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How is it possible that this weird floating magnet could create


REVEALED: A 9th March annoucement from MIT sounded the start gun on a global race to commercialise a NEW, CLEAN and INFINITE source of energy.

One small cap company owns the patent needed to make it a reality. With one well timed investment today, early movers could make a fortune (3,000%+ gains).

“They’ve got the science. They’ve got the engineering. They’ve got the money. And they’re ready to roll.” Bruce Gellerman, industry analyst

Dear Investor,

Take a close look at this magnet again...

It's less than 2 inches across.

It's floating.

And – strange as it sounds – it holds the secret to generating infinite energy forever.

It's been under development for nearly 60 years.

The most powerful nations on the planet – including Japan, Britain, America, Germany and China – have spent billions of dollars researching it.


Because in the words of Stephen Hawking, it would:

“…provide an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming.”

In short, for the last 60 years the world’s best and brightest have been trying to perfect the most valuable tech in history.

On the 9th of March 2018, they succeeded.

Physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced a breakthrough…

Researchers were able to create the world’s first burst of FREE ENERGY.

The secret? It all goes back to that weird floating magnet I just showed you.

It sounds crazy, I know.

And at first, I didn’t believe it myself.

But from start to finish, I have spent over a decade researching this story.

Every scrap of news. Every half-hope of a breakthrough. Every inch of progress – I’ve devoured it all.

Waiting for the time to be right to be able to share it.

And after months of intensive research (and conversations with energy experts all over the world) I'm here to tell you...

This is real.

Scientists have discovered the secret to creating infinite energy…

Without using any energy supply that exists on planet earth today.

It emits no pollution and is practically inexhaustible.

And by harnessing it, it can power an entire city… in a one 10 second pulse.

But here’s the best bit.

One tiny company is at the very heart of this breakthrough.

Right now, this microscopically small firm possess a key piece of the puzzle to making infinite energy a reality.

And positioning yourself today could turn a stake of £10,000 into over a quarter of a million pounds before costs.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.


It was just days after this announcement, Eni, one of the biggest suppliers of gas and oil in the world, invested $50 million directly into furthering MITs development.

CEO Claudio Descalzi said:

“[This] is the true energy source of the future, as it is completely sustainable, does not release emissions or long-term waste, and is potentially inexhaustible. It is a goal that we are increasingly determined to reach quickly.”

This is why I’m writing to you today.

Not to tell you a nice story. Not to educate you on complex sciences.

As an investor, trader and hedge fund manager, I am telling you because this is the single biggest stock opportunity I know right now.

As reported by The New Yorker:

“The technology could solve the world’s energy problems for the next 30 million years, and help save the planet from environmental catastrophe.”

CNN says it:

“…has the potential to save the planet”

And Forbes said it could:

“...solve our energy and environmental needs in one single blow”

I’ll tell you what I call it:

An absolute goldmine for early investors – IF you read what I have to say carefully and move on this while it’s still under the radar.

This last ‘piece of the puzzle’ to FREE, CLEAN and INFINITE ENERGY now lies with a tiny small cap

The secret to making a killing from infinite energy is simple.

One company owns the patent vital to the entire endeavour.

It’s a tiny firm.

And it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever heard of it.

But this little-known outfit have been shipping a patented material directly to physicists in Massachusetts and the top brass at the Department of Energy.

This magnetic material holds the secret to creating enormous energy.

And on the 9th of March, it proved to be invaluable.

Stanford say this magnetic material produces “enormous potential”.

And the Department of Energy call it the one thing behind “lighting up the world”.

It is VITAL to making what 35 nations around the world have been relentlessly trying to achieve for years...

Meaning this tiny company now effectively hold all the cards.

Which is why I’m anticipating a 3,000% price surge long-term.

How much could that make you?

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

You could make £3,100 from a stake of just £100.

£15,500 could come from just putting £1,000 down.

Or turn £5,000 into as much as £155,000.

