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This promotion – while not financial advice – should be read carefully. It contains the important information, facts and figures you need to make an informed decision – including the risks to your capital involved – about our research. Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results. If you are unsure whether this type of investing is right for you, seek independent personal financial advice.

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James Allen

Energy market analyst, author and insider - James Allen

There’s no time to waste…

The countdown is on to what could be the biggest call of my career to date.

I don’t say that lightly.

I’ve been an energy insider for over ten years...

A journey that’s taken me from the City of London to New York and back, again, to London.

But the last four months have blown the doors off of anything I have seen during my decade in the markets.

The speed and scale at which new stock opportunities are coming has even taken me by surprise.

As things stand, my Publisher tells me I’m on the hottest streak in the five year history of our business.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

And I want to get as many Southbank Investment Research readers on board as I can.

Not just because of the potentially explosive gains that are being offered up as the world powers up again…

But because it puts you on the right side of history too.

Which is why today I’d like to share with you not one but a trio of opportunities at the very top of my buy list.

Three opportunities at the heart of the biggest investing megatrend of our times: renewable energy.

You see, thanks to a series of technological, economic and political developments all converging at the same time...

Developments that are being accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic…

These three opportunities have the potential to:

  • Deliver a near 1,200% profit over the next ten years
  • Turn a £5K stake into more than £49,000
  • And bank you TEN TIMES YOUR MONEY

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Sounds crazy doesn't it?

Particularly given the traditional energy sector is on its knees:

It is sobering to think that as of August Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Total, Chevron, Repsol, Eni and Equinor have written down their oil and gas assets by $87bn… and investors in this sector likely lost money.

Yet recently I wrote to my subscribers closing out a gain of 702%.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

It was for a company I first recommended in October last year.

And it is a textbook example of the sort of opportunities I have, can and hopefully will continue to put in front of my readers.

Readers like DB who wrote in to say:

“Over the past 18 months I am up 66%. Southbank it seems has a hidden gem - a super-charged portfolio… targeted at the greatest growth centres not only for today, but for years to come.”

Now I won’t pretend I can get it right every time. I can’t. No-one can.

At the time of writing I have 20 open plays…

Six currently show losses, the largest of which is minus 72.73%.

But 14 are showing gains ranging up from +32.51% to +192.06%.

Six are comfortably over 100% up.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Of course these are active recommendations and that is no guarantee on where they will be in a few months’ time.

Or just how high they might reach or low they might fall over the coming years.

But they are all renewable energy stocks…

And they are all selected by a very specific criteria which I will shortly walk your through in detail so you can understand fully my recommendations.

To repeat: I don’t get it right every time.

However, I think you can see my winners outweigh my losers.

First, I want to show you why this sector is growing so rapidly

I then want to explain the conditions fuelling this historic growth…

I want to show you why the smart money is moving in...

And I want to introduce you to more of my readers who are already benefitting from it…

Readers like CF, who wrote to me recently:

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your sterling work on the Expo Energy newsletter. I have to admit, I was very nervous about handing over the initial subscription fee, and I spent several days weighing the pros and cons. But, having taking the plunge, I'm delighted : you and the team are doing a fantastic job, and I couldn't be happier. The depth and quality of your research is excellent, and I greatly enjoy reading your insights and analysis. I'm just kicking myself I didn't join the club six months ago!

Anyway, keep up the great work. Many thanks to you and the rest of the team at Southbank.”

Plus GW, who said:

“Hi James, Just a quick note to express my gratitude for your excellent stock recommendations”

And the ecstatic PF:

“Wow!!! My hat is off - the triple you pulled is absolutely phenomenal, I stand in awe and silence… Thank you very much for fantastic calls, definitely got my subscription money back many times over.”

When I have done all that…

When I have shown you how my portfolio could have doubled your money in the first six months of this year

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Then I will share these three buying opportunities…

Because you will then understand the factors that could see them:

  • Deliver a near 1,200% profit inside the next decade
  • Bank you TEN TIMES YOUR MONEY over the coming decade
  • And turn a £5K stake into more than £49,000 in the years ahead.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

You see it all begins with…

Paolo Cabrelli
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research


My name is Paolo Cabrelli.

I’m the Publisher here at Southbank Investment Research.

You haven’t heard very often from me before, not like this.

My role is one that you shouldn’t really notice.

I do my best to make sure everything runs smoothly for our readers.

I leave the stock picking and trading tips to our experts.

But as you are one of our valued subscribers…

Today I need to talk to you frankly about a situation that has developed behind the scenes.

One that could have an immediate impact on your membership status with us… and your finances going forward.

Like most companies, our offices have been largely empty over the last few months.

A lot of businesses around us, here in London Bridge, and all over the country, have folded…

Or been forced to downsize.  Plainly speaking, it’s been carnage.

In fact, according to CityAM… a quarter of all businesses here in London are on the brink of collapse.

The pandemic has impacted us, like everyone else.

The stock market drop caused us to put entire model portfolios on hold – creating a lot of uncertainty, and anxiety.

Our staff has been scattered around the country, working from home.

And we even explored applying for rent relief from our landlord.

That’s what has made recent events in our business even more strange…
And surprising.

Against this backdrop of failing businesses, public panic and economic decline…

I have been receiving a deluge of urgent emails from our readers…
Like this message, sent to us from MD:

And this email we recently received from Kris:

This note, from Richard:

And this one from SP:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

If there weren’t scores more emails like these, I’d scarcely believe it.

I have looked into exactly what’s happening.

And why they have been coming in daily, in such high numbers.

I have been shocked to discover that during one of the most disturbing periods in recent British financial life…

One that continues to trigger bankruptcies, the furloughing of staff and requests for emergency loans….

A period in which a lot of investors have lost a lot of money…

One of our experts – James Allen – has hit the hottest streak of winning stock recommendations in the history of our business.

