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GCHQ, MI6, the Army, Navy, Air Force and MoD are already preparing for…

The Day Britain Stands Still

A shocking act of terror that could bring our way of life to a grinding halt – and force the British government to launch its first major war of the 21st century

GCHQ Director Ciaran Martin: “We will be fortunate to come to the end of the decade without having to trigger a category one attack.”

Dear Fellow Brit,

With a screech of brakes, the 7.14pm Bakerloo Line train comes to a stop five feet from the platform at Piccadilly Circus.

For a second, everything is still.

The drivers’ voice comes over the intercom: “I’m sorry for the sudden halt ladies and gentlemen. I’m radioing ahead to find out what the problem i–”

The line goes dead before he can finish his sentence.

Then the lights cut out.

At precisely that moment, three more trains fail.

One minute later, the Northern Line, Central Line and Jubilee Line all go dead. Thousands of passengers, crammed into overcrowded carriages, are plunged into darkness.

There’s silence as people wait for service to resume.

One minute passes.

Then another… and another.

People are trying to get signal on their phones, but so deep underground there’s no service.

On the platform at Regents Street the lights flicker… then they too go dark.

Each one of its eight escalators freezes.

Blue-green emergency lights come on… just light enough to illuminate thousands of people, swarming out of the station.

“Everyone stay calm!” a man in a florescent jacket shouts.

Within the hour, the entire London Tube network has gone dark. Euston, Waterloo and Liverpool Street Stations have experienced total power loss… forcing the authorities to shut them.

Which is when the streetlights start failing… followed by the traffic lights… then whole streets start “going dark”.

All over London, the skyline is dark... lifts freeze between floors... hospital machines give their last blip... and in the press rooms, computer terminals go black... then the power failures start creeping north…

At Old Trafford, Manchester United’s game against West Ham is suspended in the 66th minute, as the floodlights fail. After the players stand around in the dark for fifteen minutes, the game is abandoned. Eighty thousand people make for the exits… holding their phones aloft for torchlight.

In Birmingham, the streetlights burn at half strength... or not at all. In Manchester, hundreds of traffic wardens are drafted in to help manage the chaos caused by traffic light failures… in Bristol, children do homework by candlelight.

You check your phone – which has only 7% battery left – and see that reporters claim two of Britain’s four undersea electricity interconnectors out in the Channel have reported catastrophic failure… at precisely the same time as key power substations started freezing up…

Beyond that, no one seems to know what’s gone wrong…

There are rumours of rioting and looting in parts of London – an echo of the 2011 London Riots that pushed the emergency services to breaking point… and spread quickly across the country. The Prime Minister appeals for calm.

At 12.15am – almost exactly six hours after the first power failure – the armed forces are mobilised.

Twenty minutes later, mobile phone networks start crashing.

That’s when you realise this isn’t an accident. Britain is under attack.

Please don’t mistake this for fiction.

If it wasn’t for our security forces, this could have been reality across Britain just two years ago, on the 8 June, 2017.

Russian hackers attacked the National Grid... nearly wiping out the power and critical infrastructure millions of people rely on to live their lives.

Homes… businesses… even whole towns… all were almost plunged into the cold and the dark.

As GCHQ Director, Ciaran Martin, confirmed: “Russian interference, seen by the National Cyber Security Centre over the past year, has included attacks on the UK media, telecommunication and energy sectors... Russia is seeking to undermine the international system. That much is clear.”

Though they were unsuccessful, the attack was only one in a stream of near constant attacks – directed by the Kremlin.

As MP James Arbuthnot puts it: “Our National Grid is coming under cyber-attack not just day-by-day but minute-by-minute.”

This is your four minute warning

You’ve heard of the four minute warning, I’m sure…

It was Britain’s public warning system during the Cold War. When it sounded, you had four minutes to prepare for an attack from the Soviet Union.

The threat from Soviet Russia was real.

Real enough that Britain had entire emergency back up plans in preparation of all-out war.

Plans we came within hours of having to put into action…

For instance, on the 4th March 1984, with Britain seemingly heading towards open conflict with Russia, and the security forces preparing for an attack on British soil, the Queen’s advisors prepared this speech:

When I spoke to you less than three months ago we were all enjoying the warmth and fellowship of a family Christmas... The horrors of war could not have seemed more remote as my family and I shared our Christmas joy with the growing family of the Commonwealth. 

Now this madness of war is once more spreading through the world and our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds. 

I have never forgotten the sorrow and pride I felt as my sister and I huddled around the nursery wireless set listening to my father's inspiring words on that fateful day in 1939. Not for a single moment did I imagine that this solemn and awful duty would one day fall to me. 

We all know the dangers facing us today are greater by far than at any time in our long history. The enemy is not the soldier with his rifle nor even the airman prowling the skies above our cities and towns but the deadly power of abused technology. 

But whatever terrors lie in wait for us all the qualities that have helped keep our freedoms intact twice already this sad century will once more be our strength... As we strive together to fight off the new evil let us pray for our country and men of goodwill wherever they may be. 

God Bless you all.

Queen Elizabeth never gave this speech. But it's a sobering reminder, not only of the terrible reality of war... but of a simple fact:

Britain has enemies. Dangerous enemies that – throughout our history – have shown themselves willing to strike out against us.

I believe we're living through one of those times right now.

In fact, as a Publisher at Britain’s largest independent news and research network, I’m issuing my own ‘four minute warning’ to you today.

This time around, it may not be nuclear bombs we have to fear.

But Russia’s attacks against Britain have already resulted in the murder of several British people.

Not servicemen. Not soldiers. Regular British people like me and you.

