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the Exponentialist

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The book normally sells for £24.99.

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It’s my job to bring you the biggest and most rewarding financial opportunities available to you.

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results
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“Can I afford NOT to read this book?”

Writing this book, I spoke to hundreds of different technology experts… and spent more than £100,000 putting this all together.

So let me be blunt.

If you feel like technology just “isn’t your thing”…

Or that the advances we’re witnessing today “won’t affect you” somehow…

You’re making a HUGE mistake.

Not everyone likes taking a risk and investing in new technology. That’s fine. You know what’s best for you and your money.

But whether you want to capitalise on new technology or not, you need to understand how new technology is going to change your life.

And how it already is.

I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.

Recently I sat down to answer some key questions I’ve had about the book.

Simply click play on each video to watch it…

Q. Why did you write the book?



Q. What surprised you most when researching the book?



Q. What do you want people to take away from the book?



Q. Why are you allowing people to get a complimentary copy?



The breakthrough technologies I share in the book will define the next 50 years of human civilisation. Just in the same way that the personal computer and internet have defined the last fifty years.

They’ll change the kind of drugs and medical treatment available to us.

They’ll change how we power our homes.

They’ll change the workplace (and yes, they could put lots of people out of a job). According to Digital Trends, robots could put 5 million people out of work by 2020.

They’ll change the way we educate our children and care for the elderly.

You cannot afford to let these advances leave you behind.

Which is why I set out to understand them by speaking to the experts pushing the industry forward…

  • For instance, if you want to understand gene editing, why not hear what one of the men who helped create it, Professor George Church, has to say? (page 116)
  • Or if you’re interested in artificial intelligence… why not get the insights of the programmers and academics developing it – people like coder Joshua Browder (page 65) or Oxford Institute for Future of Humanity’s Cecilia Tilli? (page 84)

In The Exponentialist you’ll get the insights of the most important people in the most important tech industries. Simple as that.

And here’s another reason you cannot afford to ignore what’s going on in technology right now:

Whether you like it or not,
these tech breakthroughs will
disrupt your existing investments.

For instance, if you own any “traditional” oil and gas investments… do you understand how solar, lithium batteries and geothermal energy is already disrupting their business model?

You should.

It’s already happening. And it’s happening faster than anyone thought possible.

You only have to look at a place like Chile – which has so much solar energy it’s literally giving it away for free – to see how a distributed network threatens the “traditional” industry.

Or let’s look closer to home, here in the UK – in March last year solar and wind overtook nuclear as a source of electricity. As reported in the Independent, “Plunging price of renewables is allowing low carbon energy to replace coal and gas”.

Or how about any medical or pharmaceutical stocks? Do you know how the exponentially falling cost of genome sequencing will change how they develop new drugs and treatments?

Again, it’s vital that you do.

Even if you don’t personally own big pharmaceutical companies or energy stocks, it’s very likely your pension provider does. So this is vital to your money and your life.

And keep in mind: Understanding these trends will help you keep up with the sweeping change they’ll bring about in the world. You will be informed and ahead of the curve.

It will also reveal a huge financial opportunity for you to invest in the companies making it happen.

I believe you should grasp it. And I’d like to help you do so. At no cost other than the unavoidable production and distribution of getting the e-copy to your inbox. I’ll show you how to get your hands on it in a moment – all it takes is one very simple step.

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Because at the heart of my book is a very powerful idea. And understanding that idea has the potential to make you substantial money from tech stocks…

The grand tech cycle

In a nutshell: the world moves in long, powerful cycles that very few people can see and even fewer understand.

I’m not talking about the business cycle, or the credit cycle (though these are connected to what I’m talking about).

I mean cycles that last as long as 50 or 60 years – the kind that remakes the world around them completely.

These cycles have many different characteristics.

But they are always driven by technology.

Not a small change to your iPhone… I’m talking about the kind of new innovation that turns society on its head. Things like steam power, the train, heavy duty steel, mass produced cars and the silicon microchip.

My book joins the dots on everything you see developing around you: from robot factories to drone warfare… from renewable energy to artificial minds… it’s all part of a powerful technological cycle.

The Russian economist Nikolai Kondratiev, operating in the 1920s and 30s, called these innovations “extra-economic events” – things that happen outside of the business cycle, but that influence them deeply.

Economic historian Carolota Perez called them “technological irruptions”. She believes there have been five in the last 250 years, each changing society for 50 years.

The last one came 50 years ago – and it gave birth to the fortune-making computer and internet companies dominating the markets today.

By that measure, we are due our own.