This is all pre costs and tax and however much you stake, and can afford to lose, just know this…

When one tiny company is at the heart of making infinite energy a reality – the potential for life-changing returns are on the table.

Which is why I’m calling this…

The BIGGEST moonshot
of my entire career

My name is Eoin Treacy by the way.

Eoin Treacy

Here I am (in the photo to the right) advising the heads of some of the biggest funds in the world.

They come to me to discover how I uncover stocks likely to rise in price.

I’ve blurred out their faces – they might not want their investors to know they come to someone else for advice.

During my time in the financial industry I have appeared on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV and BBC World Service.

I’ve worked as an adviser to private clients in the Middle East… California… London… and Singapore.

I’ve given sell-out presentations to traders and analysts in every major “hub” of the financial system, including London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Copenhagen, Dublin and San Francisco.

My book – Crowd Money – was described by world famous businessman Bill Bonner as “a treasure trove of insights”. And it was shortlisted for the Technical Analysis book of the year.

I’ve worked with and advised many multi-billion dollar firms, like Shell, Nestle, Rio Tinto, Chandler Brothers, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Breven Howard.

Eoin Treacy

You see, the rich and wealthy ask me to hold these private events, because over the last decade, I’ve correctly anticipated some of the most profitable developments in the energy market.

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

For instance, I was one of the first analysts to start advising people to get into shale gas nearly a decade ago (they were glad they listened).

I correctly forecast the oil bear market when prices were still north of $100 a barrel – before the drop to $30…

And helped my clients back solar and battery technology when they were still under the radar for most investors.

And to be frank,
I thought I’d seen everything.

Oil and gas…


Sind power…

Battery tech… I’ve capitalised on them all over the last decade…

But none of them compare to this.

I believe this one is – without question – the most lucrative energy opportunity in history.

That is why this is a moonshot – a high risk opportunity that, if it comes off, could change your life (and the world).

A word of warning: When you see the raw potential of what's happening here... it's easy to get carried away.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

As you'll see, a 3,000% gain could be just the start. It's easy to start thinking 'I'll throw everything at this one' and invest more than you should.

So keep in mind: This situation is one of THE greatest stock opportunities you will ever see.

A tiny company at the heart of potentially the greatest energy breakthrough in history. There's almost no saying how high this one could go.

But that doesn't mean it's risk free. It's a small, volatile company.

A moonshot.

That means it could be one of the best performing companies in history.

Or it could go bust.

Know that going in. Relish the risk.

Stake only what you're comfortable risking – this will be one wild ride.

This breakthrough – held for decades as the ultimate goal of all science – is real, imminent I believe it is going to make some people incredibly rich.

This play could bank you a return far beyond 3,000% over the years to come... because this small firm could change the course of HISTORY

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Modern day companies that have changed the world have all done it in the same way.

They’ve offered a tool or device that changed the way we live or do business.

Microsoft changed the way man interacted with machine – and brought user friendly PC’s into homes around the world. And they started with their, at the time, state of the art software MS-DOS.

Since inception the stock has risen +145,552%.


Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
5 year performance: 2013: +14.02% 2014: +35.15 2015: +29.3 2016: +36.76 2017: +28.08

Amazon offered the world the ability to make one-click purchases and is now the biggest e-commerce store in the world.

And their company has surged +91,692%.


Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
5 year performance: 2013: +58.96% 2014: -22.18% 2015: +117.78% 2016: +10.95% 2017: +55.96%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. See the bottom of this page for full five year performance

IBM changed the business world introducing the microprocessor and new generation computers..

One investment when they were a Computing-Tabulating-Recording-Company in 1915 would have grown 1,187,900% today.

Now this incredible gain is over 103 years! There may not have been a live ‘hold’ in the market by any one investor for that long. But it puts their growth into perspective.

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Because what we are looking at here, stripped down… is the effect of world changing technology on stock prices.

We’re not looking at what happens after a year or two or even five… we’re concentrating on the generation-spanning wealth that can be created when frontier technology alters the course of history.

