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“A revolution in energy generation is happening.”

The BitGrid

The same tech that sent bitcoin on a 86,000% price rise…

…could be about to turn the entire energy world on its head… drop energy prices dramatically … kill oil & gas as main energy suppliers for good… and make a fortune for early adopters.

Just one investment – far, FAR easier than buying bitcoin or cryptos – gets you in at the ground floor of this energy revolution. Read on and I’ll show you what it is …

Necker Island

Dear Friend,

You’ve heard of bitcoin by now, I’m sure.

The world’s first “crypto” currency has exploded into the mainstream this year, making a fortune for investors.

For instance, £1,000 invested in bitcoin on the 1st January, 2016 would be worth more than £24,150 today… an incredible gain.

That same £1,000 invested back when bitcoin was still “underground” in 2013 would now be worth a stunning 86,902% more. That’s the kind of return that generates “second home” money for most people.

But what most people don’t know is this…

The very same technology that makes bitcoin so valuable is now being rolled out in the ENERGY industry.

And just as bitcoin has radically disrupted the status quo in the financial world…

I believe the same technology is going to turn the energy industry upside down.

Not only that, I’m convinced it’s going to make a fortune for early investors.

Will it soar as high as bitcoin’s 86,902%?

I couldn’t say. That’d be pure speculation.

But I do know it has the potential to be just as disruptive… just as powerful… and just as valuable as bitcoin has been in the financial markets.

For instance, the UK government, alongside the National Grid and tech firm Siemens, recently awarded a contract to trial this same blockchain technology out in Britain.

It’s already believed to be a £1bn market… with the potential for explosive growth.

In short, the blockchain is at the heart of a NEW energy revolution… one that’s more valuable than all the oil & gas in the world put together… and could hand you an enormous windfall if you move on it early.

In fact, as this new energy moves towards rapidly towards mainstream adoption (and it’s moving FAST - Bill Gates and his colleagues just put $1 billion in), it could sweep away the “old” way of generating power for good.

Scores of traditional energy suppliers (even your own) could be forced to slash prices by 50%... 70%... even 80%.

Old, aging infrastructure like the national grid could become obsolete. Major energy suppliers will be forced to compete… or go bust.

Oil rich regions like the Gulf will see their power undermined by something better, cheaper and more stable than oil.

And a new class of energy producer will rise to prominence overnight, helping early investors like you build “once in a generation” wealth.

This world might feel far off.

But it’s coming.

Sooner than anyone realises.

It all comes back to the secret behind bitcoin… known as the blockchain.

Frankly, I believe it’s the biggest untold story in the energy world right now.

Nothing… not solar energy… not battery tech… not wind… nuclear… geothermal… or fusion even comes close.

Don’t get me wrong - those are all vital new sources of energy that will surely make investors some monumental returns.

THIS new technology
is more valuable than them all

Yes, technology.

The energy secret of Necker Island involves a tech breakthrough that Wired calls “a revolution in energy generation”.

And backed by some of the world’s richest and most powerful investors, this energy tech is rapidly moving towards its BREAKOUT moment.

  • Billionaires Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg just stumped up $1 billion to back the new technology in a first of its kind venture…
  • Apple has already invested heavily in the technology as part of a $848 million project.
  • Walmart, Dow Chemical and Amazon have all claimed their stake, too.
  • On 3rd April 2017 Facebook and Microsoft announced they’ve actually teamed up to roll this energy out in India and Africa (a $50 million joint venture).
  • And so has Google – it found $3.2 billion to buy its way in at the ground floor of this emerging technology.

Powerful investors like that don’t put big money up for no reason.

They’re all backing this technology because it could turn the entire energy world on its head.

In fact, it’s rolling out as you read these words. I know of two specific projects trialling this technology in Salford and London right now.

Both have the backing of billion pound energy giants.

That’s not all – Imperial College London are already studying how to use this energy to power our entire train network.

And those projects are just the start of a MUCH bigger revolution. Robert Hebner, director of the Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin, recently claimed that “we are nearing a tipping point”.