Not by shorting the market.

Not by day trading or leveraging.

Not by taking wild punts on cryptocurrencies or jumping in and out of the foreign exchange market.

No – James has done something simple – but very powerful.

He has shown his readers how to buy into a special group of stocks that are surging right now.

In the last month alone, we have had to send out two urgent emails to lock in simply outrageous profits:

The first, a 794% return – on a stock recommended just 12 months ago.

The second, a 593% return – achieved in just 92 DAYS

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Portfolio annual performance since open: Year 1: 92.61% | Year 2: 204.62%

These are the two biggest wins we’ve seen from James’ incredible run so far.

Not every stock he picks races up, nor to these highs. And not every recommendation makes gains.

But as things stand, James is on the hottest streak in the four year history of our business.

How has he done it?

Well, the stocks he has been recommending are profiting from perhaps the only idea in the world more powerful than the pandemic right now.

  • An idea that $600m wealth manager Eoin Treacy calls “the biggest stock opportunity in the world today
  • What Larry Fink – head of the world’s biggest investment fund, Blackrock – says will trigger “a fundamental reshaping of finance.”
  • An erupting corner of the stock market expected to see an influx of $2.7 trillion of investment capital EVERY year.

As Publisher, it is my duty to ensure you receive the ideas and opportunities we Publish that could help make you wealthy.

And there is nothing on our books right now with greater – or more rapid – wealth-generating potential than the opportunity James has uncovered.

Let me show you what I mean:

We have received so many emails from James’ subscribers, it has taken up days to read and respond to them.

Messages just like this one:

People from all walks of life, like GN, have been writing in to us…

As you’re about to see this feedback is a vindication of our mission here at Southbank Investment Research.

Our aim is to make you a smarter and richer investor – whether that’s to help fund your retirement, to build a financial legacy for your children and grandchildren… or just to enjoy the extra cash for yourself.

Just like Paul was so delighted with James’ hot streak that he had to tell us in person...

“It’s been quite life changing”

And this message from Richard – who has been a member for seven months now:

“I haven’t looked back… the best investment decision I have ever made… “I have to pinch myself sometimes.”

Frankly, we had not expected this explosion of demand in James’ work at this time.

Don’t get me wrong, James is a world-class expert in his field.

That’s why, three years ago, we asked him to leave his well-paid job in New York, and publish his research with us.

But I must admit recent events meant we were braced for a severe drop off in memberships because of the pandemic.

We held emergency meetings with our team to get ready for a rough ride…. with some frank discussions about the future of the business. 

But demand has been so high for James’ advisory, Exponential Energy Fortunes…

Instead of downsizing…we have had to move extra members of staff over to help support him.

Considering the flood of positive feedback we’ve received… and my position as Publisher….

I feel it’s my duty to help you benefit from what’s happening, too.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

In fact, I’m going to hand you over to the man himself, James Allen, right now…

Give him a just couple of minutes of your time… and you’ll see why his readers are so excited to receive his stock tips.

He’ll show you, in detail, why the special list of companies in his portfolio have been soaring…

And precisely how much money you could make, following his recommendations yourself.

Read everything he has to say, carefully.

Firstly, because James has found a way to share his work and recommendations with you in a very simple way – requiring no financial commitment on your part. 

And, secondly, because the following few minutes could have a meaningful and very positive impact on your financial life.

Over to you, James…

The biggest market MEGATREND of our lifetimes!

You started to see evidence of it last year.

The rapid decline of the fossil fuel industry…

And the dramatic eruption of clean energy – renewables.

Renewable stocks were among 2019’s highest risers, with companies like:

Falck Renewables – up 100% over the course of last year.

Proton Motor Power Systems – up 255% last year.

Or Brookfield Renewable Partners – gaining almost 80% over the same period.

(2nd January – 30th December 2019)

Past performance are not a reliable indicator of future results

Of course, not all renewable companies saw these kinds of gains and some will obviously have lost out, too.

But these standouts highlighted that something significant was happening…

Something that I have been tracking for several years now.

Something that should see a total decarbonisation of the world’s power sources over the next 30 years… with the World Economic Forum saying back in February that renewable energy could power the world by 2050 .

Something that the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated.

In fact, I believe we are witnessing a perfect storm…

And the collapse of Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Coal:

As the traditional fossil fuel industry crumbles before our eyes…

You can see the thrilling RISE of the clean energy market…

As the world shifts from a dying fossil fuel industry into renewable energy in the coming years… forward-thinking companies are benefitting:

Sustainable fuel firm Velocys, UP 217%

Year to October 2020
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. VLS.L five year performance data: 2015 -70.91% | 2016 -11.08% | 2017 -15.15% | 2018 -84.62% | 2019 -63.16%

Solar producer Hypersolar, UP 575%

Year to October 2020
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. HYSR (OTC) five year performance data: 2015 -9.52% | 2016 -47.37% | 2017 -50% | 2018 +120% | 2019 -63.64%

Biofuel pioneer EQtec, UP 302%

Year to October 2020
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. EQT.L five year performance data: 2015 -79.55% | 2016 +5.56% | 2017 +26.32% | 2018 -69% | 2019 -87.63%

To repeat, past performance is no indicator of future results…

And you can see from the charts that the share price of such companies can be volatile. That makes them higher risk.

Not all clean energy firms will perform so well.

That’s why these stocks are only for your risk capital – money you can afford to lose.

But as Merryn Somerset Webb, the editor of Britain’s best-selling financial magazine, MoneyWeek, pointed out recently:

“…there will be a wave of money pouring into anything remotely green post-pandemic. Want to feel good and make money at the same time?

Here’s your chance .”

“A one-way bet for investors”

It’s all because we are seeing $95 trillion dollars of capital move out of one sector and into another…

A tsunami of capital flooding from fossil fuels to renewables.

