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“If you want to protect your life savings from the biggest bust in history – READ THIS RIGHT NOW…”

It is critical that every British investor hears this warning before it’s too late and the panic selling begins. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to help investors protect themselves.

Dear reader,

My name is Nickolai Hubble and I don’t mean to alarm you.

But within the next five months I believe a timebomb at the heart of the financial system will trigger a chain reaction of panic… losses… and even social chaos.

So I’ll come straight to the point:

If you have money invested in the markets… saved in a bank account for a rainy day… or in a retirement fund…

I believe it is critical you take action today.

Since I first warned about this back in April, the UK stock market has dropped by 10%.

I believe that’s the beginning of a much bigger, sustained wave of selling that’s just around the corner.

It will take 99% of British investors by surprise.

The big drops always do.

Think about it: did you know what subprime lending was before 2008?

It was a seemingly ‘fringe’ threat…

…until those mortgages triggered a chain reaction that started the global financial crisis and smashed the UK stock market down 38%, with some big stocks falling as much as 95%.

As you’ll discover in your copy of How The Euro Dies, right now a new threat is emerging – one that involves four times more debt than the Lehman Brothers subprime crisis.

Will we see 2008 style losses in 2019?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

Do NOT read on if…

You think that “this time is different”

The Euro almost came apart at the seams in 2012… and slammed stocks into a bear market in the process.

Right now, it’s happening again. Consider…

  • The chances of an Italian default on its euro debts has spiked to 20%.
  • The Italian government is challenging Brussels over its spending rules, with Matteo Salvini inciting open rebellion in the EU. Salvini called the euro “a crime against humanity”.
  • And European banking stocks have been hammered 20% lower in the last year.

Ask yourself… does this feel like a situation that’s getting better, or worse?

Does it feel fixed?

Or can you see the writing on the wall?

You think Britain can “insulate” itself from crises abroad

Anyone who tells you, “Don’t worry about the Euro – it won’t affect Britain” is either a liar or a fool.

Actually, they’re both.

You see, our five major banks – banks that dominate the UK economy – are ALL deeply intertwined with other financial institutions. They’re what are known as "super spreaders".

These are financial institutions that – like early patients in a disease epidemic – transmit toxic problems from one part of the world to another.

Which means when a crisis strikes in a major financial market… it's virtually guaranteed it'll spread to Britain and expose our own system's vulnerabilities incredibly quickly.

My researchers and I have spent the decade since the last financial crisis digging into this. What we've found will shock you… and likely make you worried for your financial future.

But it's important you understand this NOW – while you still have a chance to act.

Consider just how fragile our financial system is to external shocks:

The UK financial system loans a scary amount of money out to other financial institutions – in fact, FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT more than the G7 average. As of 2014 (the latest figures available) this figure stood at 34% of our entire GDP.

The UK financial system has the highest exposure to foreign debt in the G7 – again, because our entire banking system is one big 'super spreader'.

It is by far the most bloated sector, compared to the size of our economy, of any G7 nation. Banking assets are worth four times the entire UK economy.

It has the highest level of 'securitised assets' in the G7 – complex securities that helped create the last crisis.

And finally…

According to the New Economics Foundation, the UK financial system is the least resilient financial system in the G7.

And not just by a little bit.

The Foundation ranked each country by resiliency. The UK came last. The next least resilient system was Italy… which is rated twice as strong as the UK.

In other words, you simply cannot ignore toxic financial problems… especially when they’re unfolding on our doorstep.

You think “that won’t happen… yet”

It’s impossible to time when a crisis will strike.

But what we know for sure is… they ALWAYS hit much quicker than anyone realises.

In 2008, the banks went from seemingly stable to totally bust in a matter of days.

In 1987, the drop was even worse…

In a single day the market went from bull market to total chaos – cratering more than 20%.

Just take a look at how brutal that drop was:

In other words…

Real panics always unfold at shocking speed.

When the s**t hits the fan… you have very little time to make decisions.

Much better to understand what’s going on ahead of time and prepare calmly for what could be coming.

Then there’s no need to panic when things get nasty in the markets – because you’re ready.

Let me be clear: THE TIME TO PREPARE IS NOW!!