And what I’m offering you today will show you what’s going on… and help you take advantage.

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As an investor what more could you want?

I’ll show you in a moment how you can claim your copy. First, I want to show you why this is a huge financial opportunity for you.

If you want to profit from this revolution – you need to read this book

My name, by the way, is Nick O’Connor.

I’m Publisher at Southbank Investment Research.

Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to speak to some of the brightest investment experts and tech leaders in Britain. Men and women at the frontier of innovation.

And I think of these innovations like new stars in a solar system.

They’re powerful enough to reorganise everything around them, just as a star pulls planets into its orbit.

Think about the industrial revolution for instance…

The invention of steam power reorganised society around industry. It dragged people away from the countryside and rural work, towards cities.

It changed the kind of work people did, the kind of goods society produced, the kind of fuel we required as a nation. It made both Britain and the entrepreneurs that invested in it rich.

Life before steam power was radically different to life afterwards.

The same goes for mass produced cars or the railways. And think about the micro-chip – and all its associated innovations like the internet, personal computers, mobile phones and the digital age.

That’s completely changed the way we live our lives, invest our money and think about the future.

So what’s next?

What’s the next technology that will emerge like a new star in the sky, powerful enough to reorganise our lives around it and make tomorrow look radically different from today?

In writing this book, that’s what I set out to discover.

In the course of my research I travelled 20,000 miles and spoke to the biggest players at the cutting edge of: artificial intelligence, gene editing, robotics and solar power.

Any one of these ideas could trigger the start of the next cycle, reshaping the world around us. In fact, that process may already have begun…

This is just a glimpse of what you’ll discover in The Exponentialist.

Which is why I dedicated more than a year of research to bring you the insights of the people who know and understand these industries the best – the researchers, inventors and practitioners driving them on…

And why, as Publisher, I can take away all cost and get the book over to you for free.

You’ll get a 360 degree view of a hugely important technology from the people who know it best.

the Exponentialist

Whether you want to invest in it…

Understand how it works…

Explain it to your children and grandchildren (because it WILL affect them)…

Or just educate yourself about a vital change to society and the world…

You need to read this. NOW.

And you need to claim your gratis copy while you can STILL get it for free.

In fact, I believe our insights and research into genetic editing alone make The Exponentialist a must read.

But you’ll discover so much more when you get your hands on a copy.

You’ll get a full understanding of the key technologies shaping out future.

Here’s a glimpse of what I cover in the book:


For instance, you’ll hear from Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT on the uses of robotics. His ideas on the overturning of “Moravec’s Paradox” alone are worth reading as they explain precisely where robotics is now, and how you can expect it to develop.

You’ll hear from Pictet Robots Fund Lead Manager Karen Kharmandarian, who’s responsible for investing millions of client capital in this fast growing industry.

You’ll discover one company’s plan for a “menagerie” of robots around the house, when you hear from iRobot CEO Colin Angle

You’ll see why soon remote, robotic surgery could take a huge leap forward, with major benefits to patients – from an expert driving the industry on: Professor Kaspar Althoefer, Head of the Centre for Robotics Research at King's College London.


You’ll hear from Cecilia Tilli, academic project manager at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, on the vital distinction between general AI and narrow AI (note: narrow AI is already here in a BIG way).

Will AI result in a leap forward or will, as some people have suggested, it result in the end of the human race? You’ll get real, expert views on the subject from AI specialist Joanna Bryson, from Bath and Princeton universities.

If you want to know how AI is actually being used already – in a real commercial sense – you need to hear from Jeremy Howard. Howard is the co-founder and CEO of a company called Enlitic (named one of MIT Tech Review’s top 50 smartest companies of 2015). He’s one of the most impressive speakers on this subject, and runs a company that’s already applying AI to the medical industry – with incredible results.

And if you’re talking about commercial applications, you can’t ignore the legal industry. That’s why we spoke to computer programmer Joshua Browder, who’s developed an AI lawyer that helped save millions of pounds in legal fees last year.


Then you have solar. You’ll hear from Stanford University’s Professor Mark Jacobson – a well-connected solar and renewables expert with an extraordinary plan to develop solar in the USA. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders endorsed his plan. You’ll see exactly what it is when Jacobson lays everything out for you.

You’ll also hear from people who are on the front lines of the solar industry, people like SolarWindow CEO John Conklin.

You’ll also get a “big picture” insight on the industry from angel investor and tech entrepreneur David Brown. In fact, you’ll hear from all kinds of big picture experts, including our very own Eoin Treacy – a $600m fund manager with 20 years’ experience in breakthrough tech.


