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WANTED: 300 private investors to test a professional investment strategy that helped some of the best investors in history succeed…

The Wealth Secret of Columbia Room 305

Professional investors Walter Schloss, Irving Kahn and William J. Ruane all used it to make a fortune. I use it in every investment decision I make on the £100million I manage for clients.

Today, I’ll show you how to use this exact secret – something that’s made fortunes for other people – to see how much money it could make you.

PLUS: I’m going to help you apply this for a whole year FREE of charge.

I’m looking for 300 investors to get started with this right away – as soon as I get your permission to post you something that isn’t available anywhere else...

Dear Friend,

It’s 7.35pm on an Autumn evening in 1927, and an unassuming college professor is seconds away from making stock market history.

He’s standing in front of a packed audience of investors, students and analysts in ‘Columbia Room 305’…

Hundreds of others have been turned away at the door. He begins…

“If you want to make money in Wall Street, you must…”

What he reveals that night has, without doubt, consistently made more money than any other single investment secret I know of.

For instance, it helped one man earn $19 million in a single year…

It’s also launched the careers of countless investment professionals and fund managers – I put a large part of my success as an award-winning investment manager down to this one secret...

And, to this day, it helps private investors who understand how it works regularly make money. As you’ll see shortly, it more than doubled the returns of the broader market between 1985 and 2007.

In short, it has the potential to make more money for investors of all stripes – and remains the most profitable way of succeeding in the stock market to this day.

And now I’m offering 300 private investors the chance to use the exact same strategy to see how much it could make them. If you’re quick, and you get one of the 300 spots before they run out, I will send you everything you need to get started in the post.

I’m also going to help those 300 investors apply this, in real time, for a full year – FREE of charge. I’ll explain how shortly...

Now, at one point, 80% of the stock analysts on Wall Street were attending this class.

Not 8%... 80%. 8 out of every 10 analysts were soon packing out Room 305.

There’s no way of telling how many hundreds of millions of dollars have been made using this secret since it was first revealed.

But as you’ll see shortly, it’s at the root of many of the biggest fortunes around.

Look, I’m not here to promise you’ll magically become a billionaire from this. Exactly how much this could make you, I honestly can’t say.

This is all about you taking something that HAS been incredibly successful for other people… and seeing how much it makes you.

You can get started with this whether you have £1k to invest… or a £1 million portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been investing for years.

As you'll see in this presentation, it's worked for all levels of investors – ever since it first became known.

To get started, I first need your permission to post you a slightly unusual package…

What do some of the most successful investors in history know that you don’t?

Let’s have a look at some of the best known investors to have used this.

Now, the man behind the Room 305 secret wasn’t just a ‘good speaker’, or a ‘good teacher’.

He recognised a secret that’s at the very heart of successful investing – and it made him millions.

It’s a secret which is overlooked by the majority of private investors, who generally approach the stock market hoping to make their fortune with all sorts of mindless schemes.

Outside of his academic life, this professor also practised what he preached – and became so successful doing it his friends actually asked him to invest their money too…

It took him a while to find his winning secret, but once he did… his fund returned an average 21% gain every single year.

Let me just pause here for a second, because some people aren’t blown away by a 21% return. So let’s just look at what kind of money it would make you:

If you’d invested £10,000 in his fund when it started and made a ‘modest’ 21% average return for 20 years (leaving fees and commissions aside for a second)…

Your £10,000 would have grown into £452,592.56.

That’s roughly 15 times more than you’d have made just tracking the Dow Jones stock index – and a lot of money in anyone’s book. And that’s what this secret is about – making money.

But that was just the start of the secret’s incredible success…

William J. Ruane was a pupil in Room 305, and in 1970 he started his Sequoia fund, which went on to make 17.2% a year for 15 years.

Again, some people might see that as modest. But it’s actually an incredible gain.

If you'd invested £10,000 in the Sequoia fund when it started, by 31st December 2017 (it's still running to this day) your stake would have been worth £4,336,956 million (that's over three times as much as the same investment in the S&P500 stock market).

