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With interest rates at zero, central bank printing money like crazy and gold prices soaring… now could be the perfect time to make your move on…

‘Five gold stocks to buy now – before gold hits $2,000!’

Dear Fellow Investor,

“Which stocks should I buy – right now – to give myself a shot at the biggest gains in the market over the next year?”

That’s the single most common question I’ve heard from investors here in the UK since the pandemic.

It makes sense…

With stocks trading a lot lower than they were at the start of the year, a lot of people sense there’s opportunity hidden within the chaos.

Maybe you’re one of them.

And you know what?

You’re right.

There is an opportunity – right now – in a handful of gold stocks that almost no one is looking at.

At least, one of my top stock analysts thinks so. He’s a man who sits on the board of three financial institutions in the USA, one of which was once voted America’s top fund for family wealth planning.

I’ll introduce you to him shortly.

But first – exactly WHERE is this stock market opportunity?

That’s simple.


Specifically, a select number of gold stocks that are beginning to soar right now.

See, as you may well know, gold is one of the world’s hottest assets right now. It’s easy to see why. Central banks around the world are printing money. Governments are borrowing rabidly. Debt – already at an all-time high before the crisis – is spiking higher.

At times like this, smart investors turn to gold. As the Financial Times put it, “Some of the world’s largest hedge funds are raising their bets on gold, forecasting that central banks’ unprecedented responses to the coronavirus crisis will lead to devaluations of major currencies.”

Gold has already soared out of the corona-crash.

It’s up over 20% since the bottom of the market in March.

It’s recently made an all-time high in pounds…

In Australian dollars…

Even in euros…

Gold 5 year performance 2015: -6.55% / 2016: +27.62% / 2017: +1.7% / 2018: +3.50% / 2019: +13.35%
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

How long before the ‘official’ gold price – in USD – makes a new all-time high above $2,000?

That’s anyone’s guess.

But if you ask analysts at Bank of America…

It could be a lot sooner than you’d think.

As Business Insider reported, “Central banks' stimulus frenzy amid the coronavirus pandemic will drive gold to a lofty record by October 2021, Bank of America analysts projected.”

How high will gold go?

In Bank of America’s view… to $3,000 an ounce by October 2021.

That’s roughly 80% higher than it stands today.

As you’ll see in a second, given the extraordinary conditions right now… that might be conservative.

And it gets better:

History suggests, times like this are the perfect time to own gold stocks – even if the wider market crashes.

For proof of that… just consider the following chart. It shows the performance of one US listed gold stock… right through the middle of the Great Depression.


Source: Gold Speculator

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

That’s the kind of stock we want to own, right?

And that’s what this letter is all about.

It’s your chance to make your move on five particular gold stocks one expert is watching like a hawk right now – before the price of gold soars even higher.

Let me explain…

Why is gold soaring?

So much of what has happened in 2020 has been unprecedented.

At least, that’s what the authorities would have you think.

But while the coronavirus IS new…

The financial response to it from governments and central banks is utterly predictable. It fits into a recurring pattern that’s repeated itself throughout history.

Put simply that pattern is: a crisis strikes, the authorities respond to it with debt, money printing and low interest rates, and gold soars.

It’s that simple.

That’s all you need to know to take advantage of what’s happening in the markets right now.


Adjusted for inflation, fighting the First World War cost Britain, Germany, France and Russia $120 billion.

Fighting the Second World War cost America roughly $4 trillion.

The cost of the 2008 bailouts is disputed – mostly because they were so complicated. Barrons magazine estimated the direct cost of in the USA was $498 billion.

Bloomberg analysis claims that when you add in extra loan guarantees and increased lending limits, that figure increases to $7.7 trillion.

That’s an enormous sum.

But it’s blown away by the $15 trillion Reuters estimates that central banks and governments globally have already pledged in Covid-19 stimulus.

In other words…

The authorities have already spent or committed more money than it cost to fight the two most devastating wars in human history AND the biggest banking crisis in nearly a century.

In less than six months.

Put simply, we’re living through the most extreme intervention in the financial markets in history. By a long shot.

And here’s the #1 most important insight you need to understand at times like this:

Though we’ve never seen intervention on this scale before…

We HAVE seen three distinct times in history when something like this has occurred…

When a crisis has sent gold prices near vertical.

As you’ll see, in some rare cases in the past, we’ve seen gains of as much as 38,200% in a little under two years.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Will we see gains like that again?

I wouldn’t bet against it, given the circumstances.

Here’s why:

This recurring pattern in the gold market
could make you a fortune in 2020

As I said, there have been three times in the past when we’ve seen anything to compare to this.

