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A rare ‘superconductor’ breakthrough by a little-known tech company could provide the planet with limitless, clean energy forever

“It would provide an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming...”

Stephen Hawking

Operation: SPARCSTAR

Discover how this one tiny energy firm could disappear into oblivion…

Or turn your £500 into £15,285!

“[This] is our energy future. It’s so powerful…it is the power of the stars.”

Taylor Wilson

1985, Geneva…

In a luxury chateau in the Swiss Alps, two of the world’s most powerful men sit beside a roaring fire at the height of the Cold War.

It’s an historic moment.

Reagan and Gorbachev’s first face-to-face meeting in almost a decade.

But their agenda today isn’t to discuss politics…

Nuclear armament…

Or the controversial “Star Wars” missile defense programme…

They are here to discuss something far more important.

Something that could impact the entire planet irreversibly, for the rest of time.

And ultimately provide us with limitless, clean energy, forever

Ending the threat of global warming once and for all… Eradicating all the dirty water on the entire planet

And unlocking a new era of unprecedented global energy abundance.

Together, they devise the most ambitious multinational project since the launch of the International Space Station…

Project ‘ITER’ would involve experts from 35 different countries…

Including USA, Russia, China, UK and Japan…

It costs upwards of $25 billion…

Yet despite all its ambition, investment and expertise...

After 33-years of trying, project ITER cannot deliver the clean, unlimited, energy dream that it promised.

Its story, for now, ends there: in failure.

But unbeknown to everyone aside from a select few…

On March 9th 2018, thousands of miles away in a lab in MIT Boston, a tiny company just succeeded where project ITER could not.

They’ve developed the missing piece in the puzzle that could finally deliver the dream of unlimited, clean energy forever.

It’s something I call Operation: SPARCSTAR.

And this miniscule tech firm from Texas has just lit the fuse on the greatest transformation our planet has ever seen.

Forbes has said that this breakthrough will:

“Solve our energy and environmental needs in one single blow…”

The New York Times described it as:

“A dream of clean energy…”

CNN said it is:

“The perfect energy source...”

To be clear…

This has nothing to do with geothermal energy, solar, hydro-electric… or anything like that…

This is something NEW, and far more powerful… a breakthrough of epic, historic proportions.

And today I’d like to get you up to speed.

Because not only is this the single greatest scientific achievement of our lifetime…

To my mind, it also promises to be the greatest investment story of all time.

I will show you how to capture mind-blowing profits from this once-in-history opportunity.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

If I’m right, long term, you could make 3000%+, from this global energy restoration.

That’s enough to turn a small stake of £500 into a £15,285 fortune (before costs and tax)…

In a moment I’ll tell you more about the tiny $13 million firm making Operation: SPARCSTAR possible.

Right now it’s virtually unknown to the financial mainstream.

But eventually it could be a household name. Like Google, Tesla or Apple.

And its impact on everyday life will be infinitely bigger.

I am going to tell you about this firm – and how you can – and MUST – invest in it today for the chance to build legacy-making personal wealth.

First, let me introduce myself…

My #1 goal – helping YOU build
extraordinary wealth

My name is Eoin Treacy.

I’m a tech investment expert and master trader with over 15 years’ experience in the markets.

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But investing in breakout tech is my calling in life: it’s what I was born to do.

And I want you to understand when I say:

This is the most exciting investment opportunity I’ve ever seen…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

It could help you turn a small grub stake of just £500, into a fantastic £15,285 windfall over 5 years.


Let me show you why what I’m calling Operation: SPARCSTAR will change the world…

Generate infinite clean energy…

End our dependence on fossil fuels…

And potentially make you rich beyond your wildest dreams…

Tapping an inferno of energy

The key to Operation: SPARCSTAR can be found in something we witness every single day…

The sun.

On the surface of the sun, temperatures of more than 15 million degrees create an inferno of energy…

Energy powerful enough that it can travel 93 million miles to earth… and still be enough to power EVERYTHING we do.

From the heat we use to cook our food…

To the petrol we put into our cars…


And how does the sun create energy?

Well, without getting too technical…

Atoms of hydrogen and helium are abundant in the atmosphere…

They should repel each other… but the incredible pressure of the sun’s gravity field forces them to fuse together.

And when atoms fuse together… incredible amounts of energy are created…as you can see in this diagram…

Enough energy in one second to power New York City for about 100 years.

We know it, simply, as ‘fusion energy’.

But up until now, we’ve never been able to channel the sun’s energy directly.

