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He was humanity’s greatest ever inventor…

Handing mankind the secrets to solar energy… A/C electricity… and electric cars…

But in the final years of his life, he foretold of a breakthrough so stunning it has taken a century for science to catch up…

“Tesla’s Final Prophecy”

A single, seismic tech event is about to fulfill it at last…

…unlocking a new industry Forbes calls “the Holy Grail” and creating $12.3 trillion in new wealth…

…and putting the start-up behind it at the epicentre of an entirely new market set to grow 604 times over in the coming years.

How much money will early investors make?

Ask execs at Microsoft, Audi, Bosch and Volkswagen…

They’ve ALL flooded this little-understood new technology with cash…

And they’re all waiting for ONE event to ignite this story.

I’ll be blunt. If you want to join them, you cannot afford to hang around. Make the handful of simple moves I share below and you could turn one ‘seed-stake’ into a fortune...

Fellow Investor,

A single statement from a small technology business in Northern Europe could soon unleash $12.3 trillion… ignite the greatest stock market boom of the next ten years… and change the world in ways no one is prepared for.   

To understand why, you need to understand a prophecy made ninety-four years ago…  

It begins like this:

“I saw that this new art… would be of greater benefit to the human race than any other scientific discovery…”

The man speaking is perhaps mankind’s greatest visionary.

An eccentric inventor history remembers as “the man who lit the world”.

His name is Nikola Tesla.

You’ve probably heard the name before.

Tesla’s genius helped create more world changing technologies than almost anyone else in history…

He helped harness the power of electricity. (In fact, the New York Times suggested he should share the 1915 Nobel Prize with Thomas Edison).

He used radio waves to transmit information – before Marconi. (After his death, the US patent office belatedly gave Tesla credit for Marconi’s success.)

And he generated more than 300 patents that led directly to solar power… electric cars and X-Rays.

Tesla knew just how far ahead of the curve he was in his thinking.

As he put it:

“The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future.

His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way.”

Tesla did indeed “point the way” to many of the last century’s biggest breakthroughs…

Radio waves... solar energy... electric cars... Tesla saw them all coming.

But there is one final prophecy Tesla made which has not – yet – been fulfilled…

He made it ninety-four years ago.

On the 30th January, 1926, to be exact.

It involved a technology so powerful it’d have a sudden and irreversible impact on every man, woman and child on the planet… in much the same way the printing press or internet reshaped the world.

As I speak to you today, it is within touching distance of being fulfilled.

Which is why the world’s tech firms are mobilising a staggering amount of cash to be a part of what’s coming.

Apple is preparing every single one of its devices to integrate with this new tech...

So is Samsung... and Sony.

Google, Tesla, Motorola, Bosch, Cisco and Microsoft are all staking billions on what’s coming.

In fact, Bill Gates believes this breakthrough could ultimately create an industry “worth 10 Microsofts”.

That would be a $10 trillion industry, right there... bigger than the entire British and French stock markets, put together.

And Gates is likely being conservative.

Tech firm Qualcomm crunched the numbers on this and forecast that it’ll singlehandedly create a new industry worth $12.3 trillion.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Another independent study forecast this new market would grow 604-fold in the next five years.

When you tap into a trend like this – with potential 604-1 growth dead ahead – it doesn’t take a massive initial stake to mint a fortune.

Fact is, a 604x gain turns a £1k ‘seed stake’ into second home money.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Gains like that are extraordinary.

They don’t come along every day.

So when that kind of potential is in front of you – and make no mistake, this opportunity is within your grasp right now – you simply have to sit up and pay attention. 

Given those extreme forecasts, it’s no wonder Forbes calls this:

“…the most disruptive trend of this decade”

With so much cash on the move, I believe its near-certain some people are going to make a hell of a lot of money in the very near future.

And that’s where “Tesla’s Final Prophecy” is so valuable...

Tesla saw this coming nearly a century ago.

But as you’d expect from the greatest visionary of all time, he also saw further.

He saw something that I believe even the best-connected Silicon Valley execs and venture capitalists have missed.

His prophecy doesn’t just explain what’s about to happen – it actually POINTS THE WAY to where the biggest profits could be made.

It’s an edge...

One that could be worth millions in the markets this year.

Actually, “millions” might not be thinking big enough...

Consider what Tesla’s previous prophecies could have made you.

Early investors in solar energy companies NextEra Energy had a shot at long term gains of 6,828% over 45 years. And in a short period between 2017 and 2019 Enphase Energy delivered a 4,538% gain.

People who listened to Tesla’s visions of the power of electricity could have made 10x on three separate occasions over the past 60 years if they had got in at the bottom and out at the top of the right stocks.