I believe that’s an understatement.

According to a Deutsche Bank report on the industry, in 2018 we could see a once-in-a-lifetime moment – when NEW energy installations using this technology suddenly surpass old, tired, 20th century ones.

Not only that… the same report predicted that just one area of this new market could grow by 4,000% in the next five years alone.

How high will that send the share prices of companies involved?

Double? Triple? Quadruple?

You might want to start thinking bigger…

Which is why I’m writing to you today.

I want to share with you two specific companies I’ve found that could be the perfect way of cashing in on this energy breakthrough – including a UK listed small cap rolling its technology out across the country in 2018.

We’ll talk stocks in a second.

But first, let me show you the single, powerful reason I believe this technology will change the world…

A once-in-a-century energy revolution

You are living through one of the greatest times in human history to be an energy investor.


Because it’s clear to see, the OLD energy system is dying… and a NEW one is rising in its place.

This is perhaps the single most important idea any investor needs to understand about the energy industry today.

Position yourself with the winning side and there’s a fortune to be made. I have no doubt that some people will become millionaires from this powerful trend.

Perhaps even billionaires.

I’m not talking about something happening far off in the future. This is happening NOW.


In November 2017, Norway’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund – generated by profits from the oil industry – announced it is considering SELLING $35 billion worth of oil investments.

In 2018 another oil giant, Saudi Arabia, plans to start selling off its “family jewels” – the state owned oil firm Saudi Aramco. This will likely be the biggest IPO in history: the Saudi’s are cashing out of oil while they still can.

Under huge pressure from new technology, OPEC has crumbled. Venezuela has already collapsed. As Forbes put it “OPEC's kingpins are stuck walking on quick sand… it is curtains for the conventional oil exporters of the Middle East.”

Old energy is dying.

And it’s dying FAST.

In the industry, the sense of panic is palpable.

New technology is driving the price of oil and gas now…

While REVOLUTIONARY technology is increasing at an exponential rate – and moving rapidly towards a once-in-a-century tipping point…

Take solar…

Between 2004 and 2014, American capacity increased 31 times over as the chart below proves.

Monthly Energy Review October 2017

source: Monthly Energy Review October 2017

And don’t make the mistake of thinking solar is only a game-changer elsewhere. It’s changing the UK market rapidly, too. On Saturday 25th March 2017, solar energy turned energy demand “upside down”, according to the national grid, supplying more energy through the afternoon than in the evening, for the first time in UK history.

Battery technology is taking off, too… Elon Musk’s huge “gigafactory” in the Nevada desert is proof of that.

Wind and tidal are the same… installations are rocketing as technology becomes cheaper and more efficient.

But here’s the thing.

None of them can ever truly break through without ONE vital piece of technology.

It’s true.

No matter how efficient solar gets… how cheap better tech becomes… how much Elon Musk invests…

Without ONE little piece of kit – an ingenious bit of technology no bigger than your fist – none of it will go anywhere.

Which puts the companies BEHIND this technology in an extremely lucrative position.

That’s why for the past three months I’ve been tracking one particular UK stock I believe is PERFECTLY placed to profit from this.

It’s the only business in Britain I know of that provides ALL the technology – from start to finish – to make this new energy movement function.

And it’s already making good money doing so… with an astonishing 70% gross profit in 2015.

If you’ve ever owned or run your own business, you’ll know what that means – this is a firm with HUGE prospects and very little competition. It’s the perfect way to plant your money in this industry.

How much could this stock make you?

We’ll come to that.

First let me show you WHY it’s in such a valuable position.

One tiny microchip and the end
of energy as you know it

The existing energy system relies on scarcity to thrive.

Only a handful of nations own enough fossil fuels to prosper – by sheer geological luck.

And only a handful of companies worldwide own the energy systems needed to supply the world with energy.

Take Britain, for instance. Only six companies own pretty much ALL of the energy infrastructure.

They exploit that power to rip off pretty much every family in Britain.

The real problem? We have an outdated, 20th century energy system.

It’s centralised. Which means only a handful of companies can dominate it (and charge what they want).

