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Have you seen these recent headlines?

Of course, it’s no surprise the mainstream media would one day catch on to a silver rally that becomes harder to ignore with each passing day…

We’ve been writing to our readers about this for months.

Back in August, our resident precious metals expert Eoin Treacy identified silver’s breakout as “a psychological turning point” in the precious metals market.

And way back in April, our analysts Nickolai Hubble and Boaz Shoshan were so bullish on silver in that month’s issue of The Fleet Street Letter

They devoted the headline to detailing how silver could be “better than gold” and pointing readers to a 51% discount on the metal without purchasing physical silver.

Point is… it’s rare to see our editors here at Southbank Investment Research so united behind one idea.

In the months that followed, more and more of the mainstream financial media caught on to the realization.

Of course, even while the price has been trending up this year, we’ve seen some wild price swings in the value of silver and other commodities.

But I haven’t seen anyone make the connection between silver’s rally and the three catalysts I’m going to share with you today.

Once you see the three world-changing forces driving demand for silver higher, you’ll understand:

Why silver’s rally – up 82% between March and October – could still be in its early stages

Why silver has multiplied dramatically exactly twice in recent history – and why we believe it could do so again, and;

How the simple arithmetic of supply and demand – combined with central bankers’ money printing – is creating perhaps the most powerful tail wind for silver seen in decades.

In fact, my colleague Boaz Shoshan recentely sat down with one expert to pick his brain on the movement of silver prices and where he thinks they’ll head from here.

His name is Rick Rule – an investing legend who founded and runs a $17 billion asset management firm specialising in precious metals. He began his 46-year career in the white-hot silver market of the 1970s – and as you can imagine, he has some insights on where silver’s heading now.

Southbank’s Boaz Shoshan talks to the world’s #1 authority on the precious metals market – Rick Rule

I’d like to share with you the full hour-long interview today – but for now I want to emphasise this snippet from Rick:

“Many of your audience won’t remember the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. But they resembled in many senses the circumstances that confront us now. Social tensions between generations, social tensions if you will between classes, excessive government expenditure, trying to win the war in Vietnam and the war on poverty simultaneously, and of course losing both. And the whole narrative around precious metals relative to fiat currencies played out in the 1970s… the idea that you could defend yourself against your government through the ownership of precious metals.”

Back then, silver began the decade at just over $1/oz and finished it at almost $40. And today Rick sees more similarities than almost anyone realises.

It’s full of priceless insights I’m confident will change the way you think of precious metals forever.

Of course, it’s not just Rick Rule sounding the alarm on silver today…

Alongside Rick Rule, Boaz has recorded a 51-minute interview with someone you’re very familiar with: Gold Stock Fortunes co-editor Eoin Treacy.

In it, Eoin explains how the central bankers’ panic to lower rates after the crash is inextricably linked to the silver bull market that began in the early 2000s… parallels which you’ll no doubt recognise today.

One CEO stated in 2017 that he expects silver to eventually hit $130/oz (I’ll tell you more about what he’s doing in this letter).

And Eric Sprott – the billionaire precious metals investor – just disclosed buying 4.5 million shares of a silver miner in April.

But for reasons I’ll show you today, we believe the silver we’re handing out to readers could ultimately be worth a lot more in just a few years’ time.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Today I’d like to do two simple things:

Give you access to all of the interviews we have recorded with silver experts

These are invaluable discussions with world renowned analysts and insiders. If you want to understand where the silver price could be headed – these interviews are priceless.

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But by now, you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this…

Why am I preparing to send 89 unique silver rounds out to my readers in the post?

Or maybe the better question is:

Why am I buying this silver haul after silver prices have risen 120% since March – and then immediately offering to post it to readers like you?

There’s two reasons. And the first is gratitude, plain and simple.

You see, in the last months of 2020, our subscribers sent us a vote of confidence in a big way.

In total, readers have sent us £1,848,253 in renewal money.

To me, that’s an enormous vote of confidence from them.

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But in the perilous moment we find ourselves in now – a recession worse than Europe’s or America’s, and another harsh lockdown amid worst-ever infection rates – well, the fact that you continue to place your trust in us is quite humbling.

As Publisher, I am proud that you’ve turned to us for informative content and investment commentary during the uncertainty and chaos of the pandemic.