Now these are exceptional examples but it shows you the potential that such companies have.

Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Tesla Motors, named after the great man himself, has made investors more than twenty five times their money since 2011.

I personally picked Tesla at $10... before it shot 25x higher.

But the research I want to share with you today could blow that 20x move out of the water.

That’s right. I’m not just here to explain how this is going to change your life. (And it certainly will – as Forbes quotes Brendan O’Brien , “If you think the internet has changed your life, think again. [This] is about to change it all over again.”)

I’m here to talk about three specific moves you can make for the opportunity to pocket your share of the $12.3 trillion in new wealth that’s about to be created.

The Financial Times said it “...promises to be a game-changer for humanity”.

My mission is to make this a game-changer for YOU, your family and your bank balance.

There’s no time to waste. Let’s dive straight in.

A $12.3 trillion tech boom has just begun

Late last year, something strange happened in New Jersey, USA...

In a stadium filled with tens of thousands of sports fans, tech firm Verizon hosted a very unusual kind of race.

It was man versus machine.

On one side stood former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson.

On the other stood an ordinary man with a bog-standard phone in his hand.

The race? Could a star athlete run 40 yards faster than the time it takes to download an hour long TV show to a mobile phone.

Like I said: strange.

And perhaps even stranger was what happened next...

The ordinary bloke with a phone won – downloading the hour long TV show in just 3.6 seconds.

Verizon hosted the stunt for a very simple reason:

To demonstrate the power of one of the most important tech advances of the next decade – 5G.

You’ve probably heard about 5G before. It’s all over the news.

The Daily Mail says ‘5G will change how we live’

You’ve probably even received a text message from your network provider about it…

But most people completely misunderstand 5G’s true power.

So let me set that right.

At its core, 5G does two things.

The first is an instant upgrade to how FAST the internet is.

For instance, right now a HD film takes 15 minutes to download to your phone...

But with 5G enabled, that time falls to 2.5 seconds.

This is why every major tech firm is rushing to make their devices compatible.

Apple are enabling it on:

200 million Apple iPhones…

20 million Macbook Pros

52 million Apple TVs…

32 million Apple Watches…

28 million Apple Airpods…

Google are enabling it into their ‘Pixel’ series of devices…

Fitbit into their wearable tech…

Samsung are in, too.

As are Sony.

Even Nintendo are installing it inside 34 million of their Nintendo Switch Games Consoles.

Then there’s Xiaomi – one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China.

Plus, many massive tech supply chains are upgrading to 5G as we speak, too. Companies like:





And Western Digital.

It’s no stretch to say that soon every single person in the developed world could own a 5G enabled device.

And the 5G roll-out is happening as we speak.

Take a look at this forecast from research firm CCS Insight – it shows the expected number of 5G smartphone subscriptions over the next 5 years.

That’s a jump from 4 million subscription next year…

To 2.61 BILLION by 2025.

That’s 60,492% growth.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Tesla’s vision... delivered at last

Look. By now you probably know a bit about 5G. You’ll know it promises even faster internet.

For in the know investors... it’s almost old news.

But I believe almost all coverage misses something critical.

Stunts involving download speeds and streaming times on your phone... it all completely misses the REAL revolution 5G is about to ignite. 

Something Tesla understood a century ago.

Understand it... and you’ll see just what a huge opportunity sits within your grasp right now.

It comes down to this:

It’s not the 5G infrastructure that matters.

It’s what it UNLOCKS.

In other words...

Giant tech stocks are building out the 5G infrastructure.

But the BIG money will be made by a completely different kind of company... one the man in the street knows almost nothing about.

This is where “Tesla’s Final Prophecy” is so valuable...

As the great visionary put it himself:

"From the inception of the wireless system, I saw that this new art of applied electricity would be of greater benefit to the human race than any other scientific discovery, for it virtually eliminates distance.

The majority of the ills from which humanity suffers are due to the immense extent of the terrestrial globe and the inability of individuals and nations to come into close contact.

Wireless will achieve the closer contact through transmission of intelligence... when wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole.”

When people read Tesla’s predictions, they see the word “wireless” and think he was predicting wifi.

But he wasn’t.

He saw something much more profound.

He saw a “world brain”

An intelligent network of machines... sharing information, insights and data.

Talking to each other, for want of a better word.

This was Tesla’s true genius.

It is EXACTLY what 5G is about to deliver.

Never mind download speeds. That’s what you’ll read about in the newspaper – or see cheap stunts in the press.

5G’s true potential is far more powerful...

That’s because currently, 99% of devices connected to the internet are either PCs, smart-phones or tablets.

