“Read this before Brussels bans it”

“After a private visit to the European Parliament – I have an urgent message for all UK investors…

It is now CRITICAL I rush you my book – which contains a warning Brussels would likely consider ‘subversive’.


What I saw and heard behind closed doors in Brussels shocked and scared me. It has never been more urgent for me to get my work into your hands. For a limited time you can claim your hardback copy for just £5. I need to get this book into your hands as soon as possible…

Nickolai Hubble here.

I’m an author, trader and chief strategist of the UK’s biggest publisher of independent financial advice.

And I’m worried.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, radical political forces are at work in our country… and across the rest of Europe.

You only have to look around you to see that something just isn’t right.

I’m not just talking about Brexit. Our politicians have contrived to turn it into a national nightmare. But look across the channel and things are, if anything, worse.

To understand why political and military insiders are so concerned, picture this...

You’re driving home from work one afternoon.

Up ahead, you see a there’s a roadblock. Protestors are stopping all vehicles in the road. It seems relatively peaceful. There’s lots of shouting and singing... but no violence.

You stop and wait.

Fifteen minutes later, you’re allowed on your way.

Ten miles down the road, you’re stopped again. Again, you’re held by protestors for 15 minutes, then allowed to pass.

But the next time you’re stopped... things are different. Protestors have thrown wooden pallets and tires on the road. You’re held for eight hours. Night falls. You can’t leave your car.

Other cars are tipped over and set alight. You call the police to ask what’s going on... but there is nothing they can do. There are protestors everywhere. There are hundreds of cars and lorries waiting.

Suddenly, one lorry driver decides to turn around and drive back where he came from. The protestors ram his lorry with a car, then set it alight.

The police arrive... but they don’t arrest anyone. They just escort the lorry driver away.

The same story is repeated up and down the country. Cars are burned. Shops looted. Thousands of people are on the streets. The police and army are spread so thin they’re helpless.

The central bank is set alight. Protestors barricade one government office with civil servants inside. The building is set on fire. The protestors shout “Roast like pigs!” and move on to burn new buildings.

Armored vehicles with EU flags emblazoned on them are deployed to detain the protestors... who remove EU flags from public places and burn them. Fighting breaks out. The police use lethal force to quell the uprising. All over Europe the scene is repeated...

If you think this me being sensational or alarmist, you’re wrong.

I’m not making a prediction. I’m reporting REALITY.

Every single thing I just told you happened in December 2018.

It might sound like the ‘Arab Spring’ that turned the balance of power in the Middle East on its head in 2011.

But this didn’t happen in Libya. It happened in Europe.

This isn’t the Arab Spring…


In France, protestors blockaded vehicles, leaving terrified drivers trapped in their cars. In Brussels and the Netherlands protestors fought the police in running battles in the streets.

Several people were killed by the security forces. Cars, banks and public buildings were burned.

Perhaps you saw some of these protests on the news... though I didn’t see the full reality of what was happening on the ground reported through any mainstream media outlet.

In fact, I believe no one publicly reported what was really happening in Europe in December. It was suppressed. Not to contain the riots or pretend they weren’t happening. But to hide the reason why they were happening.

What no one will publicly admit is this: The protests... violence... unrest... it was all connected by a single, dark secret. It’s a secret that implicates the very highest authorities.

This secret explains so much about what’s happening in Europe today – which is why I’ve come here, to Brussels, to expose what’s really happening.

…it’s why cities across France, Belgium, the Netherlands erupted into violence in December 2018, inflicting more than 1 trillion euros worth of economic damage…

…it’s why the security services responded with such brutality, killing at least six people, including an elderly woman...

…it’s why the EU is quietly creating its own army, directed from Brussels…

...it’s why Italy is in open rebellion against the EU’s spending rules, which led to huge sell-offs in the market through 2018…

…it’s why left-wing protestors in Germany recently rallied against rising property prices and a rampant real estate bubble. The state cracked down on protestors… with 100 arrests and 30 police injured.

…it’s why well connected insiders are quietly pulling millions of euros out of the banking system and stashing it in Switzerland (as one Swiss banker reported, “The big fish have been organizing the expatriation of their wealth for some time”).

These events, I believe, are connected… by a dark secret the political elite across Europe, including many of our own parliament, are desperate to conceal.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

You see, recently my connections led me to spend the day inside the European Parliament in Brussels…

I actually crossed paths with Theresa May whilst there.

But the purpose of my trip was private. And I returned to Britain with something far, far more valuable than Mrs May did…

That’s why I’m doing all I can to rush every British investor and saver a copy of my book, How the Euro Dies right away – in an urgent, last-ditch effort to help you profit from the next major crisis in Europe.

I’ve no idea if this message will reach you in time.

But if it does… it could be the difference between you surviving what’s coming unscathed – and losing money with everyone else.

Brussels’ dark secret

Here’s my conclusion after returning from Brussels: Political and financial insiders know that the unsolvable flaws within the European political and monetary system could soon trigger a financial crisis… one four times as destructive as in 2008.

They just don’t want to be too open about it.

Why should they? Why not enjoy the state funded dinners… big drinks budgets… the subsidised bars and restaurants… while it lasts?