Instead, we’ve always used it “second-hand”.

The sun’s energy comes to earth as sunlight and strikes a tree, which traps the energy using photosynthesis…

And then we access the energy by burning the wood.

Or the wood slowly breaks down to become buried beneath the earth…

And we dig it up in the form of coal, oil or natural gas, and use it to power our cars and planes… even our spacecraft.

This kind of second-hand fusion energy is finite

But Operation: SPARCSTAR is about to change all that…

The days of “second-hand” fusion energy are over…

And it’s all down to a rare breakthrough in something you will have likely never heard of…

Something that I’ll get onto shortly…

But this one incredible breakthrough will finally allow us to…

Harness the power of the sun

For over 30 years, we’ve tried to replicate fusion energy here on earth.

It’s incredibly hard to achieve.



The earth’s gravitational force is much weaker than the sun’s, meaning it’s much harder to force these atoms together.

So we have to create temperatures ten times hotter than the sun to achieve similar results.

Fusion reactors on earth run at as much as 150,000,000 degrees Celsius - just like the one you can see here.

And because the heat is so extra-ordinary, the inferno of energy can’t be allowed to touch the walls of the reactor.

In other words…

To achieve fusion, scientists have to contain and compress the hottest matter ever created… without actually touching it.

It sounds almost impossible doesn’t it?

How could scientists bottle this inferno of energy… in a lab… without the whole thing being reduced to cinders and ashes?

Well, for decades, fusion energy has been the ‘lost’ hope of the energy industry.

We’ve always known it was possible... which is why companies – just like the one at the heart of Operation: SPARCSTAR – have been tracking its development so carefully…

And ultimately trying to find a solution to the fusion energy problem.

Because if we can solve fusion energy, then we’d never need another energy source again.

No one has ever managed to crack it…

For the simple reason that:

It has always taken more energy to fuse the helium atoms than the reaction actually gives off.

There’s ALWAYS been a piece of the puzzle missing.

Take the ITER project that I’ve already talked to you about…

That’s failed epically – causing the Trump administration to cut its 2019 funding by nearly half.

That despite huge revenue streams… experts from a host of global superpowers… and seemingly unlimited ambition…

Some people have even started to see nuclear fusion as a joke...

But on 9th March this year, everything changed

Researchers on the other side of the Atlantic made a major announcement…

It concerned a revolutionary breakthrough that scientists believe will finally make fusion possible…

And long term, it could help you turn…

£500 into £15,285

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

MIT professor Maria Zuber said “We’re extremely excited about this.”

And so am I…

Because not only is this the biggest breakthrough in energy that I’ve ever seen…

It gives you the chance to bank legacy-making personal wealth.

And it’s all being made possible by a special high tech material called a 'super-conductor'... just like the one you can see in this picture.

This allows scientists to create magnetic fields – which are integral to the fusion process – that are far, far more powerful than anything that’s gone before…

In fact, from everything I’ve seen…

These super-conductors will finally be able to create a working fusion reactor here on earth.

The test results are astonishing.

For instance…

These super-conductors have already created something that’s 2,000% more powerful than project ITER ever could do – if it ever gets finished…

Using the Kelvin temperature scale, all previous fusion reactors – ITER included – were measured at 4 or less…

This new super-conductor measures at over 90!

It’s 20x more powerful than any
machine of its kind in history…

The best thing is…

This monumental leap forward in evolution has come from one single, tiny shift in technology.

A technology manufactured in one place…by the one company that owns the exclusive rights to it.

Which company?

The small company from Austin, Texas I mentioned earlier that’s at the heart of Operation: SPARCSTAR.

They have the exclusive patent on the ONE technology vital to the creation of the superconductor twenty times more powerful than any other.

In a moment, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can invest in this company.

It’s very straightforward – it won’t take you any more than 15 minutes or so.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

And it could make you 3000%+ or more on your initial stake over the coming years.

That’s what’s on the table for you today.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn a tiny starter-stake into a vast personal fortune.

And the best thing is…

Most investors have no clue that this opportunity even exists.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something that could impact everyday life immeasurably…

Before 99% of other investors have even heard of the little-known tech company behind Operation SPARCSTAR.

And as you’re about to discover…

To my mind, not only is the fusion breakthrough now likely…

I believe it’s now inevitable…

Here’s why…

This is the only way for you to
invest directly in fusion…

One of the surest indicators of a scientific breakthrough isn’t when governments or academics get involved…

It’s when private money starts hitting the market.