It goes without saying that not everyone who invests in this way is as successful as these industry-leading investors. There are many factors that determine the success of investments, and such lucrative returns cannot be guaranteed in the future.

As I said, you’ll see the power of this secret for yourself when you get started.

But before I come on to how much I think YOU could make from this, there’s one more thing I want to tell you…

The untold story of this billion dollar fortune…

In 1951, a 21 year-old Nebraskan left his hometown and travelled to New York...

He came to learn this secret, spending months in Room 305 working to master it.

He was a brilliant student – and by the time he left, he’d become the only person ever to get an A+ from the professor behind this.

Now, given how lucrative this secret can be, perhaps it isn’t surprising he went on to make a lot of money.

What IS surprising is just how much he made…

$87.5 billion.

Obviously, I’m talking about Warren Buffett.

But that’s the thing – this secret is at the root of many huge fortunes. Buffett’s just happens to be the most well-known.

Keep in mind: none of these people were throwing their money behind ridiculously risky 500% penny stocks.

And you don’t need to either.

All you need to succeed in the stock market is steady, consistent gains. That’s what this approach is all about – investing intelligently. It’s a strong, proven way of picking stocks – in fact, all investments – that has the potential to make you incredible sums of money if you get it right.

And that’s the strange part – this isn’t hard to get your head around. It’s actually very simple to understand. But that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to put into practice. Buffett himself describes it like this:

“Investing successfully does not require stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information… What’s needed is a sound framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding it.”

This is a forecast. Forecasts are not reliable indicator of future results.

In short: Understand the secret to the Room 305 strategy properly (which is what I’m here to help you do)… and keep your emotions in check as you apply it… and you will succeed in the stock market.

At least, in Buffett’s opinion. And mine, too. Succeeding is what this secret is all about. It has been proven to work, to different degrees of success, by a huge range of people.

Just consider the story of Walter Schloss

I suspect you won’t have heard of him – not many outside of the financial world have. He was a very quiet man, and kept himself to himself. But Schloss’s story is perhaps the most remarkable to have come out of Room 305.

Before attending the professor’s class, Schloss had never been to college.

When he eventually set up his own fund – entirely on his own – he never owned a computer (he got all of his stock prices from the Wall Street Journal).

He never had a secretary… a clerk… or a bookkeeper.

His working day lasted from 9.30am to 4.30pm – his son (and only ever colleague) said that he “hated stress” and “slept well”.

But despite all that, in one year alone – after he’d delighted his investors – he took home $19 million (his expenses came to just $11,000) – simply by using this strategy.

So, how much could you make using this?

As you can see, this approach has a proven track record of making many of the world’s best investors steady, consistent money – year on year.

But I can’t put an exact figure on how much you’ll make.

That depends on how much you have to start with.

You’ve seen how some of the most exceptional investors have used this secret to make huge amounts of money by achieving 17-21% a year.

But without knowing you and your situation, there’s no one that can promise you a specific amount. That’s just not possible.

This is investing. Everyone knows there are no guarantees, and everyone knows that even with the most successful strategy in the world at your fingertips, it’s still possible to have a bad year.

As Buffett himself says, this DOESN’T require incredible intelligence to understand. But it does need discipline to apply correctly. That’s obvious, there’s nothing in this world that’ll magically make you money without any application. And it goes without saying that – as with all investing – your capital will be at risk.

But let’s get back to the point here: This is about taking something that’s made fortunes for other people, and seeing how much it could make you.

Now, let’s speculate, and say you make a 10% return over a year – less than half of what the most successful people to use this have made (but still, obviously, a return that most people would be delighted with).

A £10,000 starting pot would grow into £25,937 after just 10 years…

And after 20, you’d have turned that initial £10k into £67,275.

That’s a staggering return – and one that would make a huge difference to anyone’s finances.

