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“Ignorant, bigoted, privileged boomers got rich at the expense of the next generation…

It’s time they paid for their selfishness and their arrogance.”


My name’s Nick Hubble, author of How The Euro Dies, and I’ve got bad news for you.

You’re spoiled…


And ignorant of your own good fortune.

That’s how millions of people in the UK see you.

You didn’t earn your money…

You just got lucky, with free higher education, a rising stock market, cheap house prices…

And then you went and screwed the economy for the generations to come.

Making you not only spoiled, and lucky, and ignorant…

But selfish, too.

Too concerned with feathering your own nest to care about the economy your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to deal with for the next 50 years.

In other words, you’re just a typical member of what The Guardian calls “the luckiest generation in human history…”

I should say these aren’t my views, by the way. In fact, they’re pretty much the opposite.

I believe in hard-work and sacrifice. That these are virtues that should be rewarded, rather than punished.

But my views won’t stem the tide of people who’re sick of an unequal UK…

Where “one in three millennials will never own a home”, according to The Guardian…

Where government austerity has been blamed for 130,000 “preventable” deaths…

And where people aged between 18 and 24 are “far more likely to be in poverty and debt because of high rents and precarious work.”

Meanwhile, you’ve enjoyed the fruits of a monumental rise in assets and property prices…

Rise that’ve probably added tens of thousands to your net worth without you having to lift a finger…

Why did the rise happen?

Because your generation artificially inflated asset prices so you didn’t have to suffer the financial consequences of the global financial crisis…

A crisis that the boomers created.

If you think this sounds ridiculous…or aggressive…even irrational…

I agree with you.

This is an insane attitude to take.

But these are views that millions of people in the UK DO hold.

And these people are sick of what they see as privilege and straight ignorance on your part…

And they want you to pay dearly for it.



Extra taxes designed to punish you for the crime of simply having money.

Plans have already been submitted to the treasury.

According to The Times, it will be “a windfall for the poor”.

Your income… your estate… your home… your investments.

I believe every part of your wealth could become under threat.

Depending on your circumstances…
you could lose tens of thousands of pounds over the next 18 months alone.

Maybe even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It will happen quickly, in the form of what I call the “inequality reparations act”.

A specific ‘5-point’ set of taxes designed to address the inequality in Britain.

If your net worth places you anywhere near the top 10%, this could be a financial nightmare.

And it sure as hell won’t matter if you actually deserve your money…

That you worked hard and sacrificed for it.

Because that’s not how millions of people in the UK see you.

They believe you simply got lucky…

That you’ve enjoyed life on ‘easy mode’…

And that it’s time you started paying to repair the economy you ruined.

I’m here to tell you;

You don’t have to bend over and take this.

My job is to show exactly where your money would be targeted…should these plans become reality…and show you exactly what you can do today to protect yourself.

My name, as I said, is Nickolai Hubble.

I’m chief strategist at Southbank Investment Research.

Tens of thousands of people read my work and follow my advice every day. I earn a good living.  

But when I started out at our business a decade ago, I was an absolute nobody. 

I started at the bottom. I made coffee, I did boring admin work. I took notes in meetings 

I earned less than half what my degree supposedly ‘entitled’ me too. 

Nobody gave a damn what I thought about anything. 

So I did the only thing I could to try and make my life better: I worked like a dog.

I read everything I could. I wrote every day.  I was the first person in the office and the last to leave. 

Late nights…early mornings…and hours and hours of hard, gruelling work

Eventually, I was given a chance to write one day a week. Then two days a week…then three…

Now, more than a decade after I started as a glorified teaboy, my wife and I can buy a nice home in a nice area of London, and I recently published How the Euro Dies, a book that’s now been read by thousands of readers, and called “the cure for head-in-sand disease”.

I’m not saying any of this to boast, by the way. I simply want you to understand that I don’t believe the world owes me a living. 

I believe that if you work hard, make sacrifices, and do the work that most people are simply too lazy to do… then you should reap the financial rewards, and get to keep them.

I think this idea was once a part of our country’s DNA.  

However, in the last decade or so, something has changed in our country.

Maybe you’ve noticed it too. 

As I see it, a very disturbing shift is taking place here in Britain, which is opening the door to increasingly radical and dangerous political ideas… ideas which would once have been dismissed as too fringe or crazy.  

You only need to look at Westminster for proof of this. 

The Shadow Chancellor – potentially the future Chancellor – can openly admit: “I am a Marxist.”  

The Leader of the Opposition called Marx “a fascinating figure from who we can learn a great deal”. 

His chief strategist can openly defend a mass-murdering-tyrant by saying “the number of victims of Stalins’ terror has been progressively inflated in recent years.” 

Not only that, he can suggest we should overlook the butchery, the gulag, the secret police and barbed wire border crossings:

for all its brutalities and failures, communism in the Soviet Union, eastern Europe and elsewhere delivered rapid industrialisation, mass education, job security and huge advances in social and gender equality”. 

The really scary part? 

These people got MILLIONS of votes.  

Ideas that any sane person would once have dismissed out of hand are now becoming normalised…

And some of them are a whisker away from becoming UK law.

I’m not here to explain why that is. My message to you is far more urgent and personal than that.  

I’m here to warn you that these disturbing trends could be about to accelerate… with terrible consequences for people like you and me. 

As I said earlier, we’re a part of the problem.  

And we’re squarely in the crosshairs of what I’m expecting to be the most brutal tax regime in British history. 

This five-point “Reparations” act will target every part of your wealth, if you let it.

These five taxes all have one single goal: to punish you for the crime of having money.

