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Fortune-making cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are only the beginning…

We’re actually on the cusp of the most insane tech advancement in 58 years. And it’s already made stealthy early adopters up to £1.4m for every £10,000 invested.

Not since 1959 have you seen a ‘collision of techs’ this big. Like the Big Bang, these rare collision events create a new universe. And in the ensuing flux, unbelievable wealth…

Initial ‘Blockchain Collision’ gains have seen the market nearly DOUBLE in under 12 months… And it could grow as much as 17 times bigger by 2022!

And you’ve never seen smart money mobilise this fast…

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Settle in and pay close attention, reader.

Because I’m about to show how YOU can dive deep into the Blockchain Collision, too.

But if you want to siphon the ‘Tsunami of cash’ (in the words of Scientific American writer Morgan E. Peck) there’s no time to mull it over.

You need to make the simple moves I suggest below NOW.

This story is moving FAST as you read this. Very soon there will be no putting this genie back into the bottle…


Dear Reader,

The last Great Tech Collision occurred in 1959.

24 March 1959, to be exact.

A Tuesday.

It was the day of the Institute of Radio Engineers' annual trade show in the New York Coliseum.

Texas Instruments, one of America’s biggest electronics firms, introduced a remarkable new device.

It had just been patented before the big public launch.

US patent #3,138,743.

A seven-digit number that would alter everything.

US patent #3,138,743 would rock the world on its axis as profoundly as any invention since the printing press.

Patent #3,138,743 was the solid integrated circuit.

Or, as it was later called, the microchip.

Almost overnight it was a technology that, in its inventor’s words, ‘reduced the cost of electronic functions by a million-to-one.’

Without this moment, you and I would exist in a whole other dimension.

You wouldn’t be reading this on a computer or mobile device right now.

Your alarm clock, your washing machine, your TV, your car (provided it’s less than 20 years’ old)…

…None of it would exist without US patent #3,138,743.

Without it, the most mundane conveniences of modern life would still be the stuff of an Isaac Asimov novel.

At the time though, no one cared about US patent #3,138,743.

The big 1959 story in the New York Times about that year’s trade show was about a driverless car created by Westinghouse!

The next most popular game-changer of 1959?

‘Missile mail’; which entailed shooting letters from the ocean to the US coast via cruise missile.

Meanwhile, the REAL future got two miserly paragraphs at the end of another story.

Remember: This was a time when Silicon Valley was still called the Santa Clara Valley. A sleepy place with a few orchards and nothing much else…


A Great Collision is when two huge trends intersect.

A point in time where they become inextricably linked.

These rare moments create exponential growth in both trends.

As well as entirely new possibilities no one had even imagined.

In the 1950s, computers were already a big deal. The technology had actually been in development for five decades.

IBM was the leader.

In 1937, IBM's tabulating equipment helped organisations to process unprecedented amounts of data.

Its clients included the US Government, in its first effort to keep employment records for 26 million people.

Computers were making big strides in taking great amounts of data and making calculations. Far faster and more accurate than any human could.

But the trajectory to where we are now?

A world COMPLETELY RULED by mass electronics?

Well, that was very far from a done deal.

Here’s what the President of IBM, Thomas Watson, had to say in 1943:

‘I think there is a world market
for maybe five computers.’

After all, when IBM's Thomas Watson said ‘computer’, he meant ‘vacuum-tube-powered adding machine that's as big as a house.’

It's fair to say that few people ever wanted one of those, regardless of the size of their desk.

But we had the computing megatrend.

We knew it was useful.

But didn’t imagine how useful.

Elsewhere, a newer trend was developing.

The trend in transistors.

In 1947 at Bell Laboratories, the first transistor was demonstrated.

The First Transistor Demonstrated

Unlike vacuum tubes, the transistor was smaller and didn’t need time to warm up.

And they consumed much less power.

However, it didn’t take long before the limits were reached.

Circuits based on individual transistors became too large and too difficult to assemble.

There were simply too many components to deal with.

To make the circuits even faster, you needed to pack the transistors closer and closer together.

If only that could be done…


The Great Collision of 1959 came with the invention of the microchip.

A single chip consisting of the equivalent of many transistors.

Every two years the power and speed of these chips doubled. A feature noted in 1965 by Gordon Moore — Moore’s Law.

The first microchip

Moore estimated this effect would taper out by 1975 as you couldn’t fit any more information on the chips.

In fact, it kept on going at this rate till around 2012.

An example of truly exponential growth (we’ll come back to that crucial term later…).

The great collision of microchips and computers created the consumer electronics boom.

A boom that’s now the foundation of your everyday life.

At the time this boom gave birth to some absolute, long-lasting behemoths.

And, if you were an early mover on them, you could have made dynasty-creating, almost hallucinatory wealth.

The first Great Tech Collision produced gains that almost sound made up…

IBM 9,456,410%
Intel 119,590%
Microsoft 83,440%
General Electric 922,170%
Apple 20,250%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. For full five year performance, see footer.

Nine-and-a-half MILLION percent gains?

I can’t possibly be promising a repeat of that with a straight face, surely?

Well, just hear me out a little longer.

Because you know what?


Yes, I AM promising at least the potential for those astronomical heights with the four unknown investments we’re going to get to a little later.

And that kind of potential doesn’t come knocking often.

But we are heading for a second ‘Great Collision’.

As a Fortune article put it, the Blockchain Collision, which is only just occurring right now, ‘holds the potential for unleashing countless new applications and as yet unrealized capabilities that have the potential to transform many things.’

As another forecaster, Don Tapscott, put it to

‘The implications are staggering, not just for the financial-services industry but also right across virtually every aspect of society.’

In just a second, I’m going to show you why we’re on the cusp of a Second Great Tech Collision…

I’m going to show you why it’s going to send the valuation levels of a clutch of unknown stocks soaring…

In fact, if these plays REALLY take off could match…or even OUTPACE…the very best technology stocks born in the 1960s and 1970s…

I’m talking multiples of 50, 100 or even 200 times earnings here.

That’s the extreme scale of this opportunity. I mean it. The potential gains on the table here only eventuate in the stock market maybe twice in a century.

And even then, they only go to the small few who are able to see further ahead than everyone else. Those willing to take a chance and move NOW.

I hope that’s you. I hope you’re willing to take on the high risk for the chance to make a generation-defining profit.

I’m not only going to demonstrate why this is the case…

…I’m going to showcase four opportunities, currently dwelling in obscurity, which I believe are the most likely on the planet right now to experience these kinds of gains.