We’re talking enormous wealth generation…

Now past performance in the stock market is not a perfect model to tell us what could happen in the future. These companies were at the forefront of technology, and they survived resulting in the massive gains. Not all companies do, I’ve seen my fair share fall off completely.

These tech firms offered investors exceptional gains.

But one of the next best investments in stock market history has been an energy trade…

5 year performance: 2013: +19.77% 2014: -5.98% 2015: -12.57% 2016: +19.62 2017: -3.94%

Since being spun off from Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Exxonmobil has generated a trillion-dollar wealth creation (accounting for dividend yield, annualised performance, everything).

And in the last 50 years alone has soared a mighty 36,912%

Ask yourself:

If the company at the heart of the oil made nearly 40,000%...

How much could the company responsible for delivering infinite, clean energy forever make you?

How our “man made sun”
will power our planet

The Sun’s energy comes from its huge gravitational force smashing hydrogen atoms together.

The great pressure and heat fuses the atoms together…

Creating enormous energy.

Strange as it sounds, it’s now possible to do this HERE ON EARTH…

Not only that, it’s possible to harness this energy.

To do it you need to heat the same two heavy hydrogen atoms found on the Sun - deuterium and tritium.

When they’re heated up together (up to 150 million degrees to be exact) - the atoms end up colliding.

As they smash together, they FUSE into one big atom – what we know as Helium.

That’s why we call it ‘fusion’ energy.

It’s the collision that creates an enormous amount of power.

We’re talking a million times more energy than blowing up TNT.

And the same amount of energy as burning 100 tonnes of coal…

But, this process is safe and emits zero carbon emissions.

It’s known as nuclear fusion.

We’ve known it is possible for decades.

However, the problem scientists face is keeping this incredible power stable enough harness it.

You see, once you’ve heated the atoms, you end up creating a high temperature plasma.

Think of this as a very hot, brightly coloured soup-like substance. It’s gaseous in nature but it’s almost lava like. And it’s so hot it could incinerate anything it touches.

To capture the energy, you need this plasma to ‘float’ without touching anything.

And to do that requires
one special substance

To isolate the plasma enough to extract energy, you need a very high powered magnetic material.

Just like the base of that floating magnet I showed you…

It’s something called a ‘High Temperature Superconductor’.

These are made from rare earth elements: yttrium, barium, and copper oxide.

They’re the only things able to withstand the heat and keep the plasma contained.

This mimics the large gravitational force of the Sun.

As I said, whilst we’ve known fusion is possible for decades... we’ve never had superconductors powerful enough to make it work properly.

Meaning scientists have struggled with generating MORE power than it takes to make the reaction in the first place.

So achieving ‘net gain’ in energy has been the end goal of all the experimental reactors in action today.

9th March: the day
fusion became a reality

On this day, MIT were able to achieve a net gain energy with their small reactor.

As reported by the Guardian,

“The team intend to use a new class of high-temperature superconductors they predict will allow them to create the world’s first fusion reactor that produces more energy than needs to be put in to get the fusion reaction going.”

But here’s the most interesting part:

Prof Howard Wilson, a plasma physicist at York University said this about the breakthrough: “The exciting part of this is the high-field magnets.”

In other words...

It's the superconducting high field magnets that have unlocked the vast potential of fusion energy.

Without them... fusion will never happen.

WITH them... it's not just 'possible'…


Which is exactly why I’m writing to you today.

I have discovered the firm that have been supplying MIT with these high-temperature superconducting magnets.

This tiny firm are at the heart of the world’s most exciting fusion story for the past 60 years.

And one reactor will be designed to produce about 100 megawatts...

This is equivalent power to the largest solar power station on the planet.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

What investment in your portfolio would you consider that, alone, could make you a MILLIONAIRE in your lifetime?

My portfolio is full of tech investments I believe will eventually change the world.

But none of them are on this scale.

The world’s first $20tn invention?

Can you put a price on something that supplies, clean, infinite, energy forever?