I’m going to show you all five of them here…

And then I’m going to show what you can do TODAY, to help protect your money before this ‘five-point’ plan becomes UK law.

I have no intention of letting my wealth be taken from me…I suggest you take the same attitude.

Let’s take a look:

Point One – The “Philo” Tax

Back in 2012, a no-name back-bencher gave a talk to Labour members praising the work of left-wing economist Greg Philo.

Philo’s main idea is simple:

Grab 20% of the wealth from the top 10%, and use it to pay for Britain’s deficit.

The back-bencher was John McDonnell, the current shadow chancellor, who said:

"So we're saying just collect the money and make those who created the crisis pay for the crisis and that way you overcome it." 

How much would you lose if you had a direct tax of 20% applied to your net worth?

I’d lose tens of thousands of pounds. Maybe you’re the same. Maybe you’d lose more than me.

I’ll show you what I’ll be doing to help safeguard my money in a moment. You can do the same.

But first, let me make one thing clear:

The idea of a one-off ‘wealth tax’ in the UK might seem ridiculous, but this threat is very real.

Writing in The Times, Iain Martin exposed a “secret” proposal for “an instant 20 per cent wealth tax on all assets above a level to be decided, that would be announced on day one of a Labour administration”.

“This would be presented as a “windfall” for the poor.”

The Sun reported “an instant all-assets tax hit on the well-off” that would “raise billions…”

When asked about a ‘wealth tax’, John McDonnell replied: “Yes. Well I think at some stage we’ll be looking at a fairer taxation system.”

Note the language. ‘Fairer’ tax system. As in, your wealth is unfair.

McDonnell has already written to Sir Tom Scholar, secretary of the treasury, with his plans, and in an interview with the BBC, he promised spending of “£49bn paid for by increased taxes on the top 5% of earners.”

Remember, this wealth tax is being talked about as a day one levy. If you don’t act now, by the time you realise what’s coming, it might be too late.

Corbyn, meanwhile, has promised a system that “starts to reward the many, who did the work, create the wealth and pay their taxes.”

Despite what the people planning this new tax system might say about ‘fairness’…

…this is not about creating a better society for the poor.

This is about taking as much money as is possible from anyone who has it.

You might think you pay too much tax now…

…but things could be about to get much, much worse.

Let’s take a look at the second part of the plan…

Point two – a tax on your home

How would you like to start paying capital gains on your family home?

Because that’s just one of the ideas floated in The Land for the Many, a new report uploaded to the Labour website in May 2019.

According to the report, applying capital gains to family homes – your primary property – would “limit the wealth inequality arising from the housing boom”.

Chancellor Philip Hammond said millions would be “horrified” by the revelation.

Tory chairman Brandon Lewis, meanwhile, said the idea was “a stark reminder that [Labour] want to punish families across the UK”.

If this tax was brought in, you could have to pay tens of thousands of pounds extra if you choose to move house…

The report itself even acknowledges it “would be controversial and would make it difficult for some households to buy properties of equivalent value when moving house”…

I couldn’t not believe this idea was even being talked about.

 This isn’t a matter of ‘helping the poor’ – this is actively punishing anyone who’s busted a gut to get on the housing ladder.

The Sun called it a “war on homeowners” and said the tax could “paralyse the property market”…

I have to state, legally, that this is not official Labour policy yet.

All I can say is that when asked about the report, Labour MP Andrew Gwynne said it was: “submitted as part of policy recommendations. This report will help inform some of those decisions…”

I’ll leave you to decide what that means.If you want to trust that a modern political party would never introduce a “controversial” tax like this, that’s your choice.

But I will say this:

There are specific steps you can take today to prevent this kind of punishing tax regime leeching away thousands of pounds from your estate over the next 18 months or so.

I’m going to show you how.

Because the thing is…this tax regime doesn’t stop there.

Point Three – the “new poll tax”

The same ‘Land for the Many’ report also details a brutal potential shake-up of council tax…

Which would scrap the single person discount that helps people living alone…

And also helps widows and widowers keep their monthly costs down.

Now that might sound emotional, or personal. But unfortunately, you need to know this if it affects you.

So what are they looking to replace council tax with?

A so-called “progressive property tax”.

That won’t tax you based on where you live…

It’ll tax you according to how much land you have, whether you have a garden…

Whether your property is empty, or a second home.

And, most importantly, whether or not you’re a homeowner. Renters will not be eligible.

Any property you own, you will pay the ‘new council tax’ on.

It could add as much as £675 to your council tax bill

It’s a war on homeowners, quite simply.

Estate agent Jeremy Leaf said:

“It may force people to consider moving at a time in their lives when it is not practical, especially for the elderly.” 

And it gets weirder…

You might end up in front of a planning jury – where random people are selected to adjudicate on decisions related to property.

The report says:

“Just as we believe it is important for criminal juries to be socially representative, the way we use our land should have input from all parts of society.”

“Juries for plan-making would be comprised of local people selected at random”.

The report doesn’t say specifically what these “juries” will look at...

Just that they’ll be responsible for “local” and “neighbourhood” developments.

The report says that “the planning system should be reformed to address imbalances of power”.

Who decides what an imbalance of power in planning is?

The report’s light on details. It simply calls for an end to the “over-consumption of housing”.

Again, who decides what over-consumption is?

To me, it simply sounds like “whoever is in charge”.

Could we even get to the stage where you have to appear in front of a planning jury if you want to buy a second property? Or build an extension?

The report doesn’t say you will, I have to add. But once you’ve set the precedent of a ‘planning jury’...who knows where we could end up?