And as I’ll show you today, the British security services are worried the NEXT Russian attack could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths”. That’s a direct quote from the head of the Department of Defence.

In short, at the highest levels of power, key British military, security and intelligence agencies are preparing for a new conflict with Russia.

This conflict will likely come to define every aspect of our lives in the coming years – far more so than Brexit will…

“Thousands of deaths is really not an overstatement”

Look. The idea that our way of life could come to a grinding halt as a result of Russian sabotage is easy to dismiss… until it’s far too late.

So let’s be clear. Simply saying “it’ll never happen to me” is dangerously complacent. And it directly contradicts what the leaders of our armed forced, intelligence agencies and government are saying.

Head of the military, General Sir Nick Carter, describes Russia as: “Probably the most complex and capable state-based threat to our way of life since the end of the cold war.”

Defence Secretary, Gavin Williams, warns that Russia: “Is ready to kill us by the thousands”

Head of the Royal Navy, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, observes that the Russian Navy is expanding its force at sea, with an intensifying resurgence of capability and scale that we didn’t necessarily see coming maybe ten years ago.”

If you won’t take the warnings of the DoD, Head of the Military and Head of the Royal Navy seriously… perhaps the a key NATO advisor’s warning will hit home:

Professor Paul Theron said the threat from Russian saboteurs is “every day. You see these attacks happen all the time. There is probably not one single day that there are not these kind of attacks.”

In fact, Britain is under constant attack from Russian cyber assaults. We were hit with 34,000 hacks in the last six months alone. That’s roughly 200 a day… or one every 13 minutes.

It’s likely that in the time you’ve been reading this, Britain has been attacked by Russian hackers. That’s according to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s own figures.

And a huge number of these attacks are targeted at critical weaknesses in our energy and telecommunications infrastructure.

Consider the events of 2017…

It began with a series of strange emails that began appearing in the inboxes of ‘Big Six’ energy companies. These businesses all form part of Britain’s “Critical National Infrastructure” – or CNI. Effectively, they control systems vital to life in the UK.

These emails seemed innocuous. Most of them were job applications or CVs. But they weren’t. As a Daily Telegraph report put it:

“They raised no alarm bells, as they were cleverly designed to resemble messages that staff at power stations and operating electricity distribution networks expected to receive. All of the emails included Microsoft Word attachments which, when opened, allowed Russian hackers to quietly infect computer networks.

Once inside the networks, the hackers were able to smuggle out documents, including passwords and crucial information about the operation of the UK’s energy grid. But what happened then went far further. The hackers sought out devices which directly controlled parts of power stations.”

In short, Russia found a way to compromise our critical infrastructure.

Then it used that position to attempt to bring the country to a standstill.

According to reports, the attack:

“could have allowed them [Russia] to remotely control power networks, switching off electricity systems, or causing disruption in the UK’s energy network.

Even without such a strike, the election day hack cast a spotlight on the worrying vulnerabilities in Britain’s energy network.”

In other words, we came within a day of the country “powering down”.

And in the words of GCHQ director Ciaran Martin, it’s a matter of “when not if” a major attack succeeds.

What would you do if the lights over your head right now suddenly went out? You might fumble for the light switch. But what if you had no idea when the lights would go on again?

What if you knew your microwave and coffee maker had just stopped working... that you couldn’t send an email, or contact your family... that your Internet had gone completely "offline"... or that you were unable to "power up" your computer?

You have no running water… No heating… And once your cash runs out… No money. 

If you were suddenly "unplugged" from the global electrical grid... what would you do? What could you do? What could Britain do with zero electrical power?

Of course it would be a disaster.

Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom, former chair of the Commons defence committee, warns that:

“Without electricity a city becomes uninhabitable within a couple of days. If it were lost for a long time, thousands of deaths is really not an overestimate, it’s a severe underestimate.”

But it’s not just the electrical grid Russia will target in the next attack…

Just consider… there are three natural gas lines and four electricity interconnectors that sit at the bottom of the British Channel and supply three million British houses with energy. In a few years’ time, it will be eight million.

Depending on where you live, your home… business… or entire town could be reliant on these interconnectors.

Russia has been showing an alarming level of interest in these interconnectors.

And it could happen. We’ve already seen how vulnerable these lines are. In 2017 half the power link between the UK and France went down… simply because a ship dropped anchor there, severing the power.

Next time they go down, it won’t be an accident. As British First Sea Admiral Jones puts it:

“We are aware Russians have the capability to detect and work on those cables... They are at the very least surveying them and potentially looking to do operations more than that.”

That’s on top of a TENFOLD increase in Russian submarine activity in UK waters since 2015. That’s just what our armed forces can detect. Many of Russia’s subs have such advanced stealth capabilities our underwater defence systems cannot detect them. 

Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, went further:

"They are going to be thinking, 'How can we just cause so much pain to Britain? Damage its economy, rip its infrastructure apart, and actually cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths…'"

That’s no exaggeration… when you consider that within the last 12 months Russian agents murdered British civilians on British soil, using the nerve agent Novichok.

Imagine what it must have felt like, living in Salisbury. To know that chemical weapons with devastating consequences had been deployed in the street.

How can life go on ‘as normal’ in those circumstances? How can you let your children or grandchildren play outside… knowing they could stumble across a lethal weapon at any moment.

Again: if this all sounds ‘too much’ then just remember that THIS HAPPENED. It’s recent history, not speculation.

Look abroad and you see that Russia has a frighteningly wide array of weapons it can use in a hybrid war…

In December 2015, Russian hackers cut electricity to nearly a quarter of a million Ukrainians. They did the same thing a year later, on December 16 2016. This time cutting a FIFTH of Kiev’s power for several hours. 

