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The Truth About 5G

Look past the conspiracies and you’ll see they are a symptom of a powerful trend – dating back to 370BCE – that has played out with every leap forward in human history.

Showcased below: how to capitalise on this trend with two 5G investments that could soar as the roll-out fuels an estimated 65,150% increase in 5G subscriptions.


Dear Investor,

Across the country people are doing something strange.

They’re ignoring social distancing rules…

Venturing outside of their homes...

And lighting telephone masts on fire.

Take a look at this one in Birmingham…

(Source: Twitter)

And this one lighting up the night sky...

(Source: Twitter)

And look at this charred mess, this time from the US...

(Source: Twitter)

According to recent reports, arsonists have attacked 53 5G masts across the country.

You’ve no doubt seen the news stories. You know why people are doing this.

They believe 5G — the next great leap for internet speeds — has something to do with the Covid-19 crisis.

Conspiracy theorists have a number of explanations for 5G.

You can find people who believe the government is engineering vaccines to contain toxic substances that 5G will ‘push’ into your cells…

Others believe it reduces the amount of oxygen in the air — slowly suffocating anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Today, I am not going to try to convince you that these theories are right or wrong.

This is not the BBC. I’m not going to try and tell you what to think.

Instead, I’d like to address what happens when you look past the headlines. Past Eamonn Holmes, Amanda Holden and David Icke.

When you do, you’ll see there is a reason why 5G is the only topic to steal mainstream media coverage from that of Covid-19.

It explains why the government has given telecoms engineers laying 5G infrastructure the same "key worker” status as doctors and nurses fighting Covid-19 in hospitals.

Why, during the coronavirus panic, Boris Johnson made Britain's plans to implement 5G a priority in parliamentary debate…

And why research firm IHS Markit sees 5G sparking 694,636% in industry growth…

Turning a tiny $1.3 billion niche industry into $13.2 trillion… in one fell swoop.

(Source: Qualcomm)

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

It is all because it is part of a powerful trend that dates back to 370 BCE. One that Plato first wrote about in his dialogue Phaedrus.

And when you see the moving parts behind this trend, you’ll instantly see why 5G triggers such an emotive response in some people…

And – at the same time – opens a window of opportunity to reap some of the biggest returns of your investment career.

As you’ll soon see, it is no coincidence MIT scientists call this divisive technology “a technological paradigm shift, akin to the shift from typewriter to the computer”.

Nor is it a coincidence Bill Gates has taken a $650 million position in 5G and said he believes that AI enabled 5G will eventually be worth “10 Microsofts”.

Some of the largest and biggest tech firms in the world are staking the future of their businesses on 5G.

Apple is preparing every single one of its devices to integrate with this tech…

So is Samsung… and Sony.

Google, Tesla, Motorola, Bosch, Cisco and Microsoft are all staking billions on what’s coming.

But as you’ll soon see, these companies – and people – are all following a script that has played on repeat since the beginning of intelligent civilisation.

Over the next few minutes, I will show you the next act in that script…

And leave you in no doubt that 5G could be the most disruptive innovation of our lifetimes.

I’ll also show you how to reap maximum potential profit from the 5G revolution. And give you the full run-down on what could be the number one 5G investment moving forward.

This company is behind a key 5G-related microchip that the largest tech manufacturers are installing in their devices as we speak.

All in all, manufacturers are installing it in 369 million devices across the world.

Apple, Google, Fitbit, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo and many more are currently at the mercy of this company.

And that’s not even the best part.

Because the company behind this microchip has less than 100 full-time employees.

It is a minnow. And perfectly positioned to lead the pack as 5G subscriptions surge a projected 65,150% over the months and years ahead.

So with that said, let’s press on.

My name, by the way, is Paolo Cabrelli. I head up the London division of the world’s largest private investment research network. We have offices all over the USA, London, Paris, Melbourne, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. At last count, we have over 4 million paying subscribers. That’s more than The New York Times or The Economist.


Our business exists entirely to give you the ideas, insights and advice you need to capitalise as change in the world creates financial opportunity. Right now, 173,000 people in 59 different countries follow our work.