Did you know, for instance, the MEPs in Brussels have a bed in their offices – but can’t stay overnight? You heard that right. The EU provides a space for politicians to nap (or worse) in the day.

It’s just one anecdote. But it underlines the point. Why fight the system… when the system looks after you so well?

The problem is, while inside the bubble all seems well… huge pressures are building in the financial system… and on the streets.

And insiders know this.

They just don’t want to admit it.

A few have broken ranks, though.

Take Professor Otmar Issing. This is the man who was the founding chief economist of the European Central Bank – one of the creators of the euro itself. He admitted last year that “one day, the house of cards will collapse.”

That day, long feared in Brussels (and indeed by many in our own Parliament) is fast approaching.

If you’d joined me at the European Parliament, I think you’d find many people who’d agree. But most are too scared to speak out publicly.

The problem is, more and more people are waking up to what’s wrong... and turning to increasingly radical ideas as part of that. As you’ll discover in your copy of How The Euro Dies, right now a new threat is emerging – and the social, political and financial shifts we’re seeing today are just the start of it. Soon, I’m expecting a crisis at least four times worse than the Lehman Brothers subprime crisis.

Will we see 2008 style losses in 2019?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

But look. I’m not here to pretend you can avoid all of what’s coming. That’s impossible.

What I can personally guarantee however, is that claiming a copy of How The Euro Dies today – while there’s still time – will give you a critical early warning on the next major market panic.

You’ll be ahead of 99% of investors who will likely be taken by surprise when the market starts falling and the losses mount up.

And make no mistake: understanding what’s going on and taking action now could be the difference between taking massive losses… and avoiding the worst of the damage. 

And that’s why, for a limited time, I’m willing to rush you a copy of my book. Just keep reading this letter to find out how to get yours.

I’ll send you a hardback copy immediately.

In short, if you’re worried that the next financial crisis is just around the corner and don’t want to be taken by surprise, like what happened in 2008 with the Lehman default…

If you’re concerned that something isn’t quite right with the financial system, though everyone seems keen to pretend everything is ‘fixed’…

And if you fear, deep down, that the next crisis could prove devastating for your savings, your share portfolio and your dreams of a happy retirement…

Then please, tell me where to send your hardback copy of How The Euro Dies right away.

“If you want to protect your life savings from the biggest bust in history – read this book like your life depends on it…”

It is critical that every British investor hears this warning before it’s too late and the panic selling begins.

That’s why I’m rushing anyone with a UK postcode a personal hardback copy for just £5.

That’s it. For a limited time, £5 is all it costs to get your hands on your early warning of the biggest bankruptcy of the century…

I’d like to rush you a hardback copy of my book, How the Euro Dies, right away.

In short, if you’re worried that the next financial crisis is just around the corner and don’t want to be taken by surprise, as with the Lehman default in 2008…

If you’re concerned that something isn’t quite right with the financial system, though everyone seems keen to pretend everything is ‘fixed’…

And if you fear, deep down, that the next crisis could prove devastating for your savings, your share portfolio and your dreams of a happy retirement…

Then please, tell me where to send your hardback copy of How The Euro Dies right away.

I’ll be blunt. I think this book could save you a fortune in the future. So much so I’m willing to knock the cost of getting this book right down to £5.

That’s it. No catch. No hidden fee. No paying for postage. No subscription. £5 gets you your own personal hardback copy, if you’re quick. Just enter your details below to secure your copy.

For obvious reasons, I don’t have an infinite number of these hardback books. Right now I have one reserved for you. But to avoid disappointment, please don’t delay.

And that’s not the only reason you need to move quickly. Because…

I expect every idea in this book to be out of date within 18 months

That’s a strange claim to make, I know.

Why would I spend so long writing and researching a book I’m pretty confident will go “out of date” within two years?

The answer is simple.

How The Euro Dies isn’t some angry rant about the political structure of the EU and the Eurozone…

And nor is it a long history of Europe’s “dark secrets”.

You can find plenty of that stuff on the shelves of your local Waterstones.

No, How The Euro Dies is unlike anything else you’ve read.

It’s a step-by-step playbook explaining precisely how I believe the Euro as we know it will collapse within 18 months – and trigger a financial panic at least four times bigger than Lehman Brothers caused.

Read it and you’ll discover the warning signs of financial collapse, which are flashing red alert as you read these words…

You’ll see the secret Euro banking system that hides Europe’s real debts, which is already under huge strain in 2018…

You’ll see how I’ve joined the dots to reveal a very different picture of the financial system right now – and see that it is hurtling towards disaster.

In other words, I’ll show you everything you need to watch out for in 2019 as an investor and saver in Britain… and help you sidestep the worst of the damage.

But none of that is of any use to you if you don’t grab your copy now and read it as fast as you can.

Think about it…

What good was it to you understanding subprime lending and the toxic debts in the banking system in 2010 – two years AFTER the crisis?

After some stocks had cratered 90% or more… the banks had gone bust… and the world had plunged into depression.

Perhaps it was interesting… as a history lesson.

But it was of no practical use.

Those ideas were OUT OF DATE by 2010.