As a result of this once-in-a-lifetime investment megatrend the companies leading the way could become the biggest and most rewarding investments of our age.

Ramez Naam

“Trillions of dollars will be lost by incumbent companies and fossil-fuel-dependent nations that move too slowly. Trillions of dollars will be made by those that lead. And the world will be better for it.”
(Angel investor, entrepreneur and award-winning author Ramez Naam)

The signal for investors to act is now flashing GREEN for go, go go...

Governments are changing policies, making deals and cutting cheques at rapid speed…

In the UK, chancellor Rishi Sunak plans to spend £800m on carbon capture and storage. The government says renewable energy is likely to be the UK's "primary source of electricity in the future".

The European Union has even bigger plans. It will dedicate a quarter of its budget, 1 trillion euros, to fund the EU Green Deal.

Even across the pond, renewable energy remains one of America’s most attractive investment options – and that’s after the US hit a record level of investment in renewables in 2019, topping $55bn.

Indeed, given it has become the ‘most attractive country for renewable energy investment’, according to the 55th EY Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), investors who know the renewables market best believe its brightest days are still to come .

This is an avalanche of money, hitting one market, all at once.
Okay, so governments are backing this transition with trillions of investment capital… but what about ‘the smart money’?

Let’s take a look:

Private wealth management firms are channelling billions of dollars in capital to go green…

Blackrock, the world’s largest hedge fund with almost $7 trillion in assets under management, is reforming its investment strategy based on climate change and global energy production.

And Blackrock’s global head of sustainable investing adds, “We are going to see a massive reallocation of capital, and participants aren’t fully grasping the magnitude of these changes.”

One of our editors – who consults at three such wealth funds – tells us that money managers are desperate to buy into what could be a generation-spanning boom.

The other side of this coin is the oil crisis unfolding right now.

The End of Oil And The Birth of “Big Green”

In March, the financial press could sense a collapse of the oil majors coming:

Bloomberg reported that The Global Oil Market Is Broken, Drowning in Crude Nobody Needs”

CNBC even predicted that we could see prices drop below zero:

“Oil prices could soon turn negative as the world runs out of places to store crude, analysts warn”

And then, on 20th April, it actually happened.

Here’s how Bloomberg reported it:

“Oil Market Trading in Negative Territory After Record Crash” – Bloomberg

The price has recovered somewhat since the crippling depths of the collapse. But as OilPrice.com warns, the crisis is not over:

Oil Prices Remain Excessively Vulnerable To Shocks

This isn’t a wobble.

It’s the beginning of the end.

In my view, a historic turning point in the energy markets.

And an enormous opportunity for you – if you grab a stake NOW.

The biggest companies in the world are certainly not going to be left behind:

Big business is betting on renewables with big money

Big corporates, have entered a “clean energy arms race.” Those are the exact words of a Google executive.

In fact, Google now produces more renewable energy than some entire countries.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has pledged to invest $10 billion in green energy.

Microsoft have pledged to be carbon negative in the next decade… taking strategic positions in small renewable firms. In fact, one Bill Gates backed solar firm made a huge breakthrough last year. “When we invest in renewables” says the software giant, “we are investing in the future”.

Even the fossil fuel giants are getting involved:

The pace of this transition is no longer coming in waves, but floods.

In the entire last decade, investment in renewables totalled 2.5 trillion dollars.

But from this point on, at least $2.7 trillion will be invested, every single year.

I repeat. 2.7 trillion dollars, every year.

That's the breakneck pace at which this energy transition is taking place.

Make no mistake – as an investor, you are bloody lucky to have this perfect storm fall on your lap.

Weigh it all up for yourself:

  • We have the investment capital flowing in, on an enormous scale..
  • We have the political will to make it happen.
  • We have big business backing it, with big money.
  • We have the social pressure to tackle climate change and ‘go green’ reaching a fever pitch…
  • We’ve even had a global pandemic give us a glimpse into a world beyond oil.

Add all of that up… and yes, sometimes the market can throw up opportunities to make extreme profits in a short amount of time, in some cases.

Of course, investing in this trend does comes with a word of warning…

This is an erupting, competitive market and stock prices can be very volatile.

If you’re a nervous investor, someone who can’t stomach seeing price swings in stocks you’re invested in, or isn’t prepared to take some losses along the way…

This one may not be for you.

But take a realistic look at everything I have just shown you…

What does it all tell you?

This is a megatrend that has the potential to make some people rich.

No question.

And some of those people already include readers of Exponential Energy Fortunes.

Readers like Kris, who sent in this video:

“[It’s] been very, very profitable for me… James’ recommendations have been unbelievable.”

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

If you are on the hunt for the biggest long-range gains the market may have to offer…

The small renewable energy firms I’d like to talk to you about today offer more promise, in my view, than any other type of investment in the world.

Not flash in the pan punts.

But strategic speculations with long-term horizons and genuine fortune-making potential.

Two of my picks are UK plays – because Britain is right at the heart of the renewable uprising.

And I believe now is the time to dive in.

Even during the depths of the recent market drop, FinancialPost reported that “Green utilities are proving a safe haven in market rout”.

Another of our guests from The Beyond Oil Summit... Michael Liebreich, a world-leading expert on clean energy investing ... shared this powerful message on Twitter:

And here is the most powerful illustration I can show you about where we are at in the rise of renewables.

Nothing spells out more clearly to me which way the market winds are blowing:

Source: Cepconsult (data source used by Cepconsult: Shell Sky Scenario, 2018)

Think of this as your investing ‘treasure map’…

Showing you in blindingly simple terms:

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

That today you can stake your money in an industry on the cusp of a potentially exponential rise in fortunes.

Renewable stocks are amongst the market’s biggest risers… shooting up in price whilst many other sectors are smashed by the downturn.