And the report doesn’t stop at planning juries:

It also talks about “compulsory sale orders”.

This means public authorities could simply seize land left vacant and sell it at auction, and keep the proceeds.

Who decides when a property is vacant?

Westminster. Or Whitehall. Or maybe a ‘planning jury’.

Which begs the question…

When does “vacant” property expand to include a holiday home...or a second flat you’ve bought for your family to use?

No-one seems to have an answer, but shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett has already said Labour will “be studying these recommendations in detail”…

Corbyn, meanwhile, has already claimed the government has the means to seize property.

Following the Grenfell disaster, he called on his supporters to “occupy” empty buildings.

Asked by ITV interviewer Robert Peston if he would “seize it forever, or just just take it for as long as they’re needed”, [Corbyn] replied: “Occupy, compulsory purchase it, requisition it, there’s a lot of things you can do.”

Sure, Grenfell is a special case, but think about that sentence.

Occupy. Compulsory Purchase. Requisition.

Over and over again, the same point repeated:

Take from people who have, and give it to those who do not.

If you have money in the bank and you own property, it only takes the right ‘special’ situation – the right ‘emergency’…

And this regime’s first action will be to take wealth from anyone they can.

This isn’t just about targeting the super-rich…

Ordinary savers will be dragged into this.

You need to act if you want to protect your financial future. I’m going to show you exactly the steps you can take today to do that.

And, still, it doesn’t stop at your property…

Your income may be targeted too…

Point Four – the death of the tax allowance

Right now, you claim a £12,500 pre-tax allowance on your income.

But John McDonnell has welcomed a new plan to scrap this allowance, and replace it with a flat £48.08 welfare payment for all citizens.

That’s a blanket payment to everyone in the UK, no matter their circumstances.

So if you want to drop out of school at 16 and live off the state? Maybe pop out a few kids and live off child and housing benefit?

Well, congratulations: you might get  an extra £200 a month, paid for by hard-working taxpayers like you or me.

As reported in the Guardian, The New Economics Foundation – the left-wing think-tank behind the plan – said the changes will “transfer about £8bn currently spent on tax allowances that benefit the 35% highest income households to the rest of the country”…

But that’s not all.

This policy will also mean you having to pay the high 40% rate of tax on any income above £37,500.

Who will this policy hit the hardest?

You. Me. Wealth creators.

We’ll pay more tax at the higher rate…

And people people who’ve never worked a day in their lives will sit back and enjoy an extra £50 a week.

Reacting to the plan, John McDonnell said:

“This is just the kind of innovative thinking we need on how to fix the imbalances and problems of our tax systems.

Left-wing Prospect Magazine asked “Labour have been offered an opportunity to redistribute wealth and help the poorest. Will they take it?”

BBC News ran the headline “Basic income of £48 a week urged”…

The Times meanwhile, said “Universal Basic Income is the radical chance we need”.

A flat £48 basic income for everyone in the UK would cost the country £149.76 billion a year.

How will McDonnell pay for it? By “phasing out over £430 billion in existing tax reliefs”.

That’s £430 billion in existing tax breaks, set up to reward people who actually earn their money, all taken away.

The result? An extra payday for everyone – including the thousands of people who’ve never worked a day in their lives.

And still, the new tax regime doesn’t stop there!

Point Five – Stealing from your children!

“Labour tax raid on inherited wealth could leave families £875,000 worse off” reported the Telegraph.

The refers to the “lifetime gift tax”…a planned replacement for inheritance tax, which will levy any gifts of cash or property you give to your loved ones at any time.

I’m no fan of the existing IHT regime….but this will be far, far worse.

It’s still a tax on your estate – but the allowance will be slashed from the current threshold of £325,000 when you die…

To just £125,000 over your whole lifetime.

I’ll let Labour’s commissioned report tell you what happens when you hit this threshold:

“When this lifetime limit is reached, any income from gifts would be taxed annually at the same rate as income derived from labour under the income tax schedule…”

I wish I was making this up. But yes, you read that right:

You get £125,000 to give to your children over your lifetime.

Once you hit that threshold – which includes property, assets, cash and every other part of your estate currently covered by inheritance tax…

Your children start paying income tax on everything you give them. 20%. Maybe more.

Whether you want to help them get on the property ladder…

To give them money as a wedding present to help them start their new life…

Maybe help them pay off as much of their mortgage as they can before you die, so they have more money to put towards giving your grandchildren a good start in life…

It doesn’t matter.

Once you reach this lifetime threshold, the state will start taking 20% in income tax on every single gift you give your children.

And remember, the threshold still includes your property.

This makes it virtually impossible not to hit the threshold if you own a home in the UK.

Depending on your estate, this “gift tax” could harvest hundreds of thousands of pounds from your loved ones over the course of your life.

John McDonnell, meanwhile, simply said “I think it’s interesting. We need to have a fairer system of how we can ensure that wealth is more fairly distributed.

We’re looking at it.”

This isn’t ‘fairness’ – it’s socialism!

This is an ideology that’s been tested over and over again, leading to destruction and destitution every single time.

If you lived through Britain in the 1970s, you’d rightly wonder how the hell anyone could want socialism to return.

And yet, the younger generations see things differently…

 “British people keener on socialism than capitalism” says a YouGov report…

The New Statesman asks “Why is ‘millennial socialism’ on the rise?

Open Democracy asks “can democratic socialism set us free?”

Men like Andrew Murray, former British communist party member – now work in Westminster, without security clearance.