Since the first lockdown was announced, our firm has welcomed thousands of new readers, all looking for answers at a time when no one, least of all the mainstream media, seems to know what to do.

And to be frank, our business couldn’t exist without longtime readers like you who decide to do repeat business with us.

Of course, we’ve been able to build this level of trust by making bold predictions and research you can’t find elsewhere – and ultimately, making our readers money.

And that’s the main reason I’m writing to you today.

The research my colleagues have assembled shows that a major opportunity could be building in the precious metals markets…something that makes me feel compelled to get some silver into your hands right away.

They believe it’s a white-hot silver rally, the likes of which we’ve seen play out only twice before in recent history.

First, in the 1970s, when silver prices soared 2,508% from 1973 to 1980, turning every £1,000 into £26,080 for investors who sold at the top.

Take a look at this chart…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Data from LBMA.

Notice how a huge part of silver’s gains came at the end of the boom – but prices multiplied in the early years of the rally, too?

Then, 30 years later, we saw similar price movements during the financial crises.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Data from LBMA.

From October 2008-April 2011, silver more than quadrupled, rising from a year low of £5.52/oz in 2008 to over £29 in 2011.  

I want to be clear about one thing – the 1970s, and again 2008-2011, were very different times from what we’re seeing now.

Back then, we saw the end of the gold standard, plus the fabled “Silver Thursday” in 1980 that pushed up the silver price after three audacious brothers allegedly attempted to corner the global silver market.

Of course, the silver price is known to fluctuate sometimes wildly, and sometimes it’s not easy to see the reasons behind the price rising or falling, meaning it can certainly be a risky investment.  

As we know, historic performance is no guide to future performance.

But think of these historical rises as evidence of the gains silver could achieve when the situation is right.

And notice how, in each of these silver booms, the overall bull market lasts for years.

It starts with a relatively modest rise – maybe doubling in a year or so.

And then, prices truly take off. Like a rocket.

In fact…

This bull market in silver could have years left to run.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I believe the forces propelling silver today are even more powerful than what we’ve seen in the past, for reasons you’ll see in a moment.

And when you see the research, I think you’ll agree too.

First of all, there’s the matter of what central bankers are doing to the soundness of your money…

Many people associate silver’s rise in the 1970s with the aftermath of the U.S. leaving the gold standard.

And to be sure, that certainly played a role…

But there’s never been an attack on your money quite like we saw in 2020, with the Fed unleashing as much as $317 billion of cheap money into markets per week.

This avalanche of cheap money is something that was never seen in the fabled silver bull run of the 1970s.

In short – this could be a catalyst that silver didn’t have back then.

And while more than $4 trillion in cheap money – quantitative easing – surely helped the silver rally in 2008-2011, the Fed is pouring more fuel on the fire than ever this year.

It’s impossible to really quantify the exact effect that this massive QE will have on silver prices. As you know, there are a lot of variables in that equation.

But as my colleague Boaz points out, government-driven attacks on the soundness of money tend to have only one effect on precious metals prices over time – they drive them upward.

And there’s something a lot of analysts and forecasters are missing…

Not only does Boaz credit those attacks with helping to propel silver’s rapid rise since March – there’s also a much simpler additional reason he envisions silver prices spiking in a bull market that could last years.

It’s one reason silver outperformed gold in 1972-1980, rising 1,245% on average to gold’s run of 1,026%...

It contributed to silver outperforming gold in 2008-2011, rising 173% on average compared to gold’s 107% appreciation…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

And it’s the exact reason Warren Buffett himself overcame his famous disdain of precious metals to reportedly buy 111 million ounces of silver back in 1997.

That’s right – Warren Buffett knows and acted on what I’m about to tell you.

He laid it out, clear as day, in a 2006 presentation for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.

As you may be surprised to learn – it had nothing to do with inflationary concerns, or the degradation of currencies.

Trillions of dollars were printed by central banks before then… and trillions of dollars have been printed since.

But there was one factor back then that Buffett believed made 1997 a uniquely perfect time to buy silver.

Buffett’s simple silver coup

In Berkshire Hathaway’s 2006 annual presentation to investors, one investor from Frankfurt asked Buffett how he had determined the value of a non-interest-bearing precious metal.