For instance…

The Human Genome Project stalled for nearly a decade, until billionaire Craig Venter’s Celera Genomics got involved. Within two years, the sequence was fully mapped – and Venter co-presented the announcement to congress….

Space exploration stagnated in the twenty years following the 1972 moon landing, before companies like Space X and Virgin Galactic, backed by millions in private money, decided to see if they could do better. In 2017, Space X became the first body to ever re-launch and land the first stage of an orbital rocket - something NASA never achieved.

Right now, the smartest financial minds are ALL working towards a fusion breakthrough.

Private companies are being set up left and right… all of them tearing at each other to create the first sustainable superconductor… and all of them backed by big names in the tech world.

“Tri-Alpha Energy” – this company has raised $500 million for its prototype… and is being backed by Microsoft’s Paul Allen and the Rockefeller Family.

“Fusion Energy” is re-working an old US army superconductor design… and is backed by Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.

“Helion Energy” are working on a 50-megawatt direct energy conversion device… claims they have a design that produces “8 times as much energy as is put in”… and they’re backed by PayPal founder Peter Thiel.

Microsoft… Google… Amazon… PayPal…

Thiel… Allen… Bezos…

These men don’t do ANYTHING unless they believe they’ve got the chance of making a massive profit at the end of it.

They know that this is one of those opportunities… like Bitcoin… like Amazon…

Where the best chance to make money comes from getting in early.

There will truly NEVER be another chance to be first in the quest for nuclear fusion.

And that’s the chance I’m offering you today.

You see, all my research shows me that the tiny company in Austin, Texas is the ONLY plausible way to invest in nuclear fusion.

It’s the closest thing to a direct investment in nuclear fusion there is.

Despite the other superconductor companies being backed by Bezos, Allen, Thiel and the like…

None of them are public.

You can’t invest in them, even if you want to.

But you can invest in the company I’m going to show you in just a moment.

As I said, it holds the exclusive patent on the technology essential to making the fusion dream a reality…

Namely, the superconductor that’s 2,000% more powerful than anything that’s gone before....

Make no mistake, the competition in this industry is cut-throat. Other tech companies could develop different technology that trumps this. There is a risk you could lose your investment.

That’s why I recommend you buy in with a small stake… as little as £500 is enough – or even less if you’d prefer. Whatever you can comfortably afford to lose.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

And you could see a return of as 3000%+ over the long-term.

Remember, this is a chance to buy your way in on the future of nuclear fusion.

It’s unexplored territory, and with that comes the potential for risk, and the potential for reward.

All I can do is explain to you how to take this chance… it’s your decision if you take it.

I’m going to show you how…

But first I want you to realise exactly how Operation: SPARCSTAR’s word of fusion will impact our planet irreversibly…

An INFINITE supply of energy

Fusion energy is far, far beyond anything we’ve experienced on earth…

It’s over four million times stronger than burning coal, oil or gas…

And it generates a million times more energy per molecule than blowing up TNT.

Enough to power a city of 100,000 people on just one pulse of ten seconds.

But it’s not just about power… fusion will give us something we’ve never had.

An INFINITE supply of energy.

Our supply of oil and natural gas will run out in as little as 54 years…

Fusion energy will ensure we never have to face a reality of no electricity, heat or light.

The idea of finite energy will be something our grandchildren talk about… as rare to them as the idea of candlelight or coal fires are to us.

Why will fusion energy be limitless?

Simple: we need just two materials to fuel it:

Seawater and lithium.

And both are abundant on earth.

In fact, just one bathtub of seawater and the lithium equivalent to two laptop batteries is enough to provide one person with 30 years of fusion energy.

The lithium deposits found in our oceans alone are enough to provide us with millions of years’ worth of fusion energy.

We will never rely on fossil fuels again.

And as remarkable as that is...

Fusion’s impact will go beyond even infinite energy…

I’m talking about:

Clean, drinkable water for
everyone on earth

The process of making seawater drinkable is called ‘desalination’…

Right now, there are more than 15,000 desalination plants around the world…

But it is still an expensive process, unaffordable to many.

According to Water Aid, 1 in 9 people still lack access to clean water.

Fusion energy will cut the cost of desalination down by as much as half… making it far, far cheaper to build desalination plants in poorer areas of the world.

No-one will have to go without clean drinking water.

But again… the potential of fusion energy goes further…

Fusion energy will
revolutionise travel

Imagine being able to do a whole loop of the world without having to stop to re-fuel, either in the air or by sea.

