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The following promotion – while not investment advice – contains important information about the risks involved. Your capital is at risk when you invest. Never risk more than you can afford to lose. If you are unsure whether this type of investing is right for you, seek independent personal financial advice. Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.


From James Allen – Britain’s leading energy investor:

A $2tn wealth window just opened in the energy market

Last time this happened, one play made my followers as much as 8-times their money
Hurry, here’s how to play it – before the wealth window slams shut by June 28th

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My name is James Allen.

I’m the Chief Energy Analyst at Southbank Investment Research in London and I’m considered to be one of the top energy analysts in the UK.

Today, I’m coming to you with both a critical warning…

And an amazing opportunity.

You see, over the next few minutes I’m going to prove to you we’ve reached a critical tipping point in the global energy markets…

One in which you’re going to thank God we have energy price caps here in the UK that should keep your average energy costs to about £2,000 per year.

But I’m also going to reveal to you how I’ve learned to detect exactly when and where the big money is flowing within the SIX TRILLION DOLLAR global energy market…

A superpower that could come in handy trying to cover rising energy costs in an economy where inflation is already hitting hard.

I’m talking about being able to know beforehand when hydrogen stocks are ready to take off, just like I predicted back in 2019, right before the sector hit the headlines…

And my top pick, ITM Power shot up over 794% here in the UK…

Or when clean energy stocks were ready to soar again…

Just 4 DAYS before those stocks started their bull run in 2020…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year past performance for ICLN: 2019 44.35% | 2020 141.80% | 2021 -24.18% | 2022 -5.41% | 2023 -20.48% | 2024 (YT 30/04) -15.15% (Source: Yahoo Finance)

And my followers sent me a deluge of messages telling me how happy they were.

Like MD, who said “you called the market perfectly”…

TP, who told me they “can’t quite believe their luck” in finding my research…

And PF who said “Wow!! My hat is off – the triple you pulled is absolutely phenomenal, I stand in awe and silence”.

Today, I’m going to tell you where the next wave of big money is headed.

By my calculations, it’s on the verge of flooding into a small group of stocks in a tiny segment of the energy sector as a result of something I call a “Power Pivot”.

Here’s a simple image of what the Power Pivot looks like…

The Power Pivot is fundamentally driven by 2 key factors…

For now, I’m just going to call them the D-Factor and the M-Factor as you see in the image.

I’ll explain each of these in more detail in a few minutes, but know this…

When a sector meets both of these criteria and moves into the upper right corner, it opens a small window of opportunity…

And when this window is OPEN – conditions are ripe for a small group of stocks to rise, potentially outperforming the other stocks in the sector and in the overall market.

That’s exactly what happened in the 2019-2020 period I mentioned a moment ago when hydrogen stocks underwent a Power Pivot and moved into this window of opportunity.

Plug Power, Bloom Energy and FuelCell Energy and my favourite, ITM, all soared in 2020 on the prospect that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were ready to take over the world.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Now, you may be wondering…

What happens when a Power Pivot window is CLOSED?

Well, here’s the interesting thing…

The window RARELY if ever really closes permanently.

You may remember, I told you that global energy is a 6 trillion-dollar market. A market that big never really goes all up or all down at one time...

Instead, the big money from institutional banks and powerful investors and insiders is constantly PIVOTING from one subsector to the next…

Moving from one profit opportunity to the next.

And if you know exactly what signs to look for, you can detect this flow of money and jump in alongside the smart money.

It’s the same concept that led to a massive rotation of money into the US energy sector in Q1 of 2024 – making it the clear winner…

Source FactSet

But while the U.S. S&P energy sector soared compared to all the others, it wasn’t like you could just blindly throw money at energy stocks and make money.

While some oil stocks surged as a result of factors including the ongoing global economic recovery, increased demand for hydrocarbons, and supply chain disruptions…

Marathon Petroleum was a big winner among the major oil producers, rising over 235% from trough to peak in under 2 years…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance of Marathon Petroleum (MPC): 2019 5.69% | 2020 -27.50% | 2021 60.32% | 2022 85.78% | 2023 30.11% | 2024 (YT 30/04) 23.04% (Source: Morningstar)

Meanwhile, the U.S. solar market was hit hard, with many stocks down 50% or more, including Sunrun cratering a massive 803%…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Sunrun (RUN) 5 year past performance: 2019 26.81% | 2020 402.39% | 2021 -50.56% | 2022 -29.97% | 2023 -18.28 | 2024 (YT 30/04) -47.58% (Source: Morningstar)

In other words, the smart money has largely stayed or flowed INTO the energy sector…

But much of that money PIVOTED from solar to oil.

Now I could talk to you all day about things like earnings reports, profit margins, insider buying and other financial metrics, but the truth is…

None of that stuff matters.

The truth is, there are only 3 key things I look at when I’m analysing energy stocks.

I’ll share all three in a moment, but first let me be clear about one thing…

I couldn’t care less which way the energy market turns…

There’s always a way to make BIG money

Let me ask you a question…

If I showed you a generic energy chart that looked roughly like this…

How many ways do you see to make money during this 5-year period?

Most people would say two, at the most…

Either shorting something to make money on the downside from 2019 into 2020…

Or buying somewhere during the up-slope from 2020 to today.

First, let me reveal what that smoothed chart represents…

Here’s the actual chart of the XLE S&P Energy ETF, made up of the major energy companies in the U.S. market…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance of XLE: 2019 11.47% | 2020 -32.51% | 2021 53.51% | 2022 64.17% | 2023 -0.64% | 2024 (YT 30/04) 12.51% (Source: Yahoo Finance)

You may have noticed the overall energy sector has been quite strong lately.