In total that’s 6 billion devices all connected – talking to each other.

But 5G will increase the number of devices connected to the internet to 50 billion.

Think cars… traffic lights… watches…shoes… bicycles and much more.

In short, 5G is about to increase the size of the internet ten-fold – and connect everything to everything else.

And it’s that simple fact that – I believe – could single-handedly hand you one of the biggest paydays of your whole life.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

See, 5G will allow a top surgeon in Harley Street to operate on a patient anywhere in the world… from the comfort of his own operating room in London.

Just lasts August a surgeon in China performed the world’s first remote operation – a BRAIN SURGERY…

And he did it USING 5G TECHNOLOGY.

Here’s Dr. Ling Zhipei operating on another man’s brain from 1,057 miles away…

After the operation Dr. Ling said, ““The 5G network has solved problems like video lag and remote control delay experienced under the 4G network… And you barely feel that the patient is 3,000 kilometers away!”

This breakthrough is possible because 5G eliminates ‘lag’.

It means there’s no delay in devices talking to each other, even over huge distances.

The “world brain” can operate at near instant speeds... just as Tesla foretold.

Which opens up hundreds of new uses for technology…

  • In Germany, manufacturing giant Thales and the Smart Rail Consortium recently launched the first-ever 5G powered driverless train.
  • In China, Huawei are working with farms and drone manufacturer XAG to build a remote crop disease diagnosis tool… with 5G!
  • And South Korea’s largest telecom company KT Corp are using 5G powered drones, robots and airships to carry out entire search and rescue missions

This is it...

“Tesla’s Final Prophecy”.

The world brain... emerging from thin air.

And it’s 5G that’s making it possible

See, average lag-time on broadband and 4G is over 60 milliseconds.

And that means when you’re video chatting to your friend on the other side of the world there’s a slight lag.

5G brings that down to just 1 millisecond.

And that has made real technology that up until now has been banished to the realms of science fiction novels… into reality.

A world where everything from hospitals… to farms… to restaurants are seamlessly connected.

Here’s a great example of the “world brain” in action – driverless cars.

According to research firm AMR, the driverless car market is expected to turn from a $50 billion industry to half a trillion over the next 6 years.

Because 5G is all this market has been waiting for.

As The World Economic Forum puts it:

“5G will offer the always-on connectivity required to make autonomous vehicles a reality”

Nokia’s Jane Rygaard says: “5G is that network”

Forbes says… “Autonomous Cars Won’t Work – Until We Have 5G”

The reason for this is simple.

When a self-driving car is zooming along the highway…

Negotiating rush-hour traffic…

And reacting to pedestrians, cyclists and traffic signals…

A driverless car needs hundreds of sensors all gathering data at the same time.

And the amount of data they process runs up to 11 terrabytes PER DAY.

And those vehicles will all need to connect to each other and exchange that data – in rapid time.

No network on earth is capable of processing that amount of data… other than 5G.

And no network is able to transfer that data instantaneously… other than 5G.

In total, autonomous vehicles are already on the streets of 74 cities.

And at the forefront of this industry is the Genesis Chip I’ve been telling you about today.

But 5G will birth many more industries – not just driverless cars:

Smart Homes: According to Tech Radar 5G is about to ‘Revolutionise’ the $76 billion smart home industry. Ushering in a new world of smart home appliance, where plugs, locks, thermostats, ovens, fridges, lights and radiators to all interact with each other seamlessly.

Energy: 5G smart grids allow rapid detection of spikes in energy demand and efficient allocation of resources. The Finnish government in conjunction with Nokia and the Baltic states are rolling out 5G smart grids nationwide. And China are doing the same.

Healthcare: Aside from remote surgery, 5G will transform healthcare. Think wearables that monitor vital signs from a patient’s home. Royal Liverpool Hospital has spent £3.5 million installing 5G infrastructure on their premises. Chicago’s Rush Hospital and Birmingham are already running on 5G premises

Agriculture: Three rural areas of the UK already have access to 5G. Tech giant Cisco has produced a 5G collar for cows to measure what they’re eating and how they’re sleeping.

Smart Cities: ZDNet recently stated “5G will make smart cities a reality”. Giving way to a world where traffic lights co-ordinate to speed up flow… where street lamps dim when there are no pedestrians nearby… and where your garbage bin automatically calls the bin man when it reaches a certain level.

Automated Factories: According to Hitachi’s Director of Digital Solution for Manufacturing, 5G ‘Is the missing block in the puzzle’ for the factory of the future.

The single event that will send this story into the stratosphere

The evidence is overwhelming:

The “world brain” is coming.

And 5G is the technology to make it possible.