But as I said, I’m speculating. Only you know how much you have, or what your time period is.

What I can say for certain, is that this has been proven to work by a huge range of investors ever since it was first revealed back in 1927.

And I want to help you see how much it could make you.

Look, this isn’t the only way of making money from the stock market. There are lots of different strategies out there.

But, to my knowledge, this is the most successful.

It worked in 1927. It works now.

In 1970, a Professor of Finance at the State University of New York decided to measure exactly how successful this strategy actually is.

So he invested in stocks using the Room 305 stock criteria for the next 13 years – buying 645 stocks over that time period – to see how they fared against the stock market as a whole.

The results were emphatic.

From 1970-82, the American Stock Exchange returned an average of 11.5% per year. Not bad, admittedly.

But it doesn’t come close to the 29.4% average annual return generated by the Room 305 approach.

Let’s just take a quick look at what that would mean in actual money.

If you’d invested £10k in the American Stock Exchange over that period, you’d have ended up with a final pot of £41,169 (excluding fees and commission).

But the same sum in the Room 305 portfolio would have given you a pot of £285,197. (Again, that’s excluding fees and commission.)

That’s over six-and-a-half times as much – in just 13 years.

And this professor wasn’t the only one who decided to give the method a long term examination.

In 1985, behavioural finance expert James Montier was also keen to find out whether the Room 305 method was still the best way of regularly making money from stocks – or if it had become 'outdated'.

Again, the results were emphatic.

Between 1985 and 2007 (I’m not cherry picking here, this is when the study ended) – a 22-year period – the average annual return of the stock market overall was 17%. Again, not bad.

But the Room 305 stocks returned an average of 35%.

As a professional fund manager, I can assure you that that is simply staggering.

Though again, just because these returns happened in the past, there’s no guarantee they’ll happen in the future. No one can accurately predict how the stock market or any individual investment will perform in the future.

So seeing as this has worked for such a long time, it’s hardly surprising that people like Warren Buffett have made the amounts of money they have – especially when you consider that they started with large amounts of money in the first place.

I know that sounds a little ridiculous, but the truth is these ‘super investors’ have made their fortunes by simply taking something that works, and applying it perfectly.

As I said before, this method IS simple to understand… but difficult to do really well.

Not everyone can make money every single year, or on every stock. That just simply doesn’t happen. But over the medium term, I have no doubt that this will make you very decent money.

That’s why I’m speaking to you today – I want you make sure you have everything you need to get this working for you straight away. So…

With your permission, I’ll send you everything you need to use this in the post...

And help you apply it for a year FREE OF CHARGE.

My name is Tim Price, and I’m currently a Director of Investment for a wealth management company – I help look after £100million of clients’ money.

I have over 20 years’ experience investing on behalf of private and institutional clients, and have worked for, amongst others, BNP Paribas, Merrill Lynch and Ansbacher.

It’s my job to grow my client’s wealth through all market conditions – I’ve won awards doing it.

When the worst of the financial crisis hit in 2008 and the City’s highest flyers took the biggest knock of their careers... I managed to outperform the FTSE All-Share and most benchmarks set by my fund management peers. My clients’ wealth held firm.

And I can proudly say that, without a shadow of a doubt, the Room 305 strategy has been the biggest influence on my career – and still is to this day.

But now, I’d like to help you to start using it to see what it can do for you.

Here’s how it’ll work…

1. Look out for my package in the post

One morning in the next week or so, you’ll receive a package I’ll send to you.

At first glance it’ll look pretty innocuous.

But open it up, and what you’ll discover is incredibly valuable.

The first thing you’ll find is a book.

Quite simply, that’s because the Columbia professor behind this strategy – Ben Graham – actually published everything you need to know to use his approach.

It’s a fantastic starting point for getting to grips with this proven money-making strategy.


In this book, he lays out – in detail – the precise methods he used to select stocks… the same ones that he would then pass on to the likes of Warren Buffett and Walter Schloss.