The XLE is an ETF which tracks an index of leading U.S. energy companies across oil, gas, consumable fuels and energy equipment services...

And you can see the fund is up as much as 290% the past 4 years.

And even just since the start of 2022, the XLE is up 61%.

Now, if you had perfect timing, sure – you could have made some nice profits. You might have bought XLE back [in March 2020] near market lows at around $22 per share…

And sold it just recently at around $98, turning every $5,000 invested into over $22,000 (before costs and taxes).

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

But trying to maximise profits by timing broad market moves is tough!

Because while the energy sector may seem simple in hindsight, looking at a chart...

The reality is, it's an incredibly complex web of markets spanning oil exploration, solar panel manufacturing, uranium enrichment and more…

Not to mention the hundreds of companies within each subsector.

That’s where the Power Pivot comes in.

You’re probably familiar with the idea of sector rotation – periods when money shifts between sectors based on macro conditions.

Early in an economic cycle when there’s a lot of growth, money might flow into technology and industrials...

Late in the economic cycle as times start to get tough, investors traditionally move their money into consumer staples and utilities – things people are forced to use no matter the economic conditions.

Well, think of the Power Pivot as "sector rotation" but within the energy sector.

So rather than rotating between tech, financials, healthcare, and energy...

Money rotates between oil & gas, coal, green energy like solar, wind and hydro, nuclear and more…

Each move driven by market forces both inside and outside of the sector.

For example, back in late 2019, falling costs and new tax incentives in the U.S. hydrogen stocks made explosive moves…

FuelCell Energy started 2020 at about $2 and soared as high as $13 in 2021, for a 550% one-year gain…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance of FuelCell Energy (FCEL): 2019 -62% | 2020 345% | 2021 -53.45% | 2022 -46.54% | 2023 -42.45% | 2024 (YT 30/04) -42% (Source: Morningstar)

At the same time here in the UK, the government was ready to go all-in on hydrogen, including the construction of fuel cell refuelling stations.

That’s when I sent a notice to my readers that said in part:

“Lawmakers from across the political spectrum are in agreement: hydrogen can significantly reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and help transition to a low-carbon system.

The UK is looking to replace natural gas sooner than many will expect, leaving us with a window of opportunity right now to take advantage before the government presses “go” on its plans.

Quite simply, the UK’s influential CCC has already made clear the UK is going to need millions and millions of pounds worth of the equipment that ITM makes.

Invest now before the government confirms it.”

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Soon after, my hydrogen play ITM Power took off for a 794% return in one year.

Then in 2020-2021, blue skies and the strong tailwinds of global stimulus programmes directed billions towards solar and wind:

That capital influx sparked big gains in those sectors like…

The 64.4% profit my readers had the chance to bank in Canadian Solar…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Canadian Solar 5 year performance: 2019: 54.11% | 2020 131.86% | 2021 -38.93% | 2022 -1.25% | 2023 -15.11% | 2024 (YT 30/04) -38.20% (Source: Morningstar)

Before the money pivoted again.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve consistently seen money flow into and out of different subsectors of the energy market…

Source: Koyfin

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Now, we look to be on the very early part of the up-sloping curve for the next subsector ready to break out...

That’s where the D-Factor of this image comes into play and it’s primarily going to be driven by…

Key #1: A Global Catalyst

Major shifts within the energy sector begin with some underlying force that alters the landscape…

These can be changes in technology, government policy, geopolitics, or even extreme weather events.

But regardless of the driving force, the end result is the same…

A shift in the supply-demand curve for energy.

Now, if you remember anything about basic economics from secondary school or university, prices in any market are primarily driven by supply and demand.

If more people want something (demand) than there is available (supply), prices tend to go up.

And if there’s far more supply than demand, prices tend to fall.

If we go back to our simple window image here, we represent the supply-demand balance from left to right…

Think of it as a weighing scale… when there’s more supply, whatever sector or stock we’re looking at is in one of the left windows…

And when there is more demand than supply, it’s in a right-side window.

Make sense?


Obviously, given our basic understanding of economics, the ideal time to buy any asset is when demand far exceeds supply, which is why our green window of opportunity is in the upper right.

Now, to get the complete picture, we still need to explain the difference between the top half and bottom half of the window…

But first, let’s think about what's driven some of our most recent pivots.

Back in 2019 when hydrogen stocks made a Power Pivot, it was in large part thanks to falling production costs as the technology matured...

Combined with new U.S. federal and state incentives that made hydrogen projects more economically feasible.

These developments were expected to trigger increased demand from consumers, so it opened the floodgates of capital into promising hydrogen companies ready to benefit.

Then in 2020-2021, the major catalyst supercharging the solar sector emerged from left field – COVID stimulus packages!

Governments worldwide allocated billions towards green energy as part of pandemic recovery and infrastructure efforts.

For example, the E.U. unveiled a $572 billion European Green Deal initiative directing capital into climate-friendly sectors.

While in the U.S., extended solar tax credits gave the industry a shot in the arm.

Again, this set the expectation for a sharp increase in consumer demand, kicking off additional investor interest in the sector and massive demand for clean energy stocks.