But the smartest way to play what’s coming involves a final piece of the puzzle.

You see, as the number of things able to connect to the internet grows… a new, complex puzzle emerges.

How do they all “talk” to each other?

If they’re all a part of the “world brain”… they need to all talk the same language.

So far as I know, very few people are even talking about this.

For devices from Apple… Samsung… Ford… … Audi… Microsoft… and thousands of other companies to all communicate with each other…

They have to speak the same language.

Which is where one little known company comes in.

It’s a tiny outfit based in Berlin. But its technology is nothing short of revolutionary.

It is a protocol that unlocks the true potential of Tesla’s “world brain”. And it is already being uploaded onto a key new component I call the “Genesis Chip” as part of the 5G rollout.

If you’ve ever seen Star Trek, you’ll no doubt remember the Universal Translator.

The Universal Translator could instantly translate any language. And allow two different species to interact with each other seamlessly.

The Genesis Chip is the Universal Translator – for ANY device.

Without it, Apple, Samsung and Sony devices have no universal language.

But with the Genesis Chip… they do.

And that is why – as we speak – major manufacturers are installing it into almost every type of device imaginable.

It’s no stretch to say that soon every single person in the developed world could own a device with a Genesis Chip inside it.

Right now you have a chance to invest in it whilst it’s trading for less than 30 US cents.

It unlocks the “world brain” – but how much wealth could it create for investors?

The most obvious comparison here would be Intel.

As a result of the 1980 personal computing boom the number of Intel processors inside PCs skyrocketed from practically nothing…

To 1.2 billion.

Intel’s stock price did the same, shooting from just 32 cents in 1980 to $59.85 at the end of 2019.

That’s a 18,603% gain.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five Year Performance - 2015: -2.42% 2016: +8.30% 2017: +30.24% 2018: +4.27% 2019: +30.22%)

And at the time Intel already had 15,000 employees.

The company responsible for the Genesis Chip’s technology is estimated to have just 13 employees!

Now, you might be thinking:

Isn’t an early-stage opportunity like this usually only reserved for City Investors and Wall Street Insiders on the private market?

After all, that’s where the real fortune-making gains come from.

For example, if you’d invested in Facebook at IPO and held on till present day, you’d just about be sitting on four times your money.

But the real money was made before Facebook went public.

According to Dynasty Wealth: “The first $500k invested into Facebook appreciated to $21 billion…”

That equates to a gain of over 4.1 MILLION percent.

Just £50 quid invested would have turned into over £2 million.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Well, the best part is… you have a similar opportunity here.

This company is so early stage… and its tech so ground-breaking… that it’s not listed on a traditional stock market.

For now, you can invest via a niche exchange that allows you to gain exposure to very early stage tech opportunities.

This is as ground-floor as you can get.

Now, it’s important to point out: that comes with additional risk. If this project goes bankrupt, or there is a problem with the platform you use to invest, there’s no protection. No one to complain to or who will try and get your money back.

And because it’s so ground floor, you can expect volatile price movements. If you are nervous about the value of your investments fluctuating, then this opportunity is unlikely to be for you.

All things considered, you should only invest money you can afford to lose.

If you lose £50 or £100 I doubt you will lose much sleep over it.

And that’s the beauty of this opportunity.

If my analysis plays out as expected you could be looking at thousands – even tens of thousands – in return. Fill your boots with as much as you’re willing to risk.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

This is a situation that could turn a small starting stake into a mind-bending fortune. Grab it.

And if you’re not comfortable with taking that extra risk, even with a tiny stake, no problem.

In a second I’ll show you two more 5G focused companies – that are listed on the stock market – with similar potential for knockout gains.

But let’s face it…

Moving on this opportunity NOW could be like investing in Amazon when all they sold were books!

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

You’ve seen what 5G will do for the world.

How the number of 5G smartphones is forecast to skyrocket from 4 million next year to 2.6 billion by 2025.

And then how the number of other 5G devices will completely eclipse that…

Soaring to 50 billion by 2030.

Driverless cars… smart appliances… traffic lights… wearable tech... and all your existing tablets, laptops and mobile phones…

The largest manufacturers in the world are already installing this tiny chip in their devices to be 5G ready.

Now is your chance to invest BEFORE any of that happens.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

And set yourself up for a potential profit on a mind-bending scale.

All from the tiny 13 employee, 27 cent company behind the most in demand microchip in history!

They are in a very sweet spot indeed.

And all the evidence suggests its fastest phase of growth is in the very near future.

A single event could soon put this company on the front page of the FT

I started this report by telling you about a single, powerful event that is about to trigger one of the biggest stock booms of all time.

It’s an event that could occur at any time.