First, in the Great Depression…

Second, in the chaos of the 1970s following the Vietnam War…

And third, immediately after the banking crisis in 2008.

Each panic varied. But they were all met with the same response:

A huge intervention in the economy – in the form of stimulus, money printing and large scale bailouts…

More than that, those interventions forced governments to rewrite the rules of the financial system in order to adjust to the new reality.

All of which ultimately sent the price of gold (and other critical commodities) through the roof.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look at this chart of the price of gold exploding higher at precisely those time periods…

Gold 5 year performance 2015: -6.55% / 2016: +27.62% / 2017: +1.7% / 2018: +3.50% / 2019: +13.35%
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Understanding why gold (and many gold stocks) rise at times like this might just be the single most important thing you can do for yourself, your family and your savings right now.

Because all the signs point to history repeating itself in the coming months…

Gold Boom #1:
Gold soars out of the Great Depression (and gold stocks go vertical)

It’s a little-known side of the Great Depression…

Most people only understand the Depression in very general terms: the crash, the banking failures, unemployment, strike action, the rise of the Nazis, the Second World War.

They don’t understand perhaps the most important part of what happened: the sudden spike in gold prices.

Between 1931 and 1934 virtually every major nation on the planet sought to manipulate the value of its currency down.

Britain began this. The USA followed. So did the rest of the world…

In 1931 an ounce of gold would have set you back £4.25. By the time a new currency system, known as Bretton Woods, emerged in 1945 it had more than doubled to £8.60.

It’s the same story in the US. An ounce of gold pre currency war was $20. Post currency war it was $35. In other words, the dollar dropped off a cliff – and gold prices spiked.

The same was true in France…

Source: New World Economics

In China…

Source: New World Economics

And even in Chile…

Source: New World Economics

In other words: governments intervened to fight the crisis… devalued their currencies… a new currency system emerged… and gold soared.

Not only that, certain gold stocks went to the moon – even as other stocks crashed.

I showed you this chart earlier: 


Source: Gold Speculator

It shows what happened in the US markets in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

The red line tracks the Dow. As you can see, it collapsed in late 1929 and then kept on diving. But just check out the black line.  

It shows what happened to the share price of Homestake, then America’s premier gold miner.  

When the crash devastated the markets Homestake did get dragged down with everything else.

But as the Dow continued its decline in 1930, Homestake went through the roof

Between 1929 and 1933, shares in Homestake rose 474%. That would have turned a £10,000 stake into more than £50,000 – during the worst economic downturn in history.    

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

And Homestake was not the only mining stock to jump. If you were willing to speculate and put a little capital into higher risk gold miners… you could have made tens of thousands of pounds in profit.

This graph compares the performance of the two outstanding gold miners, Homestake and Dome Mines, against regular stocks between 1929 and 1933... 


As you can see, the DOW got pummelled by a collapsing credit bubble – losing 73% of its value. Meanwhile, “supply kings” Homestake and Dome Mines rose 474% and 558% respectively.   

It’s a very simple, recurring pattern…

  1. A crisis strikes. 
  2. Governments respond with devaluations, bailouts and money printing.
  3. Gold soars in response. 
  4. And certain gold stocks go to the moon.

It wasn’t the first time. Nor the last…

Gold boom #2:
Stocks crash – gold soars

“To create a new prosperity without war…”

That’s how Richard Nixon described his decision to take the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971.

It’s now known as the Nixon Shock.

It was the same story as the 1930s…

The Vietnam War had put the USA under huge financial strain.

And so Nixon was forced to take the global financial system off the dollar.

That unleashed a huge binge of government spending… borrowing… and money printing.

It wasn’t just the USA, either. We saw it play out here in Britain too. After years of high spending and deficits… Britain has had to be rescued by the International Monetary Fund, with Jim Callaghan going cap-in-hand to beg for a huge bailout.

Humbled, he delivered what was meant to be a wake-up call for the British financial and political system:

 “We used to think you could spend your way out of recession and increase employment by boosting government spending… I tell you that option no longer exists. And so far as it ever did exist, it only worked on each occasion… by injecting a bigger dose of inflation into the economy, followed by a higher level of unemployment as the next step.”

Inflation ate into cash savings at a rate of 26%. Yes, 26%. It seemed like every time you turned your back, bank savings lost more of their value. Every single day, you became a little poorer.

The FT30 entered the worst bear market in history, falling 73% between 1973 and 1974. Even gilts – our so-called “safe-haven” – collapsed as interest rates went sky high.

The result?

Runaway inflation… the emergence of a new monetary system… and an epic bull market in gold.