In a short time, the sector soared…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance for ICLN: 2019 44.35% | 2020 141.80% | 2021 -24.18% | 2022 -5.41% | 2023 -20.48% | 2024 (YT 30/04) -15.15% (Source: Yahoo Finance)

And most recently, Russia's tragic invasion of Ukraine roiled global energy markets...

Disrupting vital oil & gas supplies in the first half of 2022, crushing supply with little corresponding drop in demand, sending prices soaring…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

This sudden surge in oil played a large part in the surge in revenues and stock prices for oil companies in 2022.

Now interestingly, the latest Power Pivot window has opened thanks to a much more POSITIVE large-scale development...

I’ll share the specifics a bit later…

But know that it has governments and investors finally realising the immense capability of this overlooked energy subsector to meet surging demand.

These tailwinds have set the stage for the most promising market conditions in years.

And I'll reveal more soon on the particular drivers and paradigm shift around this opportunity.

For now, just understand that after years of tight regulation and limited investment...

Things have fundamentally changed – and the floodgates are opening.

Governments are racing to fund projects to expand capacity within the next decade. And the stocks poised to benefit are set for a tidal wave of capital…

All for one primary reason…

We’ve Reached a Critical Tipping Point for Energy

Take a look at this chart…

Source: Thunder Said Energy

This is a chart of the past 30 years of energy supply vs demand…

Oil, gas, hydro, solar, nuclear, coal – it’s all included in this chart.

As you can see, worldwide energy demand has been rising consistently.

And not just rising, it’s soared – more than doubling from 1990 to today.

Yet during that entire time, energy suppliers around the world have been able to meet increasing demand with increased supply…

  • Oil producers increased production by 10.9 million barrels per day between 2011 and 2019…
  • Wind power now provides 17% of electricity needs across Europe...
  • Solar cells generated over 270 TWH in 2022, becoming the 3rd largest renewable energy... source behind hydro power and wind

And yet while supply has been able to match demand, we consumers have still seen the prices we pay soar...

Yes, some of this price rise has been fuelled by inflation over the years…

A rise we’ve been especially keen to these past couple years.

But these soaring prices have also helped fuel record profits, mergers and buyouts and incredible gains for investors in energy stocks…

Source: VisualCapitalist

Now here’s the rub…

If all of that happened while supply was able to keep up with demand…

What’s going to happen when that’s no longer the case?

Take a look at this chart one more time, now adding in the projections for the rest of this decade.

Source: Thunder Said Energy

Right there in 2024 is the tipping point I mentioned a bit ago.

While research firm Thunder Said Energy have projected the world’s energy demands to continue to rise…

We currently don’t have enough production across ALL parts of the energy sector to keep up.

You know what that means?

If the price you pay for gasoline, heating oil and other energy needs soared the past 30 years while supply and demand were actually keeping up…

Just imagine what happens in the years ahead as demand dramatically outweighs supply.

For anyone old enough to remember, the UK hasn’t had serious energy problems since the early 1970s when blackouts weren’t uncommon, not even in winter when homes needed heat.

That brings me to the second key element…

Key #2: Identifying the “Power Pivot”

To really win in the energy market, you need two things: the right timing and the right stocks. Sounds simple, but there's a lot more to it.

First, timing. It's all about catching the right wave…

Think of the energy market like surfing in the ocean…

The waves constantly come and go with a steady rhythm, but surfers can sometimes sit on their board for hours trying to catch the perfect wave.

Catch the right one, and you're in for an exhilarating ride.

Miss it, and you're left treading water, watching others zoom past you.

This is where the Power Pivot comes in.

It's that crucial moment when money starts moving from one subsector to another.

It's a pattern that repeats itself…

Source: Koyfin

A cycle that if you can spot, puts you in the driver's seat.

We’ve already talked about how the supply-demand balance is the first driver of the Power Pivot. Now, let’s cover the second one – the M-Factor.

The M-Factor is Momentum.

I know, not very original, but I’d rather you focus on understanding the Power Pivot than wowing you with tricky names.

For anyone not familiar with what momentum is, let’s go back to our surfer example.

When a surfer does catch a big wave, it’s the power and momentum of the wave that propels the surfer forward…

And it’s possible to stay on the board for as long as that momentum lasts, right up until the wave crashes down.

That’s just like in the market, where catching a sector with strong momentum can help propel individual stocks forward…

And catching individual stocks with momentum often lead to continued increases in price as more investors jump in to “ride” the wave.

Let’s go back to our 5-year chart of the XLE for a moment…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance of XLE: 2019 11.47% | 2020 -32.51% | 2021 53.51% | 2022 64.17% | 2023 -0.64% | 2024 (YT 30/04) 12.51% (Source: Yahoo Finance)

While the energy sector has been hot at points over the past 5 years...

Trying to jump in and out could have given you serious whiplash!

But here’s the thing – over that same stretch, by tracking the Power Pivot windows opening and closing...

You could have had at least 4 different BIG windows to profit from with much clearer entry and exit signals.

Let’s just look at the actual curves here, one at a time…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

In each case, I looked for a catalyst helping to kick off the move, then the momentum in the sector and the stocks to prove it was taking hold.

I talked earlier about the pivot into hydrogen stocks back in 2019. The catalyst there was new legislation combined with cost improvements in hydrogen production technology.

By identifying promising hydrogen companies positioned to benefit BEFORE mainstream attention arrived – huge gains like the 800% we saw in ITM were possible.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Then in 2020, the global pivot towards green energy as governments earmarked billions in pandemic stimulus funds ignited the next Power Pivot window – solar and wind names.