  • Fusion has the potential to deliver the same amount of energy as burning 100 tonnes of coal - without any carbon dioxide emission.
  • The two hydrogens that make it possible can be found in a small bath of seawater and the amount of lithium contained in a single laptop battery
  • Compared to intermittent energy sources like wind or solar, fusion will have a very small footprint.
  • There is no requirement for massive energy storage systems.
  • And it has the power to run around the clock.

These advantages have been recognised for decades.

And that’s why no other energy source has had nations like China, US, UK, Russia working so closely to making it work.

The money already in this space is in the billions

  • ITER, the largest fusion project to date, with 35 nations involved had had $22bn in funding up to March 2017.
  • The National Ignition Facility opened with a $3.5bn injection
  • Germany have spent €1bn on their Wendelstein X-7 reactor
  • The UK has just put down £86m for the UK Atomic Energy Authority – an organisation responsible for accelerating nuclear fusion technology

And as the technology advances, we are seeing billionaire tech giants move in.


  • Google’s Artifical Intellgence arm, Microsoft and Venrock have invested into the $500 million fusion project “Tri-Alpha Energy”
  • Jeff Bezo’s has seen the importance of supercondcutors and has backed the company ‘General Fusion’ who are trying to re-work an old US army design
  • Paypal founder Peter Thiel and OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman have backed a fusion firm called ‘Helion Energy’
  • China have recently put $37 million into their ‘Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak’ reactor

And as I said, since the 9th of March, $70bn oil and gas giant Eni immediately put down a $50 million investment into furthering the project behind MIT’s breakthrough.

This is one of the largest suppliers of oil and gas in the world – making a direct investment into fusion.

And for good reason.

Currently humanity uses 30 percent more of our planet’s natural resources than we can replace.

If everyone on this planet wanted to live with the lifestyle of the average European, we would need three planets’ worth of resources to pull it off.

If everyone on this planet wished to live like an average North American, then we’d need five planets to pull it off.

The answer is fusion.

It’s now a real possibility.

And the company that makes it all possible?

The superconductor firm I’ve been telling you about.

If I'm not being clear enough here, let me be blunt about this:

Fusion energy is THE secret to creating infinite, clean energy here on earth.

It has never been possible to make it work... until just a few months ago.

Scientists have proved that – thanks to high end superconductors – it is possible.

And I've discovered ONE tiny company is quietly supplying those superconductors to the world's top energy experts.

Infinite energy is at stake. A tiny company holds a major card.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Let me be blunt as to my point of view: THIS COMPANY'S SHARE PRICE IS GOING TO THE MOON.

And right now you have the chance to get in before other analysts put two and two together.

Make no mistake: this company is like a coild spring. It’s primed with potential.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I predict this stock to shoot at least 3,000% higher over 5 years.

How much could that make you?

Is this the most valuable
company in the world?

It is no coincidence that the first and fourth greatest stock investment you could have made over the last 50 years are energy companies.

Or that three of the top five are tech companies.

This company is a collision of the two.

You need to know more about this stock. Right now.

Which is why I've pulled all of my research on the company together into one never before seen report.

Quite simply, it could be the most important report I've ever published.

It's called:

“Eternal Energy: How you could make 3,000% gains from the tiny energy company making fusion possible” infinite energy could send this tiny stock storming higher”

Inside this exclusive report you will discover.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

  • The company (trading for pennies) behind making infinite energy possible
  • Why a 3000% 5 year return is only the beginning
  • How they are set to scale more than 166,000,000% from here on out

Just say the word and this report is yours, today.

I'll also give you a full run down of the risks involved with this company. No investment – no matter how potentially world changing – comes without risk. This is no different.

I'll explain more about the risks to consider in your report. But the key point to remember is your capital will be at risk. Don't stake more than you feel comfortable losing.

Investing in small, early-stage companies can be risky. Much more so than blue-chip investing.

Stocks like these can be relatively illiquid – making them more volatile, and harder to buy and sell. If the price starts to drop you may not be able to shift it.