I don’t say that lightly. Through 2018 I’ve made a series of predictions about the ongoing Euro crisis… and every single one of them has come true…

They’ve called me too alarmist,
too sensational, too "fringe” - but they’ve never yet called me wrong!

I’ve been warning my friends, family and readers about the problems developing in the Eurozone all year.

Specifically, I’ve highlighted Italy as the big threat. I consider Italy to be the next Lehman Brothers.

As I put it in February:  

I pinpointed the Italian elections as the first flashpoint.

I was correct.

Italian borrowing costs skyrocketed after the election, wiping £25bn off the UK stock market in the panic:

Then I warned the next Italian budget will lead to a stand off between Italy and EU…

Which is EXACTLY what happened… as the stand off intensified, and markets fell in early October.

I’ve been able to share these warnings directly with investors like you all year.

The big question for me has always been not whether the Euro will implode, but specifically HOW will it end.

What will it look like?

What chain of events will lead to the final collapse?

Personally, I’m preparing for a crisis that will make 2008 look like a picnic in the park.

I believe we’re in the early stages of it right now, with the stand off between Italy and the rest of Europe.

But very soon, I expect the chain reaction to ripple out through the banking and financial system… causing panic, huge losses and social chaos around the world.

Tear gassed in Paris…
charged by police in Frankfurt

In a way, I’ve been working on the ideas you’ll see in How The Euro Dies for my whole life.

I’m half German, half British.

I grew up in Frankfurt.

Now my mother lives in Austria. In fact, she took in four Syrian refugees during the huge migration crisis in 2015. I’m still in touch with several of them.

On top of that, I’ve spent much of the last three years doing “boots on the ground” research helping private investors understand and protect themselves from the next financial crisis.

  • After I walked away from investment banking giant Goldman Sachs to pursue my own research, I travelled to 30 different cities across Europe over the course of three months, presenting my ideas at events in London, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Kiev, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Madrid.
  • I personally confronted protestors at the Occupy Athens camp. I appeared on Montenegran television to share my ideas. I even led a rebellion against the EU trade regulations in Moldova.
  • I almost got teargassed in Paris… and charged by mounted police in my old hometown of Frankfurt.

In other words, I've seen the problems caused by the European political and financial system up close… and they’re not pretty.

In fact, when you look at what’s happening on the ground in Europe, you come to a stark conclusion:

Europe is a pressure cooker that’s about to blow

In places like Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal… an anti-Euro backlash has begun.

People are angry.

These places have witnessed decades of low growth…

The only thing that seems to grow is debt…

What they desperately need is a weaker currency – but they’re been crucified by a Euro that is far too strong for their broken economies.

Europe has seen the lowest economic growth of any continent since the introduction of the Euro, and the consequences are visible everywhere.

Even the European Commission has admitted that the Euro is ‘increasing unemployment and social hardship’.

According to figures from Europa.EU, in 2016, 118.0 million people in the EU lived in households at risk of poverty or social exclusion; 23.5 % of the population.

According to a study by the German Bertelsmann Foundation, about 26 million children and young people in the EU are at risk of poverty.

In Greece, 81 year old Yorgos Vagelakos, a retired factory worker, told Reuters:

“I wake up in the morning to a nightmare”

“How will I manage my finances and my responsibilities? This is what I wake up to every morning.”

Twenty years of the Euro…this is the result.


They’re pushing back.

They’re voting for change – for radical change the euro system simply cannot withstand.

Italy rebels against
the Eternal Recession

Just look at what’s happened this year alone…

Earlier this year, Italy’s voters put their faith in a coalition between the far-right Lega party and the far-left Five-Star Movement.

Opposites with one thing in common: a hatred of the Euro and the EU.

Lega Party frontman Matteo Salvini has called the Euro a “failed currency, a wrong currency, a failed experiment”.

Five Stair boss Luigi Di Maio, meanwhile, has accused the EU of “market terrorism”.

This new government is challenging the rest of Europe over everything right now. As Politico magazine put it, “An Italian butterfly is about to cause a hurricane in Brussels.”

This challenge is personified by Matteo Salvini – known as “the Italian Horrorclown” in Germany. According to one analyst, Salvini is “an agent of the crisis that follows Trump’s view of questioning the international order.”