And then of course you’ve got 2022. Off the back of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, traditional energy was thrust into the centre of the financial universe.

As a result, every single one of the top 10 performing companies on the S&P 500 in 2022 was a traditional energy company.

And this brings us to today when another Power Pivot window has opened...

I’m not going to reveal the specific sector just yet.  But know that certain events have created a global catalyst for this subsector…

And the signals now point to governments and investors finally realising the immense capability helping meet surging electricity demand.

Let’s cover exactly what I look for in finding specific stocks, then I’ll reveal the current Power Pivot…

Key#3: Uncover the Stocks Driving the Pivot

Once we've identified a "Power Pivot", the next step is pinpointing the stocks that are set to soar as money rushes into the sector. This is where things get really exciting.

Because while a rising tide may lift all boats in a sector...

Certain companies always end up better positioned to capitalise on the catalyst driving the money flow.

The way I pinpoint these prime opportunities early starts again with momentum analysis.

There’s strong evidence showing stocks already demonstrating positive price momentum tend to continue outperforming, at least for a period of time.

The theory is – momentum represents increasing investor interest and buying activity, bidding a stock higher...

Then, more investors will take notice and pile in, pushing shares even higher.

So, when we identify a new Power Pivot window opening...

We can look for stocks within that industry already showing bullish momentum ahead and then ride them as the momentum accelerates as more investors come piling in.

Now I’ll be honest here, while I’m using momentum analysis to narrow down my potential recommendations, I don’t ignore things like company fundamentals, leadership and strategic positioning.

I analyse which companies are innovating, which ones are leading the pack and which ones have the potential to dominate their subsector.

Take the hydrogen example again…

When we identified hydrogen as the next Power Pivot, I didn't just throw a dart at a board of hydrogen stocks.

I meticulously analysed each company in the space.

I looked at their technology, their partnerships, their financial health…

And from this rigorous analysis, I found the cream of the crop – the stocks that weren't just participating in the hydrogen boom but driving it.

Here’s what I said about ITM at the time:

"ITM Power is a leading supplier of hydrogen production plants, so-called electrolysers, including complete hydrogen refuelling stations. Its electrolyser technology is already being taken up in consumer and industrial applications.

The AIM-listed company’s power-to-gas business provides PEM (proton exchange membrane) storage systems that allow customers to convert excess electrical energy into hydrogen for injection into the gas grid or storage for vehicles. The group’s clean fuels solutions come in the form of modular hydrogen stations to recharge fuel cell vehicles.

It currently has seven hydrogen fuelling stations across the UK. Three more are under construction and it has planned and financed another three.

Having expanded over the last five years, it is currently developing a larger production facility in Sheffield. Once complete, it will have five times the manufacturing space as ITM’s current home. Marry that with a decade of industry experience, an established expertise and a growing project pipeline, ITM looks set to ride the hydrogen wave.

ITM’s projects range from hydrogen refuelling stations in fuel garages for cars, a civic project for Birmingham’s bus network, a refining plant in Germany, energy storage for tidal energy and clean hydrogen supply. It is involved in so many parts of the hydrogen industry that, as hydrogen becomes a more popular choice, it will benefit across the board."

That prediction turned out to be truer than I could have imagined when we closed our position 13 months after we opened it and over 9 TIMES higher than our buy price!

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Then in 2020, global governments announced massive green energy stimulus programmes.

And because of my 17 years’ experience…

Coupled with my network of industry insiders…

I was able to identify multiple clean energy names already ticking higher before the flood of new money arrived.

This same approach has been applied to each Power Pivot I’ve encountered – from solar to wind, and fossil fuels to our next big opportunity.

It's a proven method that has consistently unearthed the best stocks in each rising subsector of the global energy markets.

Now, it’s important to note that this isn’t a failsafe method. Nor is it a method for predicting the future.

Not every one of my recommendations will be a winner.

The fact is, in investing, risk – and losses – aren’t something you should look to avoid. Because they are unavoidable!

Instead, a successful trader controls their risk with a tried and tested risk management strategy. I’ll get onto how I do that later.

But the important thing to note is: this method is certainly riskier than simply investing in a FTSE 100 tracker fund. They will be more volatile and there are no guarantees that a recommendation will be successful.

This strategy is for people who are happy taking on extra risk with a small portion of their investment capital… in return for a potentially MUCH higher reward.

Before I get to my latest Power Pivot, let me give you one other thing to consider…

If You're Hacked Off About Your Own Energy Costs... Consider Making Money FROM the System

With energy prices soaring, it's understandable to feel the pinch…

But what if you could flip the script?

What if, instead of just paying more for your energy, you could profit from the very system that's driving up prices?

This is more than just an investment strategy – it's a way to take control in a world of rising costs.

It's about making the energy market work FOR you, not against you.

Think about it…

Every time you wince at your energy bill, remember this:

There's an alternate reality you’re not yet taking advantage of.

The same forces driving up your costs are filling the coffers of energy companies, C-suite executives and one-percenters with 7 and 8-figure investments.

But if you're invested in the right companies before the rest of Main Street catches on, some of that money can flow into your pockets too.

Actively profiting from one of the most dynamic and vital sectors of the global economy.

By this point, I’ve showed you how global energy demand continues marching higher year after year.

And supply is struggling to keep pace – especially as grids shift towards more intermittent renewables.

Here in the UK and across Europe, we’re facing a very real energy crisis sending electricity and heating prices through the roof.

