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Strange “white diesel” breakthrough could bring the oil age to a crushing halt

 Freshly cut Lithium by Dennis S.K is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Huge roll out already under way in 2017 – read on for the two stocks to own to profit from the greatest disruption the energy market has ever seen

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you want to make a fortune from the energy market in the next decade, then listen up – there’s not much time.

The biggest returns from energy stocks – the really life-changing money – is ALWAYS made right after a very particular, extraordinary event occurs.

Each time it’s happened, it has been followed by an explosion of wealth creation so incredible… it’s possible to make life-changing gains, from just one stock.

It is an extremely rare event.

In fact, it’s only occurred twice in the last 200 years.

And it’s happening AGAIN today

I’ll explain what that means and what you need to do about it in a second.

I’ll even introduce you to the particular investments you can make – right away – to stand the best chance of profiting.

One stock, for instance, could be on the verge of more than tripling – at speed.

That isn’t a life-changing gain. But it’s good enough to make a big difference to your portfolio this year. And to be frank, it could be just the start of a much bigger move higher in the long term, as this new fuel source completely reshapes the energy markets.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

As I’ll show you, certain stocks in this kind of situation have already made moves of 925% and 2,226% in the last few years.


It all comes down to a new way of generating power that’s seen a huge breakthrough recently.

I call it “white diesel”.

And I think it’s going to CRUSH traditional oil once and for all. You’ll see why that is in this report.

It has nothing to do with fracking, natural gas, coal or nuclear power.

And it’s more significant than solar, wind and other renewables.

In short, it’s the one energy source that could power the world for the next century.

But here’s the thing…

Just as in the earliest days of the oil age – and indeed the coal age before it – access to the commodity we need to develop this fuel source is extremely limited.

It’s scarce.

Extremely scarce.

Which creates an enormous opportunity for the handful of companies on the planet that have access to it. (I’ll name them all for you today, if you like. I’ll also name the one company I expect to make the biggest gains in the coming years.)

Just keep in mind: you don’t have a lot of time to move on this.

As you’re about to see, we’re in the very earliest stages of a trend that is going to turn the energy world on its head. It could destroy the oil industry as we know it. As a Financial Times story put it earlier this year, it’s already sending “a shiver down the spine of the oil majors”.

In situations like this, the biggest money is always made by the people who see what’s happening early… and make their move BEFORE everyone else.

It’s not how much you invest that makes the biggest difference.

It’s how early you are.

And the money is already flowing into this burgeoning sector. As I said, certain stocks have already exploded 900%-2,000%+ higher. Even keeping in mind that past performance is no guide to future results, you have to ask yourself…

Will you move early enough to catch the next move like that?

Keep reading and you’ll have a great chance of doing so.

But first, I need to tell you a story about the energy markets you’ve probably never heard before…

The energy secret of King George III

In the early 18th century, a British entrepreneur named Matthew Boulton was called before King George III.

Boulton has been described as “the Steve Jobs of 18th-century England”. He was a genius – an innovator and visionary.

He was summoned by the king to answer a very simple question: What was he working on?

Boulton answered that he was working on an invention that would produce the “commodity which is the desire of kings.”

Specifically, he meant “power, your majesty.”

Alongside his partner, James Watt, Boulton was developing a method of turning heat into movement – using coal to generate power with his “steam engine”.

Together, Boulton and Watt changed the fate of the world… and helped propel Britain towards a golden age of growth, innovation and wealth.

It was a remarkably simple formula. But it changed the world:

New technology enabled us to unlock the energy stored within coal… and use it to power the growth of our industry.

At a stroke, it turned coal into a vital commodity. Luckily, Britain had huge amounts of coal.

As did America.

So it is no surprise that Britain and America were the driving forces behind the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Steam and Railways… and the richest two countries in the world.

Abundant energy and the technology to unlock it was the bedrock of economic growth for 100 years.

Until, that is, a NEW fuel source came along…

Churchill’s secret obsession

It’s 1913.

Britain is on the brink of war with Germany.

