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Breakthrough stock expert, Sam Volkering, reveals...


“The British public may not be aware, but this country is a world leader in what is about to become the dominant energy force of the 21st Century.”
- The Telegraph

Here are FOUR strategic moves every investor needs to make BEFORE 30th September. That means you MUST ACT in the next...


Dear Reader,

Take a look at this ordinary puddle…


And closer still…

This is NOT just plain ordinary water...

Thanks to a stunning feat of British ingenuity...

Scientists can use these molecules to generate a PRACTICALLY LIMITLESS source of power with:

No digging...

No drilling...

And no fracking involved.

That means...

In the face of soaring utility bills…

Eye-watering prices at the petrol pumps…

And an urgent race to cut ties with war-mongering fossil fuel tyrants…

This ground-breaking discovery could hand Britain cheap, abundant, clean and independent energy.

All we have to do is pump plain, ordinary water into a clever device…

And it will pump out a clean fuel twice as strong as natural gas...

Three times stronger than crude oil....

And up to 300 times stronger than a lithium battery.

Soon this limitless fuel could power every ship, plane and train on our shores...

Clean up our dirtiest factories...

And provide a cheap, clean source of heat and light for every home in Britain.


Most investors are completely blind to what’s happening.

Despite the fact Goldman Sachs believes this “rain fuel” could become an $11.7 trillion market by 2050.

To put that into perspective that’s:

  • 10x BIGGER than the UK government’s forecasted total revenue for this year..
  • 10x BIGGER than the current crypto market value...
  • 1,000x BIGGER than all investment in green energy for 2021.

I’m writing to you today not JUST to inform you about this epic energy boom through…

But to show you how I believe you could make a small fortune from it.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.

Starting with FOUR small cap energy stocks every investor needs to know about...

Stocks I believe could follow in the footsteps of high flyers like these:

PHE, which has soared 251% in the last 2 years...

 Source: Koyfin
(Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
PowerHouse Energy Group PLC: 2017: +73.33% / 2018: -35.90% / 2019: +8% / 2020: +1751.85% /2021: -55.10%)

PLUG which has surged 819%...

Source: Koyfin
(Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
Plug Power Inc annual performance: 2017: +96.67% / 2018: -47.46% / 2019: +154.84% / 2020: +973.10% / 2021: -16.75%)

And HYSR, which has rocketed 858%…

Source: Koyfin
(Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
SunHydrogen Inc annual performance: 2017: +96.67% / 2018: -47.46% / 2019: +154.84% / 2020: +973.10% / 2021: -16.75%)

Of course, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Not every rain fuel stock shoots into profit. And these are some of the top performers.

Breakthrough companies – especially small companies – carry high risk.

I’m sharing these examples to illustrate what happens when you get it right in this new sector.

Which, according to experts at Goldman Sachs, could grow an astonishing 1,400,000% in the coming years.

Even though...

Fossil fuel companies might appear to have got a boost from the energy crisis.

The controversy around them is continuing to grow and the rising cost of their dirty fuels is only making the case for “rain fuel” stronger.

In fact, according to Marco Alvera, CEO of Utilities Firm SNAM, "rain fuel” is The cheapest form of decarbonized energy for many sectors, it could be cheaper than today’s prices for oil, coal and nuclear power.

And Andrew Forrest, former CEO of Fortescue Metals and 7th richest person in Australia ($4.3 billion) says:

“Right now [“rain fuel”] is cheaper [than gas and oil], and it’s getting more cheaper. It’s the only fuel you know of that’s declining in price...”

Maybe that's why in January Bloomberg predicted that “rain fuel” "could solve the global energy crisis."

And why Forbes calls it...

And The Wall Street Journal has praised it as...

Even Bloomberg has said “rain fuel” is...

And if you act before the 30th September, you could move ahead of Britain’s first wave of “rain fuel” rollouts....

But first, let me show you how the “rain fuel” revolution has been quietly building, right under your nose…


Our government has been quietly signing deal after deal to secure Britain’s energy independence.

Like a £400 million partnership with Bill Gates to boost British energy technology...

A £400 million deal with Johnson Matthey to speed up research and development of “rain fuel” technology...

A £9.7 billion international energy trade and investment package last October...

And plans to attract another £9 Billion of private investment in British “rain fuel” companies by 2030...