But the shift underway in the energy markets right now – driven by new technology – is turning that idea on its head.

Rather than a centralised energy system dominated by a few…

It allows us to have a decentralised energy system where any home, business or farm can be its own power station.

In short, the world of BIG energy is dying… and a new “micro” energy system is replacing it.

Where every window, rooftop or spare field can become a solar panel… where massive wind farms are replaced by micro ones… where energy is stored in batteries rather than wasted…

Where instead of one dirty power station powering a whole region… thousands of small, interconnected “micro” stations supply each other.

This isn’t just about how we generate energy…

It’s how we CONNECT those new power sources.

Thousands – millions, even – of new energy supplies are coming on stream. They’re all going to connect, talk and trade with each other…


Can you see why this is so exciting?

Without this vital innovation, renewables… oil and gas… batteries… NONE of it will work together.

That’s why I believe this single technology is more valuable than any existing energy reserve.

For the companies with the technology that can CONNECT those millions of new energy sources, the potential is enormous.

It’s a HUGE opportunity for investors to make enormous gains.


More than anything else in the world today, I believe this single shift is going to create more wealth – more millionaires – than anything else.

As Wired magazine put it, A revolution in energy generation is happening. The days when millions of people’s electricity needs were met by a handful of large coal, nuclear and gas-fired power stations are waning.”

This isn’t science-fiction. And it’s not the fantasy of some tree hugging socialist.

It’s the logical conclusion of the trends we’re seeing in the energy market today.

It’s stunningly similar to what’s taking place with bitcoin in the financial markets. Decentralised cryptocurrencies are competing with centrally-controlled ones.

And now, decentralised energy grids are beginning to challenge centrally-controlled ones.

In fact, it sometimes even uses the same blockchain technology…

Introducing: the BitGrid

Over the summer, something incredible happened in Brooklyn, USA.

Over 50 homes stopped using the centralised grid… and created their own microgrid.

This enabled each home to generate solar energy… and trade it back and forth with its neighbours using the blockchain (the same tech that makes bitcoin so powerful).

Anyone going out for the day – and therefore not using any energy – could sell their energy on to anyone else on the grid quickly and safely.

And no one had to pay a centralised power station to supply them with dirty, “old” energy.

It was the beginning of a MASSIVE decentralised energy revolution.

A similar project is under way right here in the UK, in Salford.

Again, hundreds of homes have gone “off grid”… and created their own microgrid.

It’s happening all over the world.


Because the advantages of a decentralised microgrid are huge.

Take Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean…

For decades it has generated most of its energy from diesel generators. But now, it’s built its own dedicated microgrid. It’s planning to disconnect from the “mains” and use solar, wind and other renewables to power itself.

That’s an important point.

This is much bigger than any one particular energy source – solar, wind, geothermal or battery tech…

This is how they ALL come on-stream as part of a decentralised system with thousands of smaller energy sources.

It’s an idea that’s catching on like wildfire – including right here in the UK:

  • Imperial College London are exploring the possibility of moving the UK train network OFF the national grid… and building a microgrid to power our trains. The project rolls out in February 2018. As an industry analyst put it, “If the work succeeds in the U.K., the opportunities for microgrids for trains could skyrocket.”
  • Not wanting to fall behind, the Dutch national railway system is following suit – rushing to use safer, cheaper microgrid energy to power its rails. In Washington, D.C. AmTrak is investing $31.3 million in a similar project.
  • In Northern Ireland a battery based microgrid – incorporating batteries as well as gas, coal and oil – won the POWER Magazine Smart Grid award in 2016.
  • New projects in India’s Andhra Pradesh region… in Newcastle, Australia… and California’s Imperial Valley could add more than 200MW of microgrid power in the coming years.
  • In America, the Buffalo, known as the ‘City of Light’ for its history of using Niagara Falls for power, is connecting hundreds of solar, thermal and heat and power generators into a major microgrid.
  • In San Diego, the US military is investing heavily in its ‘Miramar Microgrid’, a joint project between energy giants Schneider Electric and Black and Veatch.
  • Google, Walmart, Siemens, Microsoft, Facebook and the US government have already stumped up billions to fund new microgrids (Google spent $3.2 billion acquiring one energy system’s firm to help muscle its way into the business).
  • Apple has even registered itself as an energy supplier, ready to sell and trade solar energy.