Families are paying 2, 3, even 4 times higher energy bills just trying to get by. And parliament issued a report in early 2023 saying as much as 8.8 million Brits could soon fall into fuel poverty.

Yet the biggest beneficiaries aren’t the end consumers.

No, the big winners are the energy producers themselves!

The oil companies reaping record profits...

The utility giants ratcheting up electricity prices in the past few years...

They’re making absolute fortunes while everyday people suffer.

And so today, I want to flip that script on its head.

I want to show you how you can stop being the victim here...

And instead join the WINNING side by investing directly in the types of energy companies catching this tidal wave of money.

Companies receiving massive capital inflows from investors and governments alike as electricity demand swells.

Remember – we showed how certain energy subsectors rotate in and out of favour depending on unique cycles...

Guiding huge capital flows seeking the next profit opportunity.

Well one overlooked corner of the energy market has hit that exact sweet spot again.

Poised to benefit immensely from consolidating government support, surging investment and unmatched capability ramping up new capacity.

It’s time to share my next Power Pivot in the energy sector…

It’s Time to Go Nuclear

For too long, nuclear energy has been sidelined, overshadowed by flashier renewable sources like solar and wind.

But that's changing fast.

The global narrative around nuclear energy is shifting…

  • Countries around the world are recognising its potential as a clean, reliable source of power…
  • Advances in technology are making nuclear safer and more efficient…
  • And nuclear is stepping into the spotlight as a key player to address global climate change.

Why now?

It all goes back to that chart I showed you earlier…

We’re fast approaching the tipping point where demand exceeds supply…

And we’re likely to hit that point sometime in the next year or two.

That means something needs to be done and nuclear may be the only viable option left that’s both reliable, clean and delivers massive amounts of energy.

For one, nuclear is nearly “always on”…

Unlike solar and wind which need the sun to shine and wind to blow, nuclear power plants generate power more than 22 hours a day.

There’s simply not another power source that can deliver reliable energy so consistently.

So why isn’t nuclear already a core part of the global energy picture?

Here, we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room…

When things go bad with nuclear, they can go very bad.

As much as nuclear accidents are incredibly rare, when they do happen, names like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are remembered forever.

But the reality is this – nuclear power generation is extremely safe today.

Even looking back at those three accidents hear this out…

The Chernobyl accident was the combined result of a poor design, violation of operating procedures and an absence of safety protocols.

It is without a doubt an outlier in the nuclear industry and an example of everything that could be done wrong being done.

But if we look at both Three Mile Island and Fukushima where much news was made about a meltdown at the plant…

No lives were lost and there was no excessive exposure of radiation expected to cause long-term health impacts for residents.

The bottom line is we have decades of safe, reliable nuclear power production to lean on as we move forward.

And the governments of the world are now moving forward at full speed…

Global nuclear electrical generating capacity is expected to grow 22% by 2030… and then DOUBLE by 2050, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

And the International Energy Agency anticipates that over $80 billion per year will be invested annually in new nuclear power generation through 2050.

And governments are lining up announcing bold plans left and right:

  • The UK is targeting 25% of its electricity from nuclear by 2050...
  • The EU is actively debating nuclear’s role in their renewable plan...
  • And the U.S. has pledged to TRIPLE nuclear power by 2050.

It’s also more than hollow promises – governments are putting money where their mouths are:

Just recently the U.S. Department of Energy granted $2.5 billion in funding for advanced nuclear reactor demo projects.

It’s not just the government getting involved either.

On the private funding side we're seeing unprecedented activity…

Industry titan Bill Gates' TerraPower and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway are teaming up to build a $4 billion cutting-edge nuclear plant test site in Wyoming…

And billionaires like Gates have been joined by other whales like Steve Cohen and Ken Griffin placing big bets:

Ken Griffin of hedge fund Citadel has boosted its share of nuclear fuel leader Cameco, buying and selling shares over 50 times since 2013, now worth $39.4 million…

While New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is currently sitting on $122m in stock of Entergy.

All of that investment has helped lead to a recent move up in nuclear stocks…

5 year performance for VanEck Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR) 2019 0.42% | 2020 3.53% | 2021 13.64% | 2022 2.3% | 2023 36.61% | 2024 (YT 30/04) 7.85% (Source: Yahoo Finance)

In other words, we’ve got the global catalyst in place…

We’re fast approaching a tipping point in the supply-demand curve of global energy…

And we’ve identified a Power Pivot starting, with government and private funding ramping up in nuclear investments with a move starting to show across the sector…

The only thing that remains is to identify the top stocks to take advantage of it all as this Power Pivot continue to play out.

You’re Not Late… Yet

If you're thinking, "Am I too late for the nuclear boom?" let me assure you, the train hasn't left the station yet.

But as I just showed you in that chart, I believe it's definitely starting to move, and now is the time to jump on.

Why am I so confident?

Just look at where the big players are putting their money…

Billionaires and major investment funds are not just sniffing around nuclear energy – they've been pouring in billions.

These are savvy investors who know an emerging opportunity when they see one…

Their movements in the market are like beacons, signalling where the smart money is headed.

This influx of investment is a clear indicator that the nuclear sector is heating up.

But here's the exciting part: despite all this activity, the nuclear market is still in its early stages of resurgence.

For proof of that, look no further than the recent agreement at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai…

The U.S. led a global agreement to increase nuclear power by 3X by 2050.

That number may not sound like much, but it’s a massive effort that will require massive investment…

Which means there's still room for significant growth – and significant profits for those who get in now.