I’m talking about companies like these:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Renewable Energy Group is a company from Iowa. It’s the largest US producer by volume of biodiesel – a type of diesel fuel made from animal fat and vegetable oil.

Over the last 12 months it has surged 266%.

Alfen is a Dutch developer of smart grids and EV charging points .

12 month gain: 360%

Proton Motor Power is a UK company that designs, develops and produces hydrogen fuel cells .

12 month gain: 188%

Let me highlight one of my own from the Exponential Energy Fortunes portfolio, which I closed a nice profit on… Nikola Motors, which I call ‘The Next Tesla’.

I made the recommendation to my readers in March…

I of course made it clear it was a very risky play.

Risk is something you have to consider with every opportunity, every investment.

And you have to allocate your capital accordingly.

You should never ‘bet the farm’ on a stock like that.

Instead, be smart. Take a small slice of your investment capital – money you can afford to lose… and grab a little stake.

A sum of £2k on Nikola when I recommended it would have generated more than £12,000 in profit today (excluding fees and costs).

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

That’s a gain of 500%+ – in under six months.

Ok, maybe a £2k stake is too rich for your blood.

It doesn’t matter…

Whether it’s just £200 snowballing into £1,200…

Or £10k snowballing into £60,000…

Only you can decide what level you come in at.

Only you know your risk tolerance.

No clean energy play is a ‘sure bet’. In fact, it’s a risky play all round.

However, there’s no denying how great it feels when you get it right.

Like David, wrote in to tell me how happy he was with the gain we pocketed on Nikola:

"James, followed your advice… My overall portfolio is not huge, but now stands higher than mid Feb, all due to Exponential Energy Fortunes! Thank you very much! What’s next?!"

As the editor of Exponential Energy Fortunes, I love hearing about them too. Whether it’s by video, email – or even audio recordings…

Like this one from Michael – who had only been with us for just 6 weeks:

"I have already banked two profits of over 100% – which for earlier subscribers could have been 500% plus… I wanted to record this message for the benefit of anybody who is thinking of joining Exponential Energy Fortunes… it looks like one of the best investments I have ever made."

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

I hope you can now understand why I described renewable energy and the new technologies driving the energy transition as a one-way bet.

If you’re not thinking about staking at least a small amount of your capital in this market, you could be missing out on what I believe is one of the biggest investment opportunities of the last 30 years.

As I said earlier, things are really starting to heat up.

I am seeing scores of companies with huge potential – on a daily basis.

They are blipping on my radar. But I won’t share them with subscribers until they have passed my strict selection criteria...

Like the three that stand out to me right now. Three rising star renewable firms that could deliver huge payouts down the line.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Before I tell you a bit more about them, I think now would be a good time to share my track record in full. So here it is:

The Exponential Energy Fortunes investment track record laid bare

Let me be crystal clear: we do have losing recommendations.

Even in a market as red hot as this one, on a hot streak as incredible as the one we are on… you have to take a few hits.

However, if you are realistic and strategic…

You CAN lock on to high potential stocks – at the right time – and do very well out of it.

Let me show you…

Of our 12 closed clean energy stock plays, we have enjoyed 8 winners.

With two absolute belters:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Portfolio annual performance since open: Year 1: 92.61% | Year 2: 204.62%

I think most people would be very happy with a run like that.

Given the circumstances for savers and investors right now, wouldn’t you?

I think you can see why some people might struggle to accept our run is legit. Most people may never get to see gains like this in their portfolios. But as you can see, it’s true.

It’s not for everyone. But those that take the plunge seem to be delighted with our run. Here’s a short recording, sent in by lifetime member Paul, sharing his thoughts on our incredible hot streak:

“I have to say, without hesitation, I am absolutely delighted with the service as is. It seems to be getting better and better. I’ve got no other way of putting it. One, I’ve learnt a huge amount about energy in itself but also how it links to daily life, and how you can use that as an investment vehicle. But I suppose everyone would say – why would I join…not to learn, but to make money. Well that’s what I’ve been doing with this service.”

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

As I’ve already said, I don’t get it right every time.

See for yourself – we have four unfortunate losing stock plays in our history…

Investing in small companies – in fast-rising markets – is risky.

You have to take the knocks. The 90% loss I took on INTERBIT is evidence of that. That one still stings.

But let’s be realistic – you can’t invest in a market this hot without burning your fingers now and then.

So, if you can’t handle the risks, count yourself out of this one.

Here’s how our record so far looks if you average out the winners to losers:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

I’m sharing this unflinching view of my track record since launching Exponential Energy Fortunes in 2018 with you – warts n’ all – for three simple reasons:

  1. To highlight something important – that even in a market eruption like this one, you can lose out. So it pays to always follow the golden rule of never risking money you cannot afford to lose.
  2. Let’s be honest – I don’t expect you to take me on my word. I need to show you that these plays are capable of making money for real people in the real world.
  3. To give you the confidence to dream big. Follow that golden rule and you open the door to enormous possibilities… I always urge my subscribers to be “long-term greedy” in this market.

Ignore the daily swings and focus on the big longer term potential.

Sure, if a big gain presents itself we might recommend our readers grab it, like we did recently with the 702% win on Workhorse.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

But this is a long-term, epochal megatrend. One that could run for a decade. And I’m gunning for HUGE pay outs for my readers…

And that brings me to the first stock I’d like to tell you about today…
A rising star renewable with a shot at capitalising on TWO huge growth stories.
Let me tell you about it now…

And the special criteria I use before I make an official recommendation to the 3,000+ investors who follow my work here at Southbank.

If I’m right, this stock could be amongst the market's biggest risers in 2020 – and beyond…

Rising-star Renewable Stock #1:
How you could pocket 850%+… from the UK pioneer turning waste into electricity

This UK-born clean energy trailblazer is at the top of my buy list.

