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The following promotion is not investment advice. Your capital is at risk when you invest, never risk more than you can afford to lose. If you are unsure whether this type of investing is right for you, seek independent personal financial advice. Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Nigel Farage investigates:

“The REAL financial crisis
no-one is telling you about”

In this urgent briefing Nigel Farage reveals the startling truth about the financial industry in Britain:

The Man Who Said Buy Nvidia
Ten Years Ago Now Shares…

The #1 British A.I.
Stock For 2023

As rapid developments in A.I. spawn a new wave of fad stocks, a far more lucrative story is unfolding behind the scenes.
It involves a tiny UK stock that has doubled its revenues in six of the last seven years. And one of Britain’s top tech investors just put it at the top of his buy list…

As great as our nation has been on the world stage in years gone by…

There’s something I don’t like about our country.

A sense that “every man has his place”…

A paralysing mentality that we can’t overstep our little boundaries…

That it’s all too complicated, too difficult.

That only politicians should make important decisions about our lives.

That only pin-striped professionals in the City can understand the financial markets.

From what I have learned, men and women who want to do well for themselves are being undermined…

… and, in some cases, given weak guidance – even dissuaded from taking charge of their own money altogether.

And this isn’t guess work.

I KNOW lots of people who feel let down.

I KNOW they are looking for solutions.

KNOW, because I’ve actually done the work and bothered to find out…

 “Nigel, I was charged WAY over the odds…”

A lot of people in the financial industry would like this brushed under the carpet.

I suspect they’ll hate me for shining a light on what’s going on. But I don’t care. This is too important to ignore.

If you know me, you’ll know I have a long history of ruffling feathers and taking the flak for it.

The establishment have mocked me. They have attacked me in the press.

And recently, they have even tried to exile me from the banking system.

“Farage: my bank accounts closed with ‘no explanation’– The Spectator

“Farage fears MI5 helped shut down his bank accounts” – The Daily Mail

It’s a move that even made headlines across the pond:

Nigel Farage’s Claim of Bank-Account Closure Prompts U.K. Review

Treasury says it is checking for the right balance between customers’ free-expression rights and bank’s right to manage commercial risk

But I won’t be deterred.

When I want to get to the truth, I go out and ask the man on the street.

Not the industry mouthpieces… or talking heads… but those on the frontlines – counting the cost with their nest eggs.

A lot of people are telling me they have been underserved by the mainstream financial establishment.

And they’re telling me they’ve been left high and dry when disasters happen.

I’d like to share some of their messages with you today.

Because I want to highlight the disappointing way many people feel they are being treated:

Sickening, isn’t it?

This is a big issue in Britain right now.

A lot of people feel this way. The finger is pointed at them. THEY are the ones left to feel befuddled, even guilty. They are made to feel like it is THEIR mistake to trust the professionals.

I’m here today to tell you… it is not your fault.

But let’s be fair:

There may be plenty of good investment advisers out there. And brokers. In my time, I have certainly met some.

What’s more, I’m certain that even many of the professionals who underperform may have your interests at heart. 

So, I don’t want you to turn your back on them, by any means.

I want to make that crystal clear.

Talk to them. Listen to them. Use your judgement and see if they can help you. Especially if you are a novice investor.

But something MUST be missing here. When I asked my readers about their bad experiences, I received hundreds more letters like these… from people who feel like just a number. I’m simply sharing those messages with you. 

For a lot of people, something clearly isn’t working – is it?

It looks like too many hardworking men and women are being poorly served by some of the professionals out there.

Because when I receive messages like this one, I really do worry about what’s going on:

Enough is enough!

Let’s take back control of our money.

No one has taken up the challenge for you. No one has taken up the fight for the financial life you have earned… and deserve.

Not the politicians grandstanding in Parliament.

Not the celebrities on social media, too busy backing the latest fad cause.

And not the mainstream financial media who are overwhelmingly cynical about new or alternative financial ideas.

But I will.

And I am.

I’ve never told anyone what to do or what to think.

But I have fought hard for your right to have a choice.

That is what Brexit was all about. Giving you the choice to determine your future.

But the new frontline for your independence is not in politics…

It is in the financial markets.

That is where it all, finally, counts.

To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher – “how can you be free if you’re not financially free?”

I am going on a personal crusade to empower you – and anyone else who sincerely desires a life of real financial liberty.

We have nothing to fear by taking matters into our own hands.

You do not need to cede complete control to strangers.

As I said, there is value in hearing what the professionals have to say. Let them share their plans. Let them give you ideas.

But they are not your only option.

You do not have to take their word as gospel.

