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Bigger Than North Sea Oil

Ten miles off the coast of Scotland, a new $11.7 trillion energy revolution begins…

One so lucrative… an independent think tank believes it could SURPASS the oil and gas boom of the last 100 years… and “could easily equal the whole production of North Sea oil.”

Click PLAY to be one of the first investors to know what’s happening… before the government makes its official announcement.

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5-year performance figures:

Bitcoin – 2016: +123.27% / 2017: +2371.91% / 2018: -73.6% / 2019: +92.65% / 2020: +303.09%

XRP – 2016: +7.96% / 2017: +35302.3% / 2018: -84.77% / 2019: -45.23% / 2020: +13.95%

Canopy Growth – 2016: +207.74% / 2017: +225.38% / 2018: +23.1% / 2019: -25.4% / 2020: +14.68%

Advanced Micro Devices – 2016: +295.12% / 2017: -9.35% / 2018: +79.57% / 2019: +148.43% / 2020: +99.98%

Appen Ltd – 2016: +75.15% / 2017: +194.72% / 2018: +55.23% / 2019: +75.68% / 2020: +10.35%

VectolQ Acquisition Group (since inception) - 2018: +1.36% / 2019: +6.39%. Acquired by Nikola Motors June 2020

EEF portfolio annual performance since inception: Year 1: 241.44% / Year 2 (to 23/03/2021): 292.07%

5-year performance of Frontier Tech Investor Portfolio (Launched in Apr 2016): 2016: 7.86% / 2017: 16.24% / 2018: -8.62% / 2019: 18.56% / 2020: 18.3%


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