It has found a way to position itself at the intersection of two massive, emerging trends.

The first trend is the enormous green energy transition… a $95 trillion migration of wealth from fossil fuels, into renewable energy companies and systems by 2050.

The second is what’s known as the “circular economy” – experts at the World Economic Forum call it a $4.5 trillion economic opportunity.

Let me quickly explain it to you…

The Circular Economy eliminates waste by reusing resources.

Recycling is a part of the circular economy. But there are more ways that are more lucrative than plain recycling.

For example, Britain produces about 5 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.

But only 45% of that waste is recycled. Most of it ends up in landfills.

The company I’m backing has developed a technology that takes unrecyclable plastic and turns it into energy. I will explain the specifics of the technology in a moment.

Just keep in mind that institutional investors – including Hargreaves Lansdown – have already grabbed a stake in this company. The smart money is already betting on it to come good.

Even the coronavirus crisis didn’t seem to deter investors...
Frankly, I’m not surprised.

You see, I’ve run the company through my special E.X.P.O. checklist. I use it to help my selection process, when hunting for clean energy stocks with exponential growth potential.

And it ticks every box:

  • Established

The company’s leaders are all industry veterans. Among them, one gentleman who I consider one of the true pioneers of the UK hydrogen space. This entrepreneur has 35 years of experience.

Perhaps his greatest achievement is founding a fuel cell provider and taking it public. This provider has now grown into one of the most well-known names in the industry.

Then he formed a firm to develop green hydrogen production from waste feedstocks and has now made a big investment into our waste-to-energy system developer.

  • X-Factor

I’ve already explained how this firm turns what is a cost for most waste management firms into a positive revenue stream.

If that isn’t enough, the patented technology it's rolling out has the ability to shift from producing a chemical fuel called syngas for industry… to hydrogen… to electricity.

So it is flexible to consumer demand – a phenomenal idea, and an ever better technological solution.

  • Potential for growth

The company is now focused entirely on rolling out its technology.
Revenues, I believe, will follow. I predict they will be a powerful catalyst for the stock.

But it gets even better. The UK is just the first step in the commercialisation of its technology – it is also targeting deals abroad in Europe and East Asia.

Its business model is one of licensing and partnership, allowing it to expand faster than if it were manufacturing and operating each site on its own.

The scalability of the licensing model is something I always find attractive when looking at pre-commercial technologies like this one, as it allows for rapid growth once revenues and earnings do start coming in.

Indeed, international interest in its technology has picked up recently, aided by media appearances on the BBC and CNN.

  • Orders, Clients and Partnerships

The company already has a deal to be the technology provider for over 10 sites in the UK. These sites will turn household plastics into electricity and hydrogen. They’re are managed by a well-known development company in the UK.

This managed deal allows the firm to focus on only what it does best: delivering its ground-breaking technology process.

But that’s not all. Our company is also negotiating with several overseas parties to act as regional licensing partners.

Bottom line: The company has a business model suited for growth and has a carved a unique niche in the market.

I believe the company is a great long-term investment.

But not without its risks

Clean energy companies are often reliant upon breakthrough technology.

So, it is always a risk that a rival develops superior tech.

As things stand, I believe my pick is a pioneer – with a clear competitive advantage.

The wider risks are that a second wave of Covid-19 could hit practically every business in every industry. Yes, renewables soared out of the pandemic dip. But that is not to say they will do so again, without some bumps along the way. I think that is something every investor needs to have in their minds when making a buy decision.

In my view, those risks are most definitely worth taking. You are looking at a company, I believe, with extraordinary growth potential over the coming years…
A company that could rake it in as it benefits from two megatrends.

A small stake now could snowball into a small fortune.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Over the coming 5 years, you could see a stake of £5k return you over £49,000.

Imagine bagging even HALF of that!

I’ve put all the crucial details you need on this UK firm in a special report called: “The UK renewable revolution – my top two home-grown plays to make today”

Inside the report you will find all you need to know about the company’s exciting technology, my recommended buy-up-to price and the further risks you should consider before investing.
I’ll show you how to download the report shortly.

But that is just one opportunity.

And just the very beginning of what I would like to offer you today.

Because this isn’t about one stock. Or even one form of renewable energy.

This is about a deep rooted change in the way we live, work, travel and transport goods all over the world.

Helping UK investors profit from this transition, this great change of our age is my life’s work.

I have helped them take smart, early positions in companies they would probably never have heard about…

And niche opportunities most IFAs and brokers are probably completely clueless about…

Like a clever way to trade carbon credit contracts– which earned us a nifty 50% gain in 2019.

  • Or the 130% return we secured from a small UK sustainability firm – Good Energy Group – in February.
  • Or the 27% we grabbed in just 5 months from a wood fuel supplier, Aggregated Micro Power.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. You’ve seen that the portfolio has also had some losses which is why you should only risk capital you can afford to lose. My eyes are wide open to the risks and yours should be too. Not every investment can be a winner. We are strategic, realistic but highly ambitious.

And that is a mix that has paid off nicely, so far.

Let me stress too. This is no overnight success story – or lucky dip!

I have spent over ten years in the energy markets now.

I spent five years heading up an energy market bureau in New York. Before that, I ran an energy price-reporting desk in London.

I’ve lived and breathed stock prices and market trends, pored over every conceivable chart…

I’ve dug deep for the stories behind the deals, the takeovers, the mergers…

I have a roster of contacts inside the energy market trading community, including execs and CEOs from all the major energy companies and exchanges in Europe and the US.

At Southbank, I use those resources exactly how I want to use them… to sniff out the opportunities at the heart of this revolution… the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities… the companies I think show promise of becoming the next Googles and Amazons of the energy world.

Here I am at the Hyvolution conference back in February, held in Paris…scouting out new renewable opportunities for my readers… deepening my understanding of this fast-changing market.