And one of our greatest political and military leaders of all time is about to make a momentous decision…

Winston Churchill, chief of the Royal Navy, the greatest naval fighting force the world has ever seen, has decided to do something both risky and disruptive: to switch the entire fleet from coal power… to oil.

It’s a controversial decision.

Coal has been the number one energy source of the modern world for more than half a century.

But Churchill understands that is changing.

Just as steam power created huge demand for coal… another new technology, the internal combustion engine, is creating enormous demand for oil.

History is repeating itself.

Technology is allowing us to unlock the power stored within oil… and using it for our own purposes.

Which turns the energy world on its head once again.

This time, it’s oil producing regions that become rich beyond all imagining. Places like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Texas become vital to the entire energy world.

Churchill is smart enough to see this. He advises Parliament to purchase 51% of Anglo-Persian Oil stock… to give Britain access to Middle Eastern oil.

It was a shrewd move politically.

But financially it was a masterstroke: today we know Anglo-Persian Oil by its modern name, BP.

Churchill’s stake would be worth roughly 20,000,000% more today.

That’s right. We’re talking about a 20 MILLION percent gain. How many other situations do you know of where that kind of return is possible?

That’s the rare and extraordinary power of a situation like this:

There have been two occasions in the last 200 years when a breakthrough in technology allows us to unlock a new energy source…

And completely rewritten the rules of the whole market.

Each time, understanding and anticipating that shift would have made you an absolute fortune.

Which brings me to today…

I’ve written this letter to you because I believe it’s happening again.

It’s all because of an emerging technology – that I call “white diesel” – with such radical potential it’s FORCING the traditional energy market to change.

As it does, I believe the returns will be out of this world. Today I want to show you how to capitalise on them.

The hidden law of the energy market

Coal and oil have one key quality in common:

They’re both a STORE of energy we need technology to unlock.

On a basic level, that’s all any fossil fuel is: trapped energy.

That’s important.

Because the new energy source I believe is going to change the world is EXACTLY the same.

It’s a STORE of energy.

But not just one particular kind of energy.

It helps us trap and store ALL energy.

A simple idea, I know.

But it’s going to have an absolutely revolutionary impact on the world.

Why? Because it means we can generate power wherever we like… then STORE it for when we need it.

And there’s never been a more important time to be able to do that…

Right now there’s a HUGE move under way to shift the economy away from fossil fuels and towards new sources of energy.

The problem is, none of those new sources are viable without somewhere to store the energy.

Take solar…

Here’s a fact that must send a shiver down the spine of every Saudi sheik… Texas oilman… and everyone else connected to the oil and gas industry:

Humans use 410 quintillion Joules (that’s 410 with 18 zeroes) of energy each year.

But the Earth is hit by 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun… every single hour.

If that energy could be harnessed, that means the yearly energy needs of the entire planet – the energy provided annually by every barrel of oil, every lump of coal, every nuclear plant – could be replaced in 60 minutes.

But only IF we can store it somewhere.

Which is why there’s a huge amount of money pouring into the solar industry.

For instance, between 2004 and 2014 American capacity increased 40 times over as the chart below proves.

And the trend is accelerating. Last year, solar capacity in the USA was forecast to grow by 25%-50% – an extraordinarily fast growth rate.

But guess what happened?

Solar SMASHED the forecasts… with capacity growing by 95% last year alone.

That’s a near exponential growth rate.

And it’s being mirrored worldwide.

In fact, according to data compiled by Europe’s solar power trade body… global capacity growth increased by a dramatic 50% last year… as this chart shows:

How much clearer could the evidence be?

These are graphic illustrations of an industry that is growing at a staggering rate.

Oil, coal, gas… they have no chance of growing at a rate like this.

Rapidly advancing technology is turning solar and other renewables into an investment opportunity that cannot be ignored.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

In fact, ignore it and we believe you could miss out on returns of 261% and 582% from just the first two stocks I’m going to introduce you to.