We’re independent – we don’t manage money, we don’t have corporate partnerships and we don’t care whether you have £500 to invest or £5 million.

We give you the tools and ideas you need to manage your own money – and succeed independently.

And we share ideas you likely won’t find anywhere else. For instance, an analyst in our branch on the US East Coast predicted the smartphone 14 years before it happened.

Another, who I’ll introduce you to in a second, bought bitcoin in 2011. By 2017, he’d helped one of our readers make his first crypto million.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

But the defining factor for success as an investor doesn’t involve us at all.

It’s down to you.

It comes down to whether you can see what others can’t… whether you will take control of your own financial future… and whether you are daring enough to act.

And I can tell you…

This trend has opened a window of opportunity you only see once in a generation.

The Luddite Condition

You see, the fact is – throughout history – the most disruptive, world-altering technologies have always been met with uproar.

For example, three days after the first successful test of the underwater telegraph cable that links Europe and the US, an article in The New York Times labelled the telegraph "too fast for the truth".

Three years later The Times took aim at the telegraph again, saying it made people "mourn for the good old times when mails came by steamer twice a month."

And take a look at this post on Reddit of a cartoon from the 1900s. It depicts people’s apprehension of the advent of electricity.

(Source: Reddit)

At the time many believed electricity was the cause of a disease known as “neurasthenia”. A condition that caused people to rapidly age.

Does that sound familiar?

In fact, instances of this kind of panic exist for practically every “great leap" in history:

  • Composed as early as 370 BCE, in his dialogue Phaedrus, Plato wrote that writing would “create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories.”
  • In the 1500s, Swiss scientist Conrad Gessner lambasted the printing press, calling the flood of new information "confusing and harmful to the mind"...
  • The automobile was accused of encouraging teenagers to have casual sex, commit crimes and disobey their parents...
  • When televisions first entered households, people reported being spied on through the screen...

More recently, we saw this play out with the greatest innovation in recent times: the internet.

In its early stages, CNN ran a report stating “Email hurts IQ more than pot.”

And the man who invented the Ethernet, Ben Metcalfe predicted that the internet would ‘catastrophically collapse’ by 1996.

What this shows is that humans have a psychologically ingrained resistance to change.

Now, look back through history again and there is another thing you will notice.

That is, the biggest fortunes of all time have been made by those embracing the technologies which scare people the most.

Henry Ford built a dynasty that still exists today from the automobile...

IBM president Thomas Watson famously said there is a world market for “maybe five computers”. The blue chip struggled in the years that followed. Bill Gates, on the other hand, embraced the personal computing revolution. It made him the richest man in the world. And his company, Microsoft, has delivered investors 338,867% gains since listing.


Five-year performance for Microsoft Corp  2015: +22.22% 2016: +14.65% 2017: +40.22% 2018: +20.21% 2019: +57.12%
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

To be clear, just a £500 investment in Microsoft at its IPO would be worth £1.7 million today.

Now, not all early tech companies have achieved this kind of growth – this is an extreme example – but imagine grabbing a piece of that.

Soon, you may no longer have to imagine.

Because, now it’s 5G’s turn.

The Daily Mail says “5G will change how we live”...

The BBC said it is “The Future”…

You’ve probably even received a text message from your network provider about it…

But most people completely misunderstand 5G’s true power.

So let me set that right.

At its core, 5G does two things.

The first is an instant upgrade to how FAST the internet is…

The first four revolutions in internet speeds all spawned stock gains of 1,000%+ to those who were decisive at the right time…

Now the FIFTH revolution is upon us

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Ever seen the 1987 film Wall Street?

This is Michael Douglas playing Gordon Gekko.

In it, investment banker Gekko uses one of the very first “mobile” phones.

And just a few years earlier, telecoms companies rolled out the very first “1G” mobile network.

Times were simpler back then. No texting. No camera. All you could do was call each other. And the maximum speed was just 2.4kbps.

To put that in context, it would have taken you 33 days to download an HD movie.

Still, it created an explosion of wealth.

Motorola was the first company to release a mobile phone to consumers.