Buffett replied:

“We had a lot of silver at one time, but we don’t have it now. The original decision, my decision, was that the production of silver, and the reclamation of silver, was running perhaps 100 million ounces or thereabouts less than consumption … Silver was out of balance.”

In 1997, according to the Silver Institute, silver consumption was outpacing production by almost 214.3 million ounces.

In other words, his 111 million ounce purchase came down to a question of supply and demand.

That’s it. No complicated macro equation. No forecast of inflation… just an understanding of the one economic mantra so simple most eight-year olds can grasp it.

Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t profitable…

Buffett made $97 million off of his silver bet.

Now, you might be wondering – why would he invest in silver but shun gold?

In the past, Buffett famously derided gold as something that “just sits and looks at you.”

“Gold gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or some place. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their heads.”

But here’s the difference – silver does have utility.

Unlike gold, silver is predominantly an industrial metal.

According to Ryan Jordan, lecturer at the University of San Diego, between 1900 and 1970, the demand for silver quadrupled from 100 million ounces a year to 400 million, as its industrial use for everything from photography to indoor plumbing continued to grow.

Today, silver is used in LED chips, medicine, nuclear reactors, RFID chips that enable tracking of parcels, semiconductors, touch screens, water purification, dentistry, photography, and batteries.

In fact, these industrial uses account for over 50% of global silver consumption.

In 2019, SD Bullion estimated that there is just 4 billion oz of silver bullion…

According to JM Bullion, more than 90% of the silver that has ever been mined has been consumed.

And today, silver is being used in three world-changing technologies on the brink of mass adoption, which can only mean one thing…

Three technologies that could drive silver prices through the roof

As you can see, industrial demand for silver has exploded over the last few decades:

This is all the more striking when you consider how silver is actually becoming scarcer each year, with The Silver Institute’s World Survey 2020 reporting 55.4 million fewer ounces mined in 2019 than four years ago.Only 10%-15% of gold is used for industrial purposes, with the rest going to jewellery or investment. And silver is becoming increasingly important in the solar power sector.

Silver, on the other hand, has a massive industrial demand, with hundreds of millions of ounces consumed a year, as you can see above.

With silver being essential for everything from iPhones to cameras to dentistry, you can understand the comments of Keith Neumeyer, CEO of the multi-billion dollar firm First Majestic Silver, when he told an interviewer in August last year:

“Silver is a very misunderstood commodity. I call it a strategic metal. Everything we do in the human race, including this call, requires silver. People couldn’t drive their automobiles, their houses wouldn’t work, their gadgets that we’re used to using on a daily basis would simply not work… silver is a critical component in every person’s life on a daily basis.”

In that same interview, Neumeyer predicted silver could surpass $100/oz in the coming years.

Bold? It sure sounds like it…

But when you consider the simple maths behind the statement – that silver is becoming more and more scarce each year, even as demand has steadily climbed (and could now be set to skyrocket) –it seems less speculative.

And therein lies the most powerful truth to silver investing.

Silver is usually thought of as a commodity tied to gold.

Commonly, it’s known as “gold on steroids” because it tends to rise much higher, much faster, than gold during precious metals booms – and it can also fall much faster too.

In fact, the silver price tends to be more volatile than the price of gold overall, meaning it’s a riskier investment.

And like gold and other commodities, buying and selling silver is unregulated, which means you have fewer options if things go wrong.

But as you’ll see, silver shouldn’t really be thought of as being in the same class as gold at all.

That’s because unique forces and pricing tailwinds drive silver higher – unstoppable trends that have little or nothing to do with gold.

Don’t misunderstand me: I’ll gladly take every penny of profits that come from fears of inflation, and central banking madness, that drive silver prices higher.

There will be some. And you can absolutely be a beneficiary of that.

But that profit potential is absolutely dwarfed by the real opportunity I want to show you in silver today – a chance to potentially profit from not one but three mega-trends.

Silver Mega-Trend No. 1: The 5G Eruption

I’m sure you’ve heard of the investing mania around 5G…

How it will unlock hundreds of billions of dollars in economic windfalls for the first nation to reach widespread 5G implementation… and juice the efficiency and profit margins of almost every company on Earth.

Apple, for example, targeted 75 million 5G iPhones 12 sales last year. And while final year-end numbers aren’t out yet, of the 1.24 billion phones expected to be released in 2020, 235 million were expected to be 5G-accessible. That’s an 18.9% penetration rate.