I expect the same to be true of How The Euro Dies in two years time.

In my view, if you want to survive the next financial panic… you need to understand what’s happening NOW – while there’s still time…

The big question for me has always been not whether the Euro will implode, but specifically HOW will it end.

What will it look like?

What chain of events will lead to the final collapse?

Answering that question is why I wrote How The Euro Dies.

Personally, I’m preparing for a crisis that will make 2008 look like a picnic in the park.

I believe we’re in the early stages of it right now, with the stand off between Italy and the rest of Europe.

But very soon, I expect the chain reaction to ripple out through the banking and financial system… causing panic, huge losses and social chaos around the world.

Tear gassed in Paris… charged by police in Frankfurt

In a way, I’ve been working on the ideas you’ll see in How The Euro Dies for my whole life.

I’m half German, half British.

My mother lives in Austria. In fact, she took in four Syrian refugees during the huge migration crisis in 2015. 

On top of that, I’ve spent much of the last three years doing “boots on the ground” research helping private investors understand and protect themselves from the next financial crisis.

After I walked away from investment banking giant Goldman Sachs to pursue my own research, I travelled to 30 different cities across Europe over the course of three months, presenting my ideas at events in London, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Kiev, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

I personally confronted protestors at the Occupy Athens camp. I appeared on Montenegran television to share my ideas. I even stirred up a rebellion against the EU trade regulations in Moldova.

I almost got teargassed in Paris… and charged by mounted police in my old hometown of Frankfurt.

And recently I visited the “Death Star” itself… going inside the European Parliament in Brussels to talk privately with political insiders.

In other words, I've seen the problems caused by the European political and financial system up close… and they’re not pretty.

Let me make this very clear...

I believe there has never been a more important time to understand how the euro is going to trigger the next financial crisis. That’s because we are quite clearly in the early stages of a much bigger crisis.

Just look at what’s happening around you:

The risk of an Italian default – which would be at least four times worse than Lehman Brothers – has spiked to 20%.

European banking stocks have been hammered all year. Why? Because they’re closely connected to Italy (and hold Italian debt). They’re flashing red alert.

Italy is about to push Europe even further towards crisis: Italy is already pushing hard against the European authorities on trade, migration and spending. Italy is turning migrants away already. “I’m tired of being made fun of” said Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

This budget has backed the EU into a corner and could lead to Italy getting downgraded – sending a ripple of panic across Southern Europe.

It’s a clear, logical chain of events... but almost no one seems to be warning investors of the full implications.

So I’ll be blunt: THIS IS IT.

This is the moment the inbuilt tensions within the Euro... over trade, debt, migration, spending, national identity... this is the moment it all explodes out into the open.

You see, this could be more than just the end of the Eurozone.

It is part of a global unwinding.

An unwinding of a period of excess – in which debts have skyrocketed and the financial system has become highly fragile – that will go down in the history books.

For many, it will be life-changing.

People could lose fortunes. Dreams shattered. But, for those astute enough to read the signs in advance, there will also be chances to make a fortune.

When the next crisis hits, the terrible fragility of the global financial system will be exposed.

At that point, you’ll have some difficult decisions to make.Believe me, you HAVE to get these decisions right. And if you read How the Euro Dies – you’ll be in a much better position to do so. You’ve seen the signs... you’re light years ahead of most investors... now take the final step and protect your money.

In the words of the Financial Times, Italy is “too big to fail and maybe too big to save.”


As Deutsche Bank put it last year, this is a situation with: "A country nearing an election and with high populist party support, with a generationally underperforming economy, a comparatively huge debt burden, and a fragile banking system which continues to have to deal with legacy toxic debt holdings ticks a number of boxes to us for the ingredients of a potential next financial crisis."

Look around you and the signs are CRYSTAL CLEAR: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard claimed last year that the ratings agencies have “their finger on the downgrade trigger”.

Making a mistake in the next market meltdown could leave you playing catch up for the next 20 years.

Don’t make the mistake of putting it off and then forgetting about it.

The pressure within the system is intensifying. Something is going to crack and when it does it will be devastating.

When the fragile system gets pushed to the limit, it will happen very, very quickly.

Nervous and panicked bond markets will ricochet onto share and property markets.

Some investments could see jaw-dropping falls, just as we saw in 2008...

With restricted credit and cash, share markets being battered and forced selling in global markets, what will this feel like?

That all depends on one thing:

Whether you’re prepared or not.

And that’s the opportunity that’s in front of you right now. The chance to properly understand what’s coming so you’re prepared... AND move a portion of your money to safety.

The good news is: you can get your copy of How the Euro Dies right now. For just £5. That’s it.

I mean it. Move quickly, get your book for £5 now and I’ll post you your hardback copy right away.

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I’ll be blunt: given what could happen in the coming months I can’t think of a single good reason not to take this offer up.

But it’s your call.

I’ve done all I can. I’ve laid everything out for you.

Now, it’s over to you. You have a choice to make. Is it worth £5 to understand and defend yourself from the next financial crisis?

I think there’s only one answer to that question.

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Nick Hubble
Chief Strategist, Southbank Investment Research