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With global markets in a tailspin, it’s time to ask:

“Is This The End?”

After 14 years of rising markets, 2022 saw the worst start to the year in decades. Now, war in the East has sent major stock indexes plummeting.

Is this the start of the “big drop” the doom-mongers always predicted?

Whatever happens next – you need a plan

So, I’ve called in the best investor I know to help you protect your wealth – and even prosper:

Nigel Farage
Founder, UK Independent Wealth

Hello, it’s Nigel here...

With an urgent wealth warning for you:

As you read this, your hard-earned cash is under threat.

The Russia-Ukraine war has sent markets in a tailspin…

Hitting investors hard:

Source: Yahoo Finance

It’s not pretty is it?

And it could get worse.

Assets that have been a good bet over the last few years are now starting to plunge.

Money is in flight.

And this message from renowned US financial strategist Jim Rickards should have every investor on high alert:

Source: Twitter

When you scroll through the financial pages online, the pundits are starting to fear the worst:

I’m not here to predict anything.

No-one can be sure how the current chaos ultimately plays out.

But if you have a stock portfolio, I’m sure you’re wondering where to turn next.

If so, you’re reading this message at just the right time.

I’m writing today to help keep you and your money on the right side of this mounting carnage.

The fact is, the year was already shaping up to be pretty rough for British investors…

Bloomberg has christened 2022 ‘the year of the squeeze’.

Everywhere, prices of essential items are soaring.

Put simply, us Brits are facing the worst cost of living crisis in as many years as I can remember… certainly a generation.

And unless you’re one of those selfless offshore billionaires…

You’re going to be blindsided by a triple whammy of tax rises, energy prices and inflation…

A potentially devastating environment that the Institute for Fiscal Studies says could well be:

“…worse than the 2008/09 financial crisis

Yes, most of us will likely be worse off than after one of the worst recessions on record.

And don’t forget, despite recent news, the pandemic is still with us.

The World Health Organization warns that the Covid-19 is far from over.

According to the IMF’s chief economist, its ongoing impact could reduce global GDP by a whopping $5.3 trillion over the next five years.

Supply chain bottle necks, raw material shortages, higher energy prices…

Not to mention rising geopolitical tensions between Russia, China, the US and Europe…

This could be a perfect storm for inflation to lift-off…

Even higher than the 30-year peak it hit in January.  

Plus, in recent weeks, we’ve started to see enormous sell-offs in the stock market.

Equities have taken a big hit.

And investing legend Jeremy Grantham sees eerie comparisons to the lead up to the crash that triggered the Great Depression.

It doesn’t make for pretty reading does it?

Now, investors are hit with a new wave of anxiety and price falls, triggered by Putin’s senseless assault on Ukraine.  

It could be an uphill struggle for anyone trying to keep their financial life in good health.

And a disaster for those who sit and do nothing. Another message from Jim Rickards illustrates what a precarious moment for the finances of millions, many miles from the conflict, this could be:

Source: Twitter

That’s why now is the time to prepare your finances.

If markets really turn,you must protect what you’ve got…

What you’ve worked hard to build up and put away.

Fixed pension and fixed income assets can be dissolved in just a few years by rapid inflation.

And, let’s face it, you may need your money to work harder – a lot harder.

You need to take steps – or risk being left behind.

Which is where my personal crusade comes in.

I want to help you take back control of your financial destiny.

I want to help you both protect what you’ve got – and grow it…

No matter what our politicians and the markets throw at it.

Back in December 2020, together with an investment veteran I’ll introduce you to shortly, we launched UK Independent Wealth

To help ordinary, hard-working, private investors overcome this increasing challenge to our financial future.

Needless to say, some in the industry and establishment media were quick to mock…

But in one of our very first issues, our investment veteran warned that inflation was set to surge – and could become a very serious problem.

He was way ahead of the game on that one...

And now, with our first anniversary successfully under our belt, we’ve been joined by over 6,600 British investors.

Today, I’d like to offer you the chance to join them.

In fact, I’m going to put a very simple offer on the table for you.

A very simple way for you to get the investment research and guidance you need, quickly with very little fuss.

Here’s how it will work.

Normally, the price for one year of UK Independent Wealth is £199.

That’s the full price for an annual subscription.

But take up my offer today and you’ll unlock a 50% DISCOUNT...

Bringing the price for your first year down to just £99.