I’ll open these up to you as we go along… starting with one of the most exciting cryptocurrency projects in the world…something that could revolutionise a trillion dollar industry and make early investors a fortune.

PLUS three unknown stocks that could see enormous growth from here on out.

I call these Blockchain Collision Plays

You almost certainly won’t have heard of them.

But trust me: You should make room for them in your portfolio RIGHT NOW, while they are still anonymous.

Because they won’t be for much longer…

Let me explain by getting to the core of the matter…


And why is it kicking off right now, as you read this?

OK. I’ll make a point of not getting too technical here. But I’m making a massive claim — that we’re literally days away from a great leap forward that could gift you COLOSSAL gains in the months and years ahead.

That claim requires a concrete-solid explanation. And considerable proof. So here we go…

You’ve probably heard the term ‘big data’.

The era of big data has been going on for a while now.

It’s basically the ability to both collect and process data from a wide variety of sources.

And it’s exploded with the use of tablets, smart phones, smart cars and smart everything else’s.

At the same time, the ability to store and process this data has improved with cloud based-infrastructure.

The market for cloud computing has grown from $7 billion to $160 billion in the last decade.

But here’s the problem…

Big data remains in the control of big business.

Amazon, Xerox, Google, Facebook and more are greedily gobbling it up.

Aggregating it.

Slicing and dicing it.

Interpreting it.

Advertising with it.

Trading it.


If this remains the status quo, it’s only going to get worse.

As Fortune magazine puts it:

‘As billions more sensors and other devices come online in the emergent Internet of Things to monitor not only people’s personal location and health information but also the status of the buses and trains they ride, the cars they drive, and the household appliances they use, the stakes get a lot higher…’

If every single second of your day is turned to data…

…is it fair, safe and democratic for that data to get suctioned up by big business?

Without you even having a say?

Most would answer with a resounding ‘NO!’

The problem is, that’s what’s happening.

But this problem is about to be solved.

The solving of this problem is about to fundamentally change the world like the microchip did…in ways you almost certainly can’t imagine.

It’s ALREADY sending a certain type of stock rocketing.

These are the problem solvers.

I call them Blockchain Collision Stocks, for reasons that will become much clearer shortly.

They are the innovators primed to catapult us into an entirely new era.

And the smart money is flooding into these companies right now…

According to research by CB Insights, in 2017, Blockchain start-ups raised $1 billion in venture funding…

And more than $5 billion through initial coin offerings.

In early April, the Rockerfeller family’s $3 billion Venture Capital firm, Venrock, signed a huge partnership with CoinFund, in order to add up-and-coming blockchain start-ups to its portfolio.

Google’s Alphabet fund has also invested in multiple blockchain ventures…

As has Goldman Sachs…



Wells Fargo, Capital One, U.S. Bancorp…

The list goes on.

And just look what the experts at Markets & Markets are predicting the global blockchain market is going to do next:

Global Blockchain Market Size

That’s more than 17 times bigger!

In just five years!

What you’re witnessing, right now, is the launch-point of a new tech boom that should last well into next decade.

We are at the very initial stages. And the market can be volatile – even if the powerful upward surges are undeniable.

The time to act is right now, while even the biggest players in the tech realm are still trying to get their heads around it.

Electronics giant Nokia only just made its move on the Blockchain Collision a week ago (at the time of writing) in April 2018.

It’s testing a new blockchain service for enterprise applications and healthcare services.

IBM is moving too.

It’s received more patents than any other company in the last 24 years.

It was the world leader in cloud computing. Then artificial intelligence.

Now, what does IBM have up its sleeve to stay on top for a 25th year?

You guessed it.

It’s moving hard into what I call the Blockchain Collision.

‘Greatness isn’t having a technology,’ said IBM CEO Ginni Rometty explaining the move. ‘But the knowhow to do something with it.’

The tiny stocks that are making unbelievable gains are the small companies who possess this know how.

Shortly, I’m going to introduce you to what I’m convinced will be the four biggest Blockchain Collision movers in 2018.

First, you need to be clear on what this ‘collision event’ actually is.


Just like 1959, this new boom is being triggered by the collision of two technical innovations.

The first is big data.

The second…

…as I’m sure you will have already guessed…

…is something called blockchain.

Blockchain began as a fledgling technology nine years ago.

It was started by an anonymous ‘cypherpunk’, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.

He created a system where information (data) could be sent peer to peer.

No middle man required.

Sounds mundane. Kind of like the microchip did in 1959.

But it was…and is…a revolution.

Because of blockchain, the era of cryptocurrencies was born.

And with it, the ability to decentralise data.

Like transistors improved vacuum tubes before, blockchain has triggered a giant leap forward in how data is used.

But its true game-changing potential is only now…at the start of 2018…starting to properly take shape…

See, here’s what 99% of people have wrong about blockchain.

They think the big innovation is new digital currencies.

They’re so, so wrong…


I want to make something clear… in my book, buying the right crypto-coin at the right time is a very smart move.

The rise of cryptocurrencies is the biggest financial revolution the world has ever seen.

It’s wonderful to have a currency that is free from government meddling.

And cryptos are handing investors enormous gains on a regular basis. Had you invested in bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, dash or PivX a year ago, you certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

But the truth is, cryptocurrencies are just one part of a 100-piece puzzle.


An even BIGGER opportunity is what’s about to happen with the technology that birthed cryptocurrencies in the first place: Blockchain.

It will be the people who figure out what happens next with blockchain…

…and who have the smarts to invest accordingly…

…who will become the next generation of tech mega-millionaires.

I’d like to give you a shot at being one of them.

Which is why I’ve put together this briefing for you now.

Bitcoin and all the other crypto gains firing out of the market are fantastic.

But digital currency after all, is just one form of data.

The true epiphany is this:


Every bit of data produced, researched and created has value in this new world.

But to make the most of this, there was one last crucial aspect to be solved.


And this is at the heart of what I call the Blockchain Collision.

As I’m about to show you, we are about to have our next ‘Microchip Moment’.

Very soon, the collision of big data and blockchain will be complete.

And like the 1959 moment, the share price gains in the next few years could be stupendous.

I think they will surpass the 1960s gains, both in length and in size.

Give me a few more minutes to explain. And then we’ll get to specific blockchain collision stocks.

You may have heard of Ethereum.

It’s been hyped by the mainstream as ‘the next bitcoin’.