According to formed NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden, “This has a whiff of August 1945… Somebody just used a new weapon, and this weapon will not be put back in the box.”

“A destructive and deadly mix”

Can you imagine the chaos if Britain lost a fifth of its power overnight?

If you went to open the fridge, only to find fetid, rotting food… if you couldn’t send an email or make a phone call to your family… if your town was gridlocked with abandoned vehicles…

Again: this happened. And according to the security services, it almost happened here in Britain.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine was a warning to the rest of the world – one you’d be foolish to ignore. As a piece in The Conversation put it, “The cyberattack on Ukraine’s power grid is a warning of what’s to come”

You see, many global cybersecurity analysts believe Russia is using Ukraine as a cyberwar testing ground—a laboratory for perfecting new forms of global online combat…

John Hultquist, cybersecurity expert, puts it like this: “I swear, when Sandworm Team [the hackers behind the Ukraine attack] finally nails Western critical infrastructure, and folks react like this was a huge surprise, I’m gonna lose it.”

Will Britain be the ultimate target?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

In fact, British security experts across the board warn against the potentially catastrophic threats Russia presents to Britain:

According to General Mark Carleton-Smith: “Russia today indisputably represents a far greater threat to our national security than Islamic extremist threats such as al-Qaida and Isil.”

To spell it out… whether our leaders like to admit it or not…

Britain is at the brink of war

It is a new kind of warfare, which the Defence Secretary calls, a destructive and deadly mix…”

The Times describes it like this:

“A new kind of conflict… In which military and non-military tools are combined in a dynamic, efficient, and integrated way to achieve its political aims.”

This new age of warfare could see our power system fatally exposed… our infrastructure hacked and brought down… our lives plunging into the cold darkness as heating and energy systems fail…

As I’ve just shown you, we’ve come within an inch of this happening already. Julius Weitzdörfe, of Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, said this: 

“I think that is a risk that is very real in the UK and it’s also neglected and that sort of scenario could happen anytime, it could happen tomorrow.”

The question you have to ask yourself is…

How long before an
attack SUCCEEDS?

If you ask the head of Britain’s top signals intelligence agency, GCHQ, it’s not ‘if’ a Russian attack succeeds. It’s a matter of when.

With 36,000 attacks last year alone, we’re LUCKY not to have seen widespread chaos already.

It gets worse. In 2018 nearly 70% of UK Firms were hit by cyber-attacks. In August 2018, 215,000,000 records were leaked due to data breaches and cyber-attacks. On Thursday 4th October 2018, the British government directly accused Russian military intelligence of being behind a spate of “reckless and indiscriminate cyber-attacks”.

So the next question is…

What is Britain doing about this?

That’s why I’ve put this presentation together. My name is James Allen. And for the past year, my organisation has been researching the Russian threat to Britain.

I’m here to share my findings with you today. You see, though it may surprise you… Britain has already launched its own hybrid war against Russia.

Our armed forces have even made plans to attack Moscow.

This has not been announced openly to the public.

But it involves every branch Armed Forces, Intelligence Agencies (MI6 and GCHQ) and Department of Defence.

MI6 chief Alex Younger has already warned Russia that Britain can and will retaliate, stating that: “The era of the fourth industrial revolution calls for a fourth generation of espionage…”

Today I’m going to expose precisely what shape that response is taking.

As you’ll see, by supporting this new defensive war effort, you could not only help make yourself and your country a lot safer… you could also wind up a lot richer, even as Britain faces off against The Kremlin.

You see, this attack won’t come against our armed services… but against civilians. People like you and me.

As The Spectator puts it:

“We are now in a new era of state-on-civil conflict where the potential victims are individuals, personal security and our national way of life.”

But it is critical you understand that Britain will NOT meekly roll over in the face of hostility.

We’re a proud nation… with a proud history of standing up to aggression.

When Hitler and Napoleon threatened Europe… we responded.

This time around, we’ll respond again.

Secretly. Covertly.

And in a way no one expects…

Britain Strikes Back

The threat from Russia is real.

Our security and intelligence forces know this.

And they’re planning our response on multiple fronts – via our military forces AND other, more secret efforts…

Behind the scenes, armed forces are quietly mobilizing for Britain’s revenge…

Did you know, for instance, that on 6 October, 2018, British defence chiefs war-gamed a massive attack against Moscow? You read that right: an attack on the Russian capital. The war games began after planning exercises left officials “ashen-faced” at the speed with which confrontation with Russia could escalate.

The Royal Navy has increased its presence in the North Atlantic, to meet a “growing Russia threat”… “Allowing Royal Navy ships and RAF aircraft to be deployed to the region much more regularly,” in the words of First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones.

Britain’s air defences have been boosted with the RAF’s NEW supersonic stealth jet, the F-35B Lightning… And £9.1 billion has been committed to a further 48 jets.

Our intelligence agencies are following suit… launching a NEW branch of GCHQ dedicated entirely to cyber security. 

In other words… we’re quietly preparing for war.

And putting up the cash to support key areas of our armed forces to do so.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

But here’s the thing: what if I told you the key to protecting yourself AND your country… could also make you a series of double and triple digit gains from the markets?

You see, during wartime protecting your country means BIG government spending.

Take the Second World War. Manufacturer B.F Goodrich made rubber and tires for cars, jeeps, trucks and planes. They SUPPORTED the allied war effort against Hitler…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Calculations don't take costs or taxes into account.

Between 1932-1954, B.F Goodrich produced a massive 20,381% cumulative return for their shareholders. In real terms, that’s enough to turn a £1,000 speculation in to over £200,000!