What’s more, you will also receive an urgent selection of investment reports, recommendations and private briefings…

Try out UK Independent Wealth today.

For 90 days under no obligation whatsoever.

And you will receive everything you see above to help you protect and prosper... to beat the inflationary surge...

For what is, in effect, a three-month test drive.

Why am I going to these lengths, you might ask?

Why am I lowering the price of our work so radically, right now?

The answer is simple:

You can’t afford to get it wrong

This really is a pivotal time for your money...

A look at recent headlines shows what we’re dealing with:

Little wonder, many fear a return to the UK’s ‘Decade of Despair’:

Those headlines should send chills down the spine of anyone who has money in the markets, savings in the bank, or a mortgaged home.

The parallels with ‘the nightmare 1970s’ are chilling.

Supply chain shortages.

A weak and scandalised government.

A housing market riding its luck.

Spiralling government debt.

And soaring energy prices .

In the 1970s, supply shortages meant shoppers were faced with scouring empty shelves…

Fast forward to the last 12 months, and we’ve all been faced with similar haunting images:

Source: Twitter

You’ve probably seen that infamous picture of Leicester Square full to the brim with rubbish...

Source: Twitter

...a perfect expression of how a distortion in the financial markets manifests itself in the real world.

Well, this is a picture of Brighton, towards the end of last year...

Source: Twitter

Strikes, blackouts, shortages, a weak and unpopular government, and the financial markets starting to look very hairy...

Uncanny, isn’t it?

Once again, we are faced with hard choices because of financial forces outside of our control. Once again, the British people are paying the price.

It’s the same with the energy supply crisis going on right now.

In the run up to Christmas, we saw fist fights at the petrol pumps…

Like you, I spent time going from forecourt to forecourt, searching for petrol.

It was just the same in the 1970s...

Source: Twitter

And late last year...

Source: Twitter

Of course, the underlying reasons for these shortages and empty shelves are not exactly the same.

But what does that matter when the impact on your life and money could be just as severe?

That’s not to mention the violent civil unrest, where thousands of the unemployed and strikers clashed with the police. For millions of people trying to keep their hard-earned money secure, it was a nightmare.

Source: Twitter

Here we are in 2022, we’ve already seen protests similar to those of the 1970s – with tens of thousands out in force rebelling against lockdown restrictions all through the year:

Source: Twitter

The media – across the political divide make the warning signs clear.

History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes – as the saying goes.

As the top rate of income tax peaked at 83% in 1974, foreign investment steered away from Britain as if it were an island colony of lepers. We were the ‘sick man of Europe’.

I don’t see that happening again, with the new freedom to strike fresh trade deals that Brexit has created... but the threat of rising taxes for the rest of us is real.

Someone will have to pay for the pandemic – and make no mistake, it will be us.

The recent increase in National Insurance is surely just the beginning.

As Rishi Sunak’s budget showed us, we’re being set up to foot the bill. The chancellor raised taxes more in his two budgets last year than any year since 1993 – in the aftermath of ‘Black Wednesday’.

Inflation itself has been described as a “silent thief” or a stealth form of taxation. It is, fundamentally an insidious, slow-drip of wealth away from you – and back to the government’s coffers.

From here on out, with the full financial impact of the pandemic still unfolding, no one can say exactly what happens next. But what looks certain to us is, it could be a very tough year ahead for investors who want to keep their financial lives on an upward trend.

Many people will be confused by these events. If you know your history, you’ll know that millions were caught napping, with surging prices and falling markets taking a brutal toll.

Today, I am here to intercede.

To show you that this time...

You CAN prepare

To put into your hands an investing roadmap, aiming to help you out on the right side of this flashback to the nightmare 1970s.

Follow it – and the next few years could be VERY good for you. There are BIG opportunities created by today’s changing financial landscape. If you’re responsible for your finances, it’s important you understand what you can do.

Ignore it, and you could be opening your finances up for a very tough time.

Because I certainly remember what it was like. Perhaps you do too. Or perhaps you recall family members struggling with the chaos it caused.

It was a dark time, in many ways.

Economically, politically and culturally.

A decade-long financial environment that made simply getting by a real challenge – and fulfilling your personal financial dreams, nigh on impossible.