In fact, there is a movement, a groundswell, of people starting to take charge… take back control of their money themselves.

People who are becoming heroes of their own stories when it comes to their money.

People who embody the fierce independent streak that has rung through our proud history.

There is a very important message I haven’t shared with you yet.

A note from one of my followers who has taken up this fight for his money… and WON:

Introducing, Britain’s self-made heroes

He is not the only one.

Up and down Britain, people have had enough.

They are taking matters into their own hands, at last…

… they are taking back control:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

A lot of people fear making financial decisions but today I want to empower you to take a positive step toward true independence with your money…

I have received many more messages like these, from self-made British heroes. I won’t share them all. I think you’re starting to see the power of taking control of your own money. But I do want to share just one more…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

Men and women all over Britain standing on their own two feet and doing rather well out if it.

But I want to make a very important point, too. I think these people have been rather fortunate by going it completely alone. Some of them admit they have been downright “lucky”.

These people seem to feel like they’d had to take big risks to make up for years of disappointing results. You can’t rely on luck for your financial future. That’s not the way I think it should be.

It’s highly likely that there have been people who tried to do it all themselves without understanding the risks, and ended up losing money.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to light out on your own. And that is what my crusade – Britain’s Great Wealth Revival – is all about.

You CAN do a great job by controlling your own finances.

You CAN do it in a savvy way, without taking on massive risks.

You CAN be part of this groundswell.

You CAN manage at least a portion of your own money – and come out on top.

THIS is the wealth revival I see sweeping through Britain today.

Something I want to help you be part of.

This is about reclaiming the power over your financial life.

This is about taking a more informed approach – becoming an intelligent and strategic investor.

And NOT having to go out completely on your own, taking on big risks, having to rely on blind luck to do well for yourself.

Before you do any kind of investing you need to understand the risk that comes with it, and how those risks align with your own risk appetite and investment objectives. You should always only invest money that you can afford to lose. There are no guarantees in the investing game.

The wealth revival route map we have put together will help get you started.

I believe any independent-minded investor could follow it from home today…

And my hope is, if YOU decide to follow it, starting today…

You’ll come out of the next five years much wealthier than you went in.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.

Follow our plan, understand our investing blueprint, and I believe you’ll be on the right side of the crucial changes in the world.

Eoin and I will show you how you can do a great job taking control of your own financial life.

And I believe you must.

To me, it’s clear as a pike staff:

What you do now could have a huge impact for your money

While many in the financial world see stocks rising and inflation falling… and believe our financial troubles are over…

I believe the next couple of years will be some of the most difficult in our history.

And it’s not just me.

One 99-year-old investment legend has a warning we should all take seriously.

Worth over $2.5 billion, Charlie Munger is Warren Buffet’s right-hand man at Berkshire Hathaway.

In the time that they have led their world-famous investment company, it has returned roughly 2,000,000% on its initial value, or 20,000 to 1.

So why does Charlie predict:

“A Horrible Economic Crisis Where Everything Will Collapse”

Forget corporate greedflation…

Or striking public sector workers…

Or the war in Ukraine…

Or Brexit…

Look to the powers that be.

Those that allegedly know what’s best – be it for our health or our wealth.

The government has borrowed sums never before seen outside of wartime.

Massive taxpayer handouts and a money-printing spree that has vastly increased the money supply – so more money is chasing the same amount of good and services.

The scale of quantitative easing is scarcely believable.

As The Telegraph reports:

“Starting in March 2009, our central bank, in common with others around the world, began to print money on a scale that would have embarrassed a 1970s Latin American junta.”

Here’s how Charlie Munger puts it:

“When you print money on the scale that modern nations are printing it – Japan, US, Europe, etc – we are getting into new territory in terms of size.

“There’s never been anything like what we’re doing now….

“If you try and print too much money it eventually causes terrible trouble and we are closer to terrible trouble than we have been in the past.”

Or, as one of my colleagues neatly summarises:

“The UK is a high-tax, highly regulated, over-financialised economy that increasingly concentrates income and wealth at the top, rather than one which provides prosperity for all.

“If we don’t find a way to turn things around, this generation will be the first in modern UK history, outside of wartime or global depression, to have failed to hand at least a modest increase in prosperity to the next.”

All of this means the financial decisions you make now could have repercussions for years to come.  

But it not all bad news.

If you are cynical about this, you won’t see the big opportunities and advantages when they arrive.

I believe, if we make the right choices, take the right path… there’s the potential for you to do fantastically well.

This is a very exciting time, because…

Great change =
great opportunities for you

Change is confusing for most people.

But real money is made by investors who use change to their advantage.