In fact, the company I’ve been telling you about is working night and day to bring about this signature event.

It has even built a website dedicated to it.

What is it?

To explain that, we need to go back to Tesla’s “world brain”.

Billions of devices all talking to each other and transacting with each other is an incredibly complex network.

Managing that complexity is what this little business does.

But to be a true world brain the entire system needs to run 100% automatically…  without a team of people needing to “co-ordinate” the transactions.

Doing this with 100 devices is easy.

But billions?

That kind of scale is much harder to manage.

And it’s what this little company has been pursuing with its small army of coders and engineers.

All the signs are, it is on the cusp of a major breakthrough… one that will make its network truly scalable.

And unlock the true potential of the “world brain”

For those in the know, it’s a huge breakthrough.

This single event opens the door to this network suddenly scaling up… and linking the world’s devices into the “world brain”.

I can’t say exactly when the announcement of this breakthrough will come.

But I know the company expects it to be soon.

Very soon.

As I see it, this is the perfect scenario. If you have been searching for an investment opportunity with the programmed in potential to deliver you a knockout profit…

This is it.

Grab it!

To help you capitalise on this once in a lifetime opportunity, I’ve put all of the details in a special briefing called The Genesis Chip: the company driving the 946,000% 5G boom.

I want to rush you this report to you free of charge, today. I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on it shortly…

This company could hit the front page of the Financial Times any day…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

And when it does I expect its price to go through the roof.

This report tells you everything you need to know about the innovative company behind the Genesis Chip.

Most importantly you’ll get the name of the Genesis Chip company. Including step-by-step instructions on how to buy it for what I believe is a tiny fraction of its real value.

Why the Genesis Chip is the ONE piece of technology every manufacturer on the world needs… if they want take advantage of the 5G revolution.

A full and frank rundown of all the risks involved.

Plus, I’ll also give you an insider look at what I expect to see as the 5G boom ramps up and the Genesis Chip rolls out globally.

As I said, I want to give it to you for free, today.

As a result of the 5G boom, it won’t just be the company behind the Genesis Chip that could make some investors rich.

I expect many other companies will make triple, quadruple, and even quintuple gains off the back of 5G.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Because when a new technology disrupts an existing market… a whole crop of potential fortune making stocks hit the market.

To help you grab those opportunities as well, I have a special bonus report to give you.

The second report is called: Two Must Buy 5G Millionaire Makers

There are two more core companies that I believe will be at the center of the 5G boom. These are companies you’ll want to move in on as soon as possible:

5G MUST BUY STOCK #2: The Silent ‘G-Box’ Supplier

Tomorrow morning on your way to work…

Or walking the dog…

Keep your eyes peeled…

Look for a box just like this one…

And these…

And these…

These ‘g-boxes’ come in all different shapes and sizes.

And they are the ‘plumbing’ of the 5G network. And they’re being deployed around the UK as we speak.

Over the next six years 13.1 million of these boxes – housing 5G modems and antennas – will be deployed worldwide.

You don’t have to be a genius to realise it will trigger huge sales growth for the companies building that network.

Which brings me to the second ‘silent supplier’ I recommend you get clued up on immediately.

If the company behind the Genesis Chip is a critical technology supplier for companies making 5G microchips for devices…

This is the critical ‘silent supplier’ for the companies building the 5G network.

In fact, the company I have identified has been set up specifically to profit from the 5G build out.

It is a spin off from 6 board level executives at one of the largest wireless and broadband manufacturers in the world.

They’ve seen the 5G roll out opportunity for what it is… a generation defining tech upgrade.

And they’re grabbing their share in this boom, too.

In short, this company manufactures the most critical component inside these m-boxes...

The modem.

They’ve already inked deals with the largest telecoms companies in the US: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

And they have a moat of 46 patents already protecting their technology.

Currently this company trades at just $8.

Now, this is a brand new company. And the competition is fierce, so it’s early days yet.

But as it ramps up production…

And major telecoms companies install its modems in 5G antennas all over the world…

Investing in this company could be one of the smartest things you do in your life.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

The company credited with ‘building’ the internet when it rolled-out – Cisco – landed investors a 99,125% during the 90s.

That’s enough to turn £1,000 invested into £991,250 (before cost/tax).

(Five Year Performance - 2015: +0.58% 2016: +14.93% 2017: +30.48% 2018: +15.61% 2019: +13.87%)

Now are we going to see similar types of gains from this company this time round?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

You’ll also get the inside track on…

5G MUST-BUY STOCK #3: The ‘Microsoft’ of 5G

If you’d played it right, the stock gains generated from the creation of the internet could have made you a millionaire many times over.