Some respected experts and my own contacts within the financial industry are starting to get really worried about this:

  • Chief Financial Correspondent at Sky News, Ian King – says those who lived through this situation before, decades ago, can be forgiven for likening it to a disease, as punishing for our lives as ‘polio or rickets’ was for our health.
  • A 2021 report by Deutsche Bank talks about this situation as a ticking ‘time-bomb’ that will cause the cost of ‘everything’ to spiral out of control.
  • Roger Bootle, in The Telegraph, warns that action must be taken now, "to stave off an economic nightmare".

And some of the financial analysts in my little black book are starting to get very worried about it:

Here’s Rob Marstrand, my colleague at UK Independent Wealth, and who spent 15 years at the world’s largest wealth manager UBS:

“Higher inflation and interest rates could be bad news for many assets. Investment staples, such as mortgage-financed houses and most bonds, present some of the greatest risks. Even bank deposits will lose buying power at a faster rate. This makes it essential to look elsewhere for protection and profit.”

And The Telegraph’s Liam Halligan puts our current situation in no uncertain terms:

“...There are clear signs we’re heading once again towards a 1970s-style moment of economic and political reckoning. As inflation spirals and government debt escalates, society is becoming more fractious.

Shoppers and businesses regularly complain of shortages — a throwback to my youth.”

This is not an abstract threat.

It’s already hitting your pocket. I’m sure you are feeling that every time you pop to the supermarket, garden-centre or pay your gas bill. Across the board, it seems like everything is getting more expensive.

And while the Bank of England’s chief economist warned in October that inflation is likely to hit 5%...

Financial markets also bet that UK inflation will surge above 6% for the first time in decades.

Governments have printed lots of money, borrowed lots of money – and, just as we predicted for you – the disease of money is back.

Look at the advance warning we sent to our readers, back in January 2021:

“With economies in a funk, new lockdowns, gigantic state-funded support spending and lower tax receipts, government debts continue to soar. Meanwhile, central banks keep printing money hand over fist to buy government bonds, including our own dear Bank of England.

This raises the prospect of future tax hikes or an engineered prod in inflation rates. The former could allow a slug of debt to be paid down quickly, but potentially at the cost of slower economic recovery as funds are drained from the private sector.

The latter – designed to slowly inflate the debt away, by growing the economy at a higher nominal rate – would probably give gold another leg up. But it would hit real (after-inflation) returns on financial assets such as bank deposits and bond investments.

In fact, we could get both higher taxes and higher inflation.”

Pretty valuable insight, I’d say.

And two fingers to one famously pink paper that smirked about us at the outset: “we hope it will provide us with some levity in these difficult times”.

Plus, post the budget, what have we got?

Higher inflation...

And, as The Times reported: “People... will have to pay higher taxes next year.”

A lot of investments, frankly the entire financial system seems to be running on the fumes of low interest rates and cheap money.

In short, it’s looking to us like we’re teetering at the very the top of the market.

Some of the smartest and most successful investment minds in the world are starting to sound similar warnings:

  • In November, legendary investor Bill Gross said:

“It’s all dreamland, that’s been supported by interest rates that aren’t where they should be.”

The man who founded the Pacific Investment Management Company and was dubbed the ‘King of Bonds’, warned that the entire financial system could collapse if interest rates are not raised and huge bond-buying programmes are not scaled back.

  • Then there’s Michael Burry, of The Big Short fame. The man who beat the stock market in the financial crisis of 2008 says:

“More speculation than the 1920s. More overvaluation than the 1990s. More geopolitical and economic strife than the 1970s.”

Global geopolitical, financial forecaster and hedge fund manager David Murrin is even more emphatic.

  • In an exclusive interview for the Fortune & Freedom podcast, he told me he believes a stock market collapse is imminent.

He said there will be no warning signals:

“I call it the ‘Doomsday Bubble’ because there is no way out of it."


“It is going to be a dislocation of the type we haven’t seen."

Bear in mind, back in 2009, in his book Breaking The Code of History, he predicted that the next great viral epidemic would originate from China.

The man has a record for being uncannily accurate.

However, he too is bullish on Britain.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial flare and optimism – a national energy that he calls “irrepressible”...

David, like me, believes Britain’s great wealth revival is only just beginning...

That Sterling could be the world’s new safe haven currency...

“We just have to remember how we did it before."

As The Sunday Times bestseller 'The Power of Geography' puts it:

“Two and a half centuries after the American War of Independence, the British are coming again – to as many places as they can."