As a Business Insider piece put it:

The world didn’t end in the 1970s, but double-digit inflation, oil price shocks, a weak dollar, and political instability made investors fearful and nervous. With rising fear and uncertainly investors bought more gold, since it is a tangible store of wealth. As the ‘70s drew to a close, people stampeded to own it.

It happened once – and it could happen again.

Between 1971 and 1980 gold prices soared by 1,939%.  

And gold stocks?

They soared.

Here’s a sample of gold stocks performance between the end of 1978 and the peak of the mania in September 1980.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Look at smaller gold and silver stocks around the world and you’ll see just how profitable the mania was for speculators willing to take a risk. In fact, for very small stocks, we can only roughly calculate the gains, since they were so volatile.

Stock - Ticker


NRD Mining - NMN


Silverstack Mines - SVR


Banner Resources - BSS


Carolin Mines - CLL


United Hearne Resources - UHR


Cons. Cinola Mines - CSZ


Cusac Industries - CQC


Copper Lake Explorations - CKX


Belmoral Mines - BME


New Cinch Uranium - NCU


Joutel Copper Mines - JTL


Page Petroleum - PGE


United Westland Resources - UWR


Twin Richfield Oils - TWR


Bearcat Explorations - BEA


Futurity Oils - FTY


Canadian Bashaw - CNB


Arizona Silver Corp - ARZ


Dumagami Mines - DM1


QMG Holdings - QMG


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Keep in mind: gains like that are extraordinary. And you’d have had to brave some extremely high volatility – and take a high risk punt – to generate gains like that.

But at times like this – everything is volatile.

Just stepping out the door feels risky.

Yet the perfect mix of runaway inflation, loose money and political unrest sent gold and gold stocks to the moon – rewarding speculators and risk takers.

It was the same pattern again.

A panic. Intervention on a huge scale. Money printing. A new financial system. And a massive gold and gold stocks bull market.

And it happened again in 2008.

Gold Boom #3:
Gold skyrockets out of the financial crisis…

I’ll keep this short, because by now you can see my point, I’m sure.

In 2008 Lehman Brothers went to the wall.

The authorities responded with a monetary bazooka… the biggest round of bailouts in history.

In the space of a few short months, central banks pumped trillions into the financial system.

Just as in the 1930s and 1970s, that sent gold and other commodities on a tear.

Here’s what happened to the gold price post 2008:

Gold 5 year performance 2015: -6.55% / 2016: +27.62% / 2017: +1.7% / 2018: +3.50% / 2019: +13.35%
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

And certain gold stocks shot up even quicker.

Take Royal Gold, for instance. It soared 4x in a few short years.

Is history about to repeat itself?

You’ve already seen, Reuters estimates globally governments have committed $15 trillion in stimulus packages and bailouts.

Here in Britain, the government is spending £14 billion a month to pay furloughed workers’ wages. That’s on top of £15 billion in grants for small firms and £10 billion in support for the self employed.

In America, some 88 million cheques have been mailed in the post as part of a $160 billion “free money” package.

It’s the same story around the world…

The ECB has just pledged $1.5 trillion in monetary stimulus.

China plans to spend $500 billion…

Even India has committed $265 billion.

Where is any of this money going to come from?

Well, thanks to the policies implemented after the financial crisis, the world is already awash in debt. Global debt hit $255 trillion last year. That’s UP by 40% since the global financial crisis.

The cupboard is bare. So the money will simply be “created”.

Globally, the bill will probably run to the tens of trillions of dollars.

Anyone who tells you that it won’t have serious consequences is either a liar or a madman.

Ask yourself:

Can things really go back to “normal” after this?

Can things really go back to the way they were?

Can we really expect no CONSEQUENCES of what we’re seeing?

That’s why I recommend – at the very least – you buy gold today

Buy it. Hold it. Protect it. That alone will put you ahead of most people.

Why? Because you can’t print gold. In a world of funny money, cheap credit and unpayable debts, it’s the last man standing. It always has been.

But if you want to really learn from the past, I recommend you start accumulating a specific set of gold stocks one of my top analysts has been tracking.

His name is Eoin Treacy.

And he sits on the board of three financial institutions in the USA, one of which was named America’s number one for wealth planning…  

His clients include one of the biggest “Royal” oil dynasties in the Middle East… 

And in the course of his 17-year career in the financial markets, he's trained hundreds of professional money managers in London, Singapore, New York and Melbourne.  

Not only that, he has an outstanding track record of getting into – and out of – gold during major bull markets.

He got into the last gold bull market very early – in 2003.

And he called the top almost at the very peak – in 2012.

Those that followed his lead would have made a fortune:

Gold 5 year performance 2015: -6.55% / 2016: +27.62% / 2017: +1.7% / 2018: +3.50% / 2019: +13.35%
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

But that’s the past.