The Italians are already pressing hard against the rest of Europe on every front: immigration, spending, debt. For instance, Salvini turned migrant boats away from Italy – a direct challenge to the EU. His words? “I’m tired of being made fun of.”

The Germans push back

Last year, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party was voted into the Bundestag for the first time since their formation in 2013.

Interiors minister Horst Seehofer described the AfD has “highly dangerous for the country”…

But the truth is that the AfD was formed specifically as an anti-Eurozone party, with a government whitepaper describing their manifesto as advocating “winding up the Euro area, restoration of national currencies or small currency unions.”

With more than 90 seats, the AfD is now the biggest opposition party in Germany.

Dr Robert Hancke of the LSE recently wrote that many German citizens called themselves “victims of the Euro”.

And they, like the Italians, are not alone…

The French Resist

In France, Marine Le Pen stood for the presidency on behalf of the French National Front.

Her flagship campaign promise? To leave the Euro, a currency she called a “deadweight” on the economy and a “knife in the ribs of the French”…

Le Pen claimed she would resign the presidency if she failed to take France out of the Euro, and that the French people would “have Francs in their pockets” within two years.

Last year, she took 33.9% of the vote, with her supporters saying:

Anti-Euro sentiment is spreading…

All over Europe,
anti-EU politicians are rising

In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a man described as Europe’s “Enemy Within” by the Financial Times, is running for re-election on a surge of anti-Brussels sentiment, claiming that “Brussels is not defending Europe…”

Poland’s right-wing Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki travelled to visit Oban in Hungary, declaring that “like-minded nations like ourselves can influence Europe’s future in a very positive way…

In the Netherlands, Thierry Baudet is leading a nationalist movement that recent captured 2 seats in the Amsterdam elections, with Baudet calling recessions in Spain, Portugal and Italy “consequences of what they call the European dream”.

Anti-EU feeling has become such a problem that The European Council on Foreign Relations was forced to issue a paper titled “The Continent-Wide Rise of Euroscepticism”, which acknowledged that:

“Eurosceptism has now spread across the continent like a virus.”

“We’re all Greek now”

Greece has followed EU austerity rules to the letter since it nearly went bankrupt in 2012…remaining in the Euro and subjecting its citizens to harsh cutbacks until earlier this year, when the bailouts officially ended. 

French President Emmanuel Macron praised their ‘courage and dignity’

"Greece can stand on its own feet," said European Stability Mechanism chairman Mario Centeno.

On 20th August, EU economics commissioner Pierre Moscovici said that ‘the worst is over’ and that the country could finally “turn the page”…

But is the worst ‘over’?

The figures from Greece tell a story devoid of “courage and dignity”…

Since 2008, the Greek economy has shrunk by a quarter.

More than 400,000 Greeks have emigrated

House prices are down 43%

More than £70bn of assets have been destroyed in a €180 billion economy.

Ex-finance minister and economist Yanis Varoufakis said:

“To get a feel for the devastation that ensued, imagine what would have happened in the UK if RBS, Lloyds and the other City banks had been rescued without the help of the Bank of England and solely via foreign loans to the exchequer.

All granted on the condition that UK wages would be reduced by 40%, pensions by 45%, the minimum wage by 30%, NHS spending by 32%. The UK would now be the wasteland of Europe, just as Greece is today.”

In the words of Italian president Di Maio, Greece has truly been “crucified on an altar of debt”.

And the rest of Europe has taken note.

Italy deputy PM Salvini has already declared that Italy “will not suffer the same fate as Greece”…

Marine Le Pen said that the EU “mocked” Greece, and called it an “EU-dictatorship”.

In October, the two recently met up in Rome, declaring a joint campaign that is “fighting the EU to save Europe”.

Salvini said:

"The Europe of bankers, founded on mass immigration and economic insecurity, keeps on threatening and insulting Italians and their Government?

"Relax, in six months 500 million voters will fire them. We keep going."

A blueprint for Armageddon

Here’s what I’m expecting in 2019.

The rebellion against the EU and the Euro is going to explode out into the open.

Italy will lead the way.

Others will follow.

They’ll challenge the authorities over everything from spending… debt… deficits… debt relief.

Sooner or later, one of two things will happen:

  1. The Eurozone will cave in on all its rules, allow spending to increase… pushing Germany and other ‘rich’ countries away from the euro.
  2. Or it won’t cave… and countries like Italy will realise they are better off outside the euro.