Take one of the richest men in the world…
We’ve mentioned him once already – Warren Buffett…

One of the greatest investments he made was to buy the Washington Post.

And he bought it in the middle of a terrible bear market for stocks – in 1973/74. The market had lost 45% in around 22 months.

Yet Buffett bought. He made at least 100 times his money on that one investment – and that’s before dividends were included.

Then you have another legendary investor – John Templeton…

His fund is one of the financial world’s great money-makers. A £10,000 investment in 1954 would have been worth £2 million in 1992 (excluding fees and taxes).

Templeton’s fortune had its roots in a single, famous trade. At the outbreak of WW2 – when markets had crashed. He went out and bought every public company on the New York Stock Exchange trading for $1 or less. He made four times his money on that trade – and began to build his great fortune.

Or take the 5x return you could have made on Boeing...

After 9/11 airline stocks absolutely tanked. It seemed to make sense – the attacks made it likely that people would fly less and airline stocks would suffer. Yet had you looked beyond the mass hysteria and bought stock in Boeing as it bottomed out in 2003… you could have made five times your money in the following decade.

And if you’d held on a little longer – until 2018 – you could have made more than 20 times your money.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Boeing five-year performance: 2018: +11.67% | 2019: +3.56% | 2020: -33.66% | 2021: -5.95% | 2022: -5.38% | 2023 (YT 31/8): +17.61%

Or take the 800% return you could have made from just one company in Britain’s green energy boom in 2020…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Britain is at the heart of a global energy revolution. The pandemic shut the world down and when it all restarted, it’s done so – increasingly – on renewable energy sources. This is an epochal shift. A change to the global energy order that has held for the better part of a century.

Those that saw this change coming… and understood that UK hydrogen firm ITM Power was riding this trend sky high… could have locked in a profit of more than 800%. And in a period of just 13 months.

It shows just how important timing the markets can be – getting in early and selling at the right time. It’s not something that anyone can get right 100% of the time. But expertise does help. The examples I’ve shown here are to the top of the move, which investors are very unlikely to achieve so precisely.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
ITM five-year performance: 2018: -39.02% | 2019: +204.91% | 2020: +626.11% | 2021: -23.64% | 2022: -76.74% | 2023 (YT 31/8): -3.97%

Or the 28.57% return in less than THREE WEEKS from a smart gas trade, taking advantage of the sudden drive for energy security, sparked by the conflict in the Ukraine.

In 2021 we advised our readers to invest in BP. World events have played out very much as we anticipated and in our favour. As you can see in the chart below, you can use great change in the world and in the markets to your distinct advantage:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
BP five-year performance: 2018 +0.73% | 2019 +1.54% | 2020 -40.78% | 2021 +35.81% | 2022 +49.33% | 2023 (YT 31/8) +6.14%

It’s the same story, over and over…

Ringing throughout history…

In times of disruption and upheaval…

In times of epochal change…

The smart money wins.

Smart money moves ahead of the change.

And I believe that time is upon us, once again, right now:

We are in an era of incredible disruption. For many that will be confusing.

And they will simply be left behind by it, I’m sad to say.

Our mission, is to help you understand these changes…

Like the rise of artificial intelligence… the revival of nuclear power… the introduction of central bank digital currencies… the flaws of the “net zero at all costs” policies you’ve had no say in… and what the move towards a de-globalised world means for you and your money.

And we’d like to help you use this period of great change to your financial advantage.

I want to help you

Because I think we have something very important in common.

I think you, like me, want to know what’s really happening with your money.

I think you want to hear about the good and the bad that could be around the corner, in the financial markets.

I think you want to hear about stocks with the potential to rise substantially in price… not because they are part of the latest fad – but because they are part of deep changes taking place.

And I sense you want to hear about such opportunities early… before the crowd are herded into them by the financial mainstream.

So, let me introduce you to Eoin Treacy.

He currently advises four different $100m funds… manages the money of some of Asia and the Middle East’’s wealthiest families… and other clients include sovereign wealth and pension funds.

But he is also a highly successful gold trader who helped investors position themselves ahead of the big 2019 boom, (people who followed his advice would have made a lot of money)…

And has also personally traded bitcoin, the Nikkei, the Hang Seng and Boeing to achieve profits of 9,000 points…the kind of move that would turn a £2,000 starting pot into almost £20,000.

Most impressive of all, this much sought-after global strategist and wealth manager is the guy other fund managers and traders go to help improve and hone their investment methods.

He still runs that two-day seminar in cities around the world (London, most recently)…

In fact, there are several funds that don’t let their traders on the trading floor until they’ve been coached by Eoin.