As always with big changes comes the chance to build incredible wealth. The sort of wealth that can protect your family’s security in a lasting and meaningful way. That can help children and grandchildren survive whatever the economy throws at them.

As such, I’m not looking to merely double your money.

As crazy as it may sound to some people, I'm not interested in 500%…. even 1,000% gains.

I'm interested in finding the companies I think show promise of becoming the next Google, Amazon or Netflix of the energy world.

Since inception Google has soared 2,822%. Amazon made 122,845%+. Netflix soared 40,469%+.

(Inception – 23rd September 2020)

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Companies that have surged all the way from market disruptors to market dominators.

The scale of what’s happening is unprecedented… and gives you every right to be ambitious and excited about investing in this market.

So let me show you the next rising-star renewable I am pegging for a potentially huge surge.

What I want you to see is that Britain really is sitting in a very sweet spot to capitalise on the rise of renewable energy.

Boris Johnson said last year that Britain can be a world leader in clean infrastructure. And that British technology is the key to a clean energy future.

And my next renewable play passes all the criteria on my E.X.P.O checklist…

Let me briefly share some details on it now:

Rising-Star Renewable Stock #2:
“Offshore Riches – my #1 UK wind power stock to buy now”

Wind power has long been used by humans to create energy.

Think of the windmills that used to grind our wheat and barley.

Or the billowing sails that carried clipper ships across the seas.

Wind is a clean source of renewable energy that produces no air or water pollution.

And since the wind is free, operational costs are nearly zero once a turbine is erected. Mass production and technology advances are making turbines cheaper. Many governments are now even offering tax incentives in an attempt to spur wind-energy development.

The wind energy industry is booming. Electricity generation and capacity is on an aggressive growth curve as you can see here:

Source: EVWIND

And Britain is at the heart of this rampant growth:

In 2010, 75% of our electricity was generated by coal and natural gas.

The latest available date from 2019 shows that coal generates under 2%...

Whilst wind power supplies almost 21% of UK demand.

And now our prime minister, Boris Johnson, says he wants Britain to be the Saudi Arabia of wind power.

At the recent virtual Tory Party conference, he announced £160 million pounds for infrastructure at ports to support companies building turbines off the British coast.

It’s part of a £100bn plan to be invested in clean energy.

Bottom line? There’s a huge offshore bounty awaiting the companies that can get a big foothold in this fast-rising sector.

That’s where my rising star renewable play comes in…

One small UK firm is leading the way – and it’s still off the radar to most investors and the mainstream financial press.

In fact, my pick of the bunch here in Britain is a pioneering supplier to major wind firms. Its patented system has revolutionised the industry.

Big money institutions like Schroders, Blackrock and Hargreaves Hale are already major shareholders.

Before I tell you what I see in the company, you should know about its stock price. Since the beginning of the year it has lost a good percentage.

The reason? The company has suppliers and clients in China, the first country to be impacted by coronavirus.

But the way I see it, that’s a good opportunity to get in at a price not seen since at least a year ago.

So, other than this expected drop, how does the company hold up against my E.X.P.O. criteria? Let’s run it through now:

The company is Established.

It’s been around since 1985, which gives it over a quarter of a century in the industry. It has delivered 7,000 projects. Plus, it has 100% market share in one corner of the wind energy market.

The company has the X-factor. Its patented system has a 75% market share across all wind farms in the world. The patent is protected in UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Europe. Which means competitors can’t simply copy its technology and undercut its profits.

What about Potential for growth? The company had higher revenues in 2019 compared to the previous years. And it’s also expanding by buying other renewable energy firms.

Finally, what about its Orders, clients and partnerships? This company already has a virtual monopoly, at least in Europe. And it’s looking to scale out its hard-won expertise by aggressively targeting new territories.

In fact, it has already exported products to China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the US, as well as every European country that is developing offshore wind, according to the company’s chief executive.

Everything you need to know about this promising little company is in your report, called “The UK renewable revolution – my top two smart plays to make today”

In this briefing, I share my full case for investing in this firm, the risks you need to consider… and all my research to help you make a reasoned investment should you want to.

One of those risks you need to consider is competition. This rising-star renewable is well placed to capitalise – already taking a leading position in the sector.

But with the amount of money up for grabs in this boom, it’s possible a company will come along with cheaper, more efficient tech and knock them off their pedestal.

What makes me think this is unlikely though is that this firm is backed with hard money, by the big boys.

Schroders and BlackRock own over 10% each. Following these two firms are Berenberg, Jo Hambro, BGF Investment Management, Hargreave Hale, Legal & General, Henderson Global Investors, River and Mercantile, Impax, Premier Milton, and Threadneedle Asset Management.

This list is a real who’s who of active investment management, and is a very positive sign. Together that list owns over 80% of shares in issue.

Obviously we don’t want to just follow the herd mindlessly. But in light of all the other positives, it is nice to see this rising-star’s strengths recognised by a full complement of big names.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Given the massive potential – and the chance of an 800%+ surge in price over the coming decade… I think you should look into this  firm quickly.

If you want to grab your stake in this wind pioneer – and the UK firm turning industry waste into electricity…

My full investment case is in your urgent report:

“The UK renewable revolution – my top two home-grown plays to make today”

The question I hope you are asking is: how can you get your hands on this valuable report today?

It’s easy.

It’s yours, the moment you try out my premium clean energy advisory – Exponential Energy Fortunes…

Today I’m giving you a choice:

You can dismiss the overwhelming proof that this is happening. Everything I have showed you today.

Or, you can choose to see that this is perhaps one of the biggest market disruptions the world will ever see.

I’d like to start sending you my advisory Exponential Energy Fortunes.

You’ll get my valuable research, urgent stock recommendations – and everything you need to potentially become one of the world’s most savvy clean energy investors.