It must also be noted, there are companies competing with this one, and this is a cut-throat market. Other tech companies could develop different technology that trumps this and competitors backed by men like Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s Paul Allen and PayPals Peter Thiel have more resources and more money…

And they’re all investing millions to try and be the first to achieve true fusion. This is a very real risk and one you need to consider.

These kinds of opportunities are not suited to everyone. You must take all these risks into account when investing.

But nothing is guaranteed in the stock market. That’s the whole point.

The gains I’m forecasting are based on my research and the potential I believe this investment has.

Its price could go even higher, or it may not reach the level I’m forecasting.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

But if I’m right, long term you could make £30,000 – at least – for every £1,000 you invest.

For me, the risks are MORE than worth it. But everyone is different and you'll need to decide for yourself.

Either way, you need to get my latest report in your hands right away.

You get my full analysis... all my insights... and everything you need to pull the trigger on this one.

Keep in mind: Fusion became a reality just months ago. It won't be long until mainstream analysts catch on to what's happening and spot the connection to this company.

That makes this opportunity that little bit more urgent.

I believe life-changing fortunes will be made on this – will you be part of it?

As I said, my name is Eoin Treacy.

Twenty-two years ago I was working on a tourist boat off the coast of Ireland…

I’ve also had the pleasure of selling cable TV door to door for a living…

You could say I’ve come a long way since then.

I am also a former Bloomberg analyst and because of that I pop up from time to time on Bloomberg’s own TV channel.

If you recognise the name or the face, I’ll bet that’s where it’s from.

Now I relish putting frontier tech investments in front of readers before they go mainstream.

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

For instance, in 2013 I told investors to buy Tesla, before its 950% rise.

I was also very early in predicting the flourishing of interest in biotechnology and the massive bull market we have seen in the last six years.

That has resulted in huge gains for the sector and it is far from over.

This why I joined Southbank Investment Research.

So readers like you can experience the same financial freedom that I have.

Without paying enormous fees, doing exhaustive research or having to stare at charts all day for potential ‘buy’ signals.

All it takes to start is read the most important investment report I’ve ever published:

“Eternal Energy: How you could make 3,000% gains from the tiny energy company making fusion possible” infinite energy could send this tiny stock storming higher”

Nuclear Fusion is an industry that is bubbling underneath the surface of the energy market.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

And investing in it today could reward you over the coming years with returns like those of Amazon, IBM or ExxonMobil…

Now, the only thing standing in the way of you taking advantage of this opportunity, is getting the report in your hands right away.

So, I’d like to make you an offer.

Try a no-obligation trial of
Frontier Tech Investor
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Right now, the top stock on my buy list is the company at the heart of the fusion energy movement I've been telling you about.

I'd like to tell you more about it. That's why I'd like to send you over your urgent report: “Eternal Energy: How you could make 3,000% gains from the tiny energy company making fusion possible” infinite energy could send this tiny stock storming higher”

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But that's not all I want to share with you.

This isn't the only company making movements in the energy sector I have my eye on.

I’d also like to send you these 2 FREE bonus energy reports:

FREE bonus energy report #1: “How distributed energy will turn the world on its head – and what you need to do to profit”

“The National Grid must change to stop a new dark age” – The Telegraph

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Inside this report you will discover how you could profit from the inevitable ‘remapping’ of the national grid.

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Knowing how the energy sector is going to play out from here on out is important… and profitable.

Burning coal, oil or natural gas generates 80% of the world’s energy supply – and that cannot go on for much longer.

Energy giants and heavy weight investors are looking for ways to move out of ‘dirty’ energy.

  • In 2016 E.ON split their company so one half could be dedicated to its renewable energy company called Uniper.
  • This year Shell announced plans to invest $2bn a year in new energies.
  • Warren Buffett has dumped his entire $3.7 billion Exxon position.
  • And Bill Gates unloaded his entire stock of oil giant BP.

Coal is also undergoing a major upheaval.

Under new UK government plans, all coal power plants will be forced to shut down by 2025.