If that doesn’t drive home just how much momentum is behind this trend, consider this…

Experts believe that 2018 will be the FIRST YEAR IN HISTORY that more decentralised energy will be installed than “traditional” energy.

That’s huge.

It means we’re at the tipping point.

Where the NEW suddenly surpasses and disrupts the old.

Bottom line: The time to move on this is NOW.

Doing that couldn’t be easier.

Simply claim a stake in the firms that make this whole trend possible. The companies that create the technology to allow smaller sources – from the solar panels on your home, to wind farms – to “talk” to each other and trade.

Which is precisely the technology the UK firm I’ve mentioned specialises in.

How to make a fortune from
microgrids – the SMART way

How much money is on the table here?

Well, the energy industry as a whole is worth trillions – in fact, it’s so big, it’s hard to pin down exactly HOW big it is.

But just consider this…

In 2015, the US government announced a $2 trillion project to “blend” renewables into its existing system, which is exactly what microgrids do.

That’s a $2 trillion upgrade.

And just in one country.

Taken globally… the industry is many, many times larger than that. It’s enormous.

And “micro” energy could disrupt every single part of it.

But get this: according to GlobalData right now the microgrid market is only worth $12 billion.

Despite the fact it’s disrupting an industry worth THOUSANDS of times more than that.

Estimates suggest the industry will double in the next three-four years.

I think we need to be thinking bigger…


Well, one report I found suggested that JUST microgrid battery demand will skyrocket 40x between now and 2025.

And given the fact microgrids are springing up all over the place – there are 50 major projects under way in the USA alone right now – I believe that figure will be conservative.

But what’s clear is that we’re right at the beginning of something special.

Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Just as bitcoin exploded from $1 in 2011 to $8,000+ plus today as cryptos hit the mainstream…

Just as Microsoft soared 79,000% on the back of the PC revolution…

Just as whole nations like Saudi Arabia, UAE or Qatar went from desert outlands in the 1900s to the richest places on the planet today…

We’re at the ground floor of a NEW revolution that I believe will make people flat out rich.

Let me show you…

How to claim your stake in the energy of
the future in one simple investment

Distributed energy needs to be SMART.

Connecting thousands of disparate energy sources in a way that allows them to track, talk and trade energy in real time requires specialised technology.

For years that hasn’t been available.

But thanks to recent breakthroughs in technology it’s now a reality.

It’s FINALLY possible for every single home or business to connect and trade energy with each other.

To do this, every link in the chain – every home, solar panel or power station – needs to be connected.

And so far as I know, only one business in the UK has the “end to end” technology and know-how to make this a reality.

What it does isn’t glamorous.

Like a business making microchips in the 80s… it’s not a “sexy” firm.

But just like a microchip maker… its technology is the foundation on which the entire microgrid revolution will be built.

It’s a UK listed – and UK based – firm that already has its smart energy technology installed in 750,000 UK homes.

That’s a tiny fraction of the market. (There’s still another 85% of the market untapped, in fact.)

But it’s enough for this innovative business to make a multi-million pound profit each year, with an extremely high profit margin.

Are there risks? Of course. As with any investment, your capital will be at risk. Only invest a small portion of your spare capital.

Frankly, the biggest risk here is that – given the huge potential of the microgrid movement – a competitor comes in and taps the market. Or existing power suppliers try to supress the tech to protect their own businesses.

This firm is established. It’s profitable. It has “first mover” advantage. It’s well worth the risk, in my view. Nonetheless, you should be comfortable with the risks yourself before investing.

It’s the growth opportunities I’m excited about…

Because as the UK goes “energy smart” and distributed energy takes off, I believe this is the #1 company every UK investor will want to own.