But as I say, this massively misses the point.

Ethereum is really an infrastructure – like the internet – that actually specialises in smart contracts.

Smart contracts are just ways of transferring data along the blockchain from person to person, automatically.

Just as the microchip automated computation…smart contracts automate the flow of data.

To give an almost mundane example…

Imagine buying a car from someone.

You have to organise the transfer of money. Then you send a form to the vehicle registration office and you have to register the car in your name with a signed slip.

It’s time consuming. And the money transfer process leaves you open to risk.

A single smart contract would allow the buyer and seller to transfer money and registration details in one transaction and INSTANTLY. And, crucially, it would only make the transfer once both parties had completed their part of the deal.

Blockchain makes this possible.

Let’s make the example a bit less mundane…

Imagine a future where the car only starts for the right driver once this transfer has taken place. All according to the stated rules using a biometric key stored on the blockchain.

The blockchain is the piping of data, which will power our lives through a series of smart contracts.

How is this world-changing, though? As Tapscott Group CEO Don Tapscott perfectly puts it (my emphasis added):

‘The blockchain, the underlying technology, is the biggest innovation in computer science — the idea of a distributed database where trust is established through mass collaboration and clever code rather than through a powerful institution that does the authentication and the settlement.

Once again, the technology genie has been unleashed from its bottle. It gives us another kick at the can, another go, to try and rethink the economic power grid and the old order of things. That, to me, is how big this is. It feels like 1993.’

When I say we are at a PRECISE moment — and I mean right now, THIS MONTH — every bit as big as the birth of the microchip and the birth of the Internet… I’m not exaggerating!

But what is that moment?

What is the imminent tipping point?

What is this next technological ‘big bang’?

And why is it about to explode RIGHT NOW?



Sounds like a character from the new Star Trek Discovery series!

But stay with me here.

Because we’re getting to the very heart of this story now…

The technology boom of the 1960s onwards was conceived in 1947.

When the first transistor was demonstrated.

But it wasn’t born until 12 years later, in 1959, when the first microchip was unveiled by Texas Instruments at the Radio Engineers' annual trade show.

Exactly the same deal with this next Great Collision moment.

The next technology genie about to be unleashed was conceived eight years ago, in 2009, with the invention of the blockchain.

But we’re only at the next Great Collision moment right now; where the power of big data finally intersects with the efficiency of the blockchain.

So what’s the trigger?

It is, simply put, a vital upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain.

This feature will be called zk-SNARKS.

Coindesk call it a ‘bleeding-edge cryptographic technique’.

Another leading developer, until very recently, called it ‘a myth’.

It’s a mysterious mathematical feature that’s been researched for decades.

But zk-SNARKs is finally going to become a reality in blockchain technology.

Don’t be put off by the name.

Conceptually, zk-SNARKs are easy to understand.

And it all comes back to that word I mention before…


See, blockchains are great.

But they leave trails of data.

Trails that are public.

This can put off people from using them.

Big companies don’t want to let competitors know what they are doing.

Individuals don’t want their privacy compromised.

zk-SNARKs solve this… while still allowing the unbelievable advantages of blockchains to remain.

What zk-SNARKs finally enable are ZERO-KNOWLEDGE blockchains.


You can prove a fact is true if you need to — but without revealing the data that proves it.

This is a truly massive leap forward.

It finally brings the entire world of commerce to the blockchain table.

And it’s the true reason why a small group of unknown blockchain stocks in Australia and around the world, are leaping forward right now.

Because the privacy issue was the final thing holding the collision of blockchain and big data back.

zk-SNARKs open up a whole new level of data sharing.

For research purposes.

For businesses.

For whole economies based on data flow…


The rise in cryptocurrency prices is an important part of the blockchain revolution. But only a small part.

Far more significant are the effect this will have in the biotech, machine learning and artificial intelligence industries.

And then the Blockchain Collision will ripple out even further…into security, transport, retail, agriculture, green industries and more.

Here’s my view, and here’s why I have taken the effort to create this special briefing for you today:

Find the stocks and cryptocurrencies that are bridging the gap between blockchain and these industries and you’ve found yourself a quickly building fortune.

I have my best four candidates on the planet for you in just a moment.

The zk-SNARKs upgrade is finally going to collide the possibilities of big data with the possibilities of blockchain.

It is an exponential moment.

When will it happen?

Any day now.

It depends on when Ethereum founder, Vitalik Butterin, makes the big announcement.

In September, they demonstrated the first practical use case of zk-SNARKs. Since then, the Ethereum Foundation, has continued to build applications and solutions around the cryptographic system to improve it.

You can expect the upgrade to be announced any day now. And when that happens…just watch! It will be a game-changer every bit as big as the microchip announcement 58 years ago.

The great thing about this is we are at the VERY, VERY early stages of this boom.

That’s as opposed to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re very much part of this story.

But the bigger, world-shaking evolution is in the underlying blockchain tech.

This is the very beginning of the Blockchain Collision.

It’s still very much fringe; even the world’s smartest minds are still figuring out the ramifications of where it will lead us in two years’ time.

Now is the time to strike.


Are you ready to find out HOW you should strike?

FOUR Currently Unknown Blockchain
Collision Plays with Long-Range
Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

It’s a story that continues to take the tech world’s breath away…

NVIDIA was once a humble maker of graphic cards for video games.

But something happened to this company…

In 2013 you could buy shares in NVIDIA for under twelve dollars.

In April 2018 they hit $216.86.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

This is one I tipped for a small circle of investors way back in December 2013… At the time of writing it's gained over 1,254%.

And there’s no sign of a let-up.

On 28 March 2018, Creative Planning, a leading US wealth management firm, increased its Nvidia Corp (NVDA) stake by 1,321%

Over the longer term, NVIDIA has literally been a millionaire-maker.

Check this out:

Five year performance: 2013: 31% / 2014: 35% / 2015: 76% / 2016: 288% / 2017: 66% / 2018 (YT 31/03): 15%

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

The company has handed investors a scorching 14,805% cumulative return since it went public in January 1999.

You could have turned a small £10,000 grubstake into over £1.4m.

If you’d stretched a bit further and invested £20,000, you’d now be sitting on shares worth more than £2.9m!

You can easily view NVIDIA as a frontrunner of the big data explosion.

A blockchain collision pioneer that was several years ahead of its time.

What do I mean by that?

NVIDIA was an early innovator of graphics processing units (GPUs).