In short, he has a long track record of helping the ultra-rich – and the man on the street – get into some terrific stock market opportunities. And now his door will be open to you.

Together I think we make a powerful team.

Like I say, we are part of a private investment network – established in 1938 – that exists for one reason: to study the financial, political and economic world, understand the deep changes that are going to affect private investors, share our insight with people like you.

What I will share with you is my unique insight from within the corridors of power. How the political changes in the world right now could impact you and your money.

And Eoin will turn these INSIGHTS into ACTIONS you can take with your money... STARTING TODAY.

Together we have put together a complete wealth revival route map. It will show you:

  • Nine “real wealth” alternatives to the stock market – including one “non-financial” asset that rich and powerful families like the Kennedy’s have turned to through history… or the “hold in your hand” asset that increased in value by 367% in the decade to 2019… plus seven other steps you can take today to get some of your money “off grid”
  • The best way to potentially profit from both inflation – and market volatility – without handing over any profits to the tax man
  • 24/7 ACCESS to a fully vetted investment portfolio of investment recommendations and other wealth-building strategies – including the reliable way to harvest extra income… and the smart way to play the ongoing energy crisis.

I want to put this “route map” into your hands today.

It’s a simple plan that you can start following, right from the off.

We will be by your side every step of the way…

Our mission: to help you rise above this challenging and confusing time…

And to help you put yourself on a path to prosperity… instead of disappointment.

It is 100% possible. You’ll see that today, as I explain exactly what we are doing…

And how you can be part of this wealth revival.  

There are no guarantees of success, of course. And I am not going to add to the pile of big promises you are no doubt fed up with and heard before.

But if you are fed up with rules and regulations that never work for you…

Fed up with the pie-in-the-sky promises from the professionals…

Fed up with mis-sold financial products that were never properly explained.

I’d like to share this route map with you right now:

Three critical money moves to make today

There are three specific things he believes every smart British investor should be doing with their money today… a simple plan to kick off your own, personal wealth revival in these challenging times.

No one has ever become truly wealthy – and I mean real, lasting wealth – by being reckless.

Yes, there’s a time and a place to be bold.

But your first move should always be:

Step #1:
protect what you’ve got.

The problem is, as you’ve seen, paper wealth is risky. It leaves you over-exposed to today’s unpredictable landscape.

And the overwhelming majority of your wealth is kept in captivity. Locked up by professionals who you have trusted as its custodians.

But the reality is, they use complicated financial instruments that carry great risk:

In the crash of 1987, it was the beast known as “portfolio insurance” that ran amok.

In 2008 there were “mortgage-backed securities” and “collateralised debt obligations”.

Today, you may not realise it but pension funds are heavily exposed to private equity… that is, small risky companies that go bust all the time .

If you’re sceptical about the financial elites being trusted will ALL of your money… then you may want a “Plan B”.

So, what do you do?

I’m not just talking about taking cash out and stuffing it in your mattress.

I mean investing OUTSIDE of the traditional stock, bond and real estate markets.

For instance, there’s one “non-financial” asset that even rich and powerful families like the Kennedy’s have turned to through history – in fact, JFK personally put money into this whilst president. But it could still be a good bet today.

Or one particular favourite of mine…

It delivered a 20.54% annual return at the end of 2022. 

Which as we know was a “horror story”  for investors.

I’ll raise a glass to that. In more ways than one.

It’s a proper, tangible asset – you can see it, hold it and store it.

It can keep for long periods of time.

You can find a market price for it.

You can sell it.

And, at the end of the day, you can always drink it.

What’s not to like. (I expect you’ve guessed what it is!)

Or there’s another “hold in your hand” asset that’s totally unconnected to the financial system – but that already increased in value by 367% in the decade to 2019, according to accounting firm PwC. That’s BEFORE the supply of this asset decreased by 90%. You’ll get the full story in the report.

Plus, you’ll hear about six other steps you can take today to get some of your money “off grid”.

They are all covered in this special report:

It’s called “Real wealth: nine alternatives to the stock market”.

And it can be yours today, as part of our wealth revival route map.

I’ll show you how to download a copy in a second.

But that’s only part one of the map…

STEP #2:
Beat inflation – and the tax man!

How “safe” is the pound in your pocket?

We’ve talked about the fragility of the financial system…

You should also consider the value of your cash.

It is being rapidly evaporated by some of the worst inflation in nearly 50 years.

And don’t be fooled by apparent recent dips.

Because quantitative easing – money printing – not only distorts financial markets and inflates asset prices (like property)…

It also erodes the value of “fiat” currency

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines fiat money as all kinds of money that are made legal tender by a government decree or fiat…

In other words, legal-tender paper money or coins – which, obviously, have a far higher “face” value than the paper or metal they are made of.