And had you bought its stock before the 1G boom…

You’d have made a 2,306% gain in the 15 years that followed.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance
2015: +4.17% 2016: +23.58% 2017: +11.32% 2018: +29.70% 2019: +42.12%)

That’s enough to turn £1,500 into £34,590 (before costs or tax)!

And remember this?

This is the Nokia 3210. In the late 1990s everyone and their dog had one. And businessmen playing snake lined train stations after 5pm. Maybe you’ve had a game or two in your time.

It was the 3210 that characterised the 2G revolution.

This was the moment mobile phones became truly portable. And it caused the number of people using them to skyrocket from 1 in every 10,000 people…

To 16 in every 100 people – globally.

No one was even thinking about downloading HD movies back then. But if you had, it would have taken you a day and a half.

And had you got in on Nokia, you would have made a killing.

In July 1994, when Nokia was an unknown, its share price was just $1.54…

But by April 2000 it was the most popular mobile phone brand on the market…

And Nokia’s share price shot up to $56.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance
2015: +2.67% 2016: -26.49% 2017: -14.75% 2018: +34.05% 2019: -32.49%)

That’s a 3,636% gain.

Enough to turn £1,500 into £54,540 (before costs or tax).

Next up? 3G.

And with it came quicker download speeds, colour screens – and internet browsing.

It would have taken you just five hours to download that HD movie.

And the companies that made 3G possible went through the roof.

Had you invested in Crown Castle – the company whose cell towers essentially built the 3G platform – immediately before the 3G rollout…

At the end of 2019, you’d have been sitting on a 12,260% gain!

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance
2015: +14.10% 2016: +4.54% 2017: +32.43% 2018: +1.71% 2019: +35.07%)

That’s enough to turn £1,500 into £185,400 (before costs and taxes).

But then came 4G and everything changed.

15 minutes to download an HD video.

And the “App Economy” exploded! Almost overnight billion dollar apps like Uber, Deliveroo, and Spotify burst onto the scene.

And of course the company that made it all possible – Apple – went through the roof.

Had you bought Apple stock just before the release of the iPhone in 2007 and held on to the end of 2019…

You’d be sitting on a 1,551% gain.

Now, it goes without saying, not every investment made during these booms soared. I have picked some extraordinary winners here to demonstrate the gains on offer. The key is to be selective and to have someone who knows the market show you what to grab a stake in – and what to avoid.

Because now it’s 5G’s turn.

Under 5G, that HD movie will take all of 2.5 seconds!

(Source: Shutterstock)

That’s 100-times faster than 4G.

The trend is staring you in the face!

Join the dots… every time we get a major upgrade in download speeds, new fortunes are minted!

And the 5G rollout is happening as we speak.

Take a look at this forecast from research firm CCS Insight – it shows the expected number of 5G smartphone subscriptions over the next five years.

Yes, you are reading it right.

That’s a jump from 4 million subscriptions…


To 2.61 BILLION by 2025.

That’s 65,150% growth.

5G will create its own select group of market winners.

Leading the pack: an unknown company behind something I call the  “Genesis Chip”.

As we speak, the biggest tech manufacturers in the world are installing it in their devices.

Apple, for instance, are installing it inside:

  • 200 million Apple iPhones…
  • 18 million MacBook Pros
  • 13 million Apple TVs…
  • 30 million Apple Watches…
  • Samsung is in, too.
  • As is Sony.
  • Even Nintendo is installing it inside 34 million of its Nintendo Switch games consoles.
  • The ‘Genesis Chip’ will have a 69% market share of the devices in China!

The manufacturer of the microchip using the ‘Genesis Chip’ technology is already integrated into the supply chain of a number of other heavy hitters, too. Companies like:

  • Bosch…
  • Cisco…
  • Continental…
  • HP…
  • And Western Digital, too.

It’s no stretch to say that soon every single person in the developed world could own a device with a ‘Genesis Chip’ inside it.

The demand for this technology looks set to be outrageous.

And hardly anyone has spotted it!

The company behind the technology for the ‘Genesis Chip’ works out of this building on Stresemannstraße in Berlin.

And it has less than 100 full-time employees.

It’s tiny. But tech companies do not need to be huge to have blockbuster potential.

They simply need one thing: in demand tech.