The world’s wealthy and powerful certainly aren’t ignoring it. Consider:

  • China has already cornered a huge part of the solar market, producing 17% of the world’s solar capacity. Solar capacity in the country has expanded almost five times since 2012. In fact in 2015 China began building a ten square mile solar farm in the Gobi desert, as part of an $83 billion investment plan.
  • Not to be outdone, India is building the world’s biggest solar plant in a $596 million project.
  • In France plans are under way to build 1,000 kilometres of "solar roads", in a feat of engineering that could provide power for five million people.

And it isn’t only sovereign nations putting their cash into solar and renewable energy…

  • Apple is investing nearly $1 billion.
  • Google has invested $300 million.
  • Walmart ’s investment is so enormous – and so cost-effective – the global retailer is projected to save as much as $1 billion annually on energy costs.
  • And the US Department of Defence, the largest energy consumer in the world, has committed $7 billion in one solar project..

Give it two seconds thought and it’s obvious what’s happening. The world is moving AWAY from fossil fuels and towards new, clean sources.

As investment research firm Bernstein put it, “Whether or not you believe in climate change, an unstoppable shift away from coal and oil towards lower-carbon fuels is under way, which will ultimately bring about an end to the oil age.”

In fact, between 2004 and 2015, investment in renewables increased by 700%. And that’s just the start. 

It’s now crushing the growth rate we’re seeing for fossil fuels, just look:

But here’s the thing…

This energy revolution can ONLY take hold if we can find a way of storing all the energy that renewables create.

Which means the single most important technology in the world right now involves battery technology.

Dawn of the “White diesel” age

A lump of coal… a barrel of oil…

They’re just primitive batteries – stores of fossil fuel.

Now we’re seeing the MODERN battery industry come of age.

“For many companies, energy storage is seen as the holy grail,” said Logan Goldie-Scot, an analyst at the data provider Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

In the oil and gas industry, we have huge pipelines and oil tankers. This is a multi-million dollar industry in its own right.

This has historically been a problem for renewables.

Batteries solve that. They store and distribute energy to where it’s needed.

And the same trends driving solar are creating stunning growth in battery technology.

Global storage capacity has skyrocketed as the cost has fallen. In the five years between 2008 and 2013, capacity for lithium-ion batteries increased more than eightfold:

Which is why major tech firms have been pouring cash into the battery industry.

Tesla Motors – run by the world famous Elon Musk – has invested millions in developing battery tech. In fact, Tesla has built a 3,000 acre "gigafactory" – a project designed to massively increase the world capacity of lithium batteries.

It opened for business at the start of 2017. This isn’t just some faraway “one day” project. This is happening now.

Then you have Panasonic – another huge company investing in battery tech. It teamed up with Tesla on the gigafactory. It’s investing big in battery tech.

Upshot? It made a $913 million profit from its battery related business last year.

Then you have General Motors… Apple… Sony… as well as countless private firms (one backed by Bill Gates).

They’re all pouring cash into the industry.

It’s not hard to see why.

Battery tech is vital to renewable energy. It’s the new oil. That’s why I call it “solid state” oil. It does precisely what oil does – store energy – but in a MUCH better way.

Solar. Wind. Tidal.

They ALL need a place to trap the energy they generate.

Or to put it another way…

They need a high end BATTERY before they become viable sources of energy.

Which presents a major opportunity for you.

You see, thanks to incredible advances in renewable energy in recent years, battery technology is now one of the hottest sectors on the planet.

For instance, market research firm Frost & Sullivan predicts the lithium battery market will grow from $17.5 billion in 2013 to $76.4 billion in 2020, a 23% compound annual growth rate.

So the next question is…

How can YOU cash in on
the race to develop battery tech?

There’s a very simple answer.

You see, there’s one strategic asset that everyone needs to develop battery tech.

If you want to build a high-end battery… you need it.

If you want to research battery tech… you need it.

In short, if you want to store energy… you need this strategic commodity.

It’s every bit as important as coal was 200 years ago… or oil was a century ago.

And just like coal and oil, it can only be found in a limited number of places.

In the industry, it’s sometimes called “white diesel” – because it could one day replace traditional diesel altogether.

I’m talking about the vital component in high-end li-ion batteries… lithium.

Quite simply, lithium could be the world’s most valuable commodity in the coming years… as battery tech takes off and demand goes through the roof.