How do you turn all this ground-level knowledge and foresight into action? Simple. By following the lead of the best tech investors in history.

In this chapter you will discover how “that’ll never happen” thinking is trumped time and time again by the unstoppable tech cycle. And how adopting the visionary investor mind-set could lead to vast wealth accumulation from the tech market.

In short, if you’re interested in technology… and you want to understand how it’ll affect you and your family… and you want to know how some of the smartest people around are investing their money…

This is a must read.

No – it’s more than that… this is vital reading material for any investor worth his salt.

In fact, if you are going to read ONE book to help you understand the world today and give you a real and immediate chance to start dramatically growing your wealth…


And just to make something clear:

I didn’t spend over a year of my life writing this book just to share my excitement at the technological wonder ahead of us…

I am bringing this to you today because…

Accelerated progress =
accelerated wealth creation

Make no mistake…

Investing NOW in the breakthrough tech of tomorrow is your best chance of dramatically improving your wealth.

I wrote this book to wake you up to the enormity of the financial opportunity at your feet.

That’s why I am taking the time and effort to explain what’s happening.

And waiving the £24.99 cost of the book.

AND handing you a tech investing package worth more than £500 so you can position your stake now in this erupting story.

If I had been writing to you at the beginning of the last great age of change – the dawn of the information revolution – I would have done the same thing.

I would have taken the time to try and show you how email, search engines, mobile banking and social media would change all our lives forever.

Chances are, investing in those technologies back then would have made you fantastically wealthy today.

That said, if you’re a seasoned investor, you’ll know that no opportunity – even one as abundant as this – comes with guarantees. And you’ll also know that past performance doesn’t guarantee future winners.

But still, if you’d understood what was happening in and moved at the right time… you could have made more than 5,000% on your money on companies like Amazon, Adobe and Microsoft.

But this time round, the changes will be at an even deeper level… on an even bigger scale… at an even faster pace… and the profits could be even bigger too.

Computers and the internet changed the way we interact with the world. No one could argue otherwise.

But the next tech disruption is rewriting the rules of our world… reweaving its very fabric…

And rebuilding a better one.

Investing EARY in such world-changing tech stocks can hand you life-changing returns – just look:


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance: 2014: +35.15%, 2015: +22.22%, 2016: +14.65%, 2017: +40.22% 2018: +20.21%, 2019 to date: +16.57%


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance: 2014: -22.18%, 2015: +117.78%, 2016: +10.65%, 2017: +55.96%, 2018: +28.43%, 2019 to date: +18.56%

Those are two very famous examples. And in all of these examples I’m showing you the gain from the bottom to the top – not many people will have had the foresight to get in so early, and hold on until now. But I believe those that get informed early in breakthrough technology have a much better chance than anyone else. I hope you can see it is well worth the small effort to do so.

For example, have you heard of Applied Materials?

It is the number one supplier for the entire semiconductor market. And it has seen exponential growth over the last two decades:

Early investors will have seen a 43,929% return on their investment. Imagine that. Imagine you had some way of accessing tomorrow’s world-changing stocks TODAY. Well, that’s what I aim to provide you with right here and now.

So let’s look FORWARD!

Now, the next wave of world-changing tech is starting to explode onto the markets…

And with it an opportunity that could be on an even bigger scale for investors…

This is already happening. And the money you could make long term could surpass anything you have experienced before.

Just look at some of the break-out tech stocks shooting up in price:


The essence of disruptive tech – Netflix has changed the way we watch films and television forever. And its share price has matched its contagious growth:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance: 2014: -1.44%, 2015: +134.38%, 2016: +8.24%, 2017: +55.06%, 2018: +39.44%, 2019 to date: +33.21%


What happens when you develop the best visual computing tech the world has ever seen… and strike partnerships with giants like Ninetendo, Mercedes, BMW and HP, Intel and Alibaba?


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance: 2014: +35.20%, 2015: +66.36%, 2016: +225.32%, 2017: +81.82%, 2018: -30.69%, 2019 to date: +34.62%


The explosion in the medical device industry is one of the biggest growth stories of the decade… and this forerunner has made investors an absolute packet:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
5 year performance: 2014: -2.15%, 2015: +17.78%, 2016: +45.98%, 2017: +131.13%, 2018: -5.74%, 2019 to date: +35.76%

Those are just three breath taking examples. I could show you hundreds. But of course technology is speculative in nature. Visionary companies take a risk. Many times that risk does not come off. So that means tech investing is not steady and “reliable” like bluechip investing.

The trade-off for that extra risk is a shot at the largest returns the financial markets can offer. You must be willing to take that risk.