The shadow chancellor can say, on camera, “democracy doesn’t work for us”…

And the potential leader of Britain can say that “capitalism can’t sustain the natural world…

Former head of MI6 Sir Richard Deerlove has even warned that Corbyn’s parties are “not friends of the British nation”.

Ten years ago, the idea that socialism could return would seem like madness.

Why would anyone aspire to more if it’s impossible to get ahead?

Why try to make more income if it’s going to be taxed to nothing?

Why build assets if the government can come and take 20% in one go?

The answer is, of course, that no one will.

Any entrepreneurs…anyone wealthy…anyone with talent…

They’ll all leave the UK to rot and head elsewhere, where hard work, sacrifice and risk taking are rightly rewarded.

If it sounds like I’m being dramatic, don’t take my word for it:

It’s already happening.

The wealthy are getting the hell out of Britain.

James Dyson has relocated his whole business to Singapore, and recently bought a £43m apartment at the heart of the city-state.

He claimed it was to use the “opportunities” there…then The Times investigated, running the headline: “Corbyn fears drove James Dyson’s move to Singapore”

Britain’s richest man, Sir Tim Ratcliffe, plans to move his company Ineos to Monaco, taking £4bn in tax away from Britain in one go.

He said “we will see through Marxist Jeremy Corbyn”.

Since 2017, more than 5,000 individuals with a net worth of more than £1 million have left the UK, according to the recent UK net wealth report.

Financial advisor Brian White has already helped 10 wealthy clients - £5bn’s worth of total investment – escape the UK.

“We are exporting people out of the UK at a fast rate,” he said.

According to The Sun one in ten have admitted they’ll leave if Corbyn is voted in.

The headlines tell the story…

“Ultra-rich shift assets as fear of a Labour government mounts” - says the Financial Times

“Wealthy prepare to flee Corbyn’s Britain” – writes The Times

“Britains’ richest people say they will leave if Jeremy Corbyn wins…” says The Express

Vultures, meanwhile, are already circling, preparing for the UK’s future under a Corbyn/McDonnell economy.

One private wealth executive spoke anonymously to The Financial Times, saying:

“Central London is going to be fantastically cheap – it’s going to be the new Bangladesh.”

This “brain drain” of talent and wealth last happened in the 1970s, when Britain’s last socialist government hiked income tax rates to as high as 83% for top earners...

The wealthy fled Britain.

The Rolling Stones were perhaps the best known example…but the real damage was the flood of scientists and other experts, who chose not to waste their talents on a country devoid of opportunity…

As for the people who were left…

One accountant at the time, Mike Warburton spoke to The Telegraph, saying people “didn’t bother to work hard or push for promotion and a pay rise…because it didn’t make a difference to their take home pay…”

“Those with their own companies decided not to take dividends.”

Let me ask you a question:

If this new regime hits the UK…

Do you think it’ll be the super-rich that pay for the £49 billion in new government spending McDonnell has planned?

Of course not. It’ll be hardworking, honest taxpayers like you and me.

Many people like to laugh at the idea that a socialist Labour government could ever return to Britain.

But let me ask you a question:

How many people laughed when Corbyn stood for leadership of the party?

How many people laughed at him ahead of the 2017 general election, when it was a ‘certainty’ that the conservatives would increase their majority?

How many people were certain that common sense would prevail, and that Corbyn would have been booted out by now?

We live in uncertain political times where nothing is guaranteed.

You only have to take a look at the recent Peterborough by election to see what might happen…

The Brexit party and the conservatives split the vote and Labour snuck in through the backdoor.

And it seems that the next general election in Britain may not be as far away as some people think:

“A post-Brexit election is looking like [the conservatives] best bet…” reported the Guardian.

Bookmaker Coral have slashed the odds on a 2019 general election to just 13/8 as I write this…

And, of course, we still have the looming Brexit deadline to deal with.

Please understand, I’m not making a political point here.

I’m simply saying that nobody – not you, not me, certainly not the clowns in Westminster – have any idea what’s going to happen in Britain over the next year.

And that will play right into the Labour camp’s hands.

John McDonnell, Milne and Murray “…absolutely believe that if Brexit brings chaos the voters will turn to the radical left

McDonnell has said “a new world is possible”…

Corbyn said “the economy will become a tool in our hands, rather than the master of our fate.”

Today, I want to help you survive what could be the most brutal period of economic failure in Britain’s history.

 I’ve called it the “inequality reparations act”, because to me, that’s what it will be:

A collection of laws designed to punish you for the “crime” of simply having wealth.

And it doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked for your money…

How many sacrifices you’ve made…

You have wealth, or you don’t.

And if you do, you are a target.

In the short term, I expect a systematic assault of a tax regime.

In the long term, well…that’s more uncertain.

What I do know is this:

If you’re still reading this, you’re not the sort of person that’s going to stick your head in the sand and hope for the best.

You understand history, and you know that socialism will devastate any country it touches.

So here’s the good news.

I am going to send you a full set of research that details every single thing you need to know to safeguard your financial legacy.

You see, as chief analyst at Southbank Investment Research, I have one job:

To dig into the financial world and analyse the facts. Not the mainstream consensus: the facts.

And then to share those facts with my readers so they can make the right decisions with their money.

That’s it.

And when I say the facts, I mean the facts.

My publisher, Southbank Investment Research, does not take external advertising. That means unlike much of the mainstream press, our editorial can’t be ‘influenced’.

This means we’re not a ‘safe space’, and we’re sure as hell not ‘politically correct’.

We give you the truth, and you use those facts as you see fit.

By doing this, we tend to ignore people who’re happy to swallow the mainstream consensus.