But like all great opportunities, this Power Pivot window won't stay open forever.

The market will catch up, and when it does, those early-bird gains will be a thing of the past. That's why acting now, while the sector is still gaining momentum, is crucial.

So let’s get to it…

My #1 Nuclear Stock Play for 2024

Capitalising on this nuclear opportunity isn’t just about throwing money at any company with 'nuclear' in its name…

It's about strategic, informed investing.

Ever since I saw this Power Pivot start early this year, I’ve been closely monitoring the nuclear sector, analysing trends, technologies and market movements.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

I even recommended my first position in this sector a few months ago and we’ve already seen substantial gains.

Now, I've identified what I believe is another top pick in this space – and hopefully the first of many winners in 2024 and beyond.

Right now, uranium stocks are one of my favourite places to be in the nuclear sector.

Prices rose at the end of 2023 to a 15-year high at more than $92 a pound, after being at only $48 at the start of 2023.

With all the developments we’ve talked about today and over 100 nuclear plants already under construction or planned around the world, the demand for uranium is only going to grow.

Investing in this company could be like getting a front-row seat to the nuclear power renaissance needed to power the world in a reliable, climate-friendly way.

My target is a uranium development company currently focusing on one of the most underdeveloped uranium deposits in the world.

Because of its early start on this project and some built-in advantages, the project is on track to become one of the world’s largest and lowest cost mines.

Not only that, but the CEO has over 40 years’ experience in the mining industry, with a strong track record and a network of connections.

That last piece is going to come in handy as the CEO taps into his vast network for funding for the project, including signing advance contracts for uranium not even mined yet.

I believe we have a small window of opportunity to jump into this stock now, before news of financing contracts are announced.

When those announcements finally hit, it could be off to the races.

You couldn't ask for more!

Especially considering shares have already ticked higher in recent months as momentum builds...

This suggests investors are starting to catch on to the opportunity as nuclear re-emerges.

But with plenty of upside still left, right now represents the optimal timing to open a position alongside big institutional buyers.

Of course, I can’t say with confidence that the stock is going to carry on straight up without any pullbacks. Investors need to consider whether the potential risks fit with their own investing strategy and long-term goals.

That's why, should all go well, I think the stock price could double in the next six months.

I’ve put together a complete research report to tell you all about it called “Go nuclear: my top pick for explosive profits”.

I wish I could share with you here full details on this explosive nuclear play including the name and ticker symbol...

But access to my highest conviction recommendations and portfolio is reserved exclusively for subscribers of my premium research service.

The good news is, you can learn more about my top nuclear pick and all of my other Power Pivot picks inside Strategic Energy Alert.

I’d Like to Tell You About ALL My Power Pivots Inside Strategic Energy Alert

In a moment, I’m going to tell you how to claim a copy of my new report, “Go nuclear: my top pick for explosive profits”.

But I'm not just going to hand you this pick and send you on your way…

I want to take you on the full journey…

To show you not just where to invest in the energy sector but how to spot these opportunities yourself.

I've already shown you why nuclear is having its big moment.

We’ve got our global catalyst reaching the tipping point where demand finally exceeds supply.

Even when you add up all the energy generation between oil, gas, hydro, solar, wind and more…

There simply isn’t enough for a growing world.

Then, we’re already seeing the momentum shift in the nuclear sector…

Between major improvements in next-gen nuclear technology…

Strong political tailwinds that set the stage for a surge in new plants…

And, of course, investments flowing back into nuclear energy in a huge way – from both public and private sources.

It’s exactly the situation I’ve seen every time a Power Pivot window has opened in the past.

Just like when I called for a rally in hydrogen stocks back in 2019…

Or when I told my readers clean energy had bottomed in 2020, just before we saw a massive rally in the sector.

But remember, just like with the previous Power Pivot windows we discussed around hydrogen, solar, oil & gas, etc....

Rather than taking a broad "shotgun" approach across the industry and buying a nuclear ETF or something...

We want targeted exposure to the SPECIFIC companies poised to disproportionately benefit from influxes of capital…

The ones demonstrating bullish stock price momentum ahead of the crowd, suggesting they could be built to ride the wave.

This type of situation is where my research service, Strategic Energy Alert, really shines.

It's not just a newsletter or a list of stock picks…

It's a comprehensive guide to navigating the complex, ever-changing world of energy investing.

At Strategic Energy Alert, I’m constantly scanning the global energy market looking for imbalances, shifts and emerging trends…

Always on the lookout for the next Power Pivot window to open…

And then identifying the companies best positioned to profit from them.

As a member, you'll get more than just stock recommendations…

You'll get insights into the energy market you won't find anywhere else.

You'll learn how to spot trends, how to analyse companies and how to time your investments for maximum gain.

My focus is on staying ahead of the market and on catching the waves before they break.

Whether it's nuclear or uranium stocks today…

Or another energy subsector tomorrow, I’m always looking for the next big opportunity.

And when I see the signs of the next pivot, I’ll be ready to guide you into the next profitable subsector.

I’ll tell you exactly how to join in a moment, but first, I’d like to tell you about another bonus report I’d like to give you access to today…

Bonus Report #2: Nuclear investor watchdog: five stocks to watch right now

When you join my Strategic Energy Alert today, you’re going to get instant access to my new report, “Go nuclear: my top pick for explosive profits”.

In it, you’ll find the in-depth research on my #1 pick today.

But as I’ve already told you, this sector is HOT right now…

And I firmly believe we could be looking at several big gainers over the next 12-18 months.