And that’s exactly what the ‘Genesis Chip’ is and that’s why the biggest tech companies in history are banging down their door to upgrade their devices.

If I paid a Hollywood scriptwriter to come up with a better fortune-making scenario than this…

There’s no way they could top what’s happening here!

I’ll give you more details about how you can take advantage of this opportunity in a moment.

The evidence you’ve just seen proves that undeniably.

And today you’ll be able to make a potential killing from the microchip technology at the centre of the 5G boom...

By downloading the special report I’ve prepared for you. It’s called: The Genesis Chip: The tiny company driving the 694,636% 5G boom.

In it, you’ll learn absolutely everything there is to know about the ground-breaking company behind the ‘Genesis Chip’. And you’ll have the rare satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re getting an “inside edge” over the market.

Early movers have the best chance of making the steepest potential profits. And this report will put you ahead of the pack.

I’ll show you how you can get your hands on it in just a moment.

As you’ve seen, we're banking on a huge payoff here. But that doesn’t mean it is guaranteed.

Anyone who makes an outlandish promise like that is selling snake oil.

Early-stage opportunities like these can be subject to huge price swings. Up to 10% on a given day. You should only invest money you can afford to lose.

If that type of thing makes you sweat, this probably isn’t for you.

This isn’t a blue-chip stock. Expect to ride some ups and downs… regardless of whether the market dives or not.

And it isn’t the type of play you put a significant amount of your wealth into. It’s a higher risk play.

That said, I put a lot of faith in my team’s analysis.

This investment has the very real chance to end up making up a significant portion of your net worth.

So, that’s the risk you’re taking here. And of course, the payoff if things go our way is that much greater, too.

Especially considering…

5G is about much, MUCH more than download speeds.

The Wall Street Journal has hit the nail on the head by saying, “5G will change so much more than your phone”

5G is about to turn the internet into…
The Outernet

You don’t have to be a genius to realise the internet has been the greatest wealth-generating story in history.

According to financial guru Robert Kiyosaki, 90% of all millionaires generate their fortunes online.

But what we’ve seen over the last few decades was just Act One.

5G is about to usher in Act Two, which could be far more lucrative than the first.

That’s because currently, 99% of devices connected to the internet are either PCs, smartphones or tablets.

In total, that’s 6 billion devices all connected – talking to each other.

The number of devices connected to the internet is projected to increase 50 billion from 2025.

Think cars… traffic lights… watches… shoes… bicycles and much more.

That’s why I call it The Outernet… a giant new online network is about to be switched on…


And that is going to create more wealth-making opportunities than anything we have seen to date.

So, strap yourself in for…

The ‘Anywhere’ Boom.

5G will allow a top surgeon in Harley Street to operate on a patient anywhere in the world… from the comfort of their own operating room in London.

Just last year, a surgeon in China performed the world’s first remote operation – BRAIN SURGERY…

And he did it USING 5G TECHNOLOGY.

Here’s Dr. Ling Zhipei operating on another man’s brain from 1,800 miles away…

(Source: YouTube)

After the operation, Dr. Ling said “The 5G network has solved problems like video lag and remote control delay experienced under the 4G network… And you barely feel that the patient is 3,000 kilometres away!”

This breakthrough isn’t possible because of the first upgrade 5G brings – namely speed.

It’s because 5G eliminates “lag”. This is the second upgrade.

It means there’s no delay in devices talking to each other, even over huge distances.

Which opens up hundreds of new uses for technology…

  • In Germany, manufacturing giant Thales and the Smart Rail Connectivity Campus recently launched the first-ever 5G-powered driverless train.
  • In China, Huawei is working with farms and drone manufacturer XAG to build a remote crop disease diagnosis tool… with 5G!
  • And South Korea’s largest telecom company KT Corp is using 5G-powered drones, robots and airships to carry out entire search and rescue missions.

These are brand new industries… emerging from thin air.

See, average lag time on broadband and 4G is over 60 milliseconds.

And that means when you’re video chatting to your friend on the other side of the world, there’s a slight lag.

5G aims to bring that down to just 1 millisecond.

And that has made real technology that up until now has been banished to the realms of science fiction novels… become reality.