To help turn Britain into a “rain fuel” powerhouse.

As The Telegraph said in 2020:

“The British public may not be aware, but this country is a world leader in what is about to become the dominant energy force of the 21st Century.”

And what I showed you before is just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a look for yourself...

  • £84 million has been committed to bolster green and “rain fuel” aviation companies.
  • £781 million has been set aside to boost “rain fuel” production – a figure which DOUBLED in April.
  • £840 million of investment is going into “rain fuelled” public transport.
  • Plus, the majority of a new £12 billion infrastructure fund is earmarked for “rain fuel” projects.

And the next tidal wave of investment could begin to make landfall this September...

That’s when £240 million of new investment will be divided between British companies creating revolutionary “rain fuel” tech.

The winners are yet to be announced – but I’m confident they could include the companies I’m going to tell you about today.

We – and the rest of the world – could find out as soon as 30th September.

That’s why I want to rush over details of these companies – in a series of special reports we’ve published.

Inside those reports is everything you need to know about the “rain fuel” stocks that could be set to soar.

And that includes their names, ticker symbols and a full risk analysis of every firm.

I’ll show you how to get your hands on it all, in just a moment.

But you’re probably wondering...


The truth is...

Nobody has stepped up as the Elon Musk of “rain fuel”, to give it the publicity to capture the public’s imagination – YET.

And, you might be surprised to learn, it’s not a new or experimental form of energy production...

In fact, we’ve been using it for almost 200 years – but only in VERY niche sectors.

But now the global energy crisis could send demand through the roof.

With fossil fuel prices unsustainably high. People are having to choose between eating and heating their homes...

Carers are calling in sick because they can’t afford to go commute to patients houses...

Businesses are being crushed by rising energy bills and dropping trade...

And 28 energy companies have already collapsed under the pressure in the last year.

Once the energy price cap is lifted on the 1st October, it could get much worse...

The average household energy bill for this winter could surge to over £3,300...

And personal finance expert Martin Lewis warns that blackouts, riots and civil unrest could be on the horizon.

In fact...

Things are so desperate that some councils are even considering setting up “warm banks” ...

The mayor of Bristol said:

“It almost sounds like wartime, but we’ll be working with community organisations and partners around the city to set up warm places that people can go to if they need to, come autumn when people need to turn their heating on again.”

We need a solution, desperately.

And according to the experts at Bloomberg “rain fuel” could be it.

That's why...

A number of influential energy giants are making multi-billion-dollar bets on it, like:

  • BP has just announced they’re piling £18 billion into the British “rain fuel” industry over the next 8 years...
  • French energy giant Air Liquide is chucking in another £8 billion by 2035...
  • And Shell has already set aside £25 billion to invest this decade – and are working on plans to quadruple that investment.

Of course, they’re not investing billions from goodness of their heart...

 They know how lucrative this opportunity is and are expecting to rake in BIG returns.

If you want to join them, then today I want to dive into the details of 4 “rain fuel” stocks I believe every investor needs to know about RIGHT NOW.

Including one tiny firm that just inked a new partnership deal with Shell to grab a share of that £25 billion pay out.

EACH of these “rain fuel” stocks looks poised to tap into the $11.7 trillion boom...

And they could start to surge when a new £240 million wave of investment hits the British “rain fuel” market on 30th September 2022.


If turning boring old rain water into a practically limitless source of power sounds like something out of science fiction – I understand.

But is it any stranger than collecting sunlight for the same purpose?

Just look at the rise of solar power over the last decade...

Data source: IRENA

Or what about harnessing the wind and plugging it into the national grid?

Data source: IRENA

Both of these renewable markets have produced OUTRAGEOUS gains over the last decade.


Vestas Wind Systems which has soared 2,905%:

Source: Koyfin

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
Vestas Wind Systems: 2017: +4.46% / 2018: +16.91% / 2019: +38.31% / 2020: +115.01% / 2021: -11.33%

And Canadian Solar Inc. which has surged 1,246%:

Source: Koyfin

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
Canadian Solar annual performance: 2017 +38.42% / 2018: -14.95% / 2019: +54.11% / 2020: +131.86% / 2021: 2.46%

But I believe the opportunities unfolding in the “rain fuel” revolution are going to dwarf anything we’ve seen from solar or wind energy so far.

Remember it’s not restricted by changing tide or the wind blowing or the sun shining.