And owning certain lithium producers could well be the smartest move you can make in 2017. The stock we have our eye on could shoot 261% higher in the next five years.

Bottom line: the conditions are RIPE for a major lithium bull market.

In fact, that’s already starting to happen…

Demand is spiking

Demand for lithium is already on the up.

According to Deutsche Bank analysis, global lithium demand will almost triple between 2015 and 2025 – with battery tech accounting for 70% of the growth.

Morningstar analysts believe the ramp up could be even steeper – more than quadrupling in the same time period.

And that’s on top of an incredible rise in the last two years. Between 2014 and 2016, lithium prices tripled.

Whichever way you cut it, demand looks set to rocket. And as you’d expect in this kind of situation, we’re already seeing a scramble for lithium assets the world over.

For instance, in January 2017 an Australian miner received a bid on a lithium deposit in Africa from to a Chinese buyer… for 2,000 times more than it paid for it, just 11 months before.

Prices are skyrocketing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I’ll save a few and show you a chart that says more than I can about what increased demand is doing to the price of lithium…

In some places, the leap higher has been even more severe. For instance, in China the price of battery-grade lithium almost tripled last year, from $7,000 per tonne to $20,000.

Share prices are ALREADY moving

I believe we’re in the early stages of a decades' long energy trend… away from oil, and towards renewables and battery tech.

And early investors have already cottoned on to that – sending the share prices of certain lithium producers skyrocketing.

Take a look at the share price of International Lithium Corporation. Since 2015, it has jumped more than 900% (keep in mind that past performance isn’t a guide to future results).

Or have you ever heard of Rock Tech Lithium? Its share price has been on an absolute tear recently, jumping 2,226% since the beginning of 2015:

The early money is already moving.

Today you have the chance to get in before the NEXT big upswing happens.

In fact, the company we’ve found could be on the verge of a 200% leap higher.

Cash in on battery tech’s “secret supplier”

According to Jamie Speirs, an energy analyst at Imperial College London,"Lithium is a pretty abundant element naturally.”

The problem is, "the current supply chain will not match up with lithium demand by, say, 2040."

You read that right.

Experts believe there will be a mismatch between supply and demand for the next 23 YEARS.

That’s a dream scenario for lithium producers.

And the fact is, there aren’t a lot of producers out there. Those that are have a major advantage – they could become the BPs, Shells and Saudi Aramcos of the lithium age.

These firms don’t make it into the press all that often.

They’re the “secret suppliers” of the tech and renewable energy industry… the firms that quietly provide the vital commodity the industry needs to sustain its growth.

Owning a stake in one of these firms could be an incredibly smart move in the coming years.

In fact, we’ve discovered one company that’s fast developing new lithium deposits as we speak. It’s bringing new supply on stream to meet the skyrocketing demand.

And it’s the PERFECT stock to own as the world shifts away from oil… and towards new sources of energy.

Which is why I’ve compiled all of our research on it into a special report I’d like to send you today. This report tells you everything you need to know to invest, right down to the ticker symbol and price to pay.

It’s called “The end of oil: How to profit from the most important energy trend in the world today”. And if you’re interested in profiting from this shift in the energy markets… it’s a must read.

It explains everything… including the risks involved here. And there are risks. In such a fast moving environment, prices can be volatile. There’s also the chance, as with any miner, that politics interferes in economics.

And while this is a competitive market – it also takes time for new sources of supply to come on stream (sometimes more than a decade). So I think it’s unlikely we’ll see a sudden supply glut.

The point is, if you want to stand any chance of profiting here… you need to understand everything about this firm.

Which means you need to grab your copy of this report now.

I’ll show you how to grab a copy in a second.

But first, there’s something else you should know.

Because lithium batteries aren’t just at the heart of ONE global energy story…

They’re the driving force behind a second major trend, too. Let me quickly show you…

Could “white diesel” kill the combustion engine?

The internal combustion engine helped create huge demand for oil.

It made cheap motor, rail and air travel possible, revolutionising both society and industry as it did so.

But that age is over.

A new kind of engine is rising fast – one that doesn’t run on fossil fuels, but electricity.