It birthed countless new industries.

But there was ONE industry that emerged head and shoulders above the rest.


And market leading software for new tech to run on delivered knockout gains as a result of the ‘first’ internet.

Companies like…

Microsoft – 157,600% GAIN

(Five Year Performance - 2015: +22.22% 2016: +14.65% 2017: +40.22% 2018: +20.21% 2019: +57.12%)

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Oracle – 75,585% GAIN

(Five Year Performance - 2015: -17.50% 2016: +6.90% 2017: +24.84% 2018: -2.90% 2019: +19.36%)

Now, it’s a given that past performance doesn’t equal future results. And these examples are exceptional. Not all software companies produced gains like this. 

For my money a new crop of software companies will soar again as 50 billion NEW devices connect to the internet.

What will be the software platform firm that the 5G revolution is built on?

In a nutshell, I believe this company has real potential to be the ‘Microsoft’ of 5G.

I can’t give any more details here.

(You’ll have to download your special report for that.)

But according to my research, there’s currently only one candidate.

Both of these cutting edge BUY NOW firms are detailed in my second report: Two Must Buy 5G Millionaire Makers

That means, today, you’re going to have my #1 play on the 5G market – the makers of the Geneisis Chip…


Two more must-buy 5G silent suppliers.

That puts you in the running to make a killing from the 5G boom.

I’ll show you how to download those reports for free in a second.

I want you to have these two reports because the fact is, I’ve seen from the inside how the financial system is stacked against the retail investor.

Some financial pros are more concerned with extracting as much money from your pocket… than making you wealthy.

So, this is my way of sharing valuable research with you that you won’t find anywhere in the mainstream media, or from your broker or fund manager.

Regardless of whether you are of modest investment means, or are already well off… a small stake of money you can afford to lose into the 5G revolution has the power to significantly boost your net worth.

I expect it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream media connect the dots as to who is behind the Genesis Chip.

So I want you to get your hands on these special briefings as soon as possible… before the wider investing public piles in.

So how you can get started? All I ask is that you...

Test out my flagship advisory:

On a completely no-obligation basis

I’m looking for investors who aren’t happy running with the pack.

Who aren’t happy eking out a return that barely outperforms the market.

Who want the chance to profit from world-changing technologies long before most investors ever catch on.

The Genesis Chip and the tiny company behind it fits that criteria down to a tee.

And the best part?

5G is just one of a plethora of technologies that will completely change the world over coming years and decades.

Technologies like AI… blockchain… Gene-Editing.

These are all technologies you could have an opportunity to profit from, too, by joining Frontier Tech Investor today on a 365-day no-obligation trial.

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As I mentioned earlier, I am the Chief Technology Strategist at a special network of financial experts called Southbank Investment Research.

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As I speak, our network has more than 5 million readers in more than 100 countries worldwide. More people read our work than The Economist and The Wall Street Journal – combined.

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Over the last few years I have helped our readers profit from the solar energy boom, the robotics revolution, artificial intelligence, the rush into lithium batteries and cyber security.

Frontier Tech Investor is designed to show ambitious investors how to profit from the extraordinary potential of breakthrough new technology.

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Your special report: The Genesis Chip: the company driving the 946,000% 5G boom. Here you’ll find the name of the new company supplying all of the largest tech manufacturers of the world with their breakthrough 5G technology.

Your BONUS special report: Two Must Buy 5G Millionaire Maker Stocks. You’ll also get the full run-down of TWO more stocks with all the qualities to ride the 5G wave to it’s peak and deliver windfall gains in the process.

Access to my model portfolio: You’ll immediately get access to 25+ opportunities on my ‘buy now’ list. That’s 25+ companies that could make double, triple, or even quadruple returns from cutting-edge technology in the years ahead. My portfolio has exposure to all of the most exciting tech trends on earth. Those you’ve most likely heard of like AI, Gene-Editing and Quantum Computing. And many you’ve likely never heard of, too.

12 Editions of Frontier Tech Investor: Once a month I take a deep dive on a bleeding-edge technology with the potential to make you filthy rich. You’ll gain a level of inside access not usually afforded to the retail investor. To see the opportunity through my eyes as I meet industry insiders. And finally you’ll receive details of a specific investment I believe will reap the most reward from this technology.

Trade Alerts: And whenever I feel it’s right to pull the trigger on an opportunity, take profits (or cut losses) I will send you a trade alert via email. This trade alert will give you exact step-by-step instructions on how to execute the trade.

24/7 Access to the Frontier Tech Investor Online Portal. All of my alerts, research briefings, model portfolio and entire back catalogue of research are held on an encrypted website that you’ll be able to access anywhere at anytime.