This will give you the secret behind this incredible strategy, in full, so you can get to grips with how it works and get an idea of the kind of returns this could make you.

In fact, I’d personally say that it is, without doubt, the only book on investing you’ll ever need to read. And as I said, I’ll start by sending you a copy.

Now, while countless investors have used the secrets in this book to amass incredible fortunes, I’m going to give you something extra – so that you can get up and running even quicker…

2. Look out for my introductory guide and annotations

When you get your free copy, you’ll notice something odd about it.

It won’t be packaged up or shrink-wrapped.

It may even look used, possibly even second-hand.

But that’s because I’ve gone through each copy of the book and marked up and annotated the really important sections.

So that Graham’s work has the most positive and most immediate impact on your investing, I’ll personally walk you through how this works – focussing on the parts I believe are most relevant.

In short, I’ll ‘decode’ this book for you, bring it to life and point out what’s worth you reading twice – and more…

For instance, this book will show you the exact criteria you need to look for in a stock to ensure it gives you the best chance of seeing a decent profit (Ch. 1).

It will also show you how to invest according to your own personal situation (Ch. 5).

For example, a retired person with £200,000 in total would not invest in the same way as a doctor in mid-career with £100,000.

This book will show you how to make the right choices for your situation.

Also, you’ll see how to invest in a ‘low maintenance’ style, which is very useful if you don’t have a great deal of time on your hands (Ch. 9).

And with that in mind – I’m going to help get you started straight away…

3. I’ll hand you three specific investment recommendations based entirely on this secret

I’ve said right from the beginning, this is all about you trying this strategy out and seeing how much money you could make from it.

And I want to make it really easy for you to do that.

That’s why the next thing you’ll find in your package is the details of how to access a special report I’ve put together for you.

As I’ve said, this secret is the only strategy I use when I’m looking to invest my clients’ money – I’ve managed to win an investing award as a result.

I don’t say that to boast, rather to demonstrate the power of this secret. But to be honest, the best way of you understanding how valuable this is… is to see it in action.

Which is why I have taken this secret, applied it to today’s market conditions and pinpointed three specific investments that fit perfectly with the strategy.

To be clear: I will give you access to my three recommendations that you can go out and paper trade (follow the investments to see how they perform without actually investing any money) immediately to see how this works… do whatever you like.

This is where this strategy really comes alive – and becomes something real and powerful, that you can start using right away.

Now this report is not for sale at any price. The only way of getting your hands on it is by giving me your address so that I can give you access to your copy.

So not only will you see what the secret is all about and have my guidance on how it works… you’ll also have three specific investments based on it to get started and see how much you can make.

But before we go any further, there’s also one more thing I’d like to offer you…

4. If you like what you see, I’ll help you apply this for as long as you like

Now, you might just want your copy of the book – and to get on with investing by yourself, straight away.

If that’s the case, then I wish you every success.

With the book, my notes and the report we’ve compiled for you, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

But, if you would like me to keep guiding you – for as long as you feel you need me to – there’s a very simple way that we can work together.

Or should I say, I could continue to work for you.

Your chance to join an exclusive group of investors

You’d be joining an existing group of investors that I’ve been working with since 2007…

Since then, we’ve been working to build and protect wealth.

As I said earlier, I’m a fund manager. That’s my profession. My job is to keep people’s money safe – and growing – in good times and bad.

I pride myself on my ability to look after clients’ wealth – it’s something I’ve enjoyed consistent success at in the past.

At my previous employer, Ansbacher Bank, I won the coveted Private Asset Managers Award for Defensive Investment Performance.

That was in 2005 – and I was nominated for the same award for five successive years.

A huge part of that is down to the Room 305 strategy I’ve shared with you today.

But here’s the thing…

As well as personally looking after wealthy clients’ money, I also do something a little unusual… something very few people in my industry would ever dream of doing.

I help show private investors like you EXACTLY how I believe you should invest your money to keep it safe and growing at all times.