In 2012, I exposed corrupt mortgage practises in the Australian banking system. A Royal Commission agreed with me, but only after five years of the banks trying to shut me down.

18 months ago, I told readers that the Italian coalition would war with the EU on budgets…the Italian bond spike wiped billions off the UK economy months later.

And just last year, I warned readers that a “bloody October” would hit investors. The FTSE tanked exactly when I said it would, and ended up having its worst year since 2008.

I’m not trying to show off. I just want you to know that I’ll always report the facts, even if they tell me something the mainstream media won’t like.

I answer only to people who’re prepared to confront reality, rather than what they’d prefer to be true.

If you’re still reading this, I can only assume you’re as worried about the prospect of a “Red Britain” as I am.

That the idea of paying tens of thousands extra tax as some kind of ‘punishment’ for working hard and making money is offensive to you, as well.

Which is why I’d like to immediately send you a comprehensive research folio, called “Red Britain”.

Inside, you’ll discover exactly how to combat the creeping socialist menace in the UK…

And to stand up for your – and your family’s – financial future.

First, I’m going to immediately send you a copy of:

“Red Britain” Report #1 – “THE BIG STOP”

Now I won’t lie to you – you might not like what you read in this report.

Nonetheless, it is essential that you do read it. I’ve shown you what the current Labour administration are considering for your money…

But I’ve not shown you HOW they’d be likely to come for your money. Because I don’t believe it’ll be a matter of ‘just’ paying more at the end of the tax year.

You know from history that ideological governments are always more insidious than that.

They’ll use all the tricks they can to slowly cut off access to your money…without giving you a chance to respond.

If you let them.

In The Big Stop, you’ll discover the specific, 3-phase strategy I believe Whitehall and Westminster will use to systematically strip away your wealth.

When you read The Big Stop, you will find out:

  • Why the UK government can legally “freeze” the financial system, trapping your money inside…
  • Why you’ve already willingly opted into the greatest surveillance system in history…a system originally designed by the FBI to combat the Russians during the cold war!
  • How “decoupled” cash may be used to force you to keep your money inside the financial system
  • How you might soon have to pay through the nose just to keep your bank account open
  • Why your pension could soon come with a “cost” – a 12 digit tag code that can be used to track everything you do, and even be used against you if you want to start a business or give your family money!
  • Why you doctor or lawyer’s T&Cs prove that professional firms around the UK are already preparing for a major bank to go bust
  • How 85% of banknotes could be removed overnight under the pretence of removing ‘undeclared wealth’…
  • Why your money could be legally stolen, and then replaced with compulsory “bank shares”…
  • How your stockbroker could soon be used as a weapon against you, and why they could be forced to refuse your execution orders…
  • What your bank could soon start hiding inside your account T&Cs…
  • Why the company that holds your pension could be forced into bankruptcy thanks to a single change of law that’s already in place in several EU countries…

And you’ll discover why I believe your “tax-free” ISAs could soon become a sequel to Gordon Brown’s £10bn pension raid!

I won’t mince words here.

If you care about keeping the wealth you’ve worked so hard to earn...

If you care about your individual liberty…if you believe that a life of hard work and sacrifice entitles you to keep the money you’ve earned…

You must read The Big Stop now.

I believe that the information inside it could end up saving you tens of thousands of pounds over the next few years alone.

It’ll mean that you’ll know exactly what the main risks to your money are, and how a Marxist government can slowly cut off access to your wealth…

Leaving you with no course of action when they decide to take it from you.

Once you’ve read The Big Stop, and you know what the main threats to your money are…you’ll want to know exactly how to keep it safe.

That’s why I’m also going to send you a copy of my second “Red Britain” report:

“Red Britain” Report #2 –

You already understand the threat a Marxist government poses.

When you’ve read The Big Stop, you’ll be fully briefed on the tactics they’re most likely to use – and how to spot them.

You’ll see how your money will come under total surveillance, because once the state knows how much money you have, they know how much they can take.

You’ll understand the game they’re playing.

In Escaping the Financial System, I show you how to win this game.


I believe it is essential that you have at least some of your money outside the system, where prying eyes can’t see every single penny you have.

That’s why I’ve set out this full guide, detailing exactly how you can take a portion of your wealth ”off-grid”, so that when Westminster comes calling…

Your money can be elsewhere.

In Escaping the Financial System, you’ll discover:

  • Why cash can offer you anonymity…but only if you don’t fall into this old Soviet “trap”
  • How to use the world’s most polarising asset as a failsafe if the UK treasury executes a ‘bail-in’…
  • How to make “outside” investments safely without giving up your privacy
  • What you can do to keep your assets safe from government confiscation
  • Where you can access untrackable “paper wallets” that’ll help you safeguard your wealth…but will be useless to officials if they fall into the wrong hands
  • Which assets is hated by governments who see it as “uncontrollable”…making it ideal for storing some of your money…

And – importantly – I’ll show you how to follow all of these strategies while maintaining anonymity.

I should stress: all of these strategies are entirely legal.

You might not end up on HMRC’s Christmas Card list for using them…

But they are completely legitimate ways to keep a portion of your wealth outside the financial system.

So that when the markets suffer…your money has less risk of contamination from the socialist disease.

Oh, and I should say that while these are methods designed with capital preservation in mind…

The strategies inside Escaping the Financial System can also be very lucrative.

Among other things, you’ll discover:

  • How to buy futures in a totally off-grid investment that’s made 27% returns on average over the past few years…
  • Which anonymous index is up over 350% across the past 7.5 years…
  • Where you can find an asset that’s shot up 367% in the past 11 years…and is about to lose 90 per cent of its supply, meaning prices are likely to skyrocket even higher!
  • Which asset – loved by Winston Churchill and John F Kennedy - has jumped from £800 up to as much as £17,000 in just 15 years

As well as which market can offer potential four figure returns if you choose to ignore 99% of it.