These are powerful little computer chips that are used to process 3-D images, big data sets and more. At one point, NVIDIA controlled nearly a quarter of the market share.

So why has the stock been on such a tear lately?

Because it was one of the very first movers to benefit from the rise of blockchain tech.

And that 14,805% gain could just be the beginning…

RBC analyst Mitch Steves told Business Insider that as more applications emerge for blockchain technology, demand for NVIDIA’s chips will only increase.

You’ve seen that in 2016 and 2017 with bitcoin mining.

That’s where people use high-end, graphic-intensive computers to ‘mine’ cryptocurrencies.

That’s caused a massive run on NVIDIA’s chips.

But it’s what happens next that’s far more intriguing. And potentially INFINITELY more profitable…

As I keep saying, cryptos are only one part of the coming Blockchain Collision. As a 31 August Investopedia profile on NVIDIA reported:

‘Just like mining for digital currency requires powerful systems, so will those other blockchain initiatives.'

'Take the impact the technology may have on online advertising…(and) the idea of so-called attention tokens that will let advertising companies purchase the attention of online users instead of running an ad on a website and hoping it gets noticed.'

‘That system too would need more graphic processing power. That’s where NVIDIA comes in.’

Look, the point is this…

There is no industry on the planet immune to the coming disruption caused by the Blockchain Collision.

That’s what makes this opportunity before you now so immense.

That’s what makes it transcend almost every other investment trend that’s occurred in your lifetime.

Even the humble washing machine is set to be changed forever! Samsung Electronics have teamed up with IBM to create a new class of ‘blockchain washing machines’ that can order its own laundry detergent!

Point is this though…

I’m not looking to invest in NVIDIA.

It was a trailblazer. And there is very likely plenty of upside left. But it’s unlikely you’ll see another 14,805% return on that investment.

I’m looking for the NEXT NVIDIAs.

The ones just setting out on their journeys.

The new generation of tiny Blockchain Collision stocks who will take the baton and run even faster and harder in the next two years.

I’ve found four future NVIDIAs. Three are completely under-the radar stocks. The other is a practically unheard of little cryptocurrency. All four are pure blockchain plays I am urging investors to get in on, pronto.

These could be the most valuable stocks you ever add to your portfolio.

We are at a turning point in history. A turning point that will only be clear in hind sight. But as you know, you can’t invest in hind sight.

It’s almost ten years since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto — inventor of bitcoin — penned the whitepaper that spawned the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution we are now in.

But the final collision moment is right now.

And each of these tiny companies are RIGHT at the intersect point…between big data and blockchain.

Just be aware that each of these companies is volatile. Their prices can move up and down by big percentage amounts each day. The tech sector can be volatile and small companies like the ones I’m going to share with you can be illiquid. That’s an inherent risk when you’re locking on to breakthrough companies.

That means the stock may rise above my maximum buy-up-to price on any given day. So you may need to be patient, and not rush in and pay any old price.

With that said, let’s look at my first find.

It’s at the very vanguard of where blockchain meets the real world. One of the biggest industries on the planet, in fact.

NVIDIA is already at this intersect.

Now let me show you what could be the next NVIDIA.

Crucially… it hasn’t yet gone up over 6,000%

In fact, virtually no one has heard of it.

You can buy in now for practically nothing.

But, thanks to the Blockchain Collision, that’s all about to change…


This blockchain energy firm could make early investors ‘oil baron rich’

“A revolution in energy generation is happening.”

Say goodbye to the national grid…

The OLD energy system is dying… and a NEW one is rising in its place.

The blockchain grid

And I have picked a roaring little cryptocurrency to help you take full advantage. You can get in today for just $0.30! And I advise you to do so as soon as you can.

Because this is perhaps the single most important idea any investor needs to understand about the energy industry today. Perhaps any industry.

Lasting fortunes have been made from the oil and gas industry over the last 100 years.

But I believe those days are over. And I’m saying this:

The next energy millionaires will be early investors in the blockchain energy revolution.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Position yourself with the winning side and there’s a fortune to be made. I have no doubt that some people will become life-long rich from this powerful trend.

I’m not talking about something happening far off in the future. This is energy ‘switch over’ is happening NOW.

In November 2017, Norway’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund – generated by profits from the oil industry – announced it is considering SELLING $35 billionworth of oil investments.

In 2018 another oil giant, Saudi Arabia, plans to start selling off its “family jewels” – the state owned oil firm Saudi Aramco. This will likely be the biggest IPO in history: the Saudi’s are cashing out of oil while they still can.

Under huge pressure from new technology, OPEC has crumbled. Venezuela has already collapsed. As Forbes put it “OPEC's kingpins are stuck walking on quick sand… it is curtains for the conventional oil exporters of the Middle East.”

Make no mistake, this is….

The Dawn of Micro-grid Energy

Last summer, something incredible happened in Brooklyn, USA.

Over 50 homes stopped using the centralised grid… and created their own microgrid.

This enabled each home to generate solar energy… and trade it back and forth with its neighbours using the blockchain (the same tech that makes bitcoin so powerful).

Anyone going out for the day – and therefore not using any energy – could sell their energy on to anyone else on the grid quickly and safely.

And no one had to pay a centralised power station to supply them with dirty, “old” energy.

It was the beginning of a MASSIVE decentralised energy revolution.

A similar project is under way right here in the UK, in Salford.

Again, hundreds of homes have gone “off grid”… and created their own microgrid.

It’s happening all over the world.


Because the advantages of a decentralised microgrid are huge.

Take Necker Island, Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean…

For decades it has generated most of its energy from diesel generators. But now, it’s built its own dedicated microgrid. It’s planning to disconnect from the “mains” and use solar, wind and other renewables to power itself.

That’s an important point.

This is much bigger than any one particular energy source – solar, wind, geothermal or battery tech…

This is how they ALL come on-stream as part of a decentralised system with thousands of smaller energy sources.

It’s an idea that’s catching on like wildfire – including right here in the UK:

If that doesn’t drive home just how much momentum is behind this trend, consider this…

Experts believe that 2018 will be the FIRST YEAR IN HISTORY that more decentralised energy will be installed than “traditional” energy.


It means we’re at the tipping point.

Where the NEW suddenly surpasses and disrupts the old.

Old, aging infrastructure like the national grid could become obsolete. Major energy suppliers will be forced to compete… or go bust.

Oil rich regions like the Gulf will see their power undermined by something better, cheaper and more stable than oil.

Frankly, I believe it’s the biggest untold story in the energy world right now.