Other companies did even better.

Douglas Aircraft racked up a hefty 23,589% gain…

Zenith Radio… Over 24,000%.

And early investors in Electric Boat wound up sitting on an historic 55,000% gain.

A £1,000 stake before the state started pumping cash into the sector snowballed into £550,000.

A £2,000 stake would have helped protect your country –
AND made you a millionaire

If our armed forces do their job, I don’t expect to see Russian boats landing on our beaches any time soon… though we can’t rule it out.

But I DO believe that the circumstances which allowed Zenith Radio, Electric Boat, B.F Goodrich and Douglas Aircraft to make investors two hundred… three hundred… even five hundred times their initial stake… are aligning again.

And regular Brits who seed their capital into the companies at the heart of the operation can not only SUPPORT Britain in her battle against Russia...

But even potentially profit, thanks to a series of strategic investments I have uncovered during my research.

If history is any guide, this situation could be incredibly lucrative. Just as World War II gave rise to a massive military spending spree — turning once small companies into large Fortune 500 type behemoths with names like Boeing, Lockheed and Raytheon…

I think what we’re seeing today could be even larger.

Today, I’m going to walk you through three specific ways in which Britain is striking back against Russia… each of which you can both support AND potentially profit from.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

The first involves £1.9bn government funding and one little known British Defense Company I think could be set to benefit directly. This business could literally help stop a major Russian attack from plunging you into darkness… and make you a fortune at the same time.

The second concerns a strategic energy investment turning the tables on Russia… Ultimately I believe it could turn every £10,000 into £18,000…

The third presents an opportunity to profit from the powerful trend that is forcing Russia to lash out – it’s likely to be Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare…

By investing directly in it… you could see growth of as much as 5,400%.

I’m here today to walk you through – exactly – what you need to do to for the chance to make those forecasts a reality.

Let’s start with your FIRST opportunity… 

Repelling the Russian Menace Part 1:
How supporting Britain’s ‘Ghost Army’ fighting Putin’s saboteurs could make you rich

Army. Navy. Air Force.

They’ve all had their proud moments… in which brave servicemen protected the rights and freedoms of British people.

Those moments are etched into our national consciousness. Trafalgar. Waterloo. The Battle of Britain.

Well, today a new branch of the military is on the front lines of Britain’s defensive efforts.

I call it the ‘Ghost Army’… because you’d never even know this unit existed. You won’t see its soldiers on parade. It doesn’t get any credit in the media. Most people have never heard of it.

But our ‘Ghost Army’ – our cyber forces – are critical to our security today.

Which is why its budget has skyrocketed in recent years.

Given the threat from Russia, that’s no surprise.

As the National Grid describes, cyber-attacks are changing: from causing disruption, to being designed to cause major widespread sabotage and destruction”.

Britain is rapidly expanding its capabilities. It’s already committed £1.9 billion in taxpayer cash to Britain’s cybersecurity defensive and offensive systems…

In 2015 the British Army urgently formed a new unit, the 77th Brigade, to counter information warfare… Primarily tackling Russian propaganda.

And in October last year, Ofgem announced a new funding package of £96 million… to beef up physical and cyber resilience specifically in the UK energy sector.

Now the UK government is preparing to launch a NEW cyberwarfare unit… Involving more than 2,000 operatives drawn from GCHQ and Britain’s armed forces. Officials say funding will be to the tune of “hundreds of millions of pounds”.   

But it’s not just Britain. Governments around the world have woken up to this… In fact, globally the entire sector is rapidly becoming a $1 trillion industry. 

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Since the start of 2018 cyber funds have climbed as much as 24%...

And each time more funding is announced, or another attack strikes – the cyber defense sector gets a boost.

After the WannaCry attack on the NHS, one company spiked 31% higher in just a few weeks. Another surged 24%.

And consider, the costs of cyberattacks themselves can be enormous…

A recent study by Oxford Economics found that severe cyber breaches have wiped £120 million off the market value of companies listed in the FTSE 100.

Worldwide, crimes in cyberspace cost £455bn last year…

According to former UK national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant, 50% of all UK companies have been attacked… and are therefore having to invest millions in cybersecurity.

To put it bluntly: Between corporate investment and government funding… 2019 is set to see a huge wave of capital moving into this sector.

And everyday Brits like you and me can support Britain’s offense and defensive expansion… And potentially profit from this powerful trend.

Just take a look:


And I have identified one UK Company I believe could be CRUCIAL in Britain’s cyber defense over the next few years.

It’s fast on its way to becoming one of the leading players in the global cyber-security market.

Its customers include everyone from energy firms to the UK government to intelligence agencies.

Now it’s looking to expand internationally through Europe and the US…

Starting with a remarkable 4 million euro deal it’s just secured… to build cyber capability for the military of a major European power.

I think that could be just the first of a stream of further contracts.

In fact I think that long term not only will this company be instrumental in our conflict with Russia…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

But it could ALSO turn every £500 into £1,440 long term (before costs and taxes).

I’ve prepared a full research report on this company… and the cybersecurity industry at large.

This report, which has taken months to put together, contains all of my research into the industry, right down to the ticker symbol and “buy up to” price of my recommendation.

Of course, there are risks. There always are with opportunities like this. I want you to go in with your eyes open.

The main one, as I see it, is competition as emerging players try and claim a bite of the market for themselves. I think this company is in a very strong position going forward, but of course you can never predict the future. That’s why it’s important you only invest capital you can safely lose – as with any investment.

Do that and I think you set yourself up to potentially make a lot of money as the cybersecurity market grows and grows.