So, given it is not tied to a tangible asset, the value of fiat money – those pounds in your pocket – is dependent on responsible fiscal policy by the government.

And just to remind you: our government is up to its eyeballs in debt.

Do you think it will get any better?

No matter what the problem is, the answer seems to be the same thing.

Spend more.

And I very much doubt that will change when the current lot are turfed out at the next election.

Never mind the fact all this excess has already triggered an inflation crisis unlike anything seen in 50 years. And forced the Bank of England to step in to bail out the entire pension system.

The authorities are losing their grip

They can’t balance the books.

They can’t maintain the currency.

Which means you should consider what our fiat currency used to be backed by.


Gold can’t be printed.

It can’t be manipulated.

It can’t be tracked… controlled… distorted… or managed by the state.

Gold is the most stable form of money the world has ever known.

It’s REAL money. REAL wealth.

Throughout human history, there have been thousands of currencies issued by governments.

To my knowledge, they’ve all gone to zero in the end.

But gold has been seen as currency across the globe for more than 5,000 years. 

That’s why I want to send you another report we’ve put together:

It’s called “Gold 101: the unspoken advantages of a UK gold investor”.

Open up your copy and you’ll get answers to questions like these:

Is gold safe to invest in?

How much should you invest in gold and other precious metals?

Where can you buy it?

How do you store it safely to avoid confiscation or a “lockdown” on money?

What kinds of bullion and coins should you be looking to buy?

Better still, there is one type of gold you can invest in – and not pay a penny in capital gains to the tax man.

Everything you need to know is in this report...

And you can grab it as part of your wealth revival route map.

But before I tell you how, there is one more “route” I’d like you to consider.

Step #3:
Take advantage of special opportunities

As I have already shown you, the rich and powerful tend to use change to their financial advantage.

They’re not afraid to be bold when the opportunity is right, even if the wider backdrop looks grim.

“Buy when there’s blood on the streets,” as they say.

There are huge potential opportunities opening up in the energy markets. As prices soar and demand surges… we’ve seen a number of energy firms make big price climbs in short order.

Which is why Eoin would like to provide you with a fully vetted investment portfolio of trading ideas, stock picks and other wealth-building moves – to help you make strategic moves into such opportunities.

There are some great bargain companies out there right now, trading at levels Eoin is very excited about. As soon as they hit his “buy territory”, he’ll send you an alert to pull the trigger.

These are part of our full, model investment portfolio – available to all of our subscribers.

  • The ultimate defensive play: back in 2018 Donald Trump was mocked when he warned the UN about Europe’s reliance on Russian energy. He also demanded that NATO governments should increase defence spending by between 100% and 400%. Subsequently, this British company had orders for 2022 running at some £32 billion. And there are more on the cards for this year as governments ramp up defence spending.
  • Cleaning up its act – for miners AND you! Swapping coal for copper and aluminium: both are instrumental in delivering on the promise of decarbonisation and are helping to burnish this company’s growing reputation as a responsible steward of the environment.
  • 100% safe energy security? How to really profit when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. There is a critical need for baseload electricity. And there’s one company that is crucial to enabling powerplants to do that 24/7.

Generally speaking, the recommendations he’ll share with you will involve the stock market. That involves risk – as all investing does. Only ever invest money you can afford to lose.

Some of his recommendations may be listed abroad. That involves foreign currency risk. Eoin will explain this to you clearly with every new recommendation.

In fact, EVERY SINGLE idea your team here shares with you will contain a full write-up of the risks, a buy-up-to price, the potential rewards, everything.

Again, you will have full 24/7 ACCESS to this portfolio as part of the wealth revival route map.

We’re here to help you make the right moves

That’s why today I’m inviting you to take a one-year subscription to an elite, under-the-radar but long-established investment club…

As I mentioned earlier, Eoin and I are part of a special group of market experts and financial analysts.

Think of it as a private intelligence service if you like…

A network of intellectuals and investment veterans with an incredible history of understanding and anticipating major world “turning points”.

In the past, our organisation has included MPs, members of the House of Lords, ex MI5 operatives and former City fund managers.

And we exist for one reason: to study the financial, political and economic world, understand the deep changes that are going to affect private investors and share our insight with people like you.

This last point is vital. We exist with the sole aim of sharing our insight with private investors. We do not publish our work in the City. Nor do we want to.

We share our research through a little-known, but widely circulated, publication called The Fleet Street Letter. This is our mouthpiece – our way of communicating with you. It’s where we reveal our insight.