Nothing… not solar energy… not battery tech… not wind… nuclear… geothermal… or fusion even comes close.

And backed by some of the world’s richest and most powerful investors, this energy tech is rapidly moving towards its BREAKOUT moment.

Powerful investors like that don’t put big money up for no reason.

They’re all backing this technology because it could turn the entire energy world on its head.

Bottom line: The time to move on this is NOW.

Doing that couldn’t be easier.

This blockchain energy pioneer could bag you a 10,000% return on your stake over the long term

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I have uncovered an exciting cryptocurrency project that’s operating in the world of decentralised energy trading.

That means they’re developing a platform using blockchain technology to enable people and companies to trade excess energy to each other.

The easiest way to understand how this works is with an example.

Lets say you’ve got a house with a range of solar panels on it. You also have storage batteries where you store your excess energy so that when it’s cloudy, or night time, you are able to access your generated energy.

But what if you’re creating more energy than you need? More energy than you can store? What this cryptocurrency plans to build is for you to trade that energy through their platform to someone else that requires energy.

And vice versa. It’s a decentralised network that enables peer-to-peer energy trading using renewable energy. It’s a perfectly placed crypto that could erupt in value as the micro-grid revolution gains momentum. And gain momentum it will. Mark my words.

Now the beauty of this is that the team behind this revolutionary energy project have developed a cryptocurrency. And they operate the organisation like a well-run public company. Clearly there’s a difference though. This isn’t a listed firm, they’re a crypto project and as such they have a crypto token.

But this isn’t any old token. It’s a token with genuine utility. It’s crucial to the operation of the platform – and it serves a dual purpose. That means it could be invested in for future value potential, but also as a pure utility token. That means buying this token today could be locking in your own personal energy fortune.

The opportunity here is in the potential for the network to rapidly and widely expand. That could see a huge uptick in the value of the crypto.

I find the value proposition for this crypto to be exponentially more than it is today. That’s because its platform isn’t regionally specific. While the project HQ is based in one energy hungry country, they’re building a global decentralised energy trading system.

That means the UK, India, Australia, US, Europe, Asia…anywhere in the world could use this and apply it to their energy plans for the future.

In fact I could see it becoming the world’s biggest network of peer-to-peer energy trading. I envisage a long-term future where micro grids all over the world use this platform to trade energy.

All the ingredients are there…

They are making all the right connections, meeting all the right people to get itself known and working with real energy micro grids around the world.

This is a crypto project being run like a multi-billion dollar public company. Except with greater excitement and opportunity.

This could easily be one of the most important crypto projects we’ve ever seen to date. That’s the potential of what they’re building.

And if you take a long-term view of this project I think you could be easily looking at a 10x gain...

…and 100x over the next decade or even more!

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

That’s the kind of revolutionary gain that would turn £10,000 into £1m.

Of course, there are risks to consider. Like any business venture, the projects and developments may not take off as expected.

Recommending this crypto, I had to consider very carefully if it was capable of meeting its targets and fulfilling its long term ambitions.

Remember, tests can fail. Projects may prove to be not as commercially viable as they might initially seem. The growth of the network might not be as widespread or as distributed as we anticipate.

The demand for its token may not be as high as we expect. If they can’t continue to test, trial and create partnerships with energy providers and users around the world, then we may see a fall in the value of the token.

The crucial part for its long-term success is their network effect. They must connect their platform to micro grids and energy systems where they can access and tap into a huge number of users.

If they can’t, if there’s no network effect, the value of its token diminishes. That’s a risk any cryptocurrency faces. Cryptos are a volatile market.

Another risk is that this crypto has already seen a huge surge in value – and taken a tumble in the January dip. Some might see the raging success and believe there’s no more to be had, or that they’ve already peaked.

For the reasons I have listed above, I just do not think that is the case. And if I have learned one thing over the last few years about the crypto market – believing there is some kind of ‘ceiling’ to the potential gains is a fallacy.

If they get it right, the sky is the limit. Forget that, we’re looking at a galactic rise in value.

That’s why I believe the risks here are worth it. But you need to be comfortable with them before you risk any capital on it.

I think they are doing everything they can – and in the right way – to achieve their goals. And the underlying value of their token could see monumental growth if their project reaches maximum potential.

In my view a realistic return of £1,000 for every £100 you put in could be on the cards.

And over the longer term, £10,000 for every £100 you stake is not impossible here.

That’s the mammoth potential.

This crypto is in PRIME position to explode on the back of the blockchain energy rush.

If you’re keen to get all the details and my full research – including the name of this blockchain collision crypto, it’s all in my report ‘4 Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%’.

I’ll show you how to get your hands on that in just a moment. First I want to quickly tell you about another blockchain collision opportunity I have uncovered.

I won’t go into as much detail on this one, because I think you’ll get it right away. The potential upside is enormous.

So I’ll save the real, deep analysis for your urgent report:


The blockchain “frontier fund” that could make you an eye-watering fortune

If you’re looking for a pure play on the blockchain revolution… it doesn’t get better than this!

I’ve uncovered a canny listed stock that invests in the blockchain big-hitters of tomorrow.

These are the companies that one day could be the next Adobe, Cisco or Snapchat.

This is the only company on the tech market that’s sole purpose is to fund revolutionary blockchain ventures. IF you want to get exposure to private, emerging and early-stage non-listed blockchain companies, then this is the perfect vehicle to do so.

That’s why I call it a ‘frontier fund’. This visionary company is operating on the wild frontier of the blockchain collision…

…and if just one of its rising-star investments takes off, you could see your stake in this ‘frontier fund’ explode in value.

I understand that a lot of people aren’t confident in investing directly into cryptocurrencies. We know that it might be too hard, too risky or simply too complex for some people to take on board.

That’s what makes this blockchain ‘frontier fund’ so compelling.

4 Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%

While blockchain is taking the world by storm, there really isn’t many pure-play blockchain based companies on any market anywhere in the world. This is one of the few. And it is already investing and starting to build a portfolio of blockchain companies.

They hold three major investments in very exciting blockchain ventures. And they’ve just acquired – barely over a week ago at the time of writing - a brand new, revolutionary futures brokerage.

Full details are in your report – ‘4 Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%.’

Without giving too much away here in the public sphere, I can tell you that one of the companies on its books is a new cryptocurrency exchange.

If you know anything about cryptos, you may have heard of or used Coinbase. Coinbase was recently valued at over $1bn.