Essentially, we’re talking about me giving you the exact same strategies and approaches I use in the City… without you ever needing to sign your portfolio over to me.

To do this, I write to a small group of investors every other week, giving them everything they need to invest successfully.

For instance, I share specific share recommendations you can act on immediately. To do this, I always use the strategy we’ve been discussing today. I tell my subscribers exactly what to buy, and give them a ‘buy price’ to make sure they don’t overpay.

These recommendations make up a complete, fully diversified portfolio that I believe can withstand any external shock. This is where my experience as a fund manager comes in. It’s all very well picking investments that could grow – but if your overall portfolio is set up wrong… it’ll all be for nothing. I talk followers through exactly how to structure their portfolios in simple, easy to follow language.

I also help my followers understand risk – which, as any successful investor will tell you, is vital to making money.

I’m sorry if I’m preaching to the converted here, but as surprising as it sounds, some people do occasionally need to be told that investing carries risk.

That’s all investing – from putting money into a pension fund or annuity, or punting it on some minuscule penny share.

That’s why – and again, I’m probably teaching my grandmother to suck eggs – you should only use your ‘risk capital’ – money you don’t need to pay the bills, or put your kids through school.

Obvious, I know.

But still, some people need a reminder.

It’s also worth pointing out if anything happens to the stocks I recommend – if they go down for some reason, or I need to sell for a loss (which does happen – no one has a 100% perfect track record), I’ll be in touch to tell you what to do.

Some of the recommendations I select may be denominated in a currency other than sterling – that means that the value of your investments and the return from them may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. I hope that change will be positive, but you need to be aware that it could go against you. Also, as a part of a balanced portfolio, I recommend funds, which may incur extra fees.

As I said, I’m not going to treat you like a child and pretend I get it right every time. Not every call I make can be correct, and not every investment that I recommended will perform as well as I hope, and you will need to be prepared for some losses along the way.

As part of that safety procedure, I also write regular, real time updates – both on the shares I’ve picked and on the wider market. This is vital. The world is a dangerous place. With the build-up of debt in the West, crazily low interest rates, money printing (QE) and the like, you can’t just bury your head in the sand and ignore the markets – and that’s where I come in. I regularly talk to my subscribers about emerging threats or opportunities in the markets, how they’re going to affect us and what I need to do about them.

In short, you get all the benefits of a giving your money to a fund manager… but have the freedom to decide exactly what’s right for you and follow my advice from home.

This is something I know for a fact is incredibly valuable for the handful of private investors who follow it. Alan Smith, for instance, wrote in to say:

“I always look forward to his fortnightly e-mail which is read repeatedly with relish, and acted upon. My portfolio has benefitted from his advice.”

And Michael Hughes wrote in to say…

“Give Tim Price a go --his advice and information is wrapped round wealth preservation and independent from the media circus, fast buck brokers and financial speculators.”

So how do people like Alan and Michael follow my advice? That’s actually very simple. I share all this through a rarely publicised investment newsletter called The Price Report.

And the fourth part of what I’m offering you today – on top of your guide to the proven wealth building strategy of Room 305, my annotations and guide, plus the ‘starter’ recommendations – is a two month trial to The Price Report.

And, if you like you what you see, I’ll even give you a whole year of my advice and guidance FREE of charge.

In fact, I’d like to send you everything I’ve shown you today AND give you the chance to see what The Price Report could do for you for the next 60 days… with absolutely no obligation for you to continue.

Click here to secure your package – and start your 60-day trial to The Price Report now.

To be perfectly frank, I think right now – more than ever – is the perfect time to give this a try…

Why I’m offering you access to Room 305 today

I don’t know about you, but I’m highly sceptical of today’s financial system.

I look out at the markets and I see pure distortion. Central bankers have meddled, twisted and manipulated the entire system to such a degree… that I see no other outcome than a monumental crash. You can’t hold off market forces forever.

I know the markets have recovered since 2009. But then, print up to $4 trillion (and that’s just in the US) and pump it into the financial system and what do you expect to happen?