And, since its foundation in 1938, The Fleet Street Letter has established an incredible track record in pinpointing the big “turning points”… and helping readers profit from them.

Let me share a little about our methods.

Profiting from “deep change”

Here at The Fleet Street Letter, we focus on something I like to call deep change.

This is very different to the way most so-called “experts” look at the world. Read most mainstream financial commentators’ work, and you’ll see it’s packed with superficial – and often downright wrong – analysis.

I’m sure you know the kind of thing I’m talking about: "The markets will go up in September. Get out of gold – it’s going down this week."

It’s all nonsense. It’s all superficial change. And it’s all entirely impossible, and therefore futile, to try to predict.

Deep change is different.

It’s shaped by the big, powerful forces or trends that nobody can control and 999 out of 1,000 people don’t even see. It’s based on demographic, political, economic and environmental trends… the slow moving but intensely powerful forces that impact everything and everyone.

Let me give you an example from our history.

In 1938, the founding editor of The Fleet Street Letter, Patrick Maitland, pinpointed a deep change to his readers. He’d spent several weeks in Rome, gathering intelligence on Fascist movements there.  

He’d looked into troop movements in Germany. He’d studied Central Power armament plans. And he’d overlaid this against the backdrop of political and economic tension in Europe.

This enabled him to share an incredibly valuable insight with Fleet Street Letter readers: Germany would make war, but not before September 1939. Germany invaded Poland on 2 September 1939.

Maitland had identified a deep change. This is what The Fleet Street Letter seeks to do in all its research.

Remember “Black Monday” in October 1987, when thousands of investors saw their savings wiped out?

It was one of the worst crashes British investors have ever had to endure.

Yet for this select group of investors, the crash came as no surprise…

They’d been put “on guard” over five months earlier – in a discreet and timely warning.

When the markets panicked about a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in March 1995 this group of investors were informed that a major opportunity had opened up for them.

Over the next 18 months, the Taiwanese market more than doubled.

Let me give you another example.

In his 1988 book, The Great Reckoning, our former editor-in-chief, the late Lord William Rees Mogg, identified that New York – particularly the financial markets there – was almost unguarded and open to attack. He based this on a detailed study of the infrastructure, arms movements inside the US, plus the political situation in the Middle East.

He was right. Twice. The World Trade Center was attacked in 1994… and 2001.

None of this involves crystal ball gazing. That’s impossible. We prefer to call it professional forecasting. Put simply, understanding that markets don’t move at random. They respond to deep changes in the world.

A deep knowledge of history is vital. So is a wide network of contacts. And the willingness to think beyond the present and extrapolate today’s trends into the future.

The theory of deep change is relevant to risk, too. At The Fleet Street Letter, we’ve always been of the opinion that risk cannot be avoided… but it can be understood. And understanding the risks you’re taking when you make an investment is vital to succeeding.

Risk is a part of investing. It’s something The Fleet Street Letter has never and will never ignore.

Speaking of risk…

In September 1999, while the rest of the world was piling into tech stocks, they received another warning: “CRASH IMMINENT”.

In 2008, when ill-informed investors were still blindly investing in the FTSE 100, this small circle of investors were discreetly warned that “the City’s dream run is about to end… and it could trigger our worst recession in 35 years.”

Five and a half months later, Lehman Brothers collapsed and the entire financial sector buckled.

You don’t need me to tell you how important that kind of information was.

Each and every one of these warnings has been archived in the British Library at St Pancras, Central London.

In fact, if you had the time, you could review them yourself.

In 74 leather bound volumes, these economic warnings and predictions have been carefully preserved and documented.

They represent the insights and wisdom of a very distinctive collection of people. And we believe they could radically change the way you look at the world – and manage your wealth. 

In recent years, you would also have been warned – ahead of time of a banking collapse in Italy…

Readers were shown how to shelter their wealth before it triggered one of the biggest drops in UK stocks in a decade – the worst correction in financial markets since 2008.

In 2020 we posed the question: “Is the green bubble little more than ‘investing on thin ice’?” – a year before green stocks tanked.

In 2021, research from our company warned investors that soaring inflation was on the cards – when the Bank of England was still insisting it would stay at 2%... then, at worst, transitory.

We subsequently highlighted the drive for value and dividend stocks… and pointed to the bonds crisis well ahead of Liz Truss’s controversial budget…

This year alone readers have been advised on the delusion of net zero… made aware of the real danger posed by central bank digital currencies (and what you can do about it)… and the smart way to approach investing in artificial intelligence.

There will be plenty more predictions to come.

Which is why today I am inviting you to join us… at an extremely favourable, introductory rate.