Due to some very clever features, this project could attract a lot of big hitting crypto traders and investors. And with the crypto market on an exponential growth trajectory… I like the chances of this exchange becoming very valuable indeed.

As I said, this ‘frontier fund’ is one of the few companies that gives stock investors a pure-play opportunity to invest in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain… without having to directly buy cryptocurrencies outright.

And that gives it a market leading advantage and huge upside potential should their investments pay off.

But like any investment in this revolutionary new market – let’s consider the risks…

There will be volatility with this stock, simply due to the volatility of the crypto markets in general. It’s something you should come to expect. And as long as you are realistic about that, you won’t lose any sleep. Especially if you follow the golden rule of only staking money you can afford to lose.

This is highly speculative stuff – necessarily so because this is a new and erupting market. There’s not much historical precedent to rely on. I’m using my decade of experience analysing breakthrough tech stocks to make a judgement call.

Bluntly: this is very high risk, with a potentially very high payoff if this stock comes good.

This is a long-term play. Think about it… if this ‘frontier fund’ gives you exposure to the next Ethereum or Litecoin, you could see gains running into the thousands of percent. That’s why I believe the risks are worth taking. This is a punt on the future of the blockchain revolution.

Ultimately, I’m not putting a ceiling to the potential gains. I’m not going to give you a long-term target. But I believe this:

If one or more of the investments this company hits the jackpot, its stock could make IBM-level gains.

And the time to buy is NOW.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Before the VCs start circling…

Before the institutional investors looking for a pure blockchain play on the stock market.

I’ll show you how to download all the details in a second.

First, it’s about time I introduced myself…


Sam V Tech Investing Expert

My name is Sam Volkering.

I’ve been locking on to breakthrough tech stocks for a decade.

I started out as an IFA. But to be frank, I was not happy being in that industry. There are so many rules and regulations that prevented me from showing investors the stocks with the greatest potential to make them money.

Now, here at Southbank Investment Research I can share the real investment sweet spots capable of turning a small stake into a small fortune.

I’ve recommended opportunities that have seen gains of over 400% and 500% – as my readers will attest:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. For full five year performance see footer.

“So far, I am up in excess of $100,000” – John wrote in to tell me.

“As of today I'm up $117, 000 profit, the stock is up 1,076 %” – says Jim.

“A profit of $432, 000. Very, very pleased with my investment” – Vince emailed in to say.

Look, I know an opportunity when I see one.

I’ve been a guest on live US TV for my expertise on the tech sector.

And I’ve spoken at conferences here in the UK and in my home country of Australia, sharing the biggest tech opportunities in the world with private investors.

Here I am at the first Southbank Investment Research annual conference in 2017, explaining to the 300 in attendance why the blockchain revolution is already changing the world as we know it.

And the single biggest opportunity in the world right now is the Blockchain Collision.

As a forward-looking investor, it’s super-rare to hit an investment trend sweet spot like this.

Most investors (and most of my institutional colleagues), chase fads that have already played out.

Because they’re the ones that tend to have reached media saturation point.

But then on the other hand…

You don’t want to be so far ahead of the game that you have to wait months or even years for technology, the media and the investment world to catch up.

This is a big problem with many tech investment newsletters.

The stories they showcase are fun and Star Trek-ky and capture the imagination.

But it’s no use if you have to wait years and years for even a tiny chance that your 3 cent solar-powered bionic eye stock will capture investment attention.

The Blockchain Collision is that PERFECT sweet spot.

It’s way off…perhaps even five years away…from reaching ‘Peak Attention’. The point where bitcoin and cryptos are now.

And yet…

The smart money early-movers are mobilizing right now… in real time.

That’s why, instead of advising rich clients how to get even richer.

4 Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%

I’ve teamed up with Nick O’Connor and Southbank Investment Research to focus solely on stocks with the potential for massive, REVOLUTIONARY growth.

You’ll discover my first four recommendations by downloading my exclusive report:

It’s called: ‘4 Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%.’

It’s yours to download, right now.

All I ask in return is one small thing…

Try, at no obligation to stay on as a subscriber, my financial advisory dedicated to uncovering breakthrough tech stocks capable of rising ten times in value or more.

It’s called:

Sam Volkering’s

Revolutionary Tech Investor

Your gate-way to the most profitable investing opportunities in the world

I’m willing to send you this valuable report right away if you’d like to try out my monthly newsletter Revolutionary Tech Investor for 30 days – under no obligation.

This is a way I can talk to you “behind closed doors” and exchange my valuable report privately.

There’s no pressure to continue beyond your trial. You are free to take a look around, download your urgent blockchain stocks report and see the other opportunities in my exclusive Revolutionary Tech Investor portfolio.

In Revolutionary Tech Investor I search for the best, leading-edge technology opportunities worldwide.

I scan the pages of every technology magazine and website. I read every academic white paper I can get my hands on. I follow every company announcement in the sector. I travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles to talk to the people in technology who matter. The men and women at the razor’s edge of innovation.

I relish finding new, cutting-edge technology companies.

Whether it’s a banking technology conference in Dubai, a 3D printing show in London, a futurist conference in Florida, a hacking symposium in Amsterdam, or an internet expo in Paris… I hunt down the latest discoveries and innovations in the world for my readers…

Technology on the cusp of exponential growth.

You may have heard of futurist Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity is Near.

His core argument is that the space of change is not linear.


And accelerating.

At certain key points…like RIGHT NOW, with the Blockchain Collision…that acceleration ramps up.

As Kurzweil puts it:

‘Today, we anticipate continuous technological progress and the social repercussions that follow. But the future will be far more surprising than most people realize, because few observers have truly internalized the implications of the fact that the rate of change itself is accelerating.’

This is PRECISELY what is occurring right now with the Blockchain Collision.

And it’s precisely why I’ve chosen this moment to bring this research and these opportunities to you via Revolutionary Tech Investor.

Be clear: If you want to lay the foundation for mind-boggling gains, you need to get your head around what’s unfolding.

Right now.

I mean — this very week — provided you have the speculative capital you’re willing to use to make several once-in-a-lifetime bets…

Every second you wait, your first-mover advantage is diminished and your exponential gains are sacrificed…


In April, global banking consortium research director, Antony Lewis, announced a currency based on a central bank blockchain would likely go live this year.

It’s the collision of blockchain and banking technology.

According to Lewis, the central bank digital currency (CBDC) would be used in instances of disaster recovery – as a back-up to an attack.