A world where everything from hospitals… to farms… to restaurants are seamlessly connected.

And what makes this “Outernet connection” possible?

You guessed it. This ‘Genesis Chip’.

Now, remote surgery is just ONE of a plethora of technological breakthroughs this ‘Genesis Chip’ makes possible.

The missing piece in the $50bn driverless car puzzle…

According to research firm AMR, the driverless car market is expected to turn from a $50 billion industry to half a trillion over the next six years.

Because 5G is all this market has been waiting for.

As the World Economic Forum puts it:

5G will offer the always-on connectivity required to make autonomous vehicles a reality”.

Nokia’s Jane Rygaard says: “5G is that network”.

Forbes says… “Autonomous Cars Won’t Work – Until We Have 5G”.

The reason for this is simple.

When a self-driving car is zooming along the highway…

Negotiating rush-hour traffic…

And reacting to pedestrians, cyclists and traffic signals…

A driverless car needs hundreds of sensors all gathering data at the same time.

And the amount of data they process runs up to 11 terabytes PER DAY.

And those vehicles will all need to connect to each other and exchange that data – in rapid time.

(Source: Shutterstock)

No network on earth is capable of processing that amount of data… other than 5G.

And no network is able to transfer that data instantaneously… other than 5G.

In total, autonomous vehicles are already on the streets of 74 cities.

And at the forefront of this industry is the ‘Genesis Chip’ I’ve been telling you about today.

But 5G will birth many more industries – not just driverless cars:

Smart homes: According to Tech Radar, 5G is about to “Revolutionise” the $76 billion smart home industry. Ushering in a new world of smart home appliances, where plugs, locks, thermostats, ovens, fridges, lights and radiators all interact with each other seamlessly.

Energy: 5G smart grids allow rapid detection of spikes in energy demand and efficient allocation of resources. The Finnish government in conjunction with Nokia and the Baltic states are rolling out 5G smart grids nationwide. And China is doing the same.

Healthcare: Aside from remote surgery, 5G will transform healthcare. Think wearables that monitor vital signs from a patient’s home. Sensor City, has been awarded a £3.5m grant to investigate the opportunities of 5G community wi-fi in health and social care. Chicago’s Rush Hospital and Birmingham are already running on 5G premises.

Agriculture: Three rural areas of the UK already have access to 5G. Tech giant Cisco has produced a 5G collar for cows to measure what they’re eating and how they’re sleeping.

Smart cities: ZDNet stated in February 2019 “5G will make smart cities a reality”. Giving way to a world where traffic lights co-ordinate to speed up flow… where street lamps dim when there are no pedestrians nearby… and where your garbage bin automatically calls the bin man when it reaches a certain level.

Automated factories: According to Hitachi’s director of digital solutions for manufacturing, 5G “Is the missing block in the puzzle” for the factory of the future.

The death of broadband: Broadband is about to go the same way as the fax machine and the home telephone line. It doesn’t take a genius to see that with 5G offering uninterrupted internet that is faster than broadband, the broadband companies business quickly becomes obsolete.

Some investors will get rich from the 5G rollout… why not you?

You’ve seen what 5G will do for the world.

So where does the ‘Genesis Chip’ come in?

Put simply, it will allow all of these devices to “talk” to each other.

Take driverless cars, for example.

We’re about to enter a world where Audis, BMWs, Jaguars, Fords and Teslas will all need to “talk” to each other. They’ll also need to “talk” to the world around them, like traffic lights, toll booths and mobile phones.

To talk… they need to speak the same language.

Which is what the ‘Genesis Chip’ does.

If you’ve ever seen Star Trek, you’ll no doubt remember the Universal Translator.

The Universal Translator could instantly translate any language. And allow two different species to interact with each other seamlessly.

The ‘Genesis Chip’ is the Universal Translator – for ANY device.

Without it, Apple, Samsung and Sony devices have no universal language.

But with the ‘Genesis Chip’… they do.

And that is why – as we speak – major manufacturers are installing it into almost every type of device imaginable.

It’s no stretch to say that soon every single person in the developed world could own a device with a ‘Genesis Chip’ inside it.