It’s all in your special report:  “The UK-listed “Cyber Defender” every British investor needs to own”.

If you’re interested in making money from cybersecurity… It’s an absolute must read.

With your permission, I’d like to send you a copy right away, completely free of charge.

I’ll show you how to claim your copy in a moment.

But first I want to tell you about the SECOND way you can potentially help increase Britain’s security… By tapping in to a $90 billion market.

It concerns a strategic investment at the heart of Downing Street’s plan...

Repelling the Russian Menace Part 2:
Tap into a $90 billion market

The SECOND prong of the British energy offensive concerns an asset Reuter’s calls, “Putin’s most effective weapon”.

And Comment Central describes as “the real threat to our national security.

It has nothing to do with Russia’s army…

Nor its navy… Its submarines, warplanes or nuclear weapons.

It’s something far more powerful.

6 March 2018, 12:41pm: The foreign secretary speaks in the Commons.

He alludes to this ‘weapon’ only briefly.

 “It is clear that Russia is, I am afraid, in many respects now a malign and disruptive force…

“The UK is in the lead across the world in trying to counteract that activity….

“That is sometimes difficult, given the strong economic pressures that are exerted by Russia’s hydrocarbons on other European economies…”

Though he only hints at it, his words prove what I have come to believe, after months of research, to be true…

In 2019, Britain will strike BACK against Russia’s energy warfare…

Weaponising Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)… Transforming the modern battlefield and the entire energy sector.

Because this is something Putin has been doing for a long time…

Using oil and gas to manipulate countries to his advantage.

Like in December 2013, when the Ukraine rejected a trade deal with the European Union: Gazprom rewarded them by reducing the price of gas by a third. Putin publicly announced the price reduction.

Or three months later, after the Maidan revolution brought a pro-Western government to power in Kiev. Russia performed an about face, announcing an 81% increase in the price Gazprom charged Ukraine.

Or when Moldova, a tiny former Soviet republic, began discussions with the European Union about a free trade deal, and Russia threatened to cut gas supplies to Moldova. A Russian deputy foreign minister warning the Moldovans: “We hope that you will not freeze.”

Putin himself calls Gazprom “a powerful political and economic lever of influence over the rest of the world.”

In December 2017, when short supply forced Britain to import 170,000 cubic tonnes of Russian LNG… The Russian embassy OPENLY gloated:

power and profits package

Putin went on record, telling energy bosses the shipment was ‘one more confirmation of the status of Russia as one of the world’s leading energy powers’.

Now the UK is turning the game on its head.

Using natural gas as a political weapon against Russia.

Building two new LNG ports in the north of England, to store and sell on US export cargoes. Reducing dependency on Russia.

Signing a deal with Louisiana-based Magnolia LNG to supply TWO MILLION tonnes of natural gas a year to Barrow-in-Furness based Port Meridian.

Investing $30 million in recommissioning a LNG terminal in Teesside, northeast England, developing it as a UK energy hub.

Downing Street is striking back against Putin’s energy warfare… Using imports of Liquefied Natural Gas.

Or as it’s also known…

Liquid Freedom.

And ONE company is positioned better than anyone else to take advantage of these developments. 

Just a few years ago it was virtually unknown…

But I came across one of its key executives when I was on the road… In Berlin in 2010.

I could tell right away that this was a company to watch.

When I spoke with another of its core team 5 years later, in Austin, Texas, my belief was confirmed.

This company was a rising star of the LNG industry.

Today, every fact I uncover proves I was right.

This company has its fingers in every aspect of ‘Liquid Freedom’… From purchasing natural gas, to converting it to its liquid form, to transporting it, to turning it back into gas… it’s one of the best-positioned picks in the industry…

It’s ALREADY secured $3.5 billion in future annual fees…

More than 80% of its gas for the next 20 years is ALEADY spoken for, thanks to six huge multi-billion export contracts.

But it’s what comes next that’s really interesting.

You see, I think we’re just getting started here. Long story short, the company’s prospects have never been brighter.

It’s the PERFECT stock to own as natural gas demand grows higher and higher…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

In fact, I think it could turn every £10,000 staked in £18,000...

But it currently ALSO pays a 6% dividend.

Meaning you can get a second income AND capital gains, while supporting Britain’s war against Russia.

I’ve compiled all of my research on this company into a SECOND special report I’d like to send you today.

This report tells you everything you need to know to invest, right down to the ticker symbol and price to pay.

It’s called “Invest in liquid freedom and help Britain turn the tables on Putin”.

It explains everything… including the risks involved here. And there are risks, as with any investment.

I want to make sure you know that. That you go into this with your eyes wide open.

The main one, as I see it, is that the growth of renewables and batteries restricts demand for natural gas… Eventually I think we will see that happen.

But BEFORE we get there, EU policies to electrify transportation, and to promote wind and solar, will increase the need for gas-fired power plants… should all contribute to POWERFUL growth…

That’s why you want me in your corner. Using my contacts and experience to make sure you’re IN the market when it’s going up… And OUT before things start to tail off.

The point is, if you want to stand any chance of profiting here… you need to understand everything about this firm.

Which means you need to grab your copy of this report now.

I’ll show you how you can do that in a second.

But first, there’s something else you should know.

Because if you want to profit from the geopolitical pressures in the energy industry…

There’s a far bigger opportunity on the table for you today.

The ultimate investor’s edge:
Mastering ‘MEGACHANGE’

As I said earlier, my name is James Allen.

After more than a decade travelling around the world as the head of a Manhattan energy bureau… I came to realise there’s a major problem with the way most financial ‘experts’ look at the world.