And the penetration rate is likely to reach 50% across North America by 2023, according to Counterpoint Research.

This is momentous news for silver investors because the electronic components of every 5G-capable device rely on silver to enable the global 5G platform to function seamlessly.

As The Silver Institute reports:

“In a future 5G connected world, silver will be a necessary component in almost all aspects of this technology.”

With 5G still in its early days, 5G-related silver demand stood at just over 7 million ounces a year at the start of 2020.

But with the 5G rollout accelerating, the research firm Precious Metals Commodity Management forecasts silver’s role in the electronic applications used in the 5G revolution to jump 206% from those levels by 2030.

That would mean almost 10 million ounces of silver gobbled up this year by 5G… and the ensuing years could light an even bigger fire under silver demand.

But there’s a second revolution silver is playing a central part in…

And it’s even more demanding of the precious metal than 5G.

Silver megatrend No. 2: The silver-lined clean energy revolution

It’s not common knowledge, but roughly 565 thousand ounces of silver will soon lie above ground in a field in Cleve Hill, Kent.

It’s not a forgotten gold mine or hidden treasure trove.

Instead, it’s the largest solar power project in England, consisting of 880,000 solar panels that together will generate enough power to heat over 90,000 homes.

And each of these solar panels contains 0.643 ounces of silver, to conduct electrons and create electric currents that can then be stored or consumed.

880,000 solar panels… each containing 0.643 ounces of silver on average… I’m sure you can do the maths as well as I can.

This one solar panel field in Kent contains more than 565 thousand ounces of silver.

And keep in mind – it’s just one field, to power 90,000 British homes.

The Cleve Hill solar park is estimated to provide less than 1% of the clean energy needed to achieve the UK’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Of course, it’s not just the UK.

President-elect Joe Biden plans to build 500 million new solar panels as part of his “Green New Deal”.

All of America could soon be following in the footsteps of California, which last December hit the milestone of 1 million roofs with solar panels thanks to a new law mandating every new building with three stories or less carry solar panels.

Just consider: Back in 2010, solar power was still in its infancy. Plenty of “experts” didn’t think it was feasible as a significant energy source for major economies.

But even as far back as 2010, photovoltaics consumed 40 million ounces of silver a year.

By 2018, that number had risen to 80.5 million ounces.

Today, solar power is just a fraction of any nation’s energy grid.

Silver megatrend No. 3: Silver to enable the electric vehicle revolution

According to Thomson Reuters, the electric vehicle (EV) sector (including hybrid vehicles) absorbs 123 tonnes of silver per year (as of 2018).

That’s the equivalent of more than four million ounces.

Of course, it’s not just electric vehicles… The Silver Institute has arrived at an estimate of 47 million ounces of silver consumed by the entire automotive industry in 2019, as you can see below:

Point is – the growing market consumed tens of millions of silver ounces a year, and demand is steadily climbing.

Electric vehicles actually use more silver than combustion engines, since their battery packs and battery management systems, as well as electric engines, require silver.

According to the Silver Institute, we’re not at a 100-million ounce gap between silver supply and demand – yet.

In 2020, silver supply/demand surplus was projected to sink from 31.3 million ounces in 2019, to just 14.7 million.

As for what 2021 will bring – electric vehicles are expected to further narrow the gap.

As you can see from this chart from The Silver Institute, autos consumed 47 million ounces of silver in 2019.

And that’s projected to rise to 50.5 million in 2021…

Remember, Keith Neumeyer, CEO of the multi-billion dollar mining company First Majestic Silver, believes prices could rise into triple digits in the future.  

There you have it – not one, but three unstoppable trends that my team believes will power silver higher by creating a surge in industrial demand.

Given those three powerful factors, there’s only one question you should be asking next:

What’s the best way to ride silver’s rise even higher?

Of course, the most important thing is not what’s happening, but rather, what you can do about it.

In other words – what’s the best move YOU can make to exploit silver’s rise higher?

My colleague Boaz Shoshan has been hard at work answering this very question.

The silver coin I’d like to send you is nice to have.

But I recognise that even if silver surges in the coming months and years, a single silver coin won’t be life-changing.

That’s why I recently asked Boaz to sit down with six accomplished silver experts to share their thoughts.

