investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is a highly speculative investment. The cryptocurrency market can be extremely volatile. Digital currency coins are encrypted to keep them secure. The encryption identifies the currency itself, but not its owner. This means that if a coin is stolen, you have very little recourse in getting it back. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate the Cryptocurrency market. This means that you will not have the protection of the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Taxation – Profits from converting cryptocurrency back into fiat currency is subject to capital gains tax. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change.

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