Read most mainstream financial commentator's work, and you'll see it's packed with superficial – and often downright wrong – analysis.

I'm sure you know the kind of thing I'm talking about: "The markets will go up in September. Get out of gold – it's going down this week."

It's all nonsense. It's all superficial change. And it's all entirely impossible to try and predict.

Instead, I focus my attention on what I call MEGACHANGE. The kind of shifts in the world order that can suddenly and irreversibly change your life.

Megachange is shaped by the big, powerful forces or trends that nobody can control and 999 out of 1,000 people don't even see. These are the unstoppable and intensely powerful forces that impact everything and everyone.

What I’ve come to understand is that these forces are almost always related to ENERGY.

You can trace almost every major turning point in history back to energy.

Consider Winston Churchill’s decision in 1919 to refit the Royal Navy’s ships to run on oil instead of coal… This decision made access to OIL a critical resource for Britain… changed the fate of WW1… and ended up literally redrawing the map of the Middle East.

To Hitler’s desperate need for oil in WWII… which drove him to invade the Soviet Union in pursuit of the Baku oil fields. How different would WWII have been if Germany hadn’t needed oil… hadn’t invaded the Soviet Union?

To the REAL reason Japan attacked Pearl Harbour… Japan didn’t attack America for no reason. It needed energy, specifically oil. Pearl Harbour was designed to protecting the Japanese flank so oil could be retrieved from the Dutch East Indies.

To the 1973 Arab oil embargo… When American reliance on Middle Eastern oil gave unprecedented power to OPEC, they cut exports to Israel during the Yom Kippur War, causing global panic and soaring oil prices.

To the Iraq war in 2003… In the words of U.S. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel: “People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are. They talk about America’s national interest. What the hell do you think they’re talking about? We’re not there for figs”.

I could go on. But I think the point is made.

Energy underpins everything. It’s the driver of megachange. To be blunt, if you don’t understand energy, you don’t understand the world. 

Equally, if you want to understand… anticipate… and profit from megachange, you must start with energy.

Where energy goes, money and power follow. Take the British Empire: built on the back of a coal-powered industrial revolution. Then oil became the dominant fuel source, and power shifted to nation states in the Persian Gulf, to America, and to Russia, amongst others. 

I’ve dedicated the last decade of my life to building a network of contacts… a black book of well-connected analysts… and ‘boots on the ground experience’.

Ten years ago, I started travelling all over the world, reporting on the biggest moves in the global energy markets.

I used to live in Manhattan, where I ran an energy bureau.

I say I ‘lived’ in Manhattan. Truth was, I was hardly there. Mostly, I was on the road.

For example, in June 2013 I flew to Washington D.C, to see the US energy secretary.

In January 2014, I was on the ground in Bogota, Colombia, speaking with their former energy minister.  In November 2010, I was in Berlin for a private meeting with representatives of a leading natural gas company.

In January 2013 it was Miami, speaking with the president of one of the world’s top five coal producers.

My phone is full of phone numbers from across the energy world. Company CEOs… government officials… senior energy advisors…

Then, late one evening in December 2016 I received a phone call which lead directly to the research I’m sharing with you today.

Simply put, I was head hunted by Southbank Investment Research, the UK branch of the world’s largest underground research network, dedicated entirely to helping private investors like you make better, more profitable investments…

In other words… to understanding how megachange reshape the world... and helping you profit from it.

We’re not reporters or journalists. We don’t seek to report on how the world is today… but understanding the deep shifts and trends that will shape tomorrow.

And we’re good at it. Our organisation has an incredible track record of predicting major, world changing events before regular investors knew what was going on. In other words… we spot trends before they become trends.

In his 1988 book, The Great Reckoning, our former Editor in Chief, the late Lord William Rees Mogg, identified that New York – particularly the financial markets there – was almost unguarded and open to attack. He based this on a detailed study of the infrastructure, arms movements inside the U.S.A, plus the political situation in the Middle East.

He was right. Twice. The World Trade Centres were attacked in 1994… and 2001.

But that was just the start of Lord Rees Mogg's deep change analysis. After 9/11, he showed our readers how American intervention in the Middle East would soon step up, pushing the price of oil through the roof. He also correctly forecast that Greenspan would use the attack as an excuse to cut rates and create a housing bubble. He even shared specific recommendations on how to use these trends to profit.

He was right. On both counts.

None of this involves crystal ball gazing. That's impossible. We prefer to call it professional forecasting. Put simply, understanding that markets don't move at random. They respond to deep changes in the world.

A deep knowledge of history is vital. So is a wide network of contacts. And the willingness to think beyond the present and extrapolate today's trends into the future.

What I’ve shown you today fits perfectly within this tradition.

The Pursuit of Power & Profits

We’re at a key moment in the history of the world, as the global economy shifts away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources of energy.

Which I consider the driving factor behind Russia’s aggression towards Britain. The slow but unstoppable shift away from fossil fuels is critically weakening major ‘oil powers’.

And they’re lashing out.

Just take a look at this chart. It shows how Russia’s GDP is tied to the oil price. Watch how the country’s wealth evaporates as the oil price drops…


At $1.5 trillion, Russia’s GDP isn’t all that much more than Amazon and Google’s combined market cap.

In other words, Russia isn’t a major power. It’s purely an energy power. And right now, that status is threatened.

That’s at the root of Russia’s war of aggression abroad.

It’s an act of desperation.

But that makes Russia even more dangerous… and inevitable that it’ll step up its attacks against Britain.  

Which is why I’ve chosen this exact moment to launch a first of its kind energy advisory for UK investors, called Power & Profits.

In fact, today you can become one of the very first people in the world to try it out.