Either way, the chances of the markets tumbling as the euro as we know it collapses are – in my view – 100%.

If Lehman Brothers’ default led to a 38% drop in the UK stock market… how bad will things get when an entire currency union collapses?

That’s why it’s so important you get your copy of How The Euro Dies RIGHT AWAY.

If you want to help preserve yours and your family’s financial future, take me up on this offer while you can.

The average person will not be prepared for the upcoming crisis when it hits.

But you can be.

So when the people around you panic, unsure what to buy and sell, unable to prevent the heavy losses that come…

You can remain calm, and watch them on the news…maybe queuing up outside their bank, desperate to withdraw money just like people did outside Northern Rock a decade ago.

My aim is to stop you becoming one of those people.

Can four million readers
really be wrong?

My name, as I said, is Nickolai Hubble.

I’m a chief strategist for Southbank Investment Research. We’re a part of the world’s largest independent financial research network, with over four million readers worldwide.

In fact, more people read our work than The Economist and The Financial Times…put together! We have offices in 16 global locations including London, Paris, Berlin, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Buenos Aries.

Over the years our network has included prominent members of the House of Lords, a former MI6 operative and Soviet Spy and a radical Oxford scholar.

We count former CIA advisors… $3bn fund managers… presidential advisors… and scores of best-selling authors amongst our network. Before he founded UKIP, Nigel Farage even asked to join our group. We turned him away.

What’s more, one of the men who helped found our network was Lord William Rees-Mogg, Vice Chairman of the BBC and famous around the world for getting Mick Jagger released from prison in the 1960s.

Our mission is a very simple one:

To show people like you how to make the most of your money. Sometimes that means getting you into urgent profit-making opportunities BEFORE everyone else…

Sometimes, as you’ve seen here, it means alerting our readers to potential financial disasters long before they appear in The Telegraph or The Guardian, at which point it’s often far too late.

Despite all that, there’s a decent chance you’ve never heard of us. Why is that?

It’s because unlike most of the mainstream press, we’re completely independent. We don’t take advertising, which means we’re not bound by political correctness and we can’t be influenced by any mainstream bias or lent on by sponsors.

We present you with the financial ideas and analysis you will not find anywhere else. If you don’t benefit from these ideas, you don’t pay us and we go out of business. It’s that simple.

Think of us as a private intelligence network designed solely to help you protect your money…and to make more of it.

Our network of researchers has an uncanny knack of spotting – and predicting – some of the most dangerous financial crises of the last several decades.

For instance, in 2006 and 2007 several of our top analysts warned investors specifically about the coming global financial crisis, pointing specifically to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were the US lenders that set off the subprime lending bust.

In 2011, several of our analysts accurately forecast the European debt crisis, which started in Greece before quickly spreading across the entire European continent, tipping entire countries into financial crisis.

How The Euro Dies itself began in a private meeting with the most powerful central banker in history, Alan Greenspan.

In the room as well was a US senator, several hedge fund managers, two multi-millionaires and a best-selling New York Times author.

That’s the kind of access our network gives us…and that’s why I’m able to be here today to warn you that the UK is in danger of suffering the biggest financial crisis in history.

But I’m going to help you prepare.

Today, I’m going to ensure that you have everything you need to protect your money from a crash I believe will be at least four times bigger than the one in 2008.

I’m going to send you a hardback first edition of How The Euro Dies, the book that explains everything you need to know about the €2.4 trillion debt bomb set to go off in Europe within the next 12-18 months.

But that’s not all I want to send you.

My aim is to help you avoid a financial wipeout that puts an end to your dreams of a comfortable, safe, stress-free retirement.

Understand what's at stake – and then use these money moves to help
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You see, though I’ve spent months this year helping investors survive the crisis that's brewing in Europe.

That's what I do. I warn people about risks to their money…

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I share ideas…



Ways of keeping your money safe AND growing

However much money you’ve got in the markets, whether its £1,000 or £1,000,000…these strategies can help you put your money to work so that when the Euro crisis hits breaking point, you know you have done what you can to ensure your financial future – and that of your family – remains intact.

The post 2008 financial world is far more fragile… hostile… and vulnerable than anyone is prepared to let on.