Again, the shift to electric vehicles is happening fast. It’ll sweep the markets much faster than driverless cars will. In fact, it’s already happening…

According to Bloomberg figures, electric vehicle sales grew by 60% worldwide in 2015. That’s an eye watering growth rate. But it’s not surprising, given that virtually every manufacturer in the world is working on an electric vehicle.

General Motors, Tesla, Nissan – they’re all investing heavily in the technology.

That same Bloomberg analysis also found that if current trends continue, electric cars will replace the equivalent of two million barrels of oil per day by 2023. That’s the same amount of excess supply that caused oil to crash to below $30 in 2014.

It could happen again. But this time, permanently so.

It’s all very interesting. But the key point you need to understand here – if you want to profit from this trend personally – is this:

Electric car batteries require an enormous amount of lithium.

For instance, a Tesla Model S battery has 63 kilograms of lithium in it. That’s the equivalent of 10,000 smartphones.

That’s yet another source of demand for lithium. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk put it, “In order to produce a half million cars per year… we would basically need to absorb the entire world’s lithium-ion production.”

It’s blindingly obvious…

Tesla NEEDS lithium to succeed.

And so does everyone else.

It’s perhaps the best “backdoor” energy trade in the world. And the time to move on it is NOW, before demand skyrockets even further and shares in lithium producers go through the roof.

That’s why you need to get hold of a copy of “The end of oil: How to profit from the most important energy trend in the world today” right away.

Just say the word and I’ll send it you, via email, immediately.

But wait. You won’t just discover ONE incredible way of playing the shift to new energy.

You’ll also find out about another stock we believe is a buy today, too.

Five times your money from "spray on" solar

Imagine you could turn every pane of glass on the planet into a solar panel…

If every window or windscreen suddenly became its own little power station, tapping the power of the sun to power a home, office block or vehicle.

It’s something that would be nothing short of revolutionary.

Picture it: huge skyscrapers like the Shard or the Empire State Building turned into shining power stations in the middle of the biggest cities…

Every new office block transformed from mere glass and steel into ways of solving one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Every home quietly generating its own power, without the need to install dedicated solar panels on the roof.

It’d change the way we power the world virtually overnight.

And it’s EXACTLY what our #1 solar company has found a way of doing.

It has developed a kind of "spray on solar" that turns windows into solar panels without compromising on clarity.

It’s the only firm in the world that has this technology, with a portfolio of more than 40 patents protecting its business. These patents alone could be worth millions.

And not only that… it can provide its technology at a MUCH cheaper cost than “regular” solar panels.

In fact, according to the company’s own figures, spend £100 on this technology and you’d see a £100 saving on energy costs within 12 months.

And here’s why this company is so exciting today…

Its newly developed solar tech is on the verge of becoming widely available. After more than a decade in the lab, it is slated to roll out to the market in 2017.

The immediate market for that launch is 85 million homes and businesses in the US.

That roll out could be the trigger for a major move up in this company’s shares.

I’m talking five times higher over the next five years.

Which means you have the opportunity to get in before the product goes mainstream – when the biggest gains are made.

Again, there are risks. The key risk here is this is a small firm in a competitive market. We think it has the edge over its rivals. But the market will decide in the end. If a competitor beats it to the punch… you could make a loss. You need to be aware of that.

But we believe the case for a big gain here is strong. That’s why we’re recommending it. And it’s why we’re open about the risks.

Which is why you’ll discover everything you need to know about it in our latest report, “The end of oil: How to profit from the most important energy trend in the world today”.

There’s never been a better time to claim a copy of this report.

And right now, there’s a very simple way to get your hands on it…

Battery tech’s time has come…
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If you’re the kind of person who feels sick at the thought of making even a small loss, or you don’t have a bit of spare capital you can afford to lose…

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There can be a big difference between the buying and selling price (bid/offer spread). So if you need to sell soon after you’ve bought, you may make a loss – even if the share price has gone up slightly.

Again, that’s part of the trade-off – it’s what creates the opportunity to buy businesses with great potential at lower prices.

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Nick O’Connor

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