Asset prices have soared... the economy hasn’t.

Over the past year or so, the market has been plagued with uncertainty. Interest rates have plummeted to near zero all over the world – there is now approximately $10 trillion in debt offering a negative yield – so savers are getting hammered by rising inflation. We’ve also had the Brexit vote send the pound to 31-year lows. During this time, the Room 305 strategy has helped me steer my clients’ money safely into profit.  In times like these, it pays to rely on proven and time-tested approaches to growing wealth.

That’s what The Price Report is all about. I use my own experience in the markets to try and uncover the most profitable investments for you.

And as I’ve said, I put a large amount of my success down to the Room 305 strategy I’ve been sharing with you.

Let’s face it, it’s been working for 80-odd years, and it’s helped countless investors succeed in the markets. That is the very definition of proven.

I believe this strategy will help you make money over the medium term no matter what happens in the markets.

I’m not alone.

Graham’s most famous pupil, Warren Buffett, has repeatedly hammered the market in a career spanning half a century.

If you’d invested £10,000 in Berkshire Hathaway (Buffett’s company) when he took it over in 1964, by the end of 2013 your stake would have been worth £105,010,000.

That’s not a typo, by the way… £105,010,000.

But Berkshire Hathaway shareholders don’t just have Warren Buffett to thank for their astounding wealth – a fact Buffett is only too happy to acknowledge.

He said this of Ben Graham’s method:

“A hundred years from now this will still be the cornerstone of investing.”

Now, I’m not going to say whether you’ll see that kind of return. There’s no way of knowing. This is just an example of what’s happened in the past. The only way for you to see exactly what it could do for your wealth is to put it into practice yourself… which is why I’m going to make you an offer…

Try out The Price Report today without committing a penny

Now, at my current wealth management firm the minimum investment required is around £250,000.

But today I’m offering you the chance to try my work without committing a penny: I’m going to let you try my service with no obligation for two months.

So that means that ON TOP of the book, my annotations and guide, plus my specific recommendations for you to try… you get two months of me writing to you to help you apply this, in real time.

That, to me, is a fantastic offer.

But what if you want to keep on receiving my advice AFTER two months are up?

Well, considering the money you’d pay for my help in the City, I DID consider placing a £3,000+ value on a year’s membership to The Price Report.

But to be honest, I don’t really want price to be an issue for anyone wanting to try this out…

So a year’s membership to The Price Report costs just £994.

That’s the full, official value. And it’s an investment many of my followers happily make to receive my help and guidance…

“Each issue enables you to have a far better understanding of the current state of the market and what future prospects are, for better or worse.”

– MC, London

“Gives me excellent investment guidance.”

– Peter Connelly

“How to first preserve your capital then grow it in a very scary macroeconomic climate - this has opened my eyes.”

– Graham Jones, Clevedon

“It is wonderfully well written and highly astute. Tim is a fabulous writer and a mean market strategist to boot.”

– Matt S.


Today, I’m actually offering you the chance to get in at a lower price than the official £994.

Take out a one-year subscription, and you'll pay just £745.

That will save you 25% on the normal price.

But I’d like to extend this offer even further.

So I’m also offering you...

Your second year of The Price Report for FREE.

That will SAVE you £994.

So rather than pay a combined £1,988 for your first two years of my premium research service...

You’ll pay a total of just £745.

That’s a SAVING of £1,243.

I hope you appreciate just how generous this offer is. This is the first time I’ve ever offered a free year of my service.

But there’s a reason I’m willing to take such a big initial loss on this...

I’m completely convinced you’ll see the merits of this approach, and want to continue using it for as long as you live – yes, for as long as you live.

So I’m happy to make it as easy as possible for you to get it up and running. Put simply, I think this package – and my ongoing guidance – will improve your life.

And remember: you do not need to commit today. You get 60 days to try this without risking a penny. If after that period you decide that you’re not impressed with what I’m providing you, then you can walk away with a full refund.