But I think you must get it by now:

Locking on early-doors to breakthrough tech stocks is capable of massive financial upside.

Huge breakthroughs in technology, especially of this magnitude, are rare

But they always come hand in hand with accelerated wealth.

Industrialists made fortunes from the Industrial Revolution.

Ordinary investors became millionaires from the Information Revolution… small stakes in Google, Adobe and Intel transformed into lasting wealth.

This time round, I believe we’ll see a wealth explosion on the same scale. And while past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, there’s no doubt the potential for life changing gains from these tech breakthroughs is here.

And this time you will have the opportunity to get in EARLY… before the biggest potential gains are made!

This revolution is underway… it's erupting… investors are already making money and your time to take full advantage could be short.

That’s what makes this so exiting to learn about… and to invest in.

And that’s why I’m allowing you to grab a copy of my book – and your valuable tech investing wealth package – on a complimentary basis.

But that is not all you will receive.

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Frontier Tech Investor

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All you are required to pay is the unavoidable £3.95 cost of getting the material over to you safely and securely.

Before you take me up on it, I’d like to show you what makes your 30-day all-access pass so valuable:

Your gateway to world-changing companies and potentially life changing profits

Right now, staking your money in little breakthrough tech firms could provide you a huge return on your cash.

Eoin Treacy

And Eoin Treacy is the man to show you how to take advantage.

As Investment Director of Frontier Tech Investor, Eoin is a very close colleague and friend of mine here at Southbank Investment Research.

He is a world renowned tech investor and trader with the knowhow to get you into breakout tech stocks BEFORE the rest of the market has even heard of them.

Over the past few years, Eoin has shown his readers how to capitalise on the exploding tech market – homing in on solar stocks, battery tech firms, companies pioneering robotics and artificial intelligence.

To say Eoin ‘knows his stuff’ is putting it lightly, He’s an author... trader... advisor to the rich… fund manager... technology expert... and much more.

He’s known and respected the world over, with numerous appearances on Bloomberg TV (in the UK and India), CNBC, NDTV, CNN and the BBC World Service.

Here's Eoin showing managers of some of the world's biggest funds how to select stocks worth investing in.

He’s given sell-out presentations to traders and analysts in every major “hub” of the financial system, including London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Copenhagen, Dublin and San Francisco.

His book – Crowd Money – was described by world famous businessman Bill Bonner as “a treasure trove of insights”. And it was shortlisted for the Technical Analysis book of the year.

He’s worked with and advised many multi-billion dollar firms, like Shell, Nestle, Rio Tinto, Chandler Brothers, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Breven Howard.

If you’re going to seek tech investing guidance from anyone – who better than the man who bought Tesla for less than $10?!

Quite simply, Eoin is one of the most respected financial minds in the world. And he is one of the best tech investors I’ve ever come across.

Frankly, you are very lucky to get 30 days of Eoin’s elite tech analysis and tips the moment you claim your book today..

Frontier Tech Investor is Eoin’s direct method of showing UK investors how to get in early on the world’s next tech superstars.

Every month he sends his readers a special bulletin, with a recommendation and his elite market analysis.

Here’s a peak at the opportunities members have been enjoying recently:

In each bulletin Eoin provides you with a full investment case and reveals all the risks and potential rewards. You will know everything worth knowing about these break-out opportunities.

His readers certainly see the huge value of his work:

“Blue sky thinking and brilliant up to date research, really exceptional articles of interest…” Digby

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Over the past three years, Eoin has given his readers a chance to bank substantial returns from breakout tech stocks…

And in his exclusive Frontier Tech Investor model portfolio is showing standout gains of 33%, 60%, and 105%... even though it’s early days for these plays.

Not every stock is a winner of course. Investors will always encounter losses. For example, we are looking at stocks that have dropped 27% and 9% right now in the open portfolio. Losses are something all investors must accept.

But what I want you to see is the huge potential here for you, from getting the recommendations of a $600m tech market veteran.

And the deep value of what I am putting on the table for you today…

To recap:

My offer gives you a free copy of The Exponentialist...

A tech investing wealth package (worth £531)…

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Opening up a suite of dedicated investment research and recommendations:

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wealth package

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The nature of tech investing means that we’ll be aiming to get in at the ground floor. That means that companies may still be developing products or going through product trials.

There is no guarantee that they will be successful and the share prices will likely be volatile, meaning the price has the potential to swing up and down.

You need to be able to stomach that and not panic. We’re looking to invest in companies with longer term potential… world-changing capability like the ones I showed you earlier.