Right now you have a chance to invest in it whilst it’s trading for less than 30 US cents.

So how high could this go?

Now, the most obvious comparison here would be Intel.

As a result of the 1980 personal computing boom, the number of Intel processors inside PCs skyrocketed.

Intel’s stock price did the same. Shooting from just 32 cents in 1980 to $59.85 at the end of 2019.

That’s a 18,603% gain.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance
 2015: -2.42% 2016: +8.30% 2017: +30.24% 2018: +4.27% 2019: +30.22%)

And at the time Intel already had 15,000 employees.

The company responsible for the ‘Genesis Chip’s' technology has less than 100 employees!

Now, you might be thinking:

Isn’t an early-stage opportunity like this usually only reserved for City investors and Wall Street insiders on the private market?

After all, that’s where the real fortune-making gains come from.

For example, if you’d invested in Facebook at IPO and held on till present day, you’d just about be sitting on four times your money.

But the real money was made before Facebook went public.

According to Dynasty Wealth: “The first $500k invested into Facebook appreciated to $21 billion…”

That equates to a gain of over 4.1 MILLION per cent.

Just £50 quid invested would have turned into over £2 million.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Well, the best part is… you have a similar opportunity here. Although it goes without saying that Intel and Facebook are exemplary examples. It’s impossible to guarantee similar long-term results.

This company is so early stage… and its tech so ground-breaking… that it’s not even listed on the stock market.

For now, you can invest via a niche index that allows you to gain exposure to opportunities usually reserved for Wall Street and City insiders.

You can gain exposure to this company by investing in its cryptocurrency token.

This is as ground floor as you can get.

Now, it’s important to point out: that comes with additional risk. The cryptocurrency market is unregulated. If this project goes bankrupt, or there is a problem with the platform you use to invest, there’s no protection. No one to complain to or who will try and get your money back. Quite simply, you don’t have the same protection that you would have with mainstream investments.

And because it’s so ground floor, you can expect volatile price movements. If you are nervous about the value of your investments fluctuating, then this opportunity is unlikely to be for you.

All things considered, you should invest at your own risk. Only invest money you can afford to lose.

If you lose £50 or £100, I doubt you will lose much sleep over it.

And that’s the beauty of this opportunity.

If my team’s analysis plays out as expected, you could be looking at thousands – even tens of thousands – in return. Fill your boots with as much as you’re willing to risk.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

This is a situation that could turn a small starting stake into a mind-bending fortune. Grab it.

And if you’re not comfortable with taking that extra risk, even with a tiny stake, no problem.

In a second, I’ll show you another 5G-focused company that’s listed on the stock market – and with similar potential for knockout gains.

But let’s face it…

Moving on this opportunity NOW could be like investing in Amazon when all it sold were books!

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

You’ve seen what 5G will do for the world.

How the number of 5G smartphones is forecast to skyrocket from 4 million this year to 2.6 billion by 2025.

And then how the number of other 5G devices is projected to completely eclipse that…

Soaring to 50 billion by 2030.

Driverless cars… smart appliances… traffic lights… wearable tech... and all your existing tablets, laptops and mobile phones…

The largest manufacturers in the world are already installing this tiny chip in their devices to be 5G ready.

Now is your chance to invest BEFORE any of that happens.

And set yourself up for a potential profit on a mind-bending scale.

All from the tiny, 100-employee, 30-cent company behind the most in-demand microchip in history!

It is in a very sweet spot indeed.

As I see it, this is the perfect scenario. If you have been searching for an investment opportunity with the programmed-in potential to deliver you a knockout profit…

This is it.

Grab it!

To help you capitalise on this once in a lifetime opportunity, my team has put all of the details in a special briefing called “The Genesis Chip: the company driving the 694,636% 5G boom”.

I want to rush you this report to you free of charge, today. I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on it shortly…

This company could hit the front page of the Financial Times any day…

And if it does, its price could very well go through the roof.

This report tells you everything you need to know about the innovative company behind the ‘Genesis Chip’.

Most importantly, you’ll get the name of the ‘Genesis Chip’ company. Including step-by-step instructions on how to buy it for what we believe is a tiny fraction of its real value.