Tom McGuire of Lockheed Martin Corp, believes that nuclear fusion can create a:

“Next-generation airplane that doesn’t rely on fuel and can just stay aloft – unlimited range, unlimited endurance.”

And right now, engineers are working on an airliner capable of taking you from Heathrow to JFK in just 3 hours… powered entirely by fusion energy.

As for ships… imagine being able to cruise the globe, without ever needing to dock at shore if you don’t want to.

Princeton scientists are even researching the use of nuclear fusion in cars...

Yes, the days of having to refill your car every couple of days could be over.

Imagine only having to top up your car once every six months… without paying more than you would for a tank of petrol.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

That is the sort of world fusion energy can create, and that’s why I believe the company behind this breakthrough could be about to explode in value by as much as 3000%+.

That’s why I truly believe it will make some people rich.

And that’s not all...

Fusion energy could put an
end to “the big 6”

In 2017 alone, the big 6 energy companies hiked prices by a minimum of 6.9%... with nPower cranking prices up by 9.8%.

A recent 5.5% energy rate rise at British Gas was followed by their pointing their fingers at Ofgem and the government…

Despite BG reporting a profit increase of 31% the year before.

And at the end of last year, bills for thousands of households went up by as much as 28% as previous ‘fixed-term’ contracts ended.

Prices of energy continue to go up and up and up… and everyday working men and women like us pay the price.

But in a fusion world… everything changes.

Once this much energy can be generated in so little time… how can the energy companies maintain their hold?

Energy changes goes from something scarce and monopolised to something abundant and virtually infinite…

I’m talking about a world in which energy costs virtually nothing…

Free travel… low to non-existent bills… a clean, green world…

And the tiny company I’d like to reveal to you now, could make this all possible.

So let’s get to it…

I’d like to send you a copy
of my “Infinite Energy”
report immediately

It’s titled:

“Eternal Energy: How you could make 3000%+ gains from the tiny energy company making fusion possible”

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

And in it, I explain everything you need to know to potentially turn £500 into £15,285 from the company behind Operation: SPARCSTAR.


  • The name of the company with exclusive rights to the technology behind the new breed of super-conductors...
  • Why I believe it’s primed to climb 3000%+ higher…
  • How fusion energy could impact the world…
  • All the risks involved with this company and the sector itself…
  • Why you need to get in NOW, if you want to see maximum returns…

The truth is that there’s virtually no limit on how much this company could increase in value.

This is investment 1.0 in the fusion arms race.

And you can buy your way in with a small stake of as little as £500 – or even less if you’d prefer.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

But if you want a shot at maximum gains… before other investors get wind of this opportunity, then you need to act immediately.

Remember, this isn’t some crypto currency…

Or leveraged opportunity…

This isn’t a spread-bet.

It’s one small, single investment that you can set up in as little as 15 minutes.

The worst case scenario here is that you lose your stake.

And I won’t claim that’s impossible. Of course it isn’t.

Your capital is always at risk when you invest in small, revolutionary businesses.

And as I’ve explained. There are companies competing with this one, and this is a cut-throat market. Other tech companies could develop different technology that trumps this, and competitors backed by men like Bezos, Allen and Thiel have more resources and more money…

They’re all investing millions to try and be the first to achieve true fusion. This is a very real risk and one you need to consider.

But there’s one thing they DON’T have:

A legal patent on the vital part of the fusion puzzle.

The tech that improves the power of superconductors by 2,000%.

Only one company has this…and in this report you’re going to find out who it is.

But please….

Don’t invest anything you’re not prepared to lose.

There’s a chance this company could disappear into oblivion.

I don’t believe that will happen of course – I wouldn’t be writing to you today if I thought it would.

But I want you to remember all the risks involved.

As well as the fact that you could become one of the first people ever to invest in an energy revolution that completely changes the future of humanity.

I believe that with the private sector now driving fusion technology, advances are going to come thick and fast.

If you want to enjoy potentially huge profits, it’s vital to get in on the ground floor by investing in the closest thing to a “pure play” fusion has to offer.

Quite literally, you will never get another a chance like this.

And remember, I’m going to show you exactly what to do.

It’s simple to set up.

One investment. Less than 15 minutes to set up. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And here’s how you can claim your FREE report…

Frontier Tech Investor

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

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But that’s not all…

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Infinite Energy Report #2: “The Infinite Energy Investors’ Blueprint”

Your first report will show you exactly how to profit from the machines that generate fusion energy…

This report will show you how to make money by investing in the technology that will transmit the energy to our homes and workplaces.