And a drought won’t stop it either – we can use ANY water, even sea water.

Plus, there’s no digging, no drilling and no fracking involved...

So, no matter the weather...

We have an unlimited supply of “rain fuel” here on our shores.

All we need is companies with the expertise and the technology to harness it and roll it out across the country.

Which is already starting to happen in plain sight.

Factories are switching from natural gas to “rain fuel” to power their heavy machinery.

Like Unilever: since 9th March their manufacturing plant in Liverpool has been running on 100% “rain fuel”.

And “Rain fuel” powered trains and buses are already out on the streets taking commuters to work every morning...

Source: Martin Addison

Plus, “rain fuel” powered cars have started to roll out of showrooms...

Source: Wikicommons

This is your chance to be an early investor in the dominant energy sector of TOMORROW.

If that sounds like an opportunity too good to pass up,

Then you’re probably itching to take advantage and learn about the four “rain fuel” companies I’ve got lined up for you.

Remember – everything you need to know about these firms – which could start to surge as soon as 30th September – is included in a series of special reports I can send you today.

Before I show you how to get your hands on these valuable investment briefings, you might be wondering:

Who am I to tell you about this breakthrough energy story?

Sam Volkering – Financial Analyst, Southbank Investment Research

My name is Sam Volkering.

For the last 20 years I’ve been on the hunt for the biggest opportunities in the tech markets.

Like cryptocurrency...

In 2014 I was asked to go on an American TV show to explain cryptocurrency.

And they laughed at me when I said it wasn't just a flash in the pan.

Even though a single Bitcoin was worth over $500 at the time.

Now over 40 million people own Bitcoin. And the price has surged up to peak as high as 12,286% since that interview.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

 But that’s not all...

I was telling my readers about 3D printers before most people had even heard of them – a market now worth $14 billion.

And I recommended that readers of one of my premium newsletters, took very early plays in quantum computing stocks.

Anyone that followed my best recommendation in this sector could’ve seen an average gain of 1,438%

Source: Koyfin

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Revolutionary Trend Investor annual performance: 2017: 242.91% / 2018: -52.71% / 2019: -5.54% / 2020: 90.56% / 2021: 77.35%

But the most rewarding part is...

Helping the 45,000+ ordinary investors who follow me.

Like C.C. who wrote to me in March 2021 to tell me:

“I am living my best life, and it is only possible because of the wealth of information that you and your time have provided.

To put it simply, my brain works differently now because of the lessons you have taught me, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Be assured, I have recommended you service to countless others. I value the work you are doing to no end.”


S.H who, in March 2021, said:

“I am incredibly grateful for the insights and knowledge you have passed on and look forward to reading more of your content in future.”


P.G. who emailed me in November 2020 to say:

“Thank you so much...I've joined what I sincerely believe is a long-term successful investment.

Without the confidence you instilled, I doubt I would have ever ventured in Crypto land!

Thanks once again, and I look forward to the next newsletter.”


Now, as I’ve said past performance is not a promise of future gains.

I’ve had my share of losses too which is why I want my followers understand the potential risks involved.

What I don’t want to do...

Is tell you what to do with your money.

And I’m not in this job to feather my own nest either.

I share my independent research with you every month – and YOU decide which investments are right for you and when.

Here I am at a conference in 2017, talking to 300 investors about breakthrough tech companies

And I believe investors here in the UK have been kept in the dark for too long about this opportunity.

An opportunity to create cheaper, cleaner and more abundant energy for the UK.

One that’s continuing to grow DESPITE the recent U turn on fossil fuels...

DESPITE skyrocketing inflation...

And DESPITE the gruelling bear market...

Because this ISN’T just a flash in the pan.

This is a fundamental shift in global energy that’s been bubbling under the surface for decades...

And Britain is standing right on the eruption point.

Imagine being able to go back in time and get an early stake in the big oil giants like BP, Shell or EDF Energy...

That's the sort of potential the companies I’m going to show you today could offer.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.

In fact...

I’ve already shared “rain fuel” energy plays with my followers…

And this is what one of my readers wrote to tell me in February about their investment in one of these stocks...

“Well, you certainly scored a home run for me, Sam mate!

After subscribing to Frontier Tech Investor, I bought several tranches of [stock redacted] when it was between 4p and 5p.

As you know, this spiked right up a while back.