To the best of my knowledge, no other publication like Power & Profits exists. Certainly not in Britain.

In short, Power & Profits is dedicated to helping you understand and profit from the financial and geopolitical trends driven by shifts in the energy world…

I’ve only scratched the surface of what my work covers today…

See, the shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources is going to turn the world order on its head. For some nations that will be a living nightmare… leading to political instability, radicalism… and even war.

But it’ll also present enormous opportunities for anyone who backs the rising stars and winners.

My goal in Power & Profits is to help you understand what’s happening… and profit from it.

Make no mistake: Power & Profits could change your life. It’s designed entirely to give you a deeper understanding of the world…

…combined with specific, fully researched recommendations to help you invest directly in the key global energy trends of today.

To show you what I mean, I’d like to start by sharing the two urgent research reports I’ve already told you about with you:

“The UK-listed “Cyber Defender” every British investor needs to own”.

And, Invest in liquid freedom and help Britain turn the tables on Putin”.

But there’s so much more I want to share with you…

 You see, Power & Profits is your inside guide to the energy world. That might mean the big shifts in the world order caused by the decline of oil… or the rise of new energy superpowers.

But make no mistake: my ultimate goal is to help you make money from all this. It’s to recommend you specific investments you can make to grow your wealth off the back of what’s happening.

I’ve already shown you a couple of the picks I’m recommending you buy immediately. But as a Power & Profits reader, you’ll get every single play I recommend. When I recommend it, it’ll enter our Power & Profits model portfolio – then I’ll track it with updates, extra guidance and ultimately I’ll tell you when to sell.

I’ll recommend anything I think will make you money. That might be a small energy stock. It could be a major player paying big dividends. It could be a fund. And I won’t be constrained by geography – if I see something that looks promising abroad, I’ll recommend it. I’ll always make sure a UK broker offers it.

Of course, I’ll also keep you in the loop when it comes to risk. If something is a higher risk small cap, I’ll outline the risks involved. If it’s a fund, ditto. And if we invest abroad, I’ll outline precisely what our foreign exchange risks (or opportunities) are.

The goal, always, is to help you make better decisions with your money, be more informed and more successful.

And that goes for the THIRD research report I want to share with you…

You see, there’s one particular opportunity I’ve found that I believe is perfectly placed to soar in the shift away from fossil fuels. It involves a technology that must keep Vladimir Putin up at night…

Opportunity Number 3:
The 18,000% “Oil Destroyer”

This ‘oil destroyer’ takes Putin’s greatest asset... and leaves it completely useless.

Consider: It’s set to displace no less than 7.3 million barrels of crude oil... that’s per day.

And remember, hydrocarbons... oil and gas... they’re not just a weapon Putin uses to control those around him...

They’re also the lifeblood of the Russian economy.

Stripping them of their financial worth would be a huge victory for Britain...

I think that’s a big reason behind the £106 million the UK government is investing in this ‘oil destroyer’ tech.

Experts believe it may already have killed the future for the internal combustion engine…

And with it the whole oil market.

As journalist Gregor Macdonald, puts it: “The 2018 oil crash was nearly entirely about a revision to future oil growth.”

I’m talking about the electric vehicle. And while its growth is incredibly exciting for Britain, strategically... As a financial analyst, I find some of the numbers coming out of this market VERY interesting.

Last year alone its market doubled in size...

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

And early investors have ALREADY made gains as high as 1,529%... 500% and 409% over the past few years from fast moving companies in this space...

And I think the amount of money going into this sector could be about to see those numbers get even higher.

AUTOMOBILE COMPANIES including General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Daimler and Toyota are expected to invest as much as $255 billion…

VENTURE CAPITAL investments hit a record $1 billion in the first 3 months of 2018 alone

CHINA is investing a monster $47 billion

GERMANY has staked $1.2 billion

PLUS Britain’s £106 million investment…

That’s a collective $304 BILLION.

It’s in no small part thanks to that cash that experts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance predict the number of these vehicles to explode more that 54x higher…

Imagine if you could capture just 10% of that growth…

I’ve found a way for investors to tap into this rare opportunity…

An opportunity which doesn’t expose you to the ups and downs of a single, potentially volatile company…

But allows you to benefit from the unbelievable potential of the market as a whole… no matter WHICH companies win or lose.

Especially when you consider:

Ultimately, every petrol car on the planet will be replaced by these new vehicles.

It’s a death knell to the Russian petro-economy. But for Brits – and for Brits who stake their cash strategically – it could be one of the biggest opportunities since Henry Ford commercialised the car.

Everything you need to know, broken down into simple steps, is waiting for you in your third research report:

“The 5,400% “Oil Destroyer”

You’ll also get a complete rundown of all the risks involved.

For example, because I’m recommending you play this opportunity through an ETF, you’ll be able to track the market as a whole. That means performance depends on the underlying investments, and there’s a risk a counterparty could default.

Another risk is that the price of lithium rises the cost of electric vehicles will likely rise too. If that happens demand could be affected and growth could stall.

That’s a risk with any new and growing market, and I want you to be aware of it. Because if you play this smart – go in with your eyes wide open and only stake money you can afford to lose…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Then you set yourself up to potentially do extremely well if this play comes off as I expect, and this market soars and soars over the coming months and years. Everything you need is waiting for you in your special research report, “The 5,400% “Oil Destroyer”.

Yours FREE the moment you sign up to my brand-new advisory, “Power & Profits”.

The moment you take up your trial, I’ll send you all of our research to date, starting with…

THREE Urgent Reports:
(£87 value)

“The UK-listed “Cyber Defender” every British investor needs to own”Shows you how you could make a fortune supporting Britain’s defence against Russian hackers.