We’re aiming for the Amazons, Applied Materials, Microsofts of the market. It’s important you are able to see the big picture.

All that means that if things don’t go our way, you could lose some or even all of your investment.

Sometimes we’ll look at smaller shares. These can be quite ‘thinly’ traded. They’re not the kind of shares everyone knows about and trades regularly. This can sometimes make them a little difficult to trade.

But of course if at any point you’re uncomfortable with the risks involved, you can always paper trade each recommendation, sit the riskier plays out or – if it really isn’t for you – walk away.

I think that’s fair. It puts you in the driving seat.

Why am I giving you a 30-day all access pass to Frontier Tech Investor for free?

As Publisher, I want you to see that our work is valuable. In fact, I believe it is the best investment research available to you.

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As Publisher, I have arranged this deal because I think now, more than ever, it is crucial UK investors like you have the best information and insight you can get… in a convenient way… and from a trusted and credible source.

Making everything I have told you about today available on a complimentary basis is the best way I can think of to make that a reality for you.

So, let’s recap...

Not only will you get a copy of my book today... you will also receive a complimentary 30-day trial to Frontier Tech Investor, which includes all of the valuable material I have just shown you.

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As I said, I do not want there to be ANY barriers here. I want to make it easy for you to:

  1. Understand what this tech revolution means for your life and wealth
  2. Identify which companies are driving this movement forward
  3. Act decisively and invest in these companies EARLY.

To make it happen and take a first important step to becoming a better and potentially far wealthier investor…

It takes less than the cost of a pint in a London pub!

All you are set to pay now is the unavoidable £3.95 for production and distribution so I can get the book over to you as quickly as possible.

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Ignore this at your own risk!

The opportunities you'll discover each month in Frontier Tech Investor may shock you at first.

That's true of ALL great tech opportunities.

True, radical breakthroughs are ALWAYS ignored by the majority of investors. They put their head in the sand and claim "it won't happen in my lifetime".

The problem is, this kind of thinking can cost people TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds.

Being bold and taking a risk doesn't come naturally to some... no matter what the potential rewards.

They think, "I've heard this before. I'll wait and see what happens. I have time. I'll leave it another year or two, then invest."

Don't make that mistake today.

The biggest money is always made by those who understand what's happening, take a risk (often with just a small amount of their capital) and ACT EARLY.

Most investors dismissed companies like Amazon and Google when they were tiny internet start-ups.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

And if they'd kept hold of their shares until December 2012, they'd have been sitting on almost 5,000% in just eight years (not taking into account dealing costs or taxes).

If you bought shares in Amazon in July 1997 (when the company was virtually unknown) you'd have made gains of 5,319% by March 1999 — less than two years later.

But even accounting for the fact that past performance isn't a guide to future results, it's still fair to say that anyone who bought Apple shares in December 2001 made one of the best decisions of their lives. They would have made 1,254% by September 2007.

And if you simply just bought it in 1997 and forgot about it until today your investment would be 79,002% higher — turning a simple £1,000 stake into over £1m.

Or what about solar firm Solar Power Inc?

At the start of 2013, shares in the business languished at less than 50 cents. Then, a series of breakthroughs for the business sent shares on a tear, soaring 2,600% in just three years!

These are extreme examples.

My point is: even accounting for the fact past performance isn't a guide to future results, ignoring these companies was the biggest mistake some investors ever made.

Maybe it was a mistake YOU made, too?

No matter.

You have another chance right in front of you. A better and bigger chance! Armed with my book AND your break-out tech stock reports – I’m handing you an opportunity to take full advantage!

Don’t waste it!


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Time to decide

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My answer is a resounding “NO”.

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Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Frontier Tech Investor

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As you can see, I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure I share as much of my discoveries as I can with you... and you will be shocked at just how far technology is taking us:

They include:

  • How adoption rates of new technology and devices have hit an exponential point.
  • How it took google almost ten years to hit a market cap of a billion… but the new tech superstars can achieve it in just 12 months.
  • The ‘psychological bias’ that prevents most people recognising and moving ahead of big changes in society or the financial markets… and how you can overcome it.
  • The 2 million strong ‘army’ of programmers in India that could re-write the world as we know it.
  • With world governments broke, the financial system going through the most turbulent cycle in modern history and political uncertainty around the globe… The Exponentialist shows you how pioneers in technology are bypassing these traditional corridors of power and remaking the world themselves.

This really is one of the most important and insightful books you’ll read this year, next year, or in the next TEN years. So don’t delay – reserve your copy today and get properly informed on the biggest technological revolution our world has EVER seen.


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