Before I reveal just how much money you will save with our new member offer…

Let me explain just what you will receive:

Take up my invitation today and you will gain unrestricted access to Britain’s longest-running financial newsletter for three whole months, without any financial commitment.

You will risk nothing to simply try it out. Just see if it is for you. Just to see for yourself if our publication chimes with your outlook on the world…

The Fleet Street Letter will help you become a smarter investor… it will share alternative ideas the mainstream industry probably won’t show you… and it will share intelligence from within the system…

Here are six ways you will benefit immediately:

Benefit #1:
12 issues of wealth-growing ideas every year

Every single month we will write to you with your issue of The Fleet Street Letter.

You’ll hear from editor Nick Hubble.

With degrees in finance and law, Nick is whip-smart. In 2012, he exposed the sub-prime practices of Australian banks to his readers at The Money for Life Letter. In 2018, he predicted Italy’s budget battles would lead to “Bloody October” and successfully warned his subscribers about the worst period in financial markets since 2008. And he is the author of How the Euro Dies.

Nick is an expert at spotting when stresses and crises are brewing in the financial system. After all, he cut his teeth as an intern at Goldman Sachs, where he witnessed the 2008 financial crisis first hand.

You will also hear from me, Nigel Farage, with my insights from over 20 years in the corridors of power – and 20 years in the commodity markets before that.

We’ll share our latest thinking on the biggest issues facing British investors – whether that’s a threat to your money… or a big opportunity you can capitalise on.

Which is where $1 billion wealth manager Eoin Treacy comes in. He will turn our insights into actionable investment opportunities.

Every issue will contain at least one idea you can use to grow your wealth.

In short, if you want guidance on how you could grow your wealth and get richer every year… your monthly issue of The Fleet Street Letter is unmissable.

Benefit #2:
Zero guesswork investing – Eoin will give you full buy, sell and hold advice

When Eoin recommends a stock or fund, he’ll give you specific “buy-up-to” prices – so you know exactly what to pay for any given stock.

Once he’s made a recommendation, it’ll enter our model portfolio. We’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll then keep track of it. We’ll keep you up to date on anything you need to know about it. And when it’s time to take profits or cut losses we’ll be in touch to tell you what to do.

If something important happens in the markets and we think you need to know about it, we’ll be in touch. You’ll never be left wondering about how our model portfolio is impacted.

The financial world moves fast and we’ll keep you up to speed.

Benefit #3:
Take control of your own money – with
expert guidance

Investing your money in any financial market carries risk. Let’s be grown up about that. Risk is nothing to be feared. But you DO need to understand it.

Most mistakes people make in the financial world happen when they take risks they don’t understand. They invest too much money. Or maybe they don’t know quite what they’re doing.

We don’t want that to happen to you. We’ll give you a full write-up of the risks involved in any position. If something is listed abroad, we’ll explain the foreign exchange risks. If it’s an exchange-traded fund, we’ll explain what the risks to the underlying investment are.

We are going to be ambitious, on your behalf, but that doesn’t mean taking on huge risks. Eoin will be seeking and researching investments he believes are seriously undervalued… offering you a chance to grow your stake substantially.

As I said, the idea isn’t to replace any investing you do now… or any guidance you already receive, and trust… The Fleet Street Letter can run alongside all of that, giving you a different perspective and valuable extra intelligence and exposure to new opportunities.

Benefit #4:
Independent thinking – and honest analysis

I’ve operated inside the political and financial establishment ever since I was 18.

In that time, I’ve built up one of the best networks of contacts in the world. I can get countless world leaders or hedge fund managers on the phone at a moment’s notice.

Believe me, this gives you a hell of a better insight on what’s really happening in the world. And now you’ll be able to take advantage of this “insider insight” too – because I’ll share it with you.

Does that mean we’ll get every big call right? No. Of course not! But I promise we’ll do a hell of a lot better than relying on the mainstream press would.

As you will see in your urgent investment reports, Eoin will provide his full investment case for everything he recommends… all the potential rewards will be explained… as will the different types of risks associated with investing in different assets like stocks, REITs, physical metals or ETFs. You’ll get the whole picture, in plain English.

Benefit #5:
A personal login to our private, members-only website

Everything I just told you about is hosted securely online on a subscribers-only website. I’ll make sure you get your own login and password to access this site anytime, 365 days a year.

You’ll be able to browse all your valuable reports, at your leisure. Watch any videos we record. Review the online model portfolio. And, of course, read every issue of The Fleet Street Letter as we go along.

Put simply, if something big is going on and you want to understand it – we’ll do our best to explain it in simple, no-nonsense language.