Today you have the chance to get in before that happens.

That’s why I’ve put all my research on this firm into a new report, “How distributed energy will turn the world on its head – and what you need to do to profit!”

You can download your copy of this report in a second. It’ll show you everything you need to do to potentially profit from this trend.

But first, let me show you… this isn’t the first time I’ve locked on to a trend just like this before it takes off.

I’ve dedicated my life to
cashing in on trends like this

Eoin Treacy

My name is Eoin Treacy, by the way.

I’m a trader, fund manager, author and wealth advisor. If I seem familiar to you, it’s because I’ve appeared numerous times on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and the BBC. I’ve given sell-out speaking tours on four continents.

I’ve made it my business to understand… and profit from… some of the biggest technology and energy breakthroughs of the last decade.

What I want to share with you today could be several orders of magnitude bigger than anything I’ve seen in my career.

It’s so big… so powerful… that most people will likely just dismiss it as too “out there” to take seriously.

But just keep in mind: I’ve learnt over my 15 years in the financial markets that the biggest opportunities in the financial markets are always greeted sceptically at first.

When I told people shale oil would challenge Opec’s dominance in 2013 most of them scoffed… but that’s exactly what happened.

Past Performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

It seemed laughable when I claimed that solar energy was going to make it big back in 2013… but if you’d followed my advice, you have made a fortune.

When I claimed that Tesla was on the verge of changing the way we power our vehicles, people dismissed it. Then Tesla soared more than 10x.

Anyone with the vision to see what others couldn’t could have made an absolute fortune on those trades.

The most profitable opportunities always seem incredible at first.

And not everyone is cut out to take them. Weighing up opportunities that 99% of other people dismiss as impossible… and having the guts to take a stake early… it’s too much for some people.

But it can be incredibly lucrative if you get it right.

It’s not easy to build up the kind of industry contacts I have. But it can be extremely worthwhile…

For instance, I was approached last month by some of Silicon Valley's royalty to discuss how to teach an artificial intelligence the subjective art of chart reading. It’s a project I’ll be working with the tech industry on for the next year or so.

But here’s the thing…

In early 2016, I was approached by Nick O’Connor – publisher at Southbank Investment Research.

If you’ve never heard of us before, Southbank Investment Research is part of the world’s biggest “underground” research networks. We have offices all over the world… and more readers worldwide than The Economist or The Wall Street Journal.

As Nick explained, this network is so successful because we deal exclusively in ideas and insights that you won’t find anywhere else… but could make you a fortune if you act on them.

He asked if I would join the team, and start sharing my advice, insights and opportunities on the technology industry directly with private investors.

I immediately agreed. The chance to work directly for private investors… to give people like you the insights that are usually reserved for the rich and wealthy… it was something I couldn’t turn down.

Since then, I’ve been sharing my most urgent tech recommendations with a small but growing group of British investors.

Every month I share a new recommendation. It might be a breakthrough energy firm like the one we’ve been discussing… or an exciting new medical firm… a company on the verge of cracking Artificial Intelligence… the list goes on.

All of these opportunities have one thing in common:

They could ALL make you big money if they come off… and you’re unlikely to read about ANY of them in the mainstream press.

Take this SECOND energy opportunity I need to share with you today…

Rise of the micro power station

Imagine you could turn every pane of glass on the planet into a solar panel…

If every window or windscreen suddenly became its own little power station, tapping the power of the sun to power a home, office block or vehicle.

It’s something that would be nothing short of revolutionary.

And it’s vital to the growth of the microgrid movement.

Picture it – huge skyscrapers like the Shard or the Empire State Building turned into shining power stations in the middle of biggest cities…

Every new office block transformed from mere glass and steel into a way of solving one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Every home quietly generating its own power, without the need to install dedicated solar panels on the roof.

It’d change the way we power the world virtually overnight.

And it’s EXACTLY what my second company has found a way of doing.

It has developed a kind of ‘spray on solar’ that turns windows into solar panels without compromising on clarity.

It’s the only firm in the world that has this technology, with a portfolio of more than 40 patents protecting its business. These patents alone could be worth millions.