Invest in liquid freedom and help Britain turn the tables on Putin”… Opens up the extreme financial opportunity in Liquefied  Natural Gas, as Britain looks to diversify away for Russian dependence…

“The 5,400% “Oil Destroyer”Explains how to take advantage of the enormous power of the trend in electric vehicles… even as this revolutionary tech takes the bottom out the oil market… and out of Putin’s power.

If you’ve read this far, I know you are ambitious and you want the chance to make a serious amount of money.

And I think you will agree... all of this complimentary research stacks the odds heavily in your favour to help you make life changing money.

From electric vehicles… Natural gas… and cyber security… To every aspect of energy politics.

But when you answer today, I’ll also include something else very special I’ve been working on…

Special Report: “1 energy stock to dump at all costs”
(£19 value)

Every day more renewables come online.

Strengthening Britain’s energy independence and safeguarding against Russian aggression.

But as the dynamics of the energy industry shift, you need to know how to navigate through this rapidly changing market.

Because while some companies are set to soar multiples higher than where they stand today…

Others will no longer exist at all.

In this special report I pinpoint the ONE energy stock you do not want to touch with a barge pole.

It’s a major UK company… one you likely hold in your own portfolio…

Or it may be hiding in a dark corner in your pension.

If you do, please do one thing and one thing only.

Sell it.

Do so and I believe you could save a LOT of money.

And there’s another step you need to take if you want to be truly ready for what lies ahead…

Special Report: How to Protect Yourself from a Cyberattack
(£19 value)

I’ve put together this guide to help you keep yourself and your family secure from those who would harm your wealth and safety.

Inside you’ll find a clear and easy to follow explanation of all the basics of cybersecurity…

Plus simple, easy to follow instructions showing you exactly how you can improve your personal safety from hackers.

In this beginner’s guide I break down everything from social networks to physical security to device security…

PLUS you’ll learn a simple but effective way of improving your password strength WITHOUT writing something you’ll never remember.

When it comes to your personal cybersecurity, this BONUS report has you covered.

And that’s just the beginning of what I want to send you...

A geopolitical roadmap for the next 5 years: “The Future Power Report”
(£19 value)

In this special ‘primer’ report you’ll see exactly how the mega-energy trends could play out over the next five years…

  • Which major powers could thrive and which could be struck down by the transition to clean energy.
  • Why China’s “secret weapon” could be America’s “Achilles heel”.
  • Why India could soon be allied with Russia…
  • Why Saudi Arabia could find itself in deep trouble, fast…

PLUS you’ll learn what some of the biggest potential dangers this ‘new world’ holds for Britain… And why our first crisis point could be just around the corner.

If you want to know what the next few years hold… this is vital reading.

But I also want to offer you…

A free subscription to “Southbank Investment Daily”
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This is a daily email digest of the best insight, commentary and investing ideas from our team of experts. Contributors include a billion dollar hedge fund manager, published authors, million-pound businessmen, award-winning investors, world-class analysts and more.

Again, a free subscription to Southbank Investment Daily – for as long as you want to receive it – is yours as soon as you sign up to Power & Profits.

Every day, you’ll gain new insight on topics as diverse as value investing, crypto currencies, artificial intelligence, trading the markets, world economics…all designed to help you make more money from the markets.

If you’re the sort of person that values insight, knowledge and wisdom, and isn’t afraid to have your ideas and views challenged…I think you’ll love Southbank Investment Daily.


power and profits logo

365 FULL DAYS of Access:
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Consider me your eyes and ears in the world of energy and politics…

From electric vehicles… Natural gas… and cyber security… I leverage my extensive contacts to get you the inside take on every aspect of energy politics.

I use my decade of experience inside this industry as I travel across the globe pursuing research leads… Working to give readers a deeper understanding of the world…

And to share opportunities for you to invest directly in the key global energy trends.

Here’s what members get:

  • Monthly Power & Profits Issues: 12-16 pages of the most cutting-edge, actionable financial research published anywhere. I guarantee that every time you open one you’ll learn something you did not know and have not seen anywhere else. You’ll also get your fair share of ideas I think could to MAKE money. Plus I’ll be keeping you up to date on any developments in the portfolio. Telling you what to buy, sell or hold.
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Yes, I’m making work I’ve spent months on available to you, completely free of charge…

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I appreciate that.

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If that’s the case, fantastic!

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I’ll even let you keep all my research reports, completely free.

If you want to get in on the big opportunities as the world shifts from fossil fuels to renewables…

Power & Profits is here to help you make the most from your investments.

For clarity, here’s everything you get again:

The UK-listed “Cyber Defender” every British investor needs to own… Value: £29

Invest in liquid freedom and help Britain turn the tables on PutinValue: £29

The 5,400% “oil destroyer”… Value: £29

Your 365-day trial to Power & Profits… Value: £199

One energy stock to dump at all costs… Value: £19

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But YOU’RE not going to pay £395.

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power and profits package

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I’ve laid everything out for you today.

You’ve seen how members of Britain’s army, navy, Ministry of Defence and GCHQ are all preparing urgently to defend the UK from brutal assault…

And to strike back against Russia.

Make no mistake: this threat is real.

You and I are alive to witness a rare turning point in history. The last two times something like this happened, entire empires were born and destroyed.

In the ensuing conflict, powerful fortunes were created.

By starting Power & Profits, and by giving you all of the resources you’ve seen today, I’m doing everything I can to help make sure you have the chance to support Britain… To protect yourself and your family… And to come out the other end significantly richer.  

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James Allen,
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