And a recent article from The Telegraph points out we might be heading in the right direction:

“We have agreed trade deals with 70 countries — plus the EU — worth £766 billion... No other nation has secured so many trade deals with so many of its counterparts in such a short space of time. And this is just the beginning."

So, our mission for ambitious British investors is more relevant – and urgent – than ever...

To keep you AHEAD of the biggest threats.

To get you INTO the best opportunities.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of both.

And whilst many investors will be left scratching their heads, wondering how to invest through the highest inflationary surge we’ve seen in decades...

For the last year, UK Independent Wealth has been helping over 6,600 investors stay ahead of the confusion.

You’ll hear from some of them later... on how they are ‘taking back control’ of their financial future – for the better.

But first I’d like to explain why I have put together this urgent and very special package for every new reader who joins my crusade today:

Your complete ‘Protect & Prosper Wealth Package’ for 2022 – and beyond

I want to put everything you see above into your hands today.

To help arm you with the investment intelligence, research and recommendations that could help you come out on the right side of what’s happening.

I’ll show you how to get unrestricted access to your 'Protect & Prosper Wealth Package' in just a moment.

It could prove invaluable all through the year.

Because in times of upheaval, money moves.

It migrates into different assets and investments.

This can seem alarming when it happens.

And it can be disastrous if you sit on your hands and do nothing...

If you simply bury your head in the sand and hope that ‘someone else’ will look after you... well, you will get left behind.

But great change brings great opportunity.

Throughout financial history, those who adapt to change can do tremendously well.

Take one of the richest men in the world – Warren Buffett...

One of the greatest investments he made was to buy the Washington Post.

And he bought it in the middle of a terrible bear market for stocks – in 1973/74. The market had lost 45% in around 22 months.

Yet Buffett bought. He made at least 100 times his money on that one investment – and that’s before dividends were included.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Then you have another legendary investor – John Templeton.

His fund is one of the financial world’s great money-makers. A $10,000 investment in 1954 would have been worth $2 million in 1992 (excluding fees and taxes).

Templeton’s fortune had its roots in a single, famous trade.

At the outbreak of WW2 – when markets had crashed - he went out and bought every public company on the New York Stock Exchange trading for $1 or less.

He made almost four times his money on that trade – and began to build his great fortune.

Look at the enormous returns you could have secured with a small speculation in Bitcoin over the last decade...

Not enough people understand that Bitcoin was borne out of the 2008 financial crisis. A product of CHANGE... a response to the mismanagement of the financial system.

Those who took a fraction of their risk capital and made a long-term speculation on Bitcoin have done outrageously well: 

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
Bitcoin 5 year performance: 2017 +2,371,91% / 2018 -73.6% / 2019 +92.65% / 2020 +303.09% / 2021 +59.71%

Or take the 800% return you could have made in 2020 from just one company in Britain’s green energy boom...

Remember that quote earlier: “the British are coming”?

Britain is at the heart of a global energy revolution.

The pandemic shut the world down and when it all restarted, it’s done so – increasingly – on renewable energy sources. This is an epochal shift. A change to the global energy order that has held for the better part of a century.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Those that saw this change coming... and understood that UK hydrogen firm ITM Power was riding this trend sky high... could have locked in a profit of more than 800%. And in a period of just 13 months.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
ITM five year performance: 2017: 69.61% | 2018: -39% | 2019: 204.9% | 2020 581.5% | 2021 -23.64%

It’s the same story, over and over...

Ringing throughout history...

In times of disruption and upheaval...

In times of epochal change...

The smart money wins.

Smart money moves ahead of the change.

And I believe that time is upon us, once again, right now.

The rise of inflation is changing the investment landscape. And you must change with it – or risk being left behind.

I want to help YOU take control of your finances... share with you the best financial opportunities in Britain today... and help you avoid the big risks that could see you fall behind.

I’ve been inspired by the stories I’ve heard of regular, everyday British savers and investors who’ve already done this – and never looked back...

He is not the only one:

I want you to see there is a better way than leaving all of your money in the hands of others...

Now it’s your turn.

Your financial future is in your grasp right now.

Just reach out and take it.

Your complete ‘Protect & Prosper Wealth Package’ for 2022 has been put together to help give you the best possible start.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.

I’ll be right there with you – sharing my intelligence about the political landscape – the sorts of insights that you won’t be able to hear elsewhere... about changes in the world that will affect your life and your money.