Benefit #6:
Take 30 days to try everything out

I think you’ll love everything you see when you become a subscriber to The Fleet Street Letter.

In fact, I think you’ll want to stick with us for a long time. (That’s certainly my goal. Building real wealth takes time. And the problems I’ve outlined for you today won’t go away overnight.)

But I want it to be your decision to stick with us.

So – here’s what I’m doing. I’m offering you the next 30 days to review everything I just told you about.

Take a look at our analysis… Eoin’s stock picks… your valuable reports… and everything else you get.

If you don’t like what you see – you can cancel and walk away with a full refund any time in your first 30 days.

No ifs. No buts. No hidden small print.

It’s an iron-clad, 30-day money-back guarantee.

And it puts you in the driving seat. It means you only stay on as a subscriber if YOU choose to.

So how much will you pay if you
decide to stick around long term?

Not a lot.

In fact, considering you’ll be getting hundreds of pounds’ worth of investment intelligence the moment you join us…

I think you will consider it an absolute bargain.

Certainly, when you consider “the competition”.

The average HOURLY rate for an IFA in the UK is £150.

According to the website Unbiasedmost people pay £500-£5,000 a year for advice.

And that’s if they’re not paying a chunk of their profits over to their money manager.

The whole industry is fraught with small print… confusing fees… and the sense you’re not quite getting good value for money.

I want to go another route.

The Fleet Street Letter can’t give you personal advice. But Eoin CAN share what he considers the very best wealth-building ideas and stock picks in the country. Ideas that arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Ideas that are timely, often alternative.

And we’re going to do it for a fee that’ll put most industry professionals to shame.

One year of The Fleet Street Letter costs just £249 a year.

That works out at UNDER 70p a day.

(About a quarter of the cost of a daily cup of coffee.)

That’s it.

No hidden fees. No cut of your profits. Just a flat rate subscription.

Why such good value?

Well, I don’t want price to stand in anyone’s way. And I know that the best outcome for both of us is for you to become a long-term subscriber of mine.

My hope here is that you will make The Fleet Street Letter part of your regular reading, as so many investors have since 1938.

I know I am with an excellent group of experts giving advice for me to then reflect and make my own decisions. I also appreciate and understand the relevance of the historical perspective and intellect documented of previous major historical events and their overall relevance on today’s world. New Investors most certainly try it. It provides independent, forthright information - a sound basis for investment.

Barbara Ann Facer

It’s well written. It’s easy to understand. It’s not over adventurous and it talks sense.

John Seaman

Of all your titles over about 15 years The Fleet Street Letter is my favourite. It does the research that I’d never have time for.

– Colin Byatt

I based my mortgage decision on The Fleet Street Letter’s forecast and it proved to be remarkably accurate.

– Ian Carrington

You have given me the big picture of everything, which Financial Advisors do not discuss – all of the information is valuable to me.

Glenis Kellet

The Fleet Street Letter often provides clear insightful analysis of what is going on behind the scenes in both the political and economic arenas. This is critical information for anybody who wishes to successfully navigate the tricky investment waters of today. Keep up the good work and thank you to all the team.

Glyn Williams

Today you can join them.

What’s more, I want you to review everything we have produced for you under no pressure whatsoever.

That’s why I’m giving you the next 30 days to trial the publication out under an iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

If you don’t like it, just get in touch and get your money back in full.

I think that’s a good deal. It’s one that I’d want if I were in your shoes.

And it’s why we’re charging a low, flat annual fee that’s easy to understand and affordable for everyone.

But it gets even better…

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In fact, you can save 48% by taking up my offer today.

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So… Decision time – are you with me?

I told you at the start of this letter… in this country, I’ll always be a hero to some and a villain to others.

I’ve made my peace with that.

And I know my new project will have some people up in arms. There are plenty of people out there who think that your money should be controlled and managed by someone else.

But no one cares about your money as much as you do.

Britain’s Great Wealth Revival – my crusade to empower you to understand more about your money – is all about you being in control.

And I believe – with Eoin’s recommendations in your back pocket and the connections The Fleet Street Letter provides – that you can do a better job in charge of your financial affairs than anyone else.

Particularly with the big changes in the world we are seeing.

Some will fall on the right side of these historical changes. Others could be left behind.

This is not the time to have someone else taking risks with your investment capital. Instead, it’s time to take back control.

Become the hero of your own financial future.

Accept my invitation to try out The Fleet Street Letter.

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There has never been a better or more opportune time to join… as I believe I have shown you in this special presentation – and, as you’ll discover when you take up your three-month, obligation-FREE trial.

Many thanks for your time today,

Nigel Farage
The Fleet Street Letter

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