My profits peaked at 25 grand. Yes 25 grand of clear blue profit!”

Jonathan, February 2022

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

In my view, the end is nigh for the oil behemoths...

“Rain fuel” is the future – the next generation of energy production across the global grid.

And this emerging sector is creating a monumental wealth-building opportunity.

One that is still —for now – flying under the radar.

To help you take maximum possible financial advantage, I have called in someone whom I consider…

The #1 clean energy investor in Britain – perhaps the world

To publish my research, I work with a special network of financial experts called Southbank Investment Research.

Within our ranks you will find investors respected the world over...

Former billion-pound fund managers and professionals with decades of experience making money in the markets.

Our mission is a very simple one:

To show private investors, like you, how to make the most of their money.

Often that means sharing urgent profit-making opportunities... BEFORE everyone else gets a whiff.

James Allen - Clean energy investment expert

And when it comes to clean energy investing, one of the UK’s leading experts is right here in our London offices, James Allen.

His record of uncovering profit opportunities in the clean energy sector is unparalleled.

When you balance his 34 winners and losers. His average return, since inception in April 2018 to the first week of September, is 152%.

And his average profit is 244%.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Exponential Energy Fortunes annual performance (since inception in 2018): 2018: -22.33% / 2019: 1.18% / 2020: 193.55% / 2021: -9.23%

And when it comes to finding opportunity in the “rain fuel” revolution, he’s had some corkers.

Over the last 18 months he’s sold out “rain fuel” stocks for...

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

  • 267% in on a half positions November...
  • 192% on a stock sold in April...
  • And 121% gains in May...

No wonder his readers have written in with messages like these:

 "A profit of £60,000 in under a year of investing in the portfolio is probably worth the risks.

James’s knowledge and judgement seems flawless at the moment. He is on a role with the clean energy investments.”

Chris Quinn, from Wolverhampton, September 2018

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

"James Allen is a world expert in the clean energy sector and the service he provides is outstanding.”

L.B.P, from Matlock, February 2021

 “The market is a potential goldmine, and with James at his helm, I can see many more successful recommendations over the years to come. Enjoy the ride.”

Andrew T, from York, February 2021

Let’s remember, past performance does not guarantee success in the future. James has his losers just like anyone else.

Investing in any market – even a red-hot market like this one – isn’t fool proof.

So, always follow the golden rule – only ever invest money you can afford to lose.

If you can be disciplined, there is the real potential here to make a profit.

I believe the “rain fuel” revolution unfolding right now could hold some of the biggest money-making opportunities of our lifetime.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.

This is not JUST a quick fix for the current energy crisis...

This is the dawn of a new era for energy...

And this could be your LAST chance to be amongst the early movers.

So, let’s dive into the stocks James believes every investor needs to know about now...


In May 1800, in a house in London’s Soho Square...

A British school teacher named William Nicholson made what should’ve been one of the most celebrated inventions in history.

A device that can turn plain, ordinary water into an unlimited supply of clean, green fuel.

Unfortunately, nobody cared.

He was snubbed by his upper-class peers and was too poor to do anything about it.

The government wouldn’t have been interested either, they were busy building the British empire – and coal was the driving force behind it.

But now in 2022...

A company just outside Manchester is pulling Nicholson’s invention off the shelf. And using it to kickstart a modern-day “rain fuel” revolution.

And today, Nicholson’s invention looks like this...

According to Goldman Sachs, demand for these "rain fuel" machines could soar 65,000% by 2035.

And this small British company could reap the rewards.

To keep up with soaring demand, they’ve invested £250 million this year to triple their production as quickly as possible.

And so far this year they’ve signed deals with:

  • The German Government...
  • The UK Government...
  • And the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency.

Its revenues doubled from 2017 to 2019 and grew another 30% last year.

But they’re expected to surge an incredible 1,520% from 2021-2023.

That’s why the private sector is piling in too.

This company has received backing from the likes of JCB, Hargreaves Lansdown and Fidelity (the 4th largest asset management firm in the world).

In 2020 an equity research firm stated this company is “on track to become a global leader in the rapidly growing [“rain fuel”] economy.”

Yet, like many “rain fuel” stocks, it’s escaped the notice of most retail investors...

And is still currently trading for pocket change per share.