All this shifting and changing in the energy market make this opportunity even more lucrative.

And the tiny company I’m talking about today doesn’t have a piece of technology that is dependent on weather or have a large carbon footprint…

It has a piece of material that can harness the enormous energy of the Sun…

And use it to power the world.

So how does a tiny company… with the potential to supply an entire industry with what it needs to achieve exponential growth – look in the long term?

We have a good example in a similar space: the semiconductor market.

Without semiconductors we wouldn’t have technology full stop. They’re used for radio’s, mobiles, computers… everything electronic. The modern world simply wouldn’t exist without them.

So naturally market leaders in this sector have seen huge growth.

Lam Research Corporation, a manufacture of semiconductors have seen their stock rise 9,000%.

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
Lam Research Corp: 2013: +50.71% 2014: +46.70% 2015: +1.46% 2016: +34.83% 2017: +75.84%

Applied Materials Inc – the now number one supplier for the entire semiconductor market have seen phenomenal growth as this industry has soared.

Their stock also saw a peak in early 2000’s. And rallied again to where it is today.

Overall, early investors have seen a staggering 254,150% gain.

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
Applied Materials Inc: 2013: +55.02% 2014: +52.12% 2015: -19.04% 2016: +108.73 2017: +45.83%

Now past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results … but I believe life-changing fortunes like this could take off in the superconductor market – starting with the tiny firm featured in “Eternal Energy: How you could make 3,000% gains from the tiny energy company making fusion possible” infinite energy could send this tiny stock storming higher”.

Because let’s take a look at how infinite energy could change how we live forever…

Revolutionise travel on Earth…

Just as coal-burning steam engines revolutionised logistics, nuclear fusion will do the same for energy.

Tom McGuire of Lockheed Martin Corp summed up flight: “A next-generation airplane that doesn’t rely on fuel and can just stay aloft — unlimited range, unlimited endurance — that’s what nuclear fusion can do for an airplane”

And in space…

Right now it takes around 500 days for spacecraft to reach Mars.

The energy created by fusion will see us there and back in just 30 days.

In NASA’s own words on the very technology this company has: “ High temperature superconducting coils for a future fusion reaction space engine. These coils are needed for the magnetic field that allows the engine to operate safely. And an engine based on this technology would revolutionize space flight”

The end of energy wars

Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, the East and South China Seas… wherever you look, the world is alight with new conflicts fuelled by a fixation on energy domination.

A move towards nuclear fusion will see these oil conflicts slowly grind to a halt.

Reversing climate change

Alongside industrial processes, about 80 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in recent decades was the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.

Nuclear Fusion provides a way of creating energy that doesn’t effects our atmosphere.

In the words of MIT, superconductors are:

“… a transformational breakthrough that’s well-matched to investors seeking high-impact solutions to global climate change.”

This is how Lockheed Martin, NASA and MIT see fusion revolutionising the world.

And it’s these grand ideas that reward investors who take the chance to act BEFORE they hit the mainstream.

And that’s exactly what we’re about here:

Southbank Investment Research

Southbank Investment Research is like a private intelligence network with a simple but profound mission…

To find alternative ways to grow your money.

To pinpoint opportunities you won't hear about from mainstream sources.

Share ideas that could change your life for the better.

99% of the financial world exists simply to report on what's happening today…

Our mission is to ANTICIPATE what the news will be next week, next month or next year…

With ideas you absolutely will not find elsewhere – and show you how to act on them.

At the time of writing, Southbank Investment Research is made up of a team of 9 experts.

All offering their own alternative, ‘fringe’ insights into the world of finance.

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I see nuclear fusion undergoing the same process I saw for biotech.

When private business starts investing directly into a space – development moves at breakneck speed.

For instance, despite the Godlike benefits mapping the entire genome offered, progress was slow going.

Cue biochemist and businessman Craig Venter.

His company Celera Corporation sequenced the human genome at a fraction of the cost of the public project.

Just $300 million of private funding kicked in rapid acceleration.

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

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