The number of threats to your wealth today far surpasses what almost any previous generation had to contend with.

The good news is…

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Again, this report is yours, free of charge – just say the word and I’ll send you it immediately when you claim your copy of How The Euro Dies.

And, finally, I want to send you an additional bonus…consider this a thank-you for taking your copy of How The Euro Dies.

I should point out: All of the moves outlined in these reports come with their own risks attached.

That’s why you should always think carefully when you invest your capital. Any investment involves risks that could result in you losing money. The value of any investment can go down as well as up.

The question you have to ask yourself is: what’s the REAL risk to your capital?

My answer is – having 100% of it tied up in a broken, corrupt and fragile financial system.

Taking 1-2% of it OUT of that system is just good common sense to me.

I’m sure you agree.

But the fact remains, doing this isn’t risk free.

Alternative investments can be hard to sell. In financial jargon this is known as being 'illiquid'. It means if you need to sell something in a hurry, it can be hard to find a buyer quickly. That's part and parcel of having some of your capital outside the system. It's not the same as a share portfolio you can cash in with a few clicks of a mouse.

To state the obvious: that's the whole point. The financial system itself is built on instant liquidity and vast numbers of buyers and sellers. That's the benefit… though it comes with its own risks, as we've been discussing.

Getting out involves different risks. Another is many 'alternative' investments aren't regulated or covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or Financial Ombudsman. That means you don’t have the same level of ‘protection’ as you would with traditional investments.

I think the risks are worth it. Given what I've shown you today… don't you?


It’s the only way to guarantee you have access to my research every single month…

There ARE ways to both protect your money from disaster and a toxic financial system whilst making potentially enormous returns at the same time.

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The fact is, there has NEVER been a better time to start thinking like this… to start looking outside the traditional financial system… to start preparing a Plan B that will help you prosper if (or more likely when) the s*** hits the fan.

Or in other words…

To share the ideas that could turn market collapses into jackpot events for you and your family…

To get a portion of your money OUT of the broken financial system by any means necessary…

To show you the secrets to making money no matter how bad things get in the financial system.

Which is why I’ve used my connections within the world’s largest underground research network to launch a very special project with exactly this mission: to show you the secret, profitable actions you can take to turn the looming disaster in the financial system to your immediate advantage.

It’s called the Zero Hour Alert.

And if you’re worried about the fragility of the global financial system… it’s absolutely vital reading.

It’s where I’ve issued warnings to readers about the situation in Europe…and it’s where all of my future warnings will be sent.

Put simply, its aim is to show you what you won’t find elsewhere: the unvarnished truth about the financial system… and the steps you need to take to survive and potentially profit from it.

Each month as a Zero Hour Alert reader you'll get a REAL insight into what's happening in the global financial system…

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Today, as a thank you for reading How The Euro Dies, I’d also like to open up a 90 day trial to Zero Hour Alert to you.

This is information you won’t

That’s a shameful indictment of our leaders, our media and our economists.

But it’s the sad truth.

Look at the Wall Street Journal. Look at the Financial Times. Are they providing real, practical steps to help people survive if the system blows up?


Most media outlets don’t even cover stories like this. That’s because the “establishment” has a vested interest in the status quo.

Most analysts would rather toe the line and pretend the academics, politicians and economists in charge of the system have everything under control… that they haven’t completely ruined the financial world through money printing, excess debt and intervention…

People don’t want to hear what’s really going on.

Government doesn’t want to hear it. They’re the biggest debtor on the planet. They don’t want to hear the end of the credit bubble is coming because they won’t be able to borrow anymore!

There are almost no serious financial actors who want to see the truth and want to talk about the truth.

It’s only we… the independent financial publishers… that can honestly report on what’s going on. And show people how to prepare.

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As one reader put it, our work is “A must read to REALLY understand what a calamitous situation we are living in – growing worse by the day and intensifying exponentially. IT’S A WAKE UP CALL – and NOT TO BE IGNORED! Failing to prepare is PREPARING TO FAIL!”

Another summed up my attitude to crisis preparation exactly, saying “Don’t trust or rely on the government but take action yourself to prepare for financial Armageddon.”