Socialists might hate the idea of making money…but as far as I’m concern, we should fight them all the way.

In Escaping the Financial System, you will learn, step-by-step how to protect your wealth. I’m going to send you a copy immediately.

I’d also like to send you a copy of:

“Red Britain” Report #3 – “BRITAIN’S RED BOOK”

In 2011, the British Communist Party published a document called Britain’s Road to Socialism. In that document is a 12 point plan for funding a socialist Britain.

Those 12 points have all been tabled by the Labour party in some way.

In Britain’s Red Book, I go through all 12 proposals, showing you specifically how Britain’s Road to Socialism has been used as a roadmap for the current Labour administration.

And, importantly, I’ll show you the potentially disastrous results that socialism may have on the UK.

Think of this document as a specific guide to the economic future of the UK should men like John McDonnell, Saemus Milne and Jeremy Corbyn take over Downing Street.

In 2019, it’s hard to believe that a document written by the largest Communist Party in Britain could be used as a kind of blueprint for the UK’s budget…

But the proof is all inside Britain’s Red Book. You’ll be shocked when you read it, and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to share it with anyone you care about.

Finally, I’d also like to send you a copy of:


In my opinion, Inheritance Tax is the most unjust tax in the UK.

It’s also a billion pound cash cow for HMRC.

I’ve already illustrated what the “Gift Tax” future of Britain might look like under a Corbyn administration...

And that’s why I believe it’s crucial to prepare for the new regime by preserving as much of your wealth as you can before it’s too late.

One day soon, your loved ones could have to pay 20% income tax on any gifts you give them…

So it’s essential that you maximise how much of your estate is preserved for them NOW.

In “Eight Legal Ways to Sidestep Inheritance Tax”, I outline eight entirely legal strategies you can use to bring your Inheritance Tax bill down to as low as ZERO.

I can’t promise that all eight strategies will remain useable should the socialists take over Downing Street.

If they’re planning to reduce the threshold to £125,000…well, it stands to reason that they’ll start destroying any kind of legal sidestepping measure.

Which is why you need to read this report NOW – the earlier you take action, the better your chances of keeping your hard earned money where it should be – with your family and your loved ones.

Eight Legal Ways to Sidestep Inheritance Tax could save you tens of thousands of pounds over the next ten years, and I’m going to send you a copy straight away.

Read these four reports as soon as you can:

  • “The Big Stop”
  • “Escaping the Financial System”
  • “Britain’s Red Book”
  • “Eight legal ways to sidestep inheritance tax”

This might all seem like a lot to take in, but I promise you: I’ve written these reports to be very easy to read.

One of the things that’s most important to me is that my work is for NORMAL, hard-working investors…

Not rich kids wasting daddy’s money or silver spoon-fed layabouts that have never earned a penny in their lives

I’m writing so that ordinary people who’ve worked hard and built a life for themselves and their families don’t have to suffer, just because a bunch of socialists don’t understand economics…

And a bunch of entitled millennials want to be given everything, rather than having to work for it.

Honestly, the best bit of my job is when I get messages like this from my readers:

“Yes, I am very pleased with Nick, he talks sense in very good plain English. Well done Nick – keep on telling it like it is!” J.S.

“Nick is brilliant. I love his style of writing. I would subscribe to anything he writes.” W.I.R.

“I don’t think anyone does a better job. Clear, concise information that is not published anywhere else. And informed opinion written in plain, easily understood English.” J.S.

Keep calling the shots, you have a phenomenal strike rate.” R.B.

Because it lets me know that I’m doing the right thing in giving them the facts, rather than what they want to hear.

If you’re still reading this, I know you’re OK with straight talk. I know that you’d rather face reality, rather than bury your head in the sand like most people.

And that means you’re the kind of person that I want reading my work.

Which is why, as well as sending you my “Red Britain” research folio…

I’d also like to give you a full 30 day trial to my elite monthly investment advisory...


Now, I have to warn you, Zero Hour Alert is full of exactly the kind of no-BS straight talk you’ve read here today.

I like to think of it as an “anti-snowflake” publication.

If you don’t like the idea of uncomfortable truths…you’ll hate it.

But I can promise you this:

By reading Zero Hour Alert, you’ll discover more about the biggest flaws in the financial system than 99% of other investors.

You’ll also be going completely against the grain. 

If you’re happy to take the BBC or the FT’s word for what you should be doing with your money…

Well, steer clear of Zero Hour Alert.

If, on the other hand, you’re OK with having your viewpoint challenged…and you’re OK with controversial opinions…

I’d love to give you a full 30 day trial as part of the research I’m going to send you today.

Here’s what that means:

You’ll still get all four “Red Britain” reports to keep. That’s happening anyway.

But for a full 30 days, you’ll also be able to dig in to the full Zero Hour Alert back catalogue – more than 76,500 words of research...

…and discover the truth about a financial world that’s very different to what the average man thinks it is.

You’ll discover:

  • Which 150 year old indicator predicted the timing of the last 12 financial crises…
  • Why there’s a $100tn ‘mistake’ lurking inside the banking system…
  • How a “new Kalashnikov” could become the most lucrative investment opportunity of the next decade…
  • What you can do to safeguard against the new “Holy Roman Empire” uprising that’s forming right now in deepest, darkest Europe…
  • How a “New Cold War” is set to take place between the USA and China…and how the world’s greediest investors are preparing to make a killing from it…
  • Which brand new “sub-prime” crisis could soon become the financial world’s biggest “Black Swan” event…
  • How to discover – and use – the true secret of “Undying Wealth”…

And many, many other secrets about the financial world that 99% of investors don’t realise even exist.