And I’m here to talk about the future.

Right now, gold seems like the perfect choice for conservative investors and speculators alike.

The conditions look SO favourable, gold could work for you whether you’re aggressive or defensive.

Of course, it all depends on how and where you invest in gold — not to mention when.

But that’s where Eoin’s work comes in.

He has created a gold-focussed portfolio of hand-picked gold investments — that could all work together for you, regardless of whether you have £1,000, £10,000 or even £100,000 to invest.

You’ll find it gives you exposure to gold’s new boom in THREE powerful ways:

  1. As the trade of the decade
  2. As a play on a possible explosion in demand for physical gold, and...
  3. As a hedge against a financial or stock market crash.

You can have this gold portfolio.


The same portfolio these readers are using:

"My IFA has produced an average return of 7.2% p.a. for me over the last half dozen years and acting alone I have never been able to match that. With your help it is job done in 4 months."

John S

"I have bought all your recommendations … and I am up by £1K to date.


"…almost everything you tip turns to gold."


And I’m not the only one who believes a much higher gold price is coming...

  • Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones said in last June 2019 that gold was his favourite trade for the next 12–24 months. Jones says ‘gold has everything going for it’ right now. And if interest rates in the US continue their trajectory towards zero, ‘gold in that situation is going to scream...’
  • Billionaire investor Sam Zell announced in January 2019: ‘For the first time in my life, I bought gold because it is a good hedge... Supply is shrinking, and that is going to have a positive impact on the price.
  • Then in July 2019, billionaire investor Ray Dalio told investors in a LinkedIn post: ‘I believe that it would be both risk-reducing and return-enhancing to consider adding gold to one’s portfolio...’
  • In August 2019, renowned gold market strategist Jim Rickards said $10,000 gold price is coming,”

So, where could the really BIG money be made from gold?

Owning hold-in-your-hand gold is a great way to benefit from booming prices, no question.

And it is a great means of wealth protection in turbulent times.

After all, for 6,000 years gold has been a fantastic store of wealth.

But if you are really ambitious… you need to be watching gold stocks like a hawk right now.

Five gold stocks to buy now

Believe me, owning the right miners in a gold boom can be outrageously profitable.

But when a miner really takes off in a gold boom… You can amplify the gains that physical gold makes you, many times over.

Just take a look at what happened during the last gold bull:

Past performance and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Newcrest Mining: 1,184%
Kinross Gold: 1,948% 
Amarillo: 966 %

Even landing big winners like that, it can be a volatile ride. Which is why you should only ever invest your risk capital. That’s money you can afford to lose.

But consider what we’ve seen since the March crash (and resulting money printing from central banks):

Gold and gold stocks did fall during the March crash.

But then they SOARED as “stimulus” efforts around the world fired up.

The VanEck gold miners index soared 96% from its 13th March low to its 19th May high.

Barrick Gold soared 92% from its March low to its high in May.

Newmont Corp jumped 72% between 13th March and 15th May.

And countless other stocks soared. The US Gold and Precious Metal Miners ETF jumped by 91% from low to high.

These figures are past performance. They’re not a reliable guide to future results. And besides: what’s coming NEXT is far more important.

What it also shows is: when miners take off, the climbs can be dramatic.

There is simply no other way to play a gold boom if you are gunning for MAXIMUM possible profit.

And that’s why Eoin has just issued a brand new report called ‘Five gold stocks to buy now’.

In it, you’ll get a full write up on five specific gold mining stocks that Eoin and his team believe are key holdings for anyone who wants to take advantage of a rising gold price.

For instance, you’ll discover why Eoin and his team have 23rd July circled on their calendar for one particular gold stock (when it’s due to make a major announcement that could send its share price soaring).

You’ll get the name of one stock that could profit from both rising gold AND silver prices (and pays out 67% of its profits as dividends).

You’ll find out which major gold stock produces gold for just $827 per ounce – meaning at current prices it generates close to $1,000 of pure profit per ounce mined.

You’ll see why one gold miner with an incredibly long history just grew its earnings by 844% in the last quarter.

And you’ll get a full write up on the London-based explorer with 8.2 million ounces of proven gold reserves.

If you’re interested in gold and gold stocks, this is required reading.

And it’s yours today.

Importantly, Eoin will also run you through all the risks when it comes to investing in gold miners…

Because understanding risk is a crucial part of increasing your gold investing know-how and something I take very seriously.

Owning shares in a mining company is riskier than owning physical gold. That is to say it carries a different type of risk.