That’s why I also want to share my current watchlist with you in a second bonus report – “Nuclear investor watchdog: five stocks to watch right now”.

In this report, I’ll share a quick summary of five more stocks I’m watching right now in the nuclear energy space...

All of which could gain enough momentum to appear in the Power Pivot window any day now.

Keep in mind, the nuclear sector covers a handful of different areas, including…

  • Uranium mining
  • Uranium enrichment and processing
  • Nuclear plant design & construction
  • Nuclear plant electricity generation
  • Operation safety
  • Nuclear waste

And across these areas, dozens of companies big and small fit into the global nuclear economy.

In the coming months, as nuclear power gains more and more traction, I’ll be watching these stocks closely…

Ready to tell you when it’s finally time to pull the trigger.

You can also claim this report today as an added bonus when you decide to take a no-obligation trial of my Strategic Energy Alert.

Let me show you how it works…

We’ll Track Every Power Pivot Together

Strategic Energy Alert isn’t like other investment services you may have seen before…

You’re not just going to sit back and wait for a monthly newsletter with a pick a month.

Instead, you’ll hear from me each and every week as I track what’s happening in the global energy sector and where the money is flowing.

This is where my 17 years as an energy analyst and the connections I’ve made throughout my career start to pay off.

I’ll use my insider knowledge of the energy industry and the major players to track exactly where the momentum is building…

And which subsectors are starting to lose steam.

Whenever I spot another Power Pivot happening, that’s when I turn to my secret weapon…

The stock trading “radar” my team and I created to closely analyse the momentum of every stock in the sector and determine when it’s time to get in.

It’s just like sitting on the ocean watching for the perfect wave…

And when we hit it, we’ll ride it for as long as we can.

You’ll know it’s time when you get an email from me including a “Buy Alert” that looks something like this…

The email itself will include the recommendation – no need to click through to the website, log in and hunt for the information…

When we’re ready to buy, I want you to quickly have all the information you need, including a specific buy-up-to price so you don’t overpay.

I’ll tell you exactly where the stock is when I wrote the recommendation, along with my reason for pulling the trigger at that time.

I’ll also be sure to tell you when we’ll know if it’s not working out and any risks we may be taking with the stock.

You need to remember, all investing involves risk, so you should only ever invest with money you can afford to lose.

As much as I believe investing is a great way to build wealth and could lead to a comfortable life, you should never be risking money needed for your rent, food or expenses for your family.

Once it’s time to sell each position – and if all goes well, it’ll be with a nice profit – you’ll get another email from me with a “Sell Alert” telling you it’s time to get out and why.

In between these buy and sell alerts, you’ll get my in-depth coverage of the global energy markets.

I’m always on the lookout for the next Power Pivot and the only way to do that is to stay locked-in on what’s happening each and every day.

In addition, you’ll have 24/7 access to my research with…

Exclusive Access to the Strategic Energy Alert Website

When you decide to join me, you’ll immediately get access to our password-protected website here at Southbank Investment Research.

If you’re new to our company, you’ll get a new username and password.

If this isn’t your first service with us, then we’ll simply add Strategic Energy Alert to your subscription list.

In either case, you’ll get access to every special report I’ve published, every special weekly alert, every market update and buy and sell alert, access to my model portfolio and more…

As soon as you join me inside what I believe is the best energy investment research service on the planet.

I’ll let you in on a little secret right now…

Earlier I told you I didn’t really care if we’re in the early stages of an energy bull market.

After all, with the Power Pivots I track, there really is a way to invest in energy all the time.

But the truth is I actually DO think we’re in the early stages of a generational bull market in energy…

One that could take countless energy companies to record profits AND record stock prices, minting new millionaires in the process.

All you really need to look at to realise this is possible is that supply-demand chart again…

Source: Thunder Said Energy

There’s that tipping point again and it’s quickly approaching.

When we finally get there, I think the days of “cheap” energy will be long gone. So, if you want to flip the script on the energy giants and start taking money from the system, there’s no time to waste.

Test Drive Strategic Energy Alert Today for 30 Days

Here at Southbank Investment Research, we stand behind our products and services 100%.

That’s why when you join Strategic Energy Alert today, you can test drive it for a full 30 days.

During that time, you’ll get my weekly research and updates, along with the two bonus reports I’ve told you about today…

“Go nuclear: my top stock for explosive profits” and “Nuclear investor watchdog: five stocks to watch right now”.

But more importantly, you’re going to get access to each and every position I add to my model portfolio, including my top nuclear stock today…

And whichever stock enters my Power Pivot window next.

Look, why should energy executives be the only ones to profit from the massive movement of money in the energy sector?

And why should billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ken Griffin and others be the only ones to profit by jumping into nuclear projects and stocks in the early stages of this move?

The truth is, there WILL be people who get rich off the resurgence of nuclear power…

Just like there were people who banked massive profits in hydrogen, solar and wind stocks over the past five years.

The only question is…

Will you be one of the ones who takes advantage of the nuclear renaissance?

You can take the first step today by joining me inside Strategic Energy Alert.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering right now what a service like this will cost you.

I’ll be the first to tell you… it’s NOT cheap.

Much like a bespoke suit over on Savile Row, a lot of attention and detail goes into delivering the best possible service to my readers.

Add to that the fact that you’re not just getting access to me and my research when you join Strategic Energy Alert

You also get indirect access to my in-house research team and the custom “trading radar” we spent months and thousands of pounds developing.