I’m sure you can tell from this list that Zero Hour Alert isn’t about making vanilla, tedious investment recommendations you can read in thousands of other places…

It’s about exploring the extreme fringes of the financial world, and going where most mainstream analysts won’t.

Which means that, when I do make an investment recommendation inside Zero Hour Alert, I will give you all of the details you need to decide whether that investment is for you.

Unlike other analysts, I won’t make a recommendation unless I believe it’s an essential move.

I’ll never recommend something just for the sake of it.

Some recommendations may be unregulated. Some will be regulated.

The one thing I guarantee is that if I do make a recommendation, I will provide a comprehensive, full risk profile.

You will know which protections are in place, and which ones aren’t.

You will have everything you need to decide whether you wish to invest, or not.

And of course, you’ll be made aware that capital will be at risk, as it would be with any investment.

That might sound like I’m treating you with kid gloves. You’re an adult, you’re an investor, you understand investments, I’m sure.

I just want to emphasise that Zero Hour Alert is not like the average, beige investment letters you can read elsewhere.

99% of investors don’t realise this kind of information exists…let alone how you can use it to protect and grow your money.

If you want dull, generic advice, this isn’t for you.

But if you want to discover an entirely new way of looking at – and profiting – from the world…

I’d love to grant you unrestricted access to the entire Zero Hour Alert member’s area for a full 30 days.

You’ll be able to go in and use:

  • The entire back catalogue…
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  • Exclusive video content (including one interview I conducted inside the European parliament itself)...

As well as every new issue published in that time.

You’ll be joining more than 8,000 readers, who I’m lucky enough to receive messages like these from regularly:

“In my humble opinion Zero Hour Alert is the best, most interesting and informative source of information about happenings in Europe” J.S.

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Other investors have paid more than half a million pounds for my Zero Hour Alertresearch overall…

But it’s all yours for a full 30 days, as part of your “Red Britain” package.

So to summarise, I want to send you all of this:

This is everything you need to arm yourself against what I believe will be the most brutal tax regime in British history.

You know what socialism will do to any country it touches…

And you know how fast the decay can set in.

If the red disease infects Britain…the only thing you can do is take steps to protect yourself and your family.

So to sum up, I’m going to send you all of this:

  • Red Britain Report #1 – The Big Stop. Your ‘cheat sheet’ for spotting the strategies Whitehall may use to trap your money, so you can prepare.
  • Red Britain Report #2 – Escaping the Financial System. How to legally keep your money away from prying government eyes and out of a Marxist economy.
  • Red Britain Report #3 – Britain’s Red Book. Your full 12-point roadmap to Britain’s ”Communist” economic blueprint
  • Red Britain Report #4 – Eight legal ways to sidestep inheritance tax. Entirely legal strategies can help bring your IHT bill down to as low as zero.
  • A full 30 day trial to Zero Hour Alert. My elite investment advisory, where you’ll discover the truths behind the financial system that most mainstream investors don’t want to look at.

You can be reading through all this material in the next few minutes. I’m going to send you it all straight away.

But please, don’t hesitate...

Remember, Labour’s wealth tax has been tabled as a “day one” policy, according to The Times.

The socialists will want to announce their “Windfall for the poor” as soon as possible.

That means that by the time you know what they’re going to do…it may already be too late.

By reading this far, you’ve shown me that you’re not suffering from “head-in-sand” sickness.

So, after a lot of back-and-forth with my publisher, we’ve hammered out a deal…

And I’ve been given permission to send you your “Red Britain” folio for free.

All I ask is that you pay a minor £3.95 fee to cover the admin costs.

Why such a crazy low price?

Well, it’s true that I see this as an emergency situation, and I don’t want you to have any reason not to act.

If Britain is going to become a country where you can be punished simply for working hard and saving towards your future…

That makes me angry. And I want to help you fight it.

But I’ll be honest – there’s also a more selfish reason I’m only asking for £3.95 in return for research that could save you hundreds of thousands of pounds over the next 18 months.

You see…

The “Red Britain” research reports are yours to keep. You’ll be reading them in a couple of minutes.

Your free 30 day trial to Zero Hour Alert is also guaranteed. You’ll get unrestricted access to everything.

But here’s the selfish part…

See, I’m confident that once you’ve read my work, and you’ve seen everything that Zero Hour Alert has to offer you…

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You see, normally a full year of Zero Hour Alert costs £99.

In itself, that’s a great price.

Where else can you access in-depth research and analysis like this for less than £10 a month?

Research that 99% of investors never get access to?

Search me.

Anyway, I’ve agreed with my publisher that if you claim this offer today, and you do decide to stay on as a Zero Hour Alert subscriber at the end of your 30 day trial…

You’ll pay just £49.

That’s less than £5 a month for a whole year’s worth of my work.

And if you become a full Zero Hour Alert subscriber at the end of your trial, you’ll get all my work as soon as it’s released:

You’ll get a brand new issue every month…

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Every new report…

Every new video…

You’ll get priority access to everything.

And I’ll also send you a free copy of my brand new book – the book I’m working on right now – as soon as it’s finished.

And remember, you’re welcome to get in touch with me any time you like. I love hearing from readers.