The risk with owning physical gold is that it could be stolen. That’s not insignificant. It’s also unregulated meaning if something goes wrong you have no recourse to recover your money.

In general, investing in the stock market opens up the risk of a company going bust or seeing its price decline because of unforeseen events.

Also, gold miners are often overseas and their stock price will be denominated in a different currency. This means you have to consider currency conversions and how that could affect any returns. The effect can be positive or negative.

Please note, that Eoin only recommends buying from major exchanges in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. Nothing too exotic.

And, let’s remember, stocks can be volatile. So you need a bit of nerve. That’s why you should only invest money you can afford to lose.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Go in with your eyes open, with a smart risk strategy, and you could put yourself in an extremely lucrative position. 

Gold Masterplan Part I:

Your report ‘Five Gold Stocks to Buy Now’ is by some measure the most urgent report you’ll receive as part of this offer.

But it’s just the first in a series of very valuable gold investing resources.

You’ll also receive:

 “Gold 101: how to understand it, value it, and buy it.”

In this crucial briefing, you will learn how to value gold and how to understand its unique position in the financial landscape. Is it money? Is it a store of value? Should you buy it to protect your wealth… or to speculate on it and profit?

In this guide, Eoin will run you through, step-by-step:

✓ How the gold price is set

✓ How to buy physical gold

✓ Coins vs bullion – which is right for you?

✓ How gold performs vs silver

✓ Geopolitics – what affects the gold price?

✓ How to understand the ‘fineness of gold’

✓ Which trusted brokers you should use

✓ Where to store your gold investments

Worth: £50

Eoin will show you why now could be the perfect time for you to start investing in the precious yellow metal:

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You’ll understand why gold is so good at keeping wealth safe from catastrophe… and the overlooked catalyst that could kick-off the next explosive bull-run.

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Once you understand how to buy gold, and why now is such a good time to do so… Eoin will take you deeper into the market in his exclusive video analysis:

“Gold – an explosion waiting to happen”

As a professional trader, investor and wealth planner Eoin has a $25k a year subscription to a private Bloomberg terminal. It is the single most indispensable tool in the investment world.

From this terminal he has recorded an exclusive video for you. Watch Eoin share with you the key signals he sees in the gold market that tell us one thing: it is a coiled spring. And when the pressure is released, it will be explosive.

Worth: £50

Next up, what physical gold assets could soar the highest during the coming gold bull market?

 “My #1 hold-in-your-hand gold play right now” 

Eoin believes the next boom is going to be rampant. In truth you could simply buy bullion or jewellery and see a very satisfying return on it.

BUT, if you want to gun for the maximum possible upside from the next gold run up… there is ONE collectible type of coin I think makes a lot of sense right now.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

And he’s backing it to out-gain every other type of physical gold when the price really takes off. In this report, he’ll share all the details of his #1 physical gold pick with you.

Worth: £50

The final element of your Gold Investor’s Masterplan is an important one… because you can’t just buy gold and gold stocks BLINDLY.

A lot of people will make a lot of mistakes, even in a boom. So let Eoin show you…

“What to avoid in the coming gold boom”

While there is a lot of money to be made from gold, it’s just as important to avoid making costly errors. In this report Eoin explains what characteristics put certain gold investments on his ‘never-buy’ list.

Worth: £50

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

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How will you feel?

I’m not here to speculate. I simply want to point out that every single time a crisis anything like this has occurred in the past… it has led to a total reset of the global financial system, via money printing and currency devaluation.

And gold has always prospered in those circumstances. It’s always been the last currency standing.

Given what we face today… it is just good common sense to own it. And if you want to be more aggressive – to own gold stocks likely to soar in a gold bull market.

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Well – look outside! Look at the markets! Look at the world! I don’t want price to hold anyone back. In fact, I don’t want there to be a single reason for you not to try this.

It’s that simple.

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Frankly, I know that some people will pay £49, use Eoin’s help and advice for a year, then ask for a refund after 364 days.

And they’ll get it.

I don’t care. I’d rather I got this help and advice out to as many people as possible while I still can.

And I know that once you see the quality of Eoin’s work… you’ll likely want to stick with him long term.

Here’s the link you need to accept this offer.

Just know this:

Gold – and gold stocks – don’t always rise.

But when they do – when the system is under high stress and the printing presses are fired up – they can rise hard and fast.

That hasn’t happened.


But how long before it does?

My view is – it’s not a matter of if, but WHEN.

History suggests it’ll happen soon – especially if the state is forced to keep borrowing and printing money.

And there’s no end of that in sight. Not yet.

That’s why I’d urge you to click this link now and use this window of opportunity to your advantage.


Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Gold Stock Fortunes

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