My dedicated ‘direct line’ email address. If you have any questions about my service at all, just drop me a line. Write to me as often as you like – I want you to get as much out of this research as possible.

Put simply, Frontier Tech Investor is built to give you the same inside edge I have. The same edge I use to manage over $600m in client capital. And advise sovereign wealth funds and some of the richest family offices in Dubai and Singapore.

Thousands of people receive my work every month across six different advisories. Let me share with you what some of those readers have to say:

" To say I am delighted with your service would be a gross underestimate. On that front – well done! May it long continue!... Thank you very much Eoin." – MM

"… all in all, I am very happy with the results and find your reports well argued and the daily videos and essays… stimulating and thought provoking. Keep up the good work! " – AK

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I do not recommend investments to other people as a rule, however I would recommend other people its very worthwhile to read his material.” – GS

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They come from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs. Engineers. Tradesmen. Business owners. Retirees.

And they read my work for countless reasons: to build wealth for their retirement; to understand how technology is changing the world; to create a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

It also opens up a world of ongoing new opportunities for you – to seed your money in the new ideas and innovations that could create tomorrow’s millionaires.

Today it’s your chance to join this extraordinary group of investors, by taking a trial to Frontier Tech Investor.

Which brings me to the million pound question.

How much does it cost to join FTI and unlock all my free research…


The name of the company behind The Genesis Chip

Listen. I love bringing investors like you onto the inside. It’s much more rewarding showing retail investors how they could make millions of pounds than helping my institutional clients become even wealthier.

But I realise Brits aren’t having a great time of it at the moment.

Especially with such a weak pound pushing up living costs for imported goods.

Now, my day rate is £5,000. That’s the type of money I charge my existing clients for this type of advice.

Of course that advice is tailored specifically to them. My Frontier Tech Investor service is not tailored advice. Only you know your personal circumstances. You are free to follow some, all or none of my advice.

And I’m not going to charge you £5,000 for access to my research.

I’m not going to charge you £1,000…

Or £500…

Or even £250.

The retail price for a yearly subscription to Frontier Tech Investor is £149.

But I don’t even want you to pay that much.

As a way to lower the ‘barrier to entry’ as low as humanly possible here’s what I’ve decided to do.

Accept my invitation to join Frontier Tech Investor today and I’ll reduce your membership by £100.

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Once you sign up, I advise you read your special report on The Genesis Chip immediately. Its price could begin to soar at any moment. You don’t want to miss out on getting all the information you need to take advantage.

But after that you’re free to take as long as you like to read my research, without risking a single penny in subscription fees.

Remember: you’re backed by… 

My walk away any time, 100% satisfaction 365-day guarantee.

When I say ‘trial’ I mean it. This offer comes with a 100% refund guarantee. That means at any point during your entire first year’s subscription… you can simply get in touch and claim a full refund.

No ifs. No buts. No questions asked. If you don’t like what you see, just walk away. And every penny will be repaid into your bank account.

That means you have 100% peace of mind taking me up on this offer – because you’re not making a commitment. You can walk away any time.

My ‘any time’ guarantee means you are risking no money on your subscription whatsoever – you can stay on for a month, six months, eleven months and 29 days – and still request a full refund. And you’ll get it. 

And if, in the unlikely event you decide that Frontier Tech Investor isn’t for you, I’ll even let you keep all of the special reports.

So to recap, here’s everything you get when you accept your no-obligation trial subscription to Frontier Tech Investor:

The Genesis Chip: the silent supplier set to ride the 946,000% 5G boom to its peak WORTH: £150

Two Must Buy 5G Millionaire Maker Stocks WORTH: £150

The biggest stock market opportunities – BEFORE everyone else. You’ll get a NEW fully researched stock recommendation every month. I will show you what’s happening, why I consider it an urgent buy – and show you how much I think it could make you. We'll also provide you with a specific BUY recommendation, complete with ticker symbol and 'buy up to' price. In short, I’ll do all the work for you to help you make an informed decision. WORTH: £149. 

A full portfolio of 20+ high potential stocks to buy now. Including stocks in breakthrough tech sectors like blockchain, AI, biotech, cryptocurrency, the internet of things, drones and many more. WORTH: £223.

But that’s not all… I’ve also arranged for you to get…

Crypto Revolution – Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the future of money

Written by one of the best crypto investors in the world – Sam Volkering – this eBook will get you up to speed with the biggest tech breakout of the last five years – cryptocurrencies. Inside you will discover the one coin Sam believes could make you more than a 22,000% gain from here on out! VALUE: £25

The Exponentialist

In this acclaimed eBook, Southbank Investment Research Publisher Nick O’Connor takes you through the exciting world of pioneering technology.