You’ll be able to hear their interviews with Boaz (each about an hour long) in a package interview I’d like to send you today (while your silver coin is still in the mail.)

One of them, the legendary silver investor Rick Rule, I’ve already told you about.

Not only has Rick been an avid student of the silver market since the 1970s, he’s also risen to become President of a $17 billion commodities firm.

As you can imagine, Rick has learned a trick or two about profiting from silver booms – and in this interview, he goes into detail about what he calls “an extraordinary way to take advantage of the bull market.”

But that’s just the start of the silver secrets these experts are revealing to our readers…

We spoke to Eoin Treacy – co-editor of our very own Gold Stock Fortunes. Eoin has helped his readers enjoy gold’s recent bull run – but he’s also fascinated by the potential of silver for ambitious investors.

According to Eoin, the precious metals rally is moving rapidly into a new psychological stage.

“Big bull markets have big simple messages. Anybody can understand that message. And increasingly, people get it.”

If you know of Eoin’s work, you won’t want to miss his interview on what could be next for silver.

You’ll also hear from John Butler, who has worked as Managing Director of investment banks on both sides of the Atlantic over the last 25 years.

He’s also the author of The Golden Revolution: How to Prepare for the Coming Global Gold Standard – and in this interview, he explains to Boaz what he thinks could happen to silver if its “re-monetised” into the world economy after a new gold standard is put in place.

“It’s not just the case that silver is a precious metal,” Butler says. “It’s also the case that silver is a great insulator – and there’s a reason for that.”

John Butler explains better than I can why just about every piece of technology, from photography to solar panels – and now, equipment to tackle the spread of Covid-19 – runs on silver.

“If we simply wait and allow tech to do what it does, allow human ingenuity to do what it does, it’s inevitable we’ll keep discovering new ways in which to employ silver, because it simply – physically, by definition, as it’s placed in the periodic table –  has some superior properties to other metals for some very fundamental things.”

When you access this interview, you’ll gain an understanding of new price drivers for the silver market that many investors, including silver aficionados, don’t yet see or even understand.

That’s including an amazing industrial use of silver that could potentially play a role in the fight against Covid-19 – and you’ll definitely want to hear this one.

I’ll give you a hint: It has something to do with the silver-woven mask John wears in public.

Of course, this is just a sample of what you’ll learn from these interviews – I’m describing a minute or so out of several hour-long conversations with some of the most insightful silver investors we know, after all.

This is invaluable intelligence on a market that could be about to erupt that you simply cannot get elsewhere.

In these interviews, you’ll learn about both potential profit plays and key insights into the silver market.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how you can watch them, at your leisure.

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In addition, Boaz has uncovered a clever way to potentially profit from silver’s rise – without owning either physical silver or mining stocks.

And those are just a few of the ideas Boaz Shoshan has laid out in your report, Secrets of the Silver Market.

You’ll also get insight from Fleet Street Letter Monthly Alert co-editor Nick Hubble on silver mining, including a few companies he thinks interested investors should put on their watch list.

I think you’ll agree, everything I’d like to send you today could put you in a great position as an investor:

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Before I show you how to claim everything above….

I’m sure you know already that all investing carries risk.

The physical precious metals market is unregulated, meaning that you won’t have access to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service if you have a problem related to your purchase.

Be careful who you buy your silver from – look for reputable sellers only, and avoid impulse buying.

Remember that physical silver (or any precious metal) won’t generate an income.

If you store your silver at home, there are no risks attached to it beyond risk of theft (or losing it). It can be more secure to store it with a silver dealer, but you will have to pay for storage.

Silver miners are another way to get exposure to the metal, but they can be high risk investments.

Your report, Secrets of the Silver Market, is a great jumping off point for doing your own research on silver and silver investments, and when you get your hands on it you’ll learn more about the potential risks and rewards.

Read your report, watch the interviews, and if you choose to invest only do so with spare capital you can afford to lose.

I hope you can see, armed with the intelligence I am offering you today, you’ll have a great advantage.

Add up what we’re including, and I believe the research I want to share with you could be worth over £900…

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So, as I see it, you have three options.

Number 1, you can close this page and pass up on the silver boom entirely.

Maybe you’re not convinced by the case I’ve presented you with today. Maybe you feel you own enough silver as it is… or that investing in silver is too volatile… or you prefer other precious metals.

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Paolo Cabrelli
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