For some readers, our work is nothing short of life changing.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

One reader even wrote to tell us that thanks to our “joining the dots” he’d made his first million from our recommendations.

Believe me, nothing makes me feel better than receiving notes like these.

But I have to tell you, right now, I am really worried that a lot of our subscribers and many, many ordinary investors are going to get caught totally by surprise when this inevitable crisis hits.

That’s why I’m making it as easy and cheap as humanly possible for you to get all of my work in your hands right away.

It's shocking all this is free

I’ll lay my cards on the table…

I want as many people as is possible to hear my warning BEFORE the next financial crisis starts.

That starts with reading How The Euro Dies.

But it doesn’t end there.

I also want to help you make sound, sensible decisions with your money that’ll help you protect yourself, and profit, when the inevitable bust comes.

So, here’s everything you get when you take me up on this offer today…

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Let me explain why I’m making this offer…

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Don’t hang around – get started now:

If you’re still unsure, let me show you how quickly chaos can descend….

Imagine you’re walking to work across a town square one morning.

You know there are problems in the markets… but that all feels distant to you this morning. You have cash in the bank. You have a job that pays well. You’ve no reason to fear the downturn…

But as you pass the town hall, an elderly gentleman steps off the curb in front of you.

He has a pistol in his hand.

He puts it to his temple and pulls the trigger.

He was 77 years old.

His last words before he pulled the trigger were, “I have debts. I can’t stand this anymore.”

The police find a note blaming the government’s debt policy in his pocket.

“When dignified people like him are brought to this state, somebody must answer for it,” says a friend when the press ask.

For you, it’s the moment you realise something terrible has happened…

When you realise the financial crisis you’ve heard about is morphing into something much more dangerous…

It gets worse…

You regularly see shop windows, businesses and public buildings smashed after a “protest” turned violent.

The stock market has crashed… but it’s your family’s safety you’re worried about now. 

  • That might sound like an extreme or unlikely future. But it’s not. It’s the recent past.

Those events happened exactly as I just told you, in Athens in 2012. The man’s name was Dimitris Christoulas.

For people in Greece… this wasn’t some nightmare.

It was reality.

In the space of a few years a chain reaction across financial markets turned everyday life into living hell.

And that’s the problem.

Predicting this nightmare in 2010 would have been labelled “alarmist” or “sensational”. But it all happened.

And it happened with incredible, shocking SPEED.

  • In my book, you’re going to discover how events in 2019 could trigger a financial crisis with similarly alarming results – but on a MUCH bigger scale.

Now, it’s easy to sit here in Britain, in front of your computer screen at home, and think, “That’ll never happen here… not to me… not in Britain.”

It’s true, we haven’t experienced an outright debt collapse in Britain – not yet, anyway.

  • But we HAVE seen just how quickly Britain can go from stability… to total anarchy.

In 2011, a 68 year old man named Richard Bowes confronted some youths who were setting fire to bins on his street during the three days of rioting.

The youths set upon him, beat him around the head and left him lying in the street, his skull fractured.

Within hours, the chaos spread…

In Birmingham, three men are mown down by a car as they tried to defend their property…

In South London, a 32 year old woman is forced to jump from her second story window after looters set her building alight.

It’s hard to say exactly what’s happened… all you know is that just 36 hours ago, everything was normal.

And again: what I just told you is no nightmare fiction or alarmist prediction. It’s recent British history. It all happened in 2011, right here in Britain.

Within hours of the riots starting, there was total anarchy… buildings on fire… people killed in the street… and the police nowhere to be seen.

I’m sure you remember it well. What spooked a lot of people I know is just how quickly things went from “normal” to outright, terrifying anarchy.

  • The problem is… joining the dots ahead of time and warning people about events like this often results in being branded “alarmist” or “sensationalist”.

It requires brave, critical thinking… even if the conclusions you reach risk major corporations trying to silence you.

Let me help you connect the dots…and learn how you can take action today to prevent this ever being your future.

Most people will never take preventative measures. But a few will safeguard themselves and their families.

Right now, the next financial crisis is brewing…

The mainstream media have started to catch on:

They know the crisis is coming. You now know where it’s likely to come from.

I hope you make the right decision for yourself and your family.

Over to you…

Best wishes,

Nick Hubble
Chief Strategist, Zero Hour Alert