And you’ll get great insights into some of the hottest tech trends on the planet right now, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Gene Editing
  • The Solar Revolution

VALUE: £25

The Road To Financial Freedom: Your Step By Step Guide to Investing in the Stockmarket.

What good is it learning about these stocks that could make you flat out rich as a result of the 5G boom if you don’t know how to invest in them?

That’s where this special guide I’ve put together comes in.

It walks you through every step you need to take to become a succesful investor.

WORTH: £25

Let’s add that all up…

In total, by accepting your 365-day no obligation trial today, you can instanly unlock over £747 of research.

But it won’t cost you anything like that to become a member.

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That’s a tiny amount to pay for the key to potential financial freedom.

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Get your two 5G reports…

Secure your 66% discount on a whole year’s membership to Frontier tech investor…

Lock in your 365-day money-back guarantee…

Unlock your tech investing research, videos and reports worth £747

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I fully expect the 5G boom to mint more millionaires than any technological breakthrough in history.

Anyone who denies 5G’s wealth building potential is bonkers in my view.

In case you need any more convincing, take a look at this:

The team at have compiled a world map of the 5G status of every country in the world.

As you can see, 50% of the world is on the cusp of rolling out 5G commercially.

In the US, 5G is rolling out in a major way in 2020. By 2023, 32% of all mobile connections will likely be a 5G network. Verizon, C Spire and AT&T are all investing in the technology.

In Canada, Rogers Communications is investing $4.7 billion in 5G this year. Expect a wider rollout to kick off in 2020. Mexico could get 5G this year. And so could Puerto Rico.

Chile’s 5G rollout began in 2018. It has continued this year, as Entel (the largest telecommunications company in the country) and Ericsson partner to build the network out. Argentina will likely follow the same timescale. Brazil will follow next year. Ditto for Colombia.

In South Korea there are already 4,000 5G substations in Seoul alone. As many as 85 cities will join the network by the end of 2019.

Japan are pushing on too. Last year a Mitsubishi-led trial tested a version of 5G designed to work in vehicles.

And China just switched on NATIONWIDE 5G coverage at the start of November.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

For my money, you are standing inside one of the most lucrative windows of opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make a killing in the markets that has ever existed.

A window of opportunity that is very quickly sliding shut.

Let me ask you. If your life was the exactly the same in a year’s time, would you be completely happy?

Now is the time to change it.

The 5G is about to be switched on world-wide…

Every previous ‘leap forward’ in mobile internet speeds has huge financial opportunity for investors.

But 5G is set to change the world on a scale far, FAR larger than any of those that have come before it.

Driverless cars…

The ‘Anywhere Boom’…

Wearable tech…

Workers working hand-in-hand alongside robots

And with it, it will spawn a world where 50 BILLION new devices are connected to the internet.

To interact seamlessly with each other, those devices will all need a Genesis Chip installed inside them.

Which is why the largest manufacturers in the world are installing it in their devices as we speak.

So, the question is:

What are YOU going to do about it?

Click here now to get the name of the company behind the Genesis Chip.

You’re at a cross roads right now… and you really have just two different options.

Option 1…

Is to leave this page without accepting your no-obligation trial to Frontier Tech Investor

And without finding out the name of the company behind the Genesis Chip.

That sinking feeling in your stomach. That sense of regret that you didn’t act on this opportunity when you had the chance. 

You don’t want to risk that…

Which I why I strongly suggest you take…

Option 2…

You don’t even need to say ‘yes’ right now…

All I need is a ‘maybe’.

Click the button below right now. You’ll be taken to a secure order form, where you can review your order.

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You’ll immediately gain access to your special report: The Genesis Chip: the company driving the 946,000% 5G boom

Where you’ll find an in depth analysis of the company behind the Genesis Chip.

Including its name and step-by-step instructions on how to buy it.

That choice could end up being the best choice you’ve made in your financial life.

And it could end up turning a hundred quid or so – less than you’d spend down the pub on a Friday night – into an absolute fortune.

Want my advice?

Lock in your space now.

This way, you’ll be able to find out the name of the company behind the Genesis Chip…

And decide if you want to invest some of your risk capital (which I’m confident you will.)

This way, you still have the assurance that if you decide – for any reason – that my work isn’t for you, you can still receive a full refund.

But you really do need to decide now.

Don’t put this aside to think about later, and end up not acting at all.

I firmly believe that the deck could not be more firmly stacked in your favour here.

It’s just up to you to take that tiny action.

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All the best,

Eoin Treacy    
Investment Director, Frontier Tech Investor