So, too, will be my man from the ‘inside’ – financial veteran and former banking professional, Rob Marstrand.

Meet your very own ‘master investor’

Rob Marstrand

You’ll get to know Rob well over the coming months.

Rob is the Investment Director at UK Independent Wealth.

And I’ve chosen him for good reason.

For 15 years, he travelled the world working for Swiss banking giant UBS... heading up multi-million pound deals in almost every corner on the planet.

He’s got an eye for opportunity, and for spotting big blow ups in the market.

He managed to get OUT of the banking system right before the 2008 crash – selling all of his banking shares and options, cashing in his stock portfolio and moving into gold.

After that, he became the Chief Strategist for one of the world’s best-known “financial entrepreneurs”... a man with three New York Times best-sellers to his name... and founder of multi-million pound businesses in seven different countries worldwide.

Rob knows what works... and what doesn’t.

He knows that when you invest your money, you are taking a risk.

And he understands that different investments have different risk profiles.

Which is why Rob always analyses his recommendations inside-out. As an experienced investor, he always recommends you follow a prudent “buy well and be patient mindset”. And, of course, the golden rule for any investment you make is: only ever stake what you can afford to lose if things don’t go your way.

I like Rob’s careful but ambitious philosophy.

He’s helped guide both the wealthy and ordinary people toward a better financial future. And now he’ll be working for you... just as he has for over 6,600 UK Independent Wealth readers throughout this year.

What’s more, he really does put his money where his mouth is. Rob is happy to “eat his own cooking” as he puts it. He won’t suggest or recommend any course of action that he would not invest in. He will back all his decisions – everything he does – with his own money too. I think you’ll find that is pretty unique… and plays to everyone’s best interest too.

Together, our mission is simple – to give you the very best shot at growing and protecting your wealth this year, next year and for the next decade or more.

Although we can't make any guarantees when it comes to investing, we’ve designed an investment blueprint that we believe any independent-minded reader could follow from home today.

It has been designed SPECIFICALLY to help you preserve some of your wealth in a high inflation environment and to keep it growing… with three smart money moves you can make today.

First, you’ll discover the stocks Rob believes could help you turn the inflationary surge to your advantage...

Second, Rob will reveal a clever way to play the real estate market (which can act as an excellent counterbalance to bonds and cash)...

And third, our 2022 'Protect and Prosper Wealth Package' will show you how to understand both gold investing and cryptocurrency too.

That way you’ll be well-placed to take advantage should gold break out of its ten-year slump for a massive bull run... or should bitcoin reach £100,000 (or even $1 million, as some analysts are predicting).

(Interestingly, often you can profit – like with real estate – without actually owning physical gold itself.)

Everything you need to know is included in your bespoke wealth package... which, drum roll please, I am now about to reveal to you... along with a special first anniversary price you might find very welcome indeed:


Rob has picked stocks he believes can beat the inflation drain including:

  • The dividend king with a juicy yield
  • An unfashionable fuel stock that could rocket in value
  • And the commodity producer set to soar 

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In fact, you will also have access to Rob’s complete private ‘buy list’ of what he considers the absolute best opportunities on the market for UK investors right now. 

And you’ll also receive...

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Exclusive video: Q&A with Rob Marstrand

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But I want you to get to know Rob better, and trust him. So I asked Rob to sit down in the studio and answer some key questions so you can see just how deep his experience goes.

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Understanding cryptocurrency comes with a lot of advantages.

But, of course, you should also be totally aware that cryptocurrency is a high risk and volatile asset.

It’s a new market, unregulated in terms of consumer protections from the Financial Ombudsman or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. That means you should only invest a small portion of your spare capital – money you can afford to risk losing.

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Avoiding costly mistakes and falling for the tricks of internet charlatans is of paramount importance for anyone thinking of dipping their toe into this market.  In this guide, Sam’s runs you through his valuable dos and don’ts. 

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Rob will do ALL the work for you. When he recommends a stock or fund he’ll give you specific “buy-up-to” prices – so you know exactly what to pay for any given stock.

He’ll provide a full write-up of the opportunity, so that you can go in with your eyes open, understanding the risks and potential rewards. You’ll also be able to see the latest price data for all portfolio holdings at a glance in our exclusive portfolio tracking table. Always remember the simple rule: never risk more than you can afford to lose when investing.