All of this combined gives me confidence this is the best energy investment advisory in the UK…

One I could justifiably charge £10,000 for, according to John Butler, the investment director here at Southbank Investment Research.

John used to work at some of the largest banks in London and knows full well that bespoke research like this is often priced far beyond what the working class can pay.

And if I did charge such a price, my current subscribers may even agree it was worth it given what they’ve shared with me.

One subscriber, PH, recently pulled off a triple-bagger:

“Wow!!! My hat is off — the TRIPLE you pulled is absolutely phenomenal, I stand in awe and silence. Thank you very much for fantastic calls, definitely got my subscription money back many times over.”

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

AG also wrote in when we were on an epic run with clean energy stocks:

“I view your service as a Green ETF with the most informed fund manager in the sector.”

And PM kindly shared this:

“Having experienced so many other stock picking advisories, I can quite honestly say that nothing else comes close to [your research] quality and consistency of outright performance.”

Given my experience, my network and my sterling track record identifying the Power Pivot Windows within the energy sector, I think I’d be fully justified charging £10,000 or more.

But here at Southbank Investment Research, we have a mission to level the playing field for private investors. And that means we’ve got to make our research available at a price private investors can handle, while also covering our costs.

What that means is you’re not going to pay anything close to £10,000 today to join Strategic Energy Alert.

You’re not even going to pay £5,000 or even £2,500 today – both of which I think are completely reasonable for the premium level of research you’ll be getting access to.

Instead, we’ve priced a full year of Strategic Energy Alert regular at £1,997 per year.

I told you before it’s not cheap, but I do think it’s more than reasonable.

But my publisher and I also want to make it as easy as possible for you to join me today, especially as energy prices continue to remain high.

That’s why I’d like to give you my own form of “energy rebate” and knock £1,000 OFF the price of Strategic Energy Alert when you join during this special promotional period.

That means you’ll get full access to everything I told you about today…

  • 24/7 access to the private, encrypted Strategic Energy Alert website…
  • Weekly updates from me and my team…
  • Full access to the Strategic Energy Alert model portfolio, including buy-up-to prices and current recommendations to buy or hold…
  • Bonus Report #1: "Go nuclear: my top stock for explosive profits"…
  • And Bonus Report #2: "Nuclear investor watchdog: five stocks to watch right now"

For just £997 for one year!

That’s an incredible £1,000 discount off the regular annual price – my way of helping you try to flip the script on the energy companies and fill your pockets.

That’s less than £3 per day and you get an entire MONTH to test drive my research and see if you like it.

You can use my research with no long-term obligation until you hit the end of day 30.

If you decide between now and then Strategic Energy Alert isn’t your cup of tea, no worries. Just let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription and part as friends.

You’ll even get to keep the research you downloaded and any trades you may have jumped in on while following me.

But you need to act now to reserve this £1,000 discount…

If you choose to join outside this short promotion, you’ll likely have to pay full price for access to my research.


You’ve Got 3 Options Right Now…

First off, I’d like to thank you for spending some of your time with me today.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing my research with you and I hope I’ve left you with plenty to ponder.

After all, I’ve shown you today the evidence that we are fast approaching a critical tipping point in the global energy markets…

One that could make price surges of past winters look like downright bargains in the future.

And even though present-day caps may protect most of us, there’s no guarantee we’ll have those protections in the future…

Not to mention the increase in all our other non-heating-related energy bills.

I firmly believe nuclear energy is the future. And the governments of the world and countless billionaire investors seem to be going all-in to make it happen.

That means you’ve really got 3 options today…

First, you can choose to do absolutely nothing with what you’ve learned today.

You can continue investing and trading as you currently are on your own or with other advisors you may currently have.

But I suspect if you were satisfied with the results you’ve been getting up until now, you might not have hung around this long.

Second, I’ve revealed a lot today about what I watch for in the energy markets and how I identify individual stocks to invest in.

If you’re the type of person who prefers to go it alone, I’ve armed you with enough to get started…

And you can even take advantage of my research to jump into my top nuclear stock right now, if you choose.

You might even want to jump into a couple of my watchlist stocks without waiting for the green light from me…

You’ll just need to do a little leg work to get across the finish line with your own research.

But if you choose this path, I won’t be telling you which stocks to buy and when…

Or when it’s time to get out and either protect profits or preserve capital.

Finally, you have option #3…

This is where you can continue on with me inside Strategic Energy Alert after your 30-day trial and lock in an amazing £1,000 discount off the regular price.

You’ll pay just £997 for an entire year of access as we track each and every Power Pivot in the energy sector together.

Every week, I’ll let you know exactly where I believe the best investments are and what price to get in at.

That’s 3 choices you have today… and now, and I’m putting the power in YOUR hands.

If you choose option 1 or 2, I’d like to thank you for reading and I wish you all the best.

But if you’d like to join me on this amazing journey, then I invite you to click the button below and let’s get you signed up for Strategic Energy Alert right now.

When you click the button, you’ll be taken directly to our secure order form where we’ll collect your subscriber and payment information.

It’ll take just a few minutes and then once your order is confirmed, you’ll get an email for my team with all of your login information, and links to your private Strategic Energy Alert website and your bonus reports.

It’s that easy.

The choice is yours…

But I know if it were me, I’d be looking to get as much as I can out of these energy companies, especially considering how much they’ve been getting from us all these years.

Just click the button below to lock in your £1,000 discount and I look forward to seeing you inside Strategic Energy Alert.


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