The future looks bright for this innovative firm and all the details you need are in James’ exclusive report - “3 Watchlist Stocks for Britain’s Great Energy Revival”

But that’s just the first watchlist stock James has uncovered. Because he’s also going to tell you about...


Despite Boris Johnson’s big plans for heat pumps and talk of banning gas boilers to force people to adopt them...

According to The Express, the majority of British households can’t afford or don’t want to make the switch.

Some are being quoted as much as £35,000 to install one!

But this small British company could offer a cleaner, more affordable solution.

Their patented “rain fuel” battery can work with existing gas pipelines. To provide heat and electricity at a more efficient rate than pulling it from the national electricity grid.

And their “rain fuel” batteries could cut the average household energy bill by as much as 33%.

Without the need to rip out pipes and radiators.

That’s why this company has caught the eye of the US Department of Energy…

A $12 billion South Korean tech giant...

And Fortune 500 tech titan – Bosch.

But what about the numbers? Well...

Its revenue in 2021 was 9 times higher than in 2017.

Rising 44% last year alone.

And that could climb a lot in the months ahead.

Given that it’s JUST inked a new deal with oil giant Shell to deliver a mega-scale “rain fuel” project.

And it’s about to finalise a new partnership with Chinese engine manufacturer Weichei.

Before that happens, you should get your hands on a copy of “3 Watchlist Stocks for Britain’s Great Energy Revival”.


Whilst on his honeymoon in France, a British lawyer named William Robert Grove made an incredible discovery...

A device which could turn “rain fuel” into electricity, the next step in “rain fuel” technology evolution.

Grove’s discovery earned him a professorship and a new career in the British government.

Now in 2022...

Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Mitsubishi, BMW and Honda are all looking to utilise his invention to get their own “rain fuel” powered cars on the market.

Vauxhall went so far as to call it “the energy system of the future”.

Of course, it’s not just cars...

Wrightbus, JCB and Airbus are all throwing BILLIONS at producing “rain fuel” powered diggers, buses, trains and planes.

And this little-known German company could offer them the ultimate solution...

A supercharged “rain fuel” engine based off Grove’s 183-year-old design.

These engines run on “rain fuel”, but also double as an electric battery. Giving users the best of both.


This is small-cap stock so I can't disclose many details in public – you’ll have to read the report for that.

But here's what I can share...

The stock might be listed on the London Stock Exchange... but the company is based in a European country.

So, it gets a double slice of the action – it benefits both from EU’s "rain fuel” policies and from the UK’s.

This company has seen steady leaps of around 23% in revenue every year for from 2018 to 2020...

And in 2021 revenues grew by a further 46%. Despite the chaos caused by the pandemic.

They now have the backing the European Commission...

And given how keen the EU – and the world – are to shed the weight of foreign gas and oil...

This company has a very exciting future ahead of it.

You can learn the full details when you read your copy of “3 Watchlist Stocks for Britain’s Great Energy Revival.”

But, before I tell you how you could claim your copy...

Let me give you a sneak peek at my TOP “rain fuel” stock to BUY in 2022...


It would be unfair to my current subscribers if I gave away too many details on this small cap stock here.

But let me run you through why I’m so excited about it’s potential:

This company isn’t just tapping into the $11.7 trillion rain fuel market...

It’s also taking a bite out of ANOTHER market forecast to be worth $485 billion in the next 3 years...

By turning waste products into electricity.

Which means their technology provides not 1, but 2 solutions to our crippling energy crisis.

And we’ll be in good hands...

This company has over 2 decades of skin in the game...

And the chaos of 2022 hasn’t slowed them down.

In March they set up new projects in France...

In April they committed again to a new £15 million “rain fuel” factory near Liverpool...

In June they inked a new first-of-its kind project in Greece...

AND a huge new project here in the UK.

That’s on top of their plans for 8 more projects across the world.

It's no wonder their revenues have grown 260% over the last 2 years.

And that they’ve caught the eyes of household names like Siemens, EDF Energy and Toyota.

But, if you want the full details on this stock...

Including the ticker symbol and how to buy it...

It’s all included in this special report I call The #1 Stock for Britain’s Green Industrial Revolution.

I want to get these reports in your hands, and fast.

Because the energy crisis we’re seeing play out today – in my mind – is just the first of many catalysts that make these stocks so exciting.

The sooner you get informed about them, the better!