Decide to join me today and the first thing you will get is a download link to your urgent stock reports…

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“The UK renewable revolution – my top two home-grown plays to make today”

I'm not interested in making double your money for my Exponential Energy Fortunes readers.

I want to make you five, ten, even fifty times your money.

What do my readers think about these big ambitions?

I’ve already shared some feedback with you. Now, I’d like you to hear what more of my other subscribers think about Exponential Energy Fortunes: 

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“Sitting on a profit a whisker under 200%.  Didn’t follow the recommendation to sell half as I feel this is going to run and run, and I’m comfortable weathering fluctuations.  My small portfolio is showing a profit of almost 50% thanks largely to Southbank’s tips.  Many thanks.”
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“...[you have] opened up a world of opportunities that I had never even known existed for people like me! Keep up the great work.”
- T.S.

"Thanks for the great service James... Keep up the great work young sir!"
- K.S.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

I am chuffed to get feedback like this.

These investors now have a jump on the rest of the market. They are getting my regular intelligence and insight on companies that could have a very lucrative future.

And I would like to do the same for you.

I’ve already shared two such companies.

I'm convinced the right companies could – like disrupters before them – deliver 10,000%+ gains to investors over the long term.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

I can't guarantee I'll find them.

And I can’t guarantee every stock I share with your will come up trumps. That’s impossible.

But in Exponential Energy Fortunes, I CAN dedicate my professional career to hunting them down. I can pull every favour. Speak to every contact from my time in New York and running an energy desk in London.

In short... I can give you the absolute best chance I know of generating those returns.

Believe me, the potential here is worth it.

I won't pretend my approach is risk free. I’ve shown you today, I am open about the high risks and I embrace them.

All investing involves risk, which is why you should only ever invest capital you can afford to lose.

The companies I'm searching for are on the frontier of the next major market disruption.

They're early stage. Small. Volatile. The price swings can be extreme, you’ll need a strong stomach. Some may also be listed overseas, where I think the currency risk is worth taking, on balance, because of the potential rewards on offer. Still, you should be aware that currency fluctuations and conversion rates can work for or against you.

And, like any company – they're at risk of competitors crowding them out. If things go wrong, you could lose money.

As I have said, I weigh all of those risks carefully. I speak to everyone I can. I do as much due diligence as possible.

If I think the risks are worth it... I'll make the call.

The way I look at it is this.

You can't JUST look at risk on its own.

It's only one half of the equation.

The other is potential REWARD.

If the balance is right – if the risk reward ratio is irresistible, meaning a potential winner could become a giant of the energy world – then I think it's worth it.

I'm prepared to lose some, even all, of my risk capital to stand a chance of seeding my money in an opportunity like this.

If I'm not being clear enough: these investments are high risk, high reward. Your capital will be at risk.

They're for a small portion of your investment capital – 3%-5% is more than enough.

That way if we lose, that's all we lose – a small portion of our overall investment pot.

If we win – we want to WIN BIG.

And that is exactly what I believe could be on the cards for the next company I’d like to share with you now:

Rising-star Renewable Stock #3:
The Hydrogen Storage King Set to Surge

Hydrogen is the big one.

In my opinion, using hydrogen as a global source of power is the most significant and exciting development in the history of energy.

Bigger than the oil strikes of the early 20th century. Or the shale gas discoveries of the early 2000s.

In my view, hydrogen is the holy grail of the green energy revolution.

As Kobad Bhavbagri – head of industrial decarbonisation for Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) – says:

“Hydrogen has potential to become the fuel that powers a clean economy… In the years ahead, it will be possible to produce it at low cost using wind and solar power, to store it underground for months, and then to pipe it on-demand to power everything from ships to steel mills.”

It is a super fuel – 100% green, virtually limitless and getting cheaper and cheaper. Hydrogen will never run out. It is the most abundant element on Earth. We will never have ‘peak hydrogen’.

To give you some idea of the unbridled boom we can expect from the sector…

In 2019, the hydrogen market was valued at $117bn.

Over the coming three decades, according to The Hydrogen Council, the market could create $2.5tn of business.

That would be a 2036% growth surge.

THAT is your green light as an investor.

And the ignition point is now.

As reported in the Financial Times, the wider market is already starting to pile in:

“Investors hit the gas on hydrogen producers… Falling costs boost element’s potential in broader transition away from fossil fuels”

What’s more, the European Commission has pledged to support the installation of at least 6GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers in the EU by 2024, according to Energy Live News.

The top hydrogen producers have already seen massive price surges:

Data Source: Bloomberg, FT
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results:
5 year performance: ITM Power PLC: 2015 -24.39% 2016 -2.69% 2017 +69.61% 2018 -39.02% 2019 +204.91%
PowerCell Sweden: 2015 +506.20% 2016 -28.39% 2017 +35.71% 2018 -7.42% 2019 +338.32%
Ballard Power Systems: 2015 -9.28% 2016 +3.26% 2017 +150.45% 2018 -41.01% 2019 +182.93%

And demand looks set for relentless growth…

Data source: IEA 2019, FT

We are on the cusp of hydrogen’s move from the margins, into the mainstream as a global source of renewable power.

And there is one company I am very excited about right now – that could be set to capitalise on this hydrogen boom.


Because it supplies critical technology for not one but two fast growing sectors of the hydrogen market.

First, it plays a key role in supplying hydrogen to major industrial projects.
Think of it like an oil pipeline business – but for hydrogen. It gets the fuel to the businesses and projects that need it, quickly and efficiently.

That alone is going to be a key market in the future.

But this business ALSO just signed a series of deals to deploy hydrogen powered vehicles on the road.

It’s already teamed up with two huge auto manufacturers as part of this project.