Why the ‘Genesis Chip’ is the ONE piece of technology every manufacturer on the world needs… if they want take advantage of the 5G revolution.

A full and frank rundown of all the risks involved.

Plus, you’ll also get an insider look at what you can expect to see as the 5G boom ramps up and the ‘Genesis Chip’ rolls out globally.

As I said, I want to give it to you for free, today.

Because 5G is on the cusp of replacing 4G…

And causing the number of devices connected to the internet to increase TEN TIMES.

5G stocks are already starting to pop in anticipation of the boom.

Marvell Technology, a designer of 5G base station chips, was up 65% in 2019.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance
 2015: -37.52% 2016: +59.98% 2017: +56.52% 2018: -23.47% 2019 : +65.53%)

Telecoms giant AT&T was up 44% in 2019 from investors anticipating what 5G will do for their revenues.

That’s outrageous growth for a blue-chip.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance
 2015: +8.04% 2016: +29.18% 2017: -3.97% 2018: -21.45% 2019: +44.08%)

And Skyworks Solutions – another 5G chipmaker – was up 82% in 2019, too.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance
 2015: +6.74% 2016: -1.42% 2017: +28.78% 2018: -27.94% 2019: +82.81%)

And what’s so exciting is that:

These companies are already huge, established players in the market with multi-billion-dollar turnovers… whereas the company behind the ‘Genesis Chip’ is a minnow.

This 5G boom is just getting started!

These are just the first early rumblings of a tech quake… the gains to come, I believe will shake the market…

And surprise almost everyone.


The company behind the ‘Genesis Chip’ is perfectly positioned to capture the lion’s share of 5G returns.

Again, that’s not to say this opportunity is without risk. Risk is unavoidable in investing. I’ve covered some of the main risks with you already today. You should take heed of these and consider them carefully. I take risk very seriously, and so should you. You should always go in with your eyes open. You should only invest money you’re comfortable with losing.

What matters with an opportunity like this though, is not how much you put in.

What matters is that you get in early.

I don’t know if you got rich from IBM, Intel or Microsoft in the computing boom of 90s…

I don’t know if you got rich from Amazon, Facebook or Google in the internet boom of the last 20 years…

But I DO know you’re staring at an opportunity today to get rich from the “new internet” – the 5G boom.

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But that is just the beginning.

As a result of the 5G boom, it won’t just be the company behind the ‘Genesis Chip’ that could make some investors rich.

I expect many other companies will make triple, quadruple, and even quintuple gains off the back of 5G.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Because when a new technology disrupts an existing market… a whole crop of potential fortune-making stocks hit the market.

And whilst many stocks have the potential to deliver stellar gains…

A select few that my team believes will outperform the pack… delivering truly life-changing gains.

To help get you in on those, I have a special bonus report to give you.

The second report is called: “The Must-Buy 5G Millionaire Maker”

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5G MUST-BUY STOCK: The Lynchpin of the NEW Internet

If you’d played it right, the stock gains generated from the creation of the internet could have made you a millionaire many times over.

It birthed countless new industries.

But there was ONE industry that emerged head and shoulders above the rest.


And market-leading software for new tech delivered knockout gains as a result of the “first” internet.

Companies like…

Microsoft – 157,600% GAIN

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Oracle – 75,585% GAIN

Now, it’s a given that past performance doesn’t equal future results. And these examples are exceptional. Not all software companies produced gains like this. It’s likely that more companies will lose out than have success like this.

For my money, a new crop of software companies will soar again as 50 billion NEW devices connect to the internet.

And there’s ONE company whose software platform is cementing itself as the lynchpin of the new internet.

It has already inked deals with heavy hitters like:

  • Microsoft
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Walmart
  • Lockheed Martin
  • IBM

And many more.

In a nutshell, this company could see an advance similar to that of Microsoft in the first internet boom.

I can’t give any more details here.

(You’ll have to download your special report for that.)

But according to my team’s research, there’s currently only one candidate.

This cutting-edge BUY NOW firm is detailed in your second report: “The Must Buy 5G Millionaire Maker”.

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I’ll show you how to download those reports for free in a second.