And not only that… it can provide its technology at a MUCH cheaper cost than “regular” solar panels.

In fact, according to the company’s own figures, spend £100 on this technology and you’d see a £100 saving on energy costs within 12 months.

And here’s why this company is so exciting today…

Its newly developed solar tech is on the verge of becoming widely available.

The immediate market for that launch is 85 million homes and businesses in America.

That roll out could be the trigger for a major move up in this company’s shares.

I’m talking up to five times higher over the next five years.

Which means you have the opportunity to get in before the product goes mainstream – when the biggest gains could be made.

This really is a perfect opportunity to make a huge gain – from one stock – very quickly.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

This isn’t a slow moving Blue Chip, the share price can be very volatile. That’s the whole point. I believe this has the potential to rocket 207% over the next three years following commercialisation. But it could also lose you money.

But you’d be surprised how many people see an extremely high-potential opportunity like this… and almost instantly lose their heads.

They see the potential gains on offer… and they start thinking, “What if I throw £10k in? A £90k windfall would give my pension a big shot in the arm…”

I don’t want you to fall into that trap.

You’re the best person to decide how much you’re comfortable putting in. If you feel like you could only risk £500 – that’s fine. If my best case scenario comes off, that could snowball into a lot more.

Equally, if you’re happy to risk £20k… your gains could be significantly more.

It’s completely up to you.

Which is why you’ll find everything you need to know about this company in the report I told you about, “How distributed energy will turn the world on its head – and what you need to do to profit!”

Here’s how to claim
your stake right away

How can you start accessing these opportunities too?

Well, I contact my readers via a newsletter called Frontier Tech Investor.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only newsletter of its kind in the UK. If you want to profit from breakthroughs in the technology… energy… or medical industry, it should be part of your monthly reading.

To prepare each issue, I travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles to talk to the people in technology who matter. The men and women at the razor’s edge of innovation.

Whether it’s a self-driving car convention in Las Vegas, a virtual reality showcase in London, a bio-tech symposium in Amsterdam, or an internet expo in Paris …

I hunt down the latest discoveries and innovations.

I relish finding new, cutting-edge technology companies.

And then making investment recommendations in Frontier Tech Investor.

Over the last 12 months I’ve helped investors get in early on breakthrough solar stocks… lithium miners… and small biotech firms rewriting the rules of life itself.

I want you to have all the details about these companies at your fingertips as soon as possible.

So, I’d like to make you an offer…

Take a 30-day no-obligation trial of Frontier Tech Investor

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But that’s not all you’ll get…

For a limited time only…
to profit from distributed energy

By now you’re probably thinking, “How do I get started?”

But wait.

There’s more I’d like to send you when you take a trial today… starting with a series of bonus investment reports that could make you a fortune.

The first contains a THIRD energy opportunity you can move on right away that could help you cash in on the microgrid revolution.


As I’ve shown you, distributed energy is all about connecting thousands of new, often unconventional, sources of energy.

Solar is one. Wind and tidal are others seeing huge growth. But there’s more to this story than that.

Another major new energy source that will 100% be a part of the distributed mix is geothermal energy.

It works on a simple premise: the deeper you go underground, the closer you are to the energy given off by the earth’s core, and the hotter it gets.

This means engineers can create a small rig on the surface, drilling down towards the “hot rocks” under the ground. By running water along these rocks – which you can do an infinite number of times – you heat it, capture energy and use it to generate electricity on the surface. This diagram depicts how it works:

Beyond Hydrothermal Energy

Source: Beyond Hydrothermal Energy: A Predictive Model Scopes Engineered Geothermal System and R&D Investment Opportunities for UAE, American University publication, by Mohammed R. Awal.

Now keep in mind… this is a reasonably new technique.

I think it’s going to have a revolutionary impact.

All over the world… in small but meaningful flurries of activity… early investors are sowing the seeds of a monumental bull market.