These are the institutions are the heart of the financial world, switching their defense to this revolutionary technology.

A month earlier, March 2018…

At the Think 2018 Conference, IBM introduced the world’s smallest computer.

It’s tiny, about the size of a large grain of salt, and it was designed specifically with one thing in mind…

You guessed it. Blockchain.

This little computer will contribute to the supply chain management industry, to improve tracking and logistics.

According to IBM’s head of research Arvind Krishna, “within the next five years, cryptographic anchors — such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt — will be embedded in everyday objects and devices”.

China’s state electricity firm just went all-in on the Blockchain Collision, too.

As reported by CoinDesk on 10 April, China’s State Grid Corporation is “looking to blockchain technology to advance its plans for an “Internet of Energy”.

And this is only their latest effort to take the lead on blockchain development.

Big companies are jostling for positions in blockchain technology in China.

As I keep repeating…

It’s a one-off event to hit upon an investment trend sweet spot like this.

The wave is just starting to build.

In fact…

As of 3 March – just a couple of months into 2018 – venture fundraising totals were more than 40% of the way to 2017’s high water mark.

That includes the $75 million Series B closed by secure hardware wallet-maker, Ledger…

The $18 million invested in the Russian blockchain platform, QUASA…

And the $10 million invested in SF-based, Harbour Platform.

Easily on pace to eclipse even the banner year of 2017.


And yet…(And this is the vital point when it comes to targeting the right Blockchain Collision plays)…


And THAT’S what makes the investments in ‘4 Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%.’ so bloody tantalizing!

This boom is every bit as big and world-changing as the emergence of the Internet.

And yet, if you were to put us on a similar timescale, we are at the embryonic stages.

Say…1996 to 1998.

Remember that ear-hurting sound of a phone modem screeching you onto the web?

Visiting your first website?

I remember the fission of excitement sending an email in computer class at high school to a pupil at a sister school in Switzerland.

And getting a reply five minutes later.


It seems quaint when you think about it now.

But people will look back in 15 years and how obsessed we were with cryptocurrencies and think very much the same thing!

We were missing the bigger picture behind blockchain.

The best minds in the world, like 1996 to 1998, KNOW this is going to be huge.

Like 1996 to 1998, smart money is starting to deploy in increasing volume.

Despite that though…

Just like that halcyon period, no one has any clear concept of exactly how big and disruptive this is going to be.

How seismic the real-world applications that branch off will become.

If you think back to that time we had not even the faintest inkling of Facebook, YouTube, iPods or smartphones.

Google didn’t even start until September 1998!

That’s where we are right now with the Blockchain Collision.

There will be mind-bending innovations we can only merely speculate on.

But there will also be — and this is almost certain — huge destruction as well.

The purpose of Revolutionary Tech Investor is to help you avoid the losers…and pick the winners well before everyone else does.

Which brings me to your third Blockchain Collision pick.

And it has the potential to make you a small fortune.

Remember: We’re not just talking little small-cap speculations knocking off a few hundred percent here and there.

We’re talking about a truly historic tech step change.

The likes of which only happen a couple of times a century.

We saw it with automobiles. And the personal computer revolution.

Now we are seeing it with blockchain tech.

And the stock I have selected for you looks in a prime position to boom from it…


The Crypto Mint

One of the things a lot of people have forgotten about the blockchain and crypto market is this…

Cryptos can be mined, like a commodity.

Just like a gold miner can dig into the Earth with picks and shovels… or an oil driller can send a spike into the sand… a crypto miner can use a network of computing power to do just the same.

You can mine a crypto and mint new wealth if you have smart enough computers.

Last year computing pioneer John McAfee raised millions in capital for his new venture into crypto mining. He said:

"We are more convinced each day of the growth and value of digital currencies, and our Company is uniquely positioned to be a leading provider of processing power to relevant blockchains. The addition of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic to our crypto mining strategies is expected to be very profitable for us."

I have locked on to one company that I believe is very smartly positioned in the crypto mining industry.

It’s already profitable.

And it’s building up a very promising porfolio of crypto mining assets.

Their first major investment is through the acquisition of a high-end mining facility in Iceland. They acquired this from one of the world’s largest cloud mining companies.

They also have the option to acquire four more in Iceland and/or Sweden.

This operation is one of the world’s most innovative crypto mining facilities with a focus on mining Ethereum. While this is their initial focus, as the crypto ecosystem develops into a larger world of crypto assets, it will continue to look for and mine economically beneficial crypto assets.

They’ve also just just completed the second phase of their digital mining rigs at a datacentre in Sweden, and plan to significantly further increase their capacity by September 2018. raised CA$34.5 million to build the first and second phases of digital mining rigs at a data centre in Sweden.

They can achieve this because of operating in regions with low power costs, a cold climate which helps hardware efficiency and fast internet speeds.

I see its mining operations expanding rapidly, gaining more of an edge on the market.

You’ll want to own its shares now, before that happens.

The risks with this listed firm are high. That’s the nature of this speculative market. Its projects may reach some technical difficulties or a rival may acquire and develop better mining tech. So, as always, stick to the golden rule of only investing money in this you can afford to lose if the stock disappoints.

In its favour, it has great cash flow. And let’s remember, it is mining an asset that is currently on an exponential growth curve – Ethereum. So there is potentially huge value right there.

I’ll say it once again. Exponential gains happen when two big trends collide. Because it changes the fundamentals of what people ‘thought’ they understood before the collision.

Again, I don’t want to reveal too much here in the public domain.

Once you have your report, and become a Revolutionary Tech Investor insider, I’ll keep you up to date with its developments.

This play is a PERFECT example of a Blockchain Collision breakout.

And charting a course for TRULY exponential growth.

Why don’t you join me in tracking — and hopefully profiting wildly — from this growth in the coming months and years?


The core premise of Revolutionary Tech Investor is fairly simple…

Companies with solutions to all of humanity’s problems can be solved through revolutionary technology companies…

Find them before most others do…and you could grow exponentially rich.

Of course, you don’t know me. This is a brand new mould of financial newsletter.

We’re talking about very fringe ideas.

And stocks and big money moves that are only just starting to take off in recent months.

So I would hardly expect you to just take my word on all this.

So here’s my suggestion:

Take a 30-day, absolutely no-obligation look at Revolutionary Tech Investor.

That will entitle you to download ‘Four Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%.’

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Do your own due diligence on my analysis. See if investing in revolutionary technology is really for you.