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Regardless of whether you are of modest investment means, or are already well off… a small stake of money you can afford to lose into the 5G revolution has the power to significantly boost your investment returns.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I expect it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream media connect the dots as to who is behind the ‘Genesis Chip’.

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Frontier Tech Investor is written every month by one of the top stock pickers, Sam Volkering, with the help of a team here at Southbank Investment Research HQ.

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 Sam is frequently asked by the mainstream media to help their viewers understand cutting-edge technology.

In fact, he was branded an "idiot" on US television for backing bitcoin before almost anybody was even paying attention to it.

But as they say, he who laughs last laughs the loudest.

So just a few years' later, no one was calling him an idiot.
In fact, quite the opposite:

Sam has been a professional investor and IFA for well over a decade, so he knows the technology market inside out.

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Whether it’s a banking technology conference in Dubai, a 3D-printing show in London, a futurist conference in Florida, a hacking symposium in Amsterdam, or an internet expo in Paris… he hunts down the latest discoveries and innovations in the world for his readers.

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Access to the model portfolio: The Frontier Tech Investor portfolio has exposure to all of the most exciting tech trends on earth. Those you’ve most likely heard of like AI, gene-editing and quantum computing. And many you’ve likely never heard of, too.

12 editions of Frontier Tech InvestorYou'll get a deep dive on a bleeding-edge technology with the potential to make you filthy rich. You’ll gain a level of inside access not usually afforded to the retail investor. To see the opportunity through Sam’s eyes as he meets industry insiders. And finally, you’ll receive details of a specific investment that could reap the most reward from this technology

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A dedicated “direct line” email address. If you have any questions about the service at all, you can use this dedicated email address. Write to Sam as often as you like – we want you to get as much out of this research as possible.

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How much does it cost to join Frontier Tech Investor and unlock all this research…


The name of the company behind the ‘Genesis Chip’

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Of course, that advice is tailored specifically to them. My Frontier Tech Investor service is not tailored, personal advice. Only you know your personal circumstances. You are free to follow some, all, or none of the advice within.

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The Genesis Chip: The silent supplier set to ride the 694,636% 5G boom to its peak WORTH: £50

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

The Exponentialist

In this acclaimed eBook, our former publisher Nick O'Connor will take you through the exciting world of pioneering technology.

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  • Artificial intelligence
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Anyone who denies 5G’s wealth-building potential is bonkers in my view.

In case you need any more convincing, take a look at this:

The team at has compiled a world map of the 5G status of every country in the world.

As you can see, 50% of the world is on the cusp of rolling out 5G commercially.

In the US, 5G is rolling out in a major way in 2020. By 2023, 32% of all mobile connections will likely be a 5G network. Verizon, C Spire and AT&T are all investing in the technology.

In Canada, Rogers Communications invested $4.7 billion in 5G in 2019. Expect a wider rollout to kick off in 2020. And Puerto Rico also have 5G now.

Chile’s 5G rollout began in 2018. And it’s now in full flow, as Entel and Ericsson partner to build the network out. 

In South Korea it was reported in April 2020 that they had 5.77 million 5G subscribers.

Japan is pushing on too. One of the country’s mobile phone carriers is targeting nationwide coverage by 2023.

And China just switched on NATIONWIDE 5G coverage at the start of November 2019.

For my money, you are standing inside one of the most lucrative windows of opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make a killing in the markets that has ever existed.

A window of opportunity that could easily and quickly slide shut.

Let me ask you. If your life was exactly the same in a year’s time, would you be completely happy?

Now is the time to change it.

5G is rolling out worldwide…

Every previous “leap forward” in mobile internet speeds has huge financial opportunity for investors.

But 5G is set to change the world on a scale far, FAR larger than any of those that have come before it.

Driverless cars…

The “Anywhere Boom”…

Wearable tech…

Workers working hand-in-hand alongside robots...

And with it, it will spawn a world where 50 BILLION new devices are connected to the internet.

To interact seamlessly with each other, those devices will all need a ‘Genesis Chip’ installed inside them.

Which is why the largest manufacturers in the world are installing it in their devices as we speak.

So, the question is:

What are YOU going to do about it?

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

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