Let me just quickly run over everything you’ll get as part of your trial:

bundle mockup

Your own personal copy of Ben Graham’s book, detailing how to use the Room 305 strategy. This book comes with my annotations and guidance – and isn’t available in the shops.

My personal ‘foreword’ to the book, pointing out which sections are most valuable and which I believe will help yield best results for you.

My investment report – titled 'Invest Intelligently: Three Picks to Start Your Room 305 Portfolio' – detailing three specific recommendations based entirely on this approach, fully thought out, analysed and ready for you to act on immediately.

Access to the entire Price Report editorial back-catalogue, so you can get my analysis on markets at home in the UK and across the globe.

Access to The Price Report portfolio, which will show you exactly why and when each investment was recommended so that you can see their performance.

Quarterly conference calls, where you can ask me questions on the state of the market, and any general questions you have about the Price Report investment recommendations. You’ll also have access to all of the previous conference calls.

I’ll give you a log in and a password so that you can get full access to The Price Report members’ exclusive webpage, where I’ve put everything you need to benefit from my service.

Monday to Friday access to my customer services team, who will answer any questions you may have regarding your subscription.

Only the first 300 people to respond today will get in on this.

You know how important I think this strategy is for you as an investor.

You’ve seen that it’s made fortunes for many of those who have read it – and if you respond to my message today, you can get your hands on a copy for FREE.

And as I showed you earlier, it isn’t just the book I’ll be posting to you…

But the thing is… I can only offer this to the first 300 people to respond today.

Working through this book for you, marking it up and annotating it before it reaches you is something I think will be incredibly valuable to you.

But simply in terms of time, it’s not something I can do for too many people.

Which is why I simply can’t offer this to more than 300 people.

So if you want to get your hands on a copy, you will need to get back to me today – this invitation has been sent to more than 100,000 investors and I’m expecting them to go within a matter of hours.

I wish that I could give away more, but I’m afraid that due to work commitments I simply haven’t got enough time to prepare more. Remember, each copy will have my personal introduction and annotations as well.

And what’s more, those who manage to secure a package will receive their second year of The Price Report (value: £994) completely FREE of charge.

Do so, and you’ll make a total SAVING of £1,243.

I really can’t stress enough how good I believe this offer is.

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P.S. Earlier I showed you how Warren Buffett has used The Wealth Secret of Room 305 to help build a $87.5 billion fortune.

At the last count, that puts him up at third on the list of the richest people in the world.

The second richest, with a net worth of approximately $91.6 billion, is Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

But while his computer company has undeniably served him very well, it’s estimated that just 17% of his fortune comes from the computer giant.

Which begs the question:

Where has the other 83% come from?

Well, it may not surprise you to learn that much of it has actually been attained by the very same secrets Ben Graham divulged at Columbia University, Room 305.

In 1994, Gates set up a company called Cascade Investment, LLC – of which he is the only shareholder.

Now, Cascade is run according to the principles laid out in Graham’s text...

So it almost goes without saying that it’s continually outperformed the leading stock indexes.

Gates saw his wealth jump by $12.9 billion in 2016 alone.

Look, as I said at the start of the presentation, you obviously won’t make these sorts of sums simply by having a copy of Graham’s book…

But Gates achieved it by buying stocks available to any investor. He just knew how to select them…

So isn’t it worth seeing what it could do for you?

You’ve seen how much money it’s made. You’ve seen that anyone can use it to grow their wealth.

The only question you have to ask yourself is this:

Why wouldn’t you try this?

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5 year figures

Berkshire Hathaway five year performance ('A' shares): 2012 +17% | 2013 +33% | 2014 +27 % | 2015 -13% | 2016 +21% | 2017 (YT 29/06) +4%

Sequoia Fund five year performance: 2012 +16% | 2013 +35% | 2014 +8% | 2015 -7% | 2016 -6.9% | 2017 (Q1) +5%


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