If you don’t genuinely believe my four new recommendations have the potential to do the same…and then power even higher in 2018…or you are not comfortable with these high risk/ high reward opportunities…

…no problem.

Simply contact me inside 30 days and I’ll refund every penny of the humble subscription price. (And as you’ll see in a minute, it really is humble. We’ve deliberately priced Revolutionary Tech Investor so anyone can have a crack at this…)

Even so, I’ll give you back every penny if you’re not all in on this.

No hard feelings.


Again: You’ve never seen a newsletter like this before.

There is no one out there — in the UK, US or anywhere else for that matter — investigating Blockchain Collision stocks with exponential growth potential like me.

And you won’t be able to find the resources or recommendations anywhere else, no matter how hard you dig around the FT, MoneyWeek or Investors’ Chronicle. They’re way behind this story and by the time they do catch up, the big gains will probably be gone.

My publisher, Nick O’Connor has assured me he could retail the ‘Four Blockchain Collision Plays’ report alone for a one-off £200 price.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advisory services in the US (of which there are more each day) can ask for $10,000 upfront…PLUS a 25% cut of all your profits.

Boutique advisors specializing in blockchain and cryptos — and there certainly aren’t many of those — will require a big chunk of upfront investment…and then clip your returns by up to 1.5%.

And I doubt they’re carrying out the kind of research I am.

Revolutionary Tech Investor, at least for now, is on an island on its own.

We could charge anywhere up to £5,000-a-year for such a service. And it would be great value.

Another line.

So how much will you pay to become a new of Revolutionary Tech Investor?

That answer is not £5,000 a year. Or even £2,000.

Before I reveal our special subscription price, there’s something else you need to know.

I’ve also prepared a suite of OTHER bonus investment reports — available to all new members. You will also gain instant access to these when you start your trial. They are absolute gems and yours to keep, whether you stay on beyond your no-obligation trial or not.

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So what will that cost you?

You ready?

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£1,447 PER YEAR

Revolutionary Tech Investor is not ‘dirt cheap’.

And I make no excuses for that. It’s a premium advisory with the genuine capacity to vastly increase your investment returns.

But it’s not the £5,000 or £2,000 that some specialists charge.

And it comes without the fee-guzzling of a private wealth manager.

For what amounts to less than the price of a coffee a day, you will have unrestricted access to revolutionary tech opportunities capable of making you at least ten times – and even more.

Your first blockchain collision play has long-term potential in the region of a 10,000% gain. Where else can you find that kind of opportunity?

And, most importantly, your membership will grant you secure, password protected access to ‘4 Currently Unknown Blockchain Collision Plays with Long-Range Potential to Rise OVER 10,000%.’

Plus the three exclusive reports I just mentioned.

I think that is fantastic value for money.

But why aren’t I charging as much as I could for it?

Blockchain is a technology that disrupts by democratising trust.

I want Revolutionary Tech Investor to be a newsletter that disrupts by democratising investing.

Like the Blockchain Collision, I want it to be a platform for change…that benefits as many people as possible.

I want you to join me in following Silicon Valley’s hyper-optimists, as they tackle problems ranging from data security, to self-driving cars, to environmental damage, to abolishing human mortality.

And I don’t want an obnoxiously large subscription price to be a boundary to you.

And, frankly, I don’t need the money. As you can imagine, my experience in tech investing and the crypto market works out very well for me. I don’t need to share my insight… but I love doing it. I love giving ordinary people the chance to make revolutionary wealth.

So that’s as honest as I can be.

£1,447 per year makes this tremendously good value for you.

But I’ve one more bomb to drop on you.

If I hear from you right now — this week — you’ll get


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Despite this discounted fee, all of this comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not 100% convinced this opportunity is everything I say it is, contact me within 30 days for a full and unequivocal refund of that £1,147.

I’ve created this special offer to work in a way that put you in a position to try it without being under any pressure.

So let’s just do a quick recap of everything you’ll receive:

Your special reports:


To become a New Member today, simply click on the link below and fill out the secure order form.


That’s it from me.

Thanks for giving me a fair whack of your time today.

Time is valuable, so I appreciate it.

Hopefully you’re as pumped as I am about everything you’ve read here.

The future really is yours for the taking.

Astro Teller — the director of the Google X laboratories responsible for Google Glass and the Google Driverless Car – puts it like this…

His core guiding principle is if you aren’t providing a solution to a problem that’s at least 10X better than the current one, it’s not worth his attention.

Same goes with each stock and core cryptocurrency I will be showcasing in Revolutionary Tech Investor.

If it’s not presenting a solution that’s at least 10X better than its nearest competitors, I refuse to recommend it.


We’re looking for life-changing growth with each and every play.

‘Next Microsoft’ and ‘Next Facebook’ have become investment clichés.

But in most cases, that’s what we’ll be aiming for.

The key is the identification of a crucial revolutionary factor in a company’s business model.

Apple made a name for itself as a personal computer manufacturer. But it was actually the launch of its mobile devices — like the iPod in October 2001 and the iPhone in June 2007 — that created TRUE exponential growth.

Early movers have seen a nearly 10,000% gain since 2001.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. For full five year performance see footer.

Netflix began by mailing DVDs to members across America for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Its exponential phase started January 2007 with the launch of its only streaming service. The collision of this with the emergence of broadband was the real kicker. The stock’s up more than 2,000% since January 2007.

These are the kind of moonshots we’ll be chasing.

And I’m not embarrassed to say that.

Because we are at a new stage in tech investment we’re the next generation of these stocks are going to be born.

In fact, they are being born! Right now!

Click on this link to join me in chasing them down.


Sam Volkering

Editor, Revolutionary Tech Investor


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final

P.S I haven’t had time here to even get to your fourth blockchain collision opportunity! But if I think you’re still reading, you want to get your hands on my report and read all the details for yourself. What I can tell you is this…

This blockchain stock is revolutionising the payment industry… in my view, it has every shot of becoming the next paypal… a paypal for the blockchain generation of businesses, banks and consumers. It has its foot in the door of the Chinese market, which makes the scale of its potential rise phenomenal. My advice – move now on this collision stock.

I’ll come clean, this stock is already moving. FAST. It’s up 117% (as of 10th April) since I first recommended it to my readers. But I think it has a hell of a long way to go yet. To find out why I believe it could reach nose-bleed gains from here on out, get your Blockchain Collision report… secure your massive discount… lock in your 30-day no-obligation trial run…

And grab this once in a century tech collision with both hands!