As an analyst, I’m not legally permitted to give independent financial advice. But I’d love to answer any questions you have about the research, Zero Hour Alert, the risks of socialism, and indeed any other questions you might have.

And you’re very welcome to challenge me on any issue. (I enjoy it.)


By reading this, you’ve shown me that you are exactly the kind of reader I want at Zero Hour Alert.

So, let me make you a deal.

Let me send you all of this research, today, for just £3.95:

  • Red Britain Report #1 – The Big Stop.
  • Red Britain Report #2 – Escaping the Financial System.
  • Red Britain Report #3 – Britain’s Red Book.
  • Red Britain Report #4 – Eight legal ways to sidestep inheritance tax.
  • A full 30 day trial to Zero Hour Alert.

Read it all.

Go through it with a fine tooth comb.

Download every report in your Zero Hour Alert subscriber’s area. Watch all of the videos. Read the entire back catalogue.

Use my work to help secure a better financial future for your family.

Write to me with any questions you’ve got – I’ll give you my email address as soon as you’re in, and I’ll respond to as many messages as I can.

You can do all of this well within the 30 day Zero Hour Alert trial period.

And then, if after 30 days, you decide my work’s not for you…absolutely fine.

I know my work is controversial. It’s not for everybody.

If, at any point in the next 30 days, you decide you don’t want to keep your Zero Hour Alert subscription going…

You can call my customer service team – I’ll give you the number - and they’ll cancel your subscription straight away.

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Your “Red Britain” research pack is yours to keep, whatever happens.

All I ask is for today is £3.95 to cover my admin costs.

You’ll get your full “Red Britain” folio.

And everything in the Zero Hour Alert member’s area will beyours to download and use for the next 30 days.And if you want to cancel within that 30 days, that’s fine.

But…I don’t think you’ll want to.

I think you’ll be delighted with Zero Hour Alert. You’ll love discovering a different financial world…one that’s completely different to the drudgery most investors have to deal with.

So, if you love Zero Hour Alert as I think you will, and want to keep your subscription going at the end of the 30 days…

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Does that sound like a fair deal?

I hope so, because…

The choice you make today could affect your wealth for the rest of your life

On one hand…

You can take me up on this offer, claim all of this research for just £3.95 to cover my admin costs...

And get everything you need to safeguard your wealth and arm yourself with knowledge that 99% of investors will never get access to.

Within the next few minutes, you will have everything you need to help protect your wealth against what could be the most brutal tax regime in history…

Your home…

Your assets…

Even gifts to your loved ones.

I believe it’s all under threat.

By reading your research, you’ll know that whatever happens in Britain over the next year or so…

You are prepared, and you have a plan in place for when the worst happens.


You can ignore all the proof I’ve presented to you today.

You can ignore the threat…and simply hope that it’ll never happen.

Hope that the younger generations will pick up some history books…

That Britain’s layabouts will decide they want to work for a living…

That men who’ve been Marxists their entire lives will suddenly wake up and accept economic reality.

Who knows? Maybe they will. Maybe I’m wrong about all of this.

But please consider this:

In 2013, the idea of Jeremy Corbyn being Labour leader and John McDonnell being shadow chancellor was a complete joke.

Then it happened.

At the last general election, the idea that Labour would decrease the Tory majority was a joke. Impossible.

Then it happened.

I don’t claim to know the future. But what I do know is that with Brexit on the horizon, with the Brexit Party lurking and willing to split the right-wing vote again…

And with Labour having finally confirmed they will back “remain” in another Brexit referendum…

A remain the establishment is desperate to achieve by any means…

Anyone that does not at least prepare for a socialist government in the UK is taking the biggest financial gamble of their lives.

Can you afford to take that risk?

In the next few minutes, you can start using your “Red Britain” research pack. All of these files are online – you’ll get them almost immediately.

I want you to be able to safeguard your family’s future today.

The research you’re about to receive will tell you exactly:

  • Where the biggest threats to your money will come from
  • What you can do to protect it
  • What the “roadmap” to Britain’s future will be should socialism return

My research could save you hundreds of thousands of pounds…

Today, it’s your for less than a cup of coffee.

Just £3.95.

Yes! Please send me my full “Red Britain” research pack,
and give me a 30 day trial to Zero Hour Alert.

If you’re on the fence, please consider this:

How much would you lose if you were forced to hand over 20% of your estate in one go?


Tens of thousands?

Hundreds of thousands?

Only you know.

Think how hard you worked for that money. Think of the hours you spent at work. The time you spent commuting in the car, or sat in boiling train carriages at rush hour.

Think of the time you spent having to deal with pain-in-the-ass clients, or that boss you couldn’t stand the sight of.

No matter what the socialists might think…

You earned your money. You earned every damn penny of it.

You sacrificed and you worked to build yourself a life. No-one did the work for you.

And you weren’t entitled. You didn’t complain about it. You didn’t expect the world to do you a favour.

You simply sucked it up and went to work.

Think how much hard work you’ve put into your life…

And how quickly decades worth of work could be taken away from you by people that simply can’t be bothered to do what you’ve done.

It is so simple to start protecting your money from Britain’s red threat.

You can start today. I want to help you.

Just fill in the form below, and start securing the financial future you earned.

Yes – I earned my money, and I’ll be damned
if anyone’s going to take it from me!

I’ll immediately send you an email containing everything you need to know…

I’ll send you all your free research…

And I’ll send you your exclusive login to the Zero Hour Alert member’s area.

Today, you have a chance to protect your family’s financial future.

To live the life and the retirement you deserve.

I can’t wait to help you do it.

Best wishes,

Nick Hubble
Editor, Zero Hour Alert


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