Once you do you can position yourself AHEAD of that £240 million investment surge which could kickstart on 30th September...

And ahead of the $11.7 trillion tsunami of wealth that could follow it...

That’s why I want to send you both of these reports, right now, without delay.

WITHOUT any financial commitment on your part.

Here’s how you can make it happen:

Try out one of UK’s leading small-cap tech advisories:


If you’re a free thinker who wants to uncover opportunities where others wouldn’t even think to look...

If you want to keep one step ahead of the biggest investment trends of our generation – without spending your entire evening glued to a screen...

And you’re comfortable with taking riskier, more volatile trades for the chance of greater rewards...

Then Frontier Tech Investor is for you.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.

Every time I uncover a hot new small-cap stock I believe could make mouth-watering gains for my readers...

You’ll receive an easy-to-read guide with all the details and risks laid out for you to digest.

So, all you have to do is sit back, relax, read and then decide if you want to invest.

Just like my current readers:

Dear Sam,

On a personal note, this is the first time I have felt enthusiastic about saving in over 15 years...

The service is wonderful, and in my opinion represents fantastic value for money.

I just wish I had learned about it all ten years ago!...

 I would like to take this opportunity to say that the service you have provided has already changed my life.

Having read almost all of the literature available, I have found myself a different man.

I am excited by the world of finance, not intimidated by it...

Now everything has changed.

I am living my best life...

To put it simply, my brain works differently now because of the lessons you have taught me, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

 Be assured, I have recommended you service to countless others...”

C.C., March 2021

Of course...

Nobody can (or should) ever guarantee you that they’ll get it right every time.

Which is why I prefer to say...

I’m in the business of helping investors – arming them with information, insights and know-how.

And I won’t tell you what to do with your money...I’m NOT a financial advisor. I actually left that industry years ago. I thought it was stuffy and restrictive.

Only YOU know what you can afford to lose – and what risks you are willing to take.

The stocks I’ll be introducing you to are NOT run of the mill stocks that your friends and “experts” on the internet talk about...

These companies exist outside the mainstream...

They’re pioneering the technology of TOMORROW...


Investing in these revolutionary, small-cap stocks in the early stages means they’re more illiquid, risky and volatile than mid-cap or blue-chip stocks.

They also don’t pay a dividend and it can take months or years for them to take off – with no guarantees of success.

Plus, these smaller, less established companies tend to be more vulnerable to negative market trends and threats from competition.

Which is why I can’t promise things will always go our way.

So... I understand why you might like to do more research before you commit...

That’s why...

I’d like to offer you a 100% commitment-free, trial to Frontier Tech Investor.

That’s right...

Claim your membership today.

And if you DON’T love it – you’ve 3 full months to tell us – and we'll refund you, in full, no questions asked.

That’s my iron-clad 90-day money back guarantee.

But first...


Take up a trial membership today...

And you’ll receive hundreds of pounds worth of expert investment insights, research and recommendations.

Let’s break it down...

  • 3 Watchlist Stocks for Britain’s Great Energy Revival
  • Your exclusive report from Britain’s top clean energy investment expert.
  • Showing you the 3 stocks every investor needs to know about ahead of the $11.7 trillion “rain fuel” revolution.
  • “The #1 Stock for Britain’s Green Industrial Revolution”
  • If you want to learn how to tap TWO revolutionary green fuel industries - with just ONE stock…
  • Then you need to get clued up on this little-known “green gas” giant.
  • FREE BONUS 1: “Britain’s Green Skies Champion”
  • The entire $3.5 trillion aviation industry is under crushing pressure to get “green” passenger jets on the tarmac as quickly as possible.  And investors who get ahead of this landmark shift could be in prime position to reap the rewards.
  • THIS little-known company is leading the pack and could put green jets on our runways as soon as 2024.
  • FREE BONUS 2: “The $25 million company that could power 22 million British homes”
  • This new battery pioneer could be about to upend the $27 billion battery industry with its unique patented technology. Put this one on your reading list for this week.
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  • Despite what the naysayers tell you, it’s clear to me that cryptocurrency is now an unstoppable force.
  • No matter how hard the market batters it, it comes back stronger than ever before.
  • But...
  • It has an ugly problem right now – it's very energy demanding.
  • However, this company is exploring greener alternative. And taking a bite out of both the renewable energy and the crypto markets.
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