Right now, a new type of energy grid is being developed…

And I believe it will play a key role in our transformation to a ‘fusion’ society.

This new area of the energy market could expand by as much as 3000%+ over the coming years.

In this report, I show you exactly where to invest to ensure you profit from the technology that’s set to ‘carry’ fusion energy right into your home.

And it’s included as part of your “Infinite Energy” pack.

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However, because I want to re-emphasise just how important this opportunity is…I also want to send you an additional report…

Infinite Energy Report #3: “How distributed energy will turn the world on its head – and what you need to do to profit.”

In the two reports above, I’m going to show you the “big” plays.

The one or two investments with MASSIVE potential to explode in value.

I believe that when a revolutionary change like this comes, you should take every chance you can to make money...

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

In this report, I’ll show you some of the hidden opportunities to double and even triple your money when the fusion revolution takes place.

Make no mistake… investing in the future of superconductors is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that’ll make many investors rich…

But when a shift changes the whole world… there are multiple ways to make big money…

In this report, I’ll show you exactly where these can be found.

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As you can see, the total value of the reports in the “Infinite Energy” wealth package is £60.

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

  • I’ll give you the name of the tiny company at the heart of Operation: SPARCSTAR…
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  • You’ll get full details of the patent this company has for its innovative ‘super-conductors’
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And if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like that… and would rather go with the more conventional “2% returns over 20 years” approach…

Well, I respect that.

However, if you’re still slightly on the fence, I want to offer you a little something extra, to help make up your mind…

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You might know Nick O’Connor already, but if you don’t, let me give you the low-down.

Nick is the Publisher here at Southbank Investment Research, the fastest-growing financial publishing company in the UK.

He oversees a stable of investment experts including the likes of:

Tim Price, who’s an award-winning defensive investor, published author and former columnist for MoneyWeek who helped investors in his fund get through the 2008 financial crisis virtually unscathed…

Charlie Morris, who managed £3bn of HSBC’s money in his role as their Head of Global Return, and achieved cumulative returns of more than 100% between 2003 and 2015…

Sam Volkering, a former IFA who pioneered crypto investing and helped his readers achieve profits of more than 1,300%, and earned one reader more than a million in just 7 weeks…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Nick’s job is to help guys like Tim, Charlie, Sam and myself bring our expert analysis to readers like yourself.

We absolutely bombard him with information on the markets… on funds… on technology…

He’s the first person I go to when I make a major discovery like this, and he’s also the first guy Tim, Charlie and Sam go to.

In The Exponentialist, he shares everything he knows about the future of investment.

He’s taken all of the analysis and advice we’ve given him…and distilled it down into a book that is a must for anyone that wants to continue to make money from pioneering technology.

Nick digs deep into world-changing tech like:

  • AI
  • Robotics
  • Gene Editing
  • Solar energy

And a number of others.

Nick has a better ‘bird’s eye’ view of the tech sector than anyone I know, so if you want to profit from it, I can’t think of any book you need to read more.

Now, a hardback copy of The Exponentialist normally costs £24.99

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So now it’s over to you.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Do you want a shot at turning £500 into £15,285?

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My very best for your future.

Eoin Treacy
Investment Director, Frontier Tech Investor

PS. You might still be a little bit unsure whether this opportunity is really for you.

I know it can be tough to take action… even when the chance is as exciting as this one.

So, just to help further… I’ve talked Nick into allowing me to give you an extra bonus…

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Bonus Report: The 2018 Crypto Roadmap (normal value £20, but FREE to you today.)

Sam Volkering – our resident crypto genius – takes you through the 5 specific crypto currencies he believes are going to shoot up in value by as much as 1,000% over the next few months.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

He also lets you in on the one toxic crypto currency you should steer well clear of.

This report alone is worth its weight in gold if you’re interested in profiting from crypto currencies. The crypto market has made people rich… but you DO have to know what you’re doing.

If you don’t know where to put your money, you might as well be buying lottery tickets. Remember, this is a very volatile market… and there is risk whenever you invest in crypto.

That’s why you need to get expert advice if you’re going to get started in the market.

Let me tell you – if I was in the crypto trenches, Sam is the man I’d want with me. And in this guide, he personally identifies where HE’S investing to ensure future crypto profits.

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Exponential Investor editor Harry Hamburg navigates you through the lucrative yet volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

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