A full understanding of the risks of investing and how to handle them carefully

A big part of taking control of your money and becoming a hero of your own financial story is understanding and managing risk. There are a lot of people out there who may gloss over risks. Not us! Each recommendation Rob makes comes with a complete risk analysis. You’ll know your own tolerance for risk, fully informed, you’ll be in the best position to make your own decisions. For example, while we focus on British investing opportunities, Rob may see an opportunity in the US market. So, there is currency fluctuation to consider. Rob will walk you through, in full. 

The portfolio is made up of stocks and funds that may be held for the medium or long term. So before investing you should consider if you’ll need access to the capital in the short term.

We can’t control the markets or the economy, which may go up or down. But we can control our investment responses as situations change. Being informed is your greatest asset when it comes to managing risk.

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The fact is, my #1 priority right now is to help the men and women of Britain prepare for a very tough investing challenge ahead.  

You may be old enough to remember the turmoil of the economic nightmares of the 1970s. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be too young!...

But to give you some idea of what people faced back then, I asked some of my readers to share their first-hand experiences of what it was like.

James, from Orpington, who shared this message with me – about the last time we saw this situation occur:

“During this period I witnessed my grandparents on fixed pensions go from comfortable to poor, which, in retirement is one reason I fear [it].”

Or another follower of mine, J.C. – who fears for his family, if we see a return of this problem:

“I am dreading the resurgence... after my experiences in the 1970s. I remember watching my mortgage climb through the single figures into the teens, then into the high 20%s! I don't want that again, for me or my children.”

A former financial professional, Stephen, wrote to me with a very personal account of his struggles when inflation last took off in the manner we’re starting to see right now:

“It was brutal, every time the FT index fell 50 points fund managers were laying staff off. My mortgage of 7000 (yes sounds tiny but when your income is £2,000 per annum plus bonuses – and the bonuses dried up for 3 plus years)... it cost far more than I could afford when rates went from 6% to 13 1/2%. So much so that to keep my flat I had to work four nights a week selling double glazing to pay my mortgage.”

That is how inflation surges can impact ordinary people – savers, homeowners and investors.

We can’t say for sure we are headed for an exact re-run. No-one knows how the future will ultimately play out, precisely.

Remember, history never repeats – but it rhymes.

If anything, our financial system is loaded up with more debt, more risk, and a stock market prices at an all-time high. A potential tinder box.

And let’s be frank, shall we?

With a government embroiled in scandal after scandal... under the spotlight for dishing out big ‘crisis contracts’ to their pals... in the firing line for breaking Covid restrictions whilst we were locked up in our homes...

Ask yourself... How much can you trust those in power to look after YOUR best interests?

If you have faith in them to ride to the rescue if inflation really spirals out of control... well, I’ll be polite and call you ‘an optimist’.

I believe it is imperative you get informed about what’s happening – and the steps you can take to do something about it yourself.  

That is why I want to get our 'Protect & Prosper Wealth Package' into your hands right now.

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UK Independent Wealth is part of my crusade to empower you to understand more about your money...

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Particularly with the big changes in the world we are seeing.

Some will fall on the right side of these historical changes. Others will be left behind.

This is not the time to have someone else taking risks with your investment capital.
Instead, it’s time to take back control.

Become the hero of your own financial future.

That’s my goal here.

To help you succeed.

That’s why I’ve created this presentation. And that is why I have started this new crusade...

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It’s decision time.

It’s not the ballot box I’m asking you to make a choice at...

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I hope you’ll choose to join me.

Important Risk Warnings:

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General – Your capital is at risk when you invest, never risk more than you can afford to lose. Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Bid/offer spreads, commissions, fees and other charges can reduce returns from investments. There is no guarantee dividends will be paid.

Small cap shares - Shares recommended may be small company shares. These can be relatively illiquid meaning they are hard to trade and can have a large bid/offer spread. If you need to sell soon after you bought, you might get back less that you paid. This makes them riskier than other investments.

Overseas investments - Some shares may be denominated in a currency other than sterling. The return from these may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. Any dividends will be taxed at source in the country of issue.

Taxation – Profits from share dealing are a form of income and subject to taxation. Profits from converting cryptocurrency back into fiat currency is subject to capital gains tax. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change.

Funds – Fund performance relies on the performance of the underlying investments and there is counterparty default risk which could result in a loss not represented by the underlying investment.

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