Just consider…

  • In 2015, China more than trebled its geothermal output… and plans to more than triple its geothermal power by 2020.
  • A European Bank for Reconstruction and Development project – codenamed PLUTO after the ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology – is investing $125 million to develop Turkish geothermal.
  • Italy could increase its geothermal energy production by over 600% in the next three years.
  • El Salvador plans for 40% of its total energy to come from geothermal by 2020.
  • Japan is investing $10 billion in African geothermal
  • All told, the World Energy Council estimates geothermal investment will increase 7-10 fold by 2030.

It reminds me of the early days of the shale boom. As more and more capital starts to flow into the industry… there’s a fortune to be made for early investors.

Which is why I’ve dedicated the last two months – since I first discovered my contacts in the Middle East were moving on this in a big way – to figuring out what you need to invest in to potentially profit from it.

That’s where the company I’ve been telling you about comes in. My opinion couldn’t be clearer…

If you want to profit from geothermal
before it goes mainstream –

This is a small, developing industry.

And there’s only one company in the world today I believe has the potential to become the world’s number one geothermal firm.

It’s a small company, with just over 1,000 employees worldwide.

But its client list… and industry expertise… is second to none.

For instance, its “hot rocks” drilling rigs are protected by 73 patents – a massive “moat” to protect it from outside competition.

And the firm’s expertise is valued the world over.

It’s already developing projects in the USA, Guatemala, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya and New Zealand.

In fact, the firm already produces 200 megawatts of power every year.

That’s a figure I believe is only going to go up.

Put simply, this firm could be the BP or Shell of the geothermal industry. I think you could easily double your money on it in short order – and potentially make a LOT more as the industry scales up.

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I think that’s unlikely. But when you’re talking about politicians… anything is possible.


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P.S. Still not convinced?

Distributed energy beats centralised energy in virtually every way. Just as bitcoin – which is decentralised – is crushing traditional financial models, distributed energy has many major advantages over the current system.


Cheaper, safer, stronger:
microgrids crush traditional
energy every time

Microgrids aren’t just the way renewables come “onstream” in a big way.

They’re also better than traditional centralised energy in almost every way.


Unlike fossil fuels – which fluctuate in price wildly – renewable energy prices are only going in one direction: DOWN.

Solar energy gets cheaper every single year.

For instance, the ‘cost per watt’ has come down from $76.00 to $0.30 in under 40 years, as this chart illustrates:

Price history of silicon PV cells

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance &

In certain outlier countries, this is already happening. In Chile, solar power is now the cheapest form of energy full stop.

The rest of the world will follow. The US SunShot initiative, funded by Dept of Energy, wants to halve the price of solar… and then halve it again by 2030.

Imagine – a world where energy prices go DOWN every year, not up!

More resilient

Centralised systems leave the whole country exposed to disaster.


Because when your power comes from only a handful of power stations and something happens to one of them… the whole system can come crashing down.

Here’s a great example of exactly that happening. In 2008 when Hurricane Ike hit Texas, there were widespread blackouts.

Yet 95% of those blackouts were caused by damage to just 5% of the network. That’s the risk in a centralised system. One key component failure can bring the whole network down.

Distributed, decentralised energy is FAR more secure. Why? Because thousands of connected smaller energy sources are safer than one big power station.

More efficient

Did you know that right now the UK national grid pays operators not to supply wind power to the grid when the wind blows… because there’s nowhere for the power to go.


We’re wasting energy and money because our grid is stuck in the past.

It happens all over the world. In sunny regions like Texas, the Dept. of Energy has found that there’s way too much energy produced by solar power…

But rather than storing or trading that energy to where it’s needed… the energy is simply wasted.


Is there any better example of how outdated our energy networks are than free energy going unused? I can’t think of one!

Distributed energy solves this problem. It allows smaller microgrids to connect and trade energy with each other without a centralised system creating inefficiency.

I’ve shown you the benefits. I’ve shown you that the big money is already moving into microgrid technology.

How long will you wait before you move a portion of YOUR money in too?

The stocks you need to move on are all laid out for you in my latest research – start your 30-day trial now and make your move.