And I think we can expect more big deals to be signed in the future.
The share price has been hovering near my upper buy limit very recently, so you may need to wait until it pulls back a bit to buy in but this company meets my strict E.X.P.O buy criteria – and is one I think you should pay close attention to…

  • Established

The firm I am recommending is a manufacturer of hydrogen storage tanks. But, having been in business for nearly 20 years, it’s not just any old manufacturer. It is now the world’s leading manufacturer of hydrogen tanks, a market that itself is expected to rise from less than €100 million today to €8 billion in just ten years – a factor 80 increase.

  • X-Factor

Hydrogen storage might sound boring but it’s a vital part of the value chain and will be the cornerstone of the hydrogen economy. The low density of hydrogen gas makes it difficult to store and transport cheaply or efficiently. But the company I am recommending has developed large composite tanks and optimised hauling systems for the efficient and cost-effective storage and transportation of energy gasses, including compressed hydrogen gas.

  • Potential for growth

This company is solving one of the hardest problems in hydrogen: storage.It supplies critical technology for not one but two fast growing sectors of the hydrogen market.

  • Orders, Clients and Partnerships

In 2019 the major German carmaker Audi picked this virtually unknown firm to supply high-pressure tanks for a multi-year hydrogen tank development and production project. Daimler is a customer, too. In fact, the company I am recommending now has four contracts to supply hydrogen storage tanks to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for FCEVs. It’s already signing deals and the party hasn’t even started yet!

Which is why I’m urging you to get the full story on it right away.

To get my deeper analysis on this rising-star renewable stock, I’ve put everything you need to know in your special report:

“The Hydrogen Storage King Set to Surge”

…Including more details on the risks to consider and the ultimate potential price climb we could see.

With any small tech company, you should consider the risk that someone can come along with better technology.

And the business may suffer exogenous risks that may surprise us all – we are living through such a time now, with the pandemic.

In my report I share the risks specific to this company.

And it’s yours, the moment you try out Exponential Energy Fortunes…

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

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Let me tell you how I see it.

Right now, you have three options:

1 – You can stop here. You can choose to ignore the energy revolutions across the world. Act as if the world will be the same one year from now. You can choose not to invest in the technologies that will reshape the energy markets.

You can go on living your life as you were before. Pick the same stocks as everyone else. Ignore the fact that you could build a fortune in the energy markets... Keep going on without wondering… what if you chose to invest in a differentway.

2 – You can choose to invest in companies that disrupt the energy market. But try to do it yourself. You can spend hundreds of hours analysing the market, looking into every company in that space. You can read all relevant publications and financial reports.

I’m sure it would take you hours… and maybe you could find the right stocks.

If you choose to do it yourself then I wish you good luck.

But if you want to look over my shoulder as I pick the next energy blockbusters, then…

3 – You can choose to join me, like other savvy British investors have done, and get access to all my recommendations.

Every pick will come with my full analysis. You will have the chance to better understand and, with money you can afford to lose, invest in stocks with outrageously high potential.

More importantly, you will know that you have on your side someone with over a decade of experience in the energy markets.

Have I convinced you?

I certainly believe I’ve made my case.

All that now remains is your verdict.

Are you in?

I hope so.

I hope by now you see what I see:

A chance to seed your money in an investment megatrend that could grow your wealth for a decade to come – maybe beyond.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Everything is ahead of us.

A world with cleaner, more efficient energy.

A world with new technologies enabled and unlocked by renewable power sources.

A world in which you have a chance to generate a fortune for you and your family as all of this is happening.

As subscriber DS said:

“Southbank it seems has a hidden gem - a super-charged portfolio… and targeted at the greatest growth centres not only for today, but for years to come. This is a combination of Exponential Energy Fortunes, New Drug Speculator and Gold Stock Fortunes with a sprinkling of EV Profit Alert / Rev Tech. I had the good fortune to gain over 800% on ITM and around 120% on Good Energy…Explosive growth potential is both proven and there is clearly much that will be seen in the future. Exciting times ahead!”

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

To me that does sound like exciting times indeed. How about you?

Many thanks for your time today.

James Allen
Editor, Exponential Energy Fortunes


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Additional 5 year performance for stocks mentioned:

VectolQ Acquisition Group: 2018: +1.36% / 2019: +6.39%. Acquired by Nikola Motors June 2020
Renewable Energy Group: 2015 -5.11% 2016 +4.41% 2017 +23.2% 2018 +115.06% 2019 +4.86%
Alfen performance since inception: 2018 +23.1% 2019 +33.55%
Proton Motor Power Systems: 2015 -2.35% 2016 -6.75% 2017 +7.24% 2018 +55.9% 2019 +255.49%
Good Energy Group: 2015 -1.28% 2016 +35.27% 2017 -32.19% 2018 -46.96% 2019 +129.52%
Aggregated Micro Power was acquired by Asterion in November 2019.
ITM Power: 2015: -24.39% / 2016: -2.69% / 2017: +69.61% / 2018 -39.02% 2019 +204.91%
BWX Technologies: 2015: +33.47% / 2016: +26.09% / 2017: +53.43% / 2018: -35.74% / 2019: 64.16%
WisdomTree Carbon (CARB.L): 2015 +13.83% / 2016 -22.59% / 2017 +20.72% / 2018 +200% / 2019 -4.83%
Alphabet/Google A shares: 2015 + 46.60% / 2016 +1.68% / 2017 +32.93% / 2018 -0.8% / 2019 +28.18%
Amazon: 2015 +117.78% / 2016 +10.95% / 2017 +55.96% / 2018 +28.43% / 2019 +23.03%
Netflix: 2015 +134.38% / 2016 +8.24% / 2017 +55.06% / 2018 +39.44% / 2019 +20.89%
Workhorse Group: 2015 +400% / 2016 -8.9% / 2017 -63.74% / 2018 -79.38% / 2019 +475.76%
5 year performance of portfolio: Year 